Saturday, 11 February 2017

Normal Service

After too long of a break, over the next few weeks, "normal service" will be resumed.

The Enigma Of An Empty Room

The enigma of an empty room, a odd title for a spanking story I'm sure. Except this is no story of BDSM or a tale of spanking fun, in fact there is no kink involved at all.

You see, once that you enter a empty room, it is no longer a empty room. So it is actually impossible to be in a empty room. I know, I'm being pedantic, perhaps that my problem?

Or should I say one of my problems?

Trust me, my problems are manifold. But, it is a cold fact, that you cannot be in a empty room.

However, you can feel that you are alone in a empty world. Of course you never truly are, but it can feel that way.
When you have someone, that is the first person that you tell of your news. Be that news; good, bad, or even just how windy it is in your little corner of the world. Whatever the news, they are the one that you choose to share with, the person that has your ear, and you have their ear.

That is a person that you would choose not to lose, for whatever reason, most of all a person that you would not wish to lose easily, not through your own stupidity?

Then it hits you, your world is, at least in a metaphorical sense, empty.

You see, it's quite hard to make true friends, it is though ever so easily to lose those friends. Even when you only mean well.

My advice, should you wish to hear it. (Is actually good advice, for despite what you may think. I'm not a stupid person, just a person who does stupid things.)

You always know when you do things for the first time, but rarely do you realise the last time that you are doing anything.
So relish every moment, enjoy every word when you talk. Laugh, don't frown, if you argue don't let it fester, spike the boil straight away.

Trust this, now, wise person who does stupid things.

But, don't be like me, don't be wise after the fact, when you have such a friend, make sure that they know they are such a friend.