Thursday, 30 June 2016

Friends and Pole Stars

At times I look at the night sky in wonder, the stars twinkling on the black velvet like backdrop and I think of friends. How like stars friendships are, the way that they light up the darkness and I smile at that comforting thought. Also, though in these days of the internet how distance has been shrunk in oh so many ways, proximity does not always mean that the brightest shining lights are the nearest. And, as the earth spins on it's axis, as it hurtles through space orbiting the sun - it's very own life giving star - the brightness and intensity of some stars wane or gain in importance as the planet journeys it's cyclical movement.
Life is very much like that; you have the lighter twinkling stars, friends that you like to be around/correspond with, as they cheer you at some level. Be that through shared ideas, or just the simple fact that you have a similar sense of humour and can amuse each other.
Then there are the closer friends, the people who you know and who know you on a deeper, a more personal level, they are the brighter shining astral bodies on your “friendship sky”. Those are the ones who you are comfortable to share deeper thoughts with, while still having that feeling of mutual enjoyment that you have with fore-mentioned stars.

Then though, just as in the real night sky, there is another kind of star. The Pole Stars, their permanence is an unspoken guarantee; a fixed point, a friendship not just measured in years but by the decade, or at least close to.
Pole Stars - if you are lucky enough to have one - are more than just friends, like my inference to the night sky, they are a guiding light on your horizon. Their position never alters, they are always there for you should you need help in navigating your way through life, their brightness never wavering.
So, I would like to take this moment to say happy birthday to Miss Lori Cane, my Pole Star.