Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Wicked Witch Of The West

 I love poetry, though I hate writing poems. It is not a genre that I feel really comfortable with. But, I was asked to contribute a little poetry to forum, of the two I did, this is probably the most readable, so I thought I would post it here also.

From Kansas to the land of Oz,
Dorothy's house did descend,
Causing chaos on that land,
As the witches life did end,

Ding-dong went the church bells,
At this evil witches fate,
All laughing now in streets of Oz,
This was a time to celebrate,

But that evil witch had a sister,
A one who lived out west,
And when it came to mercy,
Of this she was not blessed,

And when Dorothy took her slippers,
Revenge on her she did avow,
The journey to the wizard,
She knew she could not allow,

A horde of flying monkeys,
The witch she now did send,
But she did underestimate,
Dorothy and her friends,

So in the Haunted Forest,
The monkeys were repelled,
Our heroes journey continued,
As their ambush it was quelled,

When they reach the castle walls,
The film it goes astray,
For what it shows on celluloid,
Was not what happened that day,

The witch you see she had a broom,
But Dorothy had a brush,
Hard wooden backed and broad.
Would make any bottom blush,

The Scarecrow grabs the witches arm,
Over Dorothy's lap she does end,
Her black dress is lifted,
Her panties now descend,

Dorothy's brush lands very hard,
The witches eyes do blur,
Seeing the witches rosy tail,
Made the Cowardly Lion purr,

As she kicked and cried,
With her skinny legs askew,
Anyone who cared to look,
Would have a mighty view,

Her female charms clearly shown,
As she pleaded out for clemency,
Dorothy though was not perturbed,
As she tanned her splendidly,

When Dorothy finished with the witch,
She left her cowed and glum,
All the pain and shame she felt,
Was mainly in her bum!