Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Memories - By Firestarter

Every once in a while, you will hear a song, or read a story that truly catches your spirit and mood. This poem is such a thing for me, as the pure beauty of it tore into my soul.
The author has kindly allowed me to re-post it, and I'm hopeful of posting more of his work over the next few weeks.
I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do, anyone who has loved and lost, could not fail to in my humble opinion. Comments would be more than welcome.

Another day drifting away, can't end soon enough.
My head on this old pillow, worn out and no fluff.
The mattress has seen better days, still no where I'd rather sleep.
The sheets torn and tattered, stained from countless days of weep.

Crickets play their symphony, a dull drone that never ends.
Upon that mattress time stands still, it's where my heart mends.
Tears trickle down my face, joining countless others from days past.
The tears you shed so long ago, as leather descended fast.

Those all too familiar footsteps on the stairs as her scent fills the air.
Shadows disperse in her presence, quickly scattering everywhere.
A chill comes over me as the door quietly opens and closes.
Her perfume always constant, stargazer lilies and a hint of roses.

My face feels of frost as her lips press to mine.
Hands tingle and turn numb as fingers intertwine.
The bed shifts and groans as her weightless form lays beside me.
Curling her legs around mine, my soul both captive and free.

I turn to wrap my arms around her, though her body isn't there.
Waking up in a cold sweat, I still sense her everywhere.
Her lipstick on my cheek, her favorite flogger placed upon the chair.
The laughter in her voice as "Goodnight Sir" drifts through the air.

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