Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Birthday Spanking - by Viola

This story is by a very good friend of mine from Germany, I hope all of our readers enjoy this as much as I do.

A Birthday Spanking

It was in the middle of the night.

She was awoken by a hand softly fondling her back and bottom. Her nightie was rucked up as she felt his hands on her skin. He murmured softly.
“Happy birthday, my love“.

She tried to wake herself up. Yes, it was her birthday. Since about two or three hours perhaps….

“I want to give you your birthday spanking. Now. You know I can’t give it to you during the day," he explained "and it won't be possible tonight either, because of the party.”

She squinted. Candles were burning and the silence of the deep night embraced her. What had he conceived?
Once she had let him read one of her stories, also telling of a birthday spanking. He said he had found the idea... inspiring. It was something which wasn't common in Germany. Mostly in Britain or the USA. But, obviously he had seized the idea and was now about to perform it.

"Would you please turn round" at these words he got up and took the cane, that he had already laid out in readiness.

"Unfortunately I can't give you a warm-up with the hands, you know....too noisy, because of the children sleeping upstairs."

She heard him shaking the cane and felt a tiny little drop on her back. He had been thorough in his preparations and had already watered the cane somehow and somewhere.

"It must be the cane tonight...." and then it started.

With small, swift strokes he covered her bottom first with a slow then more and more increasing burning.

"Say, don't you have to count? At a birthday-spanking you get so many strokes as you have years, don't you?" she dared to interpose, when she already couldn't suppress the moaning any more.

He stopped. "Of course I have to count! I didn't forget it and will start at once. But first I want to give you the present from E., which arrived this morning...." He grinned, opened a drawer and removed a butt-plug. "kneel down, please...."

She felt cool lube between her bottom cheeks. Then..... well, after some soothingly murmured "relax.... be quiet.... relax..." it was done.

He smiled somehow maliciously: "I've heard spanking with a plug inwards can be harder?"

She gasped indignantly: "I can't tell you anything...!"

"Come now, be well-behaved and lay down like a good girl. Now it starts..."

He pressed her down gently and lifted the cane. The first few strokes she endured rather composed.
They weren't really hard.

Then she heard him whisper: "these could have been the strokes from your lady-friend H...”

The next strokes achieved more intensity. "I think like this your dear friend J. might hit you, what do you think....?"

Oh, what an obnoxious game this was. He used all the information that he had gleaned about her cyber friends from ST and worked it out all out.
He varied between soft and fierce strokes, each time whispering into her ear, telling her who had allocated her “punishment”.

In the meantime she screamed into the pillow, trying to be quiet. The last few blows had been rock-hard and she knew who they were meant by. Now there were only a few left, then the number was fulfilled.

"These last strokes are mine", he explained. He caressed her bottom, which she - grateful for the break - protruded towards him.

"I love you, my precious!" Again the cane hit the air (and not only the air...) and she noticed how her back broke into perspiration, a sign the pain took its full effect now.

Exhausted she remained lying on her belly after the last stroke. She never understood why she felt so exhausted after a session. Exhausted but gratefully content.

Her bottom was burning like fire and she appreciated his tenderness putting lotion on it. His fingertips explored her pussy and with a little laugh she heard him say: "I can feel you liked it...."

He turned her round and covered her with kisses. "me too, by the way....."

What followed? Well that is another story....