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Sir Ian's Stables (all parts)


Helen Carter had found her first three weeks at Newbourne Law to be much less of a trauma than she had expected it to be. All her friends and family had told her that life in the "real world" was different ball game to that of school and college. Of course, they were right to a certain extent, things like getting up to get to work on time. Coping with the rush hour on public transport where timetables are just at best a guideline and at worst a mere wish list. But she took all of that in her stride and after the first week she had acclimatised herself to that side of things.
Another thing she had been warned about was office politics. That warning had proven to be pointless worry; all the other girls had welcomed their new young recruit into the fold, in fact, they had all gone out of their way to be helpful.

All had gone out of their way that is apart from Andrea and Chloe, an enigmatic couple who seemed more or less keep to their own company. Not that they were unpleasant towards Helen. In fact, they always spoke to Helen with broad gleaming white smiles upon their faces. They always said, "hi how's thing's this morning?" and "night have a nice evening" at the end of the day. But that was more or less as far as conversation went with either of them but not just with Helen though, it seemed to be they were like that with everyone.

Their calm, pleasant aloofness fascinated Helen. At lunchtimes in the canteen, Helen always listened out for any bitchy comments about Andrea and Chloe from the other girls. But oddly none was ever forthcoming, it was almost like they weren't even aware of this mysterious pair working in the same office.
Helen put this down as fear of being reported as being homophobic, so rather than the usual tittle tattle, everyone had decided to keep schtum about the pair's very existence.
This silence just went to make Helen even more curious about the two girls.

One thing that had struck Helen was the remarkable likeness the two girls shared; not facially though as Chloe was very pale, the classic English Rose, whereas Andrea was olive skinned, almost Mediterranean looking. Also, both girls had differently coloured hair, Chloe was blond, perhaps from a bottle though no roots were ever showing. Andrea was dark haired almost crow black, and her hair held an almost unreal sheen to it.
It was their bodies where the two girls were so similar. Both girls were like Helen quite tall at around five foot ten or so. Both girls also had a sleek athletic look to them, the kind of look that doesn't just happen by accident; they weren't overly muscled, but they were honed.
Both had large, shapely calves, sweeping thighs, tight waists and wide shoulders, in fact, shape wise they reminded Helen very much of the actress Michelle Ryan.

Also, they dressed and had their hair done in the same styles They always wore dark tailored suits consisting of a jacket, knee length skirts, and invariably matching ivory blouses. It appeared as if the office had an uniform policy that only they followed. Then there was their hair, worn long, straight, and parted at the centre running down way past their shoulders to the centre of their backs. Also, the jewellery that both girls wore, or rather the lack of it struck her, no rings, no bracelets or earrings. The only adornment that they wore was a narrow leather dog collar with a gold horseshoe decoration, both girls wore identical collars that Helen took to be some kind of a love token.
To Helen they were like perfect complimentary opposites, yin yang of darkness and light, Helen also knew she was spending way too much time thinking about her two strange colleagues.

Then on the third Friday, Helen got her chance to break the ice properly with Andrea and Chloe, to try and at least gain a peek into their private world.
Helen had taken to use the firm's very well equipped, but little used gym. The gym was free to staff and had all the latest resistance machines that one would expect to find in an expensive spa. What Helen liked best though was the little hardly used corner at the back of the room that had a good selection of free weights. Not just a couple of chrome dumbbells, but a full selection running up to forty-five kilos. Also, it had a power rack and a full Olympic barbell set which was as equally unused as the dumbbells. That corner became Helen's private little area; pumping iron was Helen's favourite form of stress relief so to have it on her doorstep so to speak and free as well was her idea of heaven. So most evenings that's where she would be, as she waited for the rush hour traffic to ease off.

That third Friday evening as Helen entered the gym at about seven fifteen. A time that usually meant all other users had either packed up and gone home or had sloped off to the sauna; she was surprised to see both Andrea and Chloe on the treadmills. Both girls were sort of marching; it wasn't quick enough pace to be called jogging, but also a little bit too vigorous to be called walking.
As Helen was going to be doing some heavy leg work, she wanted to warm up with a little run first. So she took the treadmill between Andrea and Chloe and set it for a six-minute jog.
Both girls gave her a friendly greeting, but it was plain to see that they were as surprised to see her as she was to see them.
As Helen's machine settled down to its target pace, she noticed something a little odd. Both of her colleagues had their hair tied back in tight pony tales and having their hair pulled back in that manner gave Helen a better look at their matching collars.
Helen noticed that both collars had brass hoops on each side, making their "love tokens" look ever more than ever like a dog's collar. Or even, with the golden shoe decoration, a horse brass.

Still she thought to herself, "there is no accounting for taste", and it did give the two of them an edgy look.

While Helen was still trying to make up her mind whether the collars were sophisticated or "chavvie", she heard the door open. As she looked into the mirror, she saw the figure of Sir Ian Newbourne resplendent in a three piece hand tailored suit who was quite obviously not dressed to pump iron.
She felt butterflies in her stomach as he made his way across the gym floor towards the cardio machines, "should I speak?" she asked herself, "NO!" was her resounding silent reply.
Her eyes darted to her left then to her right to see what her colleague's reaction was to the head partners sudden arrival.

There was none!

Andrea and Chloe just continued marching to nowhere, in perfect, unbroken unison with one another.

"How's my two most favourite girls?" Sir Ian asked, his courtroom voice booming out over the sound of the radio.

"Great thank you sir!" they both chorused in reply, still not breaking their synchronised pace.

"Training going well I hope," he asked his voice now lowering as he grew nearer, "I have a lot riding on you two next weekend, money and more importantly the firms pride?"

"Strength training tonight sir," Andrea said, "just warming up then some heavy squats and dead lifts sir,"

"Good, good, good, just make sure you don't injure yourselves," then Helen sensed a slight change in Sir Ian's jovial manner as his voice and reflected expression in the mirror changed, "Chloe I take it you are fully motivated tonight, no need for a gee up?"

"No, sir.....I'm fully motivated....fully motivated!" as Chloe replied Helen noticed a little cracking in Chloe's voice; also she seemed to be blushing at Sir Ian's question.

"And who is this you have with you, Helen isn't it, our new recruit?"

Now it was time for Helen to blush. It had never even occurred to her that any of the senior partners would even be aware of her, let alone that the most senior partner would actually know her by name.

"Yes...Sir Ian that's right....I'm the new girl!" as the words left her mouth she regretted them, it sounded as if she was talking like a Saturday temp in Woolies.

"Right girls I'll leave you all to it, remember A and C play nice and don't be too hard with the new girl!" Sir Ian said, with a little chuckle in his voice.

"Don't worry sir we won't," Chloe said to the departing figure, a huge grin on her face.

"I'll show them hard!" Helen thought to herself then said, "So you are doing squats tonight, I was planning some leg work can I drop in between sets with you?"

Andrea and Chloe looked at each other as they brought their treadmills to a stop; Helen watched them both in the mirror as they both shrugged their shoulders and nodded to each other, then Andrea spoke.

"OK, but we train heavy; we are doing three sets of squats. Then stiff legged dead lifts and barbell rows are you sure you are up for it?"

"Yeah, bring it on, I love strength training!" Helen replied, now determined to make Andrea eat those words.

The warm up set went pretty much to plan for Helen, Andrea and Chloe did ten easy reps, she did twelve. The second set Andrea and Chloe upped the ante to seventy-five kilos, they both did five reps.
So Helen did ten!

Then when Andrea loaded up the bar to ninety kilos Helen tried her hardest not to smirk as she wondered if they would even manage to do three with such a weight.
Chloe got under the bar and smoothly did ten reps; then she started to slow till she reached sixteen and when she looked like she was about to rack the bar Andrea called out to her from behind.

"Come on four more! Or do you want to have more stripes than a Bengal Tiger?"

Then to Helen's disbelief Chloe slowly grinded out another four reps, before finally racking the bar!
Now with her previous cocky confidence shot to pieces, Helen watched in awe as Chloe and Andrea traded places, Andrea pushed out an easy looking fifteen reps before slowing down to grind out the last five.
Andrea turned to face Helen, a mischievous sparkle in her hazel brown eyes as she said.

"Twenty rep squats, it's all in the mind with squats. If you can manage ten reps and you have the balls for it, twenty is more than achievable, like I said though it's all a matter of facing the pain and getting on with it!"

Helen understood all too clearly that this was a challenge, Andrea had thrown down the gauntlet, and Helen was about to pick it up.

"I'll give it a crack; it can't be that hard after all." was Helen's reply more from bravado though than from any practical experience.

As she lifted the bar from its rack, she noticed it's intimidating bend in the mirror as she lowered herself down for her first rep.
The first ten reps were hard; the next four were sheer hell. She was sure her heart was about to explode out from her ribcage; she was on the very edge of giving up when she heard Andrea whispering in her ear.

"Just think you are in a swimming pool, some fourteen stone dickhead is ducking you under the water, you aren't going to stay under the water are you, you are going to stand up and show the prick, aren't you!"

With those words ringing in her ear she pushed out another two reps, her whole body now shaking. She could hear the blood rushing in her ears. Then she heard Andrea's voice again over her desperate panting.

"No probs girl you did well, sixteen reps! just rack the bar no one will think you a wimping out, it's probably four too many for you, good try though!"

With those patronising words ringing in her ear, Helen forced herself to complete two more reps before she heard Chloe speak this time.

"Great set Helen you've done it!"

"Wha...what?" Helen gasped out.

"You've done eighteen reps," Chloe said then added, "no one does eighteen reps of a twenty rep set and stops The next two are piss easy, impossible to give in now!"

Chloe was half right; they weren't easy though they were anything but, but also she was right in that there was no way Helen would get so close and stop.
As she rose back to upright for the twentieth time, Andrea helped her to rack the bar, Helen then sank to her knees in exhaustion and relief, and then Chloe spoke.

"Oh-oh, she is throwing a whitey!"

Helen was on the verge of throwing up. All colour had now drained from her face; little black spots danced in front of her eyes like storm flies in a heat wave.
Andrea gently helped her to her feet.

"Maybe it's time for you to hit the changing rooms, we'll see you in a bit, eh?" the concern in Andrea's voice was genuine. Helen nodded glumly and left the other two girls to complete their workout.

After a quick and urgent visit to the bathroom, Helen showered and was almost fully dressed when Andrea and Chloe entered the changing room.

"We are sorry about that, Helen, we just didn't think you would go for the twenty reps. You see it's something that you build up to, adding a little bit of weight each week, not just diving in at ninety K." Chloe said by way of explanation.

"Yeah, we were very naughty girls today," Andrea said in agreement, "you can spank us later!" she then added winking and smiling at the still not fully recovered Helen.

That phrase, "you can spank us later!" struck home with Helen, it pushed so many buttons in her mind, emotions and needs, that she had made sure were kept well locked away.
Now red-faced rather than sail white; Helen finished getting dressed as Andrea and Chloe stripped off their tracksuits. To Helen's surprise the girls just towelled off the sweat from their body's rather than showering, then applied massive amounts of deodorant spray.

"Dry showers!" Chloe said, by way of explanation to Helen, "less time in here, means more time in the beer garden!"

Helen nodded and forced out a weak smile. For all that Helen was quite proud of her body. She was always a little uncomfortable amidst full nudity; she hated the girls that would flaunt their nudity in changing rooms, the ones that swanned about in a "look at me" manner. Andrea and Chloe were different though; they were not exhibiting themselves; they just seemed comfortable, unaware almost of their nakedness.
They both happily chatted with Helen, neither of the two girls seeming to be in any hurry to cover themselves. It made it a little hard for Helen as she tried to keep eye contact only with the two girls looming above her as she sat on the bench. Then Helen caught a glimpse of Chloe's bottom as she bent to retrieve her clothes from her gym bag, and she could not help but stare.

"Tut-tut," Andrea said, "Chloe our new friend here is admiring your stripes, actually she can't seem to take her eyes off them."

Chloe turned to Helen her eyebrows raised in mock shock.

"You staring at my bot?"

"Er no..well not's just the marks...I didn't..I mean I wasn't..." both girls burst out laughing at Helen's discomfort.

"Chloe I think you should explain those marks to Helen, she is obviously highly curious!"

Chloe then turned to Andrea, a questioning look upon her face. Andrea gave Chloe a little nod and an encouraging flick of her eyebrows.

"I got them on Wednesday, for not training hard enough Tuesday night," Chloe said in a matter of fact manner. as she continued dressing, "I was a little lazy on Tuesday, so I got the cane."

Helen could hardly grasp what she had just heard, was this another wind up or did she really mean it that Andrea would cane her for not training hard enough? Was that what the stripey tiger remark referred to?
Helen then looked at Andrea.

"You mean that you cane her if....." before Helen could finish he question Andrea butted in.

"No, I don't cane her, also in case you are wondering, despite what you may have heard we aren't a couple, we are just friends who flat share!"

"So who....who.."

"Who do you think?" Andrea asked a wicked smile on her face.

"Sir Ian?" Helen asked as the penny dropped.

"Yes but don't dare breathe a word or we will deny it, and you'll be sacked," Andrea stated emphatically, "she got it Wednesday morning bent over his desk, skirt up, tights and knickers down, his office isn't sound proofed just for our client's privacy you know, six of the best wasn't it Chloe?"

"You know it was, and I don't think we should be talking about it either!" the look on Chloe's face told Helen that they were now on a very taboo subject.

"Don't see why not, we both know Sir is looking for a new recruit, and let's face it she just squatted to the point of throwing up so who would be better?" Andrea said sharply; it was becoming plainer to Helen that Andrea was quite a dominating personality.

"Recruit for what?" Helen asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer, "does the company have some sort of sports team?"

"No, it has nothing to do with the firm as such it is very much Sir Ian's private little thing," Chloe said, her voice betraying her doubts about where this conversation was going.

"Ah, so you mean that Sir" As Helen searched for a way to put it Andrea helped out.

"Shags us?" Andrea asked bluntly, and Helen nodded, "God no, he is happily married with grown up kids, we are part of I suppose you would say,"

"Sorry, I just thought you know with the caning and that....that it was something sexual...sorry," now Helen felt foolish at even suggesting that the girls were Sir Ian's mistresses.

"Oh, it's sexual all right, something can be sexual without involving sex you know?" Andrea said, throwing Helen into even more confusion.

"It's just that it isn't that politically correct," Chloe said joining in to add to Helen's confusion, "some people would view it as sexist and dehumanising, that's why we keep quiet about it,"

"Why would people think that, you know about its being dehumanising?"

"Because it is," Andrea said in her dry manner that Helen was quickly becoming used to "that is what is wonderful about it, for a few hours you can just totally escape from reality. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world, a world where you aren't yourself, a world where you aren't and individual, it''s...sorry I just can't think of the right word,"

"Cathartic!" Chloe said by way of help.

"Yes that's Miss Smarty pants to know the right word!" then her hazel eyes sparkling again Andrea added, "and then there is all the benefits, free dental care, subsidised housing, do you really think we could afford to live in the city centre on our wages?"

Helen shook her head to try and clear it, to try and grasp what Andrea and Chloe were talking about.

"You should come to our competition, then you could see what we are talking about," Andrea said, "I'm sure Sir would agree, I will vouch for your discretion, but of course there will be a tariff to pay,"

"I still don't know what either of you are even talking about," Helen said, wanting to say yes but still not sure what she would be agreeing to.

"When you were at college did they ever have little fancy dress pretend fetish parties?" Chloe asked.

Helen nodded, remembering going to two such parties, she had always been too shy to join in. Or was it that she was too shy to let others see her secretive side; the side of her that craved to join in. Then the parties themselves were so tame like Chloe said, "pretend fetish parties."

"Well, this is the real deal."

"What do you mean by tariff, how much are the tickets?" Helen asked, and both girls now knew that they had her hooked, all they had to do was reel her in.

"Tickets are free, invitation only," Andrea said, "Sir Ian would need to test you first as a potential recruit, to see if you would make the grade. Then it would be up to you if you wanted to join in with us, after you see what it is all about; first though he would need proof that you could take the discipline side of things,"

Helen nodded, her face showing a slow dawning of realisation.

"He would want to spank you at least before any invitation would be given out." Neither Andrea or Chloe had any idea of the effect that that sentence by Andrea had upon Helen; neither girl would have even suspected Helen's deep dark, unspoken desires.
Red-faced Helen nodded her assent.

"Great!" Andrea said obviously quite pleased with herself, "let's go to the pub, and we can chat!"

Helen rose to her feet, her buttocks still throbbing from her workout, she wondered how this pain would compare to that of a spanking or a caning?


When Helen awoke that Saturday morning; she still lay there her eyes firmly closed wishing that the wood pigeon in next doors garden would fly off. She knew that with it's constant cooing there would be no way that she could get back to sleep. She also knew that by the bird's sheer volume that the landing window must be open, so that meant that her mother was already up and about.
She rolled over and sighed as she saw the time, seven thirty!

Not exactly a dawn chorus outside, but close enough, she so wanted a drink of water. Her head was pounding her mouth was dry and caked, her tongue felt alien to her it was as if someone had transplanted it during the night with a cactus.
She was hungover, too much alcohol and not enough food the perfect Saturday morning hangover recipe.

Then there was the previous night's sleep. She had got off to sleep OK, more or less as soon as her head hit the pillow. But then afterwards it was fitful, strange dreams intruded her slumber; each time she woke up she tried to unscramble them in her mind before dozing back off again.
The oddest was the last dream; it was long but nonsensical, vivid but somehow hazy. The more she thought about it, the harder she tried to recall each detail, the quicker it seemed to fade in her mind.
She was in the main office at work, that much she was certain. Her computer screen and keyboard had both been pushed to the side of her desk; she had been bent over across her desk, or was she lying flat back on it?

The other girls just continued working as if there was nothing amiss, nothing unusual taking place. That is apart from Andrea and Chloe, they were both sat on the desk behind hers, both girls were smiling at her.
Mocking her or encouraging her?
She wasn't sure which.
Then Sir Ian came into the office; he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead one of his typical suits.

"So this is the new girl that you say I should deal with?" he asks Andrea and Chloe, they both nod in unison, and Sir Ian starts to unbuckle the leather belt around his waist.

To what end though, Helen never finds out as that was the point that the wood pigeon invaded the tree outside the landing window.
Now sitting up in bed something that had been said the previous night sprang to her mind, "something can be sexual without involving sex", so was she having sexual fantasies about her boss?

She had never been one of those girls that went for older guys. She never felt the need to search out a "father figure", as far as she could see one absentee father was more than enough for anyone.
Then again she had agreed to meet up with Sir Ian today so that must mean something, but for the life of her she couldn't work out what. Also, now in the cold light of day she wasn't at all sure about why either, why make her secret little fantasy public?
She had always thought that maybe she had a hereto unexplored submissive side, what worried her was that adage of "be careful of what you wish for".
Did she really want her deepest hidden desires brought out into the open?

In truth, if there had been a way to call the whole thing off she knew that she probably would. But she couldn't, it never occurred to her last night to swap phone numbers with either Andrea or Chloe, and just not turning up was never a real option. Perhaps Sir Ian would forgive her cold feet if she explained that it was all just a huge misunderstanding, but where would that leave Andrea and Chloe then?

No, she knew that the only thing she could really do was to bite the bullet and see where, if anywhere, the whole scenario would take her.

As she climbed out of her bed, she was quickly reminded of the previous night's exertions in the gym. Each step reminded her, or in point of fact each stair, as she made her descent from her bedroom.

"Good night last night?" her mother asked her as Helen entered the kitchen, "what do you fancy for breakfast?"

"Yeah it was a canny night mam," Helen said forcing a smile, "just toast and coffee please, then I'm going to have to get ready, I'm going down the town today,"

"Again! you must love sitting on that bus, what are you going for today?"

"I'm meeting Andrea and Chloe at their flat; then our boss is coming around to give me a good spanking, most likely on my bare bottom!" Was what Helen would have loved to have said, even if it were only to see the look on her mother's face. Of course, she didn't say that though.

"I'm meeting up with the two girls from work that I was out with last night; we are going to have lunch then doing a bit window shopping," Was her actual tame reply.

"Ah well it saves me a bit cooking if nothing else, try not to be too late" Helen could tell by the tone of her mother's voice that she was somehow let down by her going off again, but as always her mother never said anything outright. It was as always her mother trying not to rock the boat and spoil their "special mother-daughter friendship".

Sometimes, even when she was a teen, she had wished that her mother had been stricter with her, instead of just always bending to her whims and wishes in the name of peace.

By eleven thirty, Helen was back in the city centre, nervously she rang the buzzer on the door next to the bank entrance.

"Hiya, who's that there?" Crackled over the little speaker.

"Its Helen," the thought did cross Helen's mind not to answer, and to run off down the street but she didn't. She knew now that there was no going back; the final wheels were in motion; then the door opened.

"Great I win!" Was the greeting from a smiling Andrea, "Chloe said you would chicken out, I said you wouldn't, so we had a bet, it looks like tonight's take-away is on Chloe!"

Helen wasn't at all sure that she liked the idea of her being looked upon as a source of gossip and entertainment by her two new friends.

"Come on in then, Sir won't be here for another half hour or so, so we will have time for a quick cuppa," Andrea said as she let Helen into the surprisingly large stairwell. "I'm sure you will like the flat; it isn't really a flat as such as it is over two floors. Two reception rooms, huge kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms, see we even have a spare one. I think it was meant for the bank branch manager in the old days, then Sir bought it so now we live here."

Andrea was right; Helen did like the flat, it was not just the size of the apartment that struck her, it was also the luxury of it. All the furnishings in the massive rooms seemed brand new and ultra modern, plainly way above that which could be afforded by two junior clerical assistants in a law firm.
As they sat at the kitchen having their tea a thought crossed Helen's mind, would Andrea and Chloe be witnessing her spanking as in her odd dream? The idea was tantalising and worrying in equal measure, or would she be spanked in private, just her and Sir Ian alone in a room together?
Hearing the sound of footsteps on the wooden floored passage leading to the kitchen, she knew that she would be finding out soon enough.
Sir Ian then entered the room, "so the landlord has his own key!" Helen thought to herself as she saw her boss enter the room.

"Good morning ladies," Sir Ian said smiling to the three girls, "I hope you found the apartment OK, Helen?"

"Er...yes sir," Helen answered a little lost for words, did he mean, did she like the apartment?

Or did he mean did she have trouble finding it?

"A and C both seem to like it well enough. Just a short walk to work, and more importantly an even shorter one to the shops." both girls giggled at Sir Ian's reference to retail therapy.

"Yes, Sir, the shops are very close to our hearts," Andrea said in a slightly mocking tone, "as is our work also of course."

"Yes.... well I'm not so sure that you two, hold them both in equal regard," Sir Ian said still smiling, "how about you, Helen, I'm sure you place your work higher than shopping?"

"Er....well..I'm really happy at work sir...still settling in I suppose..." Helen struggled out feeling her face heat up; it seemed that every time Sir Ian spoke to her she felt like a babbling teen.

"And now you would like to join our little sporting association?" Sir Ian asked his face beaming.

"I don't know...I'm still not sure what it is all about....but I do like sports..."

"A sporting girl eh? I like a good sporting girl," His twinkling eyes hammering home the innuendo. "come on, we can chat in the dining room away from flapping ears,"

Helen realised that her time was at hand, as she rose from her seat her knees felt weak, was it nerves or last night's exertions in the gym?

Either way, the gym, couldn't account for her now churning stomach, of course, no one was making her go through with this, she could at any moment leave if she wanted to.

If she wanted to.

"I'll make a nice salad for lunch; then we can hit the shops," Chloe said as Sir Ian, ever the gentleman, held for door open for Helen.

As they walked along the passageway, Helen could feel Sir Ian's eyes boring into her. Upon entering the dining room Sir Ian motioned for Helen to take a seat on one of the straight-backed wooden chairs, the antique look of this place so incongruous to the rest of the ultra modern apartment.

Sir Ian, then, firmly closed the door behind him.

"Do you never let your hair grow out," He asked as he ran his fingers gently through Helen's short mousy brown hair. "I bet you would suit longer hair you know?"

"I er....always have it this's easier to manage,"

"Ah, I see, low maintenance girl, not like Chloe then?" Sir Ian said his eyes giving away the fact that he was making a joke at Chloe's expense to make Helen feel more at ease.

"Andrea has explained that they haven't told you too much about what our little club entails; she seems to think that it would be better for you to see first hand that it will be a case of seeing is believing rather than being told all the details in advance?"

"Yes sir, that's right, I know that it involves some kind of costume and sports." The actual details of which had had Helen's mind racing. She had at first envisaged some "school sports day" scenario; as that fitted in with her perceptions of discipline though it couldn't explain why the girls would train so hard for it?

"Well Andrea seems to recognise something in you, a kindred spirit if you like, so she is also very keen to try and get you involved, to her you see it is more than just a bit dressing up, it is a lifestyle choice."

Helen nodded even though she still did not have a clue as to what they were actually talking about. Then she felt the need to ask a question.

"You said Andrea, but you didn't mention Chloe there?"

"No Miss Chloe is a different kettle of fish altogether, she is highly competitive, but I fear that to her, our little club is more a means to an end,"

"I'm sorry sir I don't follow....."

"Take this apartment," Sir Ian said, his arms waving in a theatrical, or for that matter, a courtroom manner, "they pay me a peppercorn rent of five pounds per month on it, and that is fully furnished, I hasten to add. As a matter of interest how much do you pay per week in travelling expenses to get to work?"

"Twenty-nine pounds a week," Helen said letting out a huge sigh as she thought of the two hours every day spent upon the bus.

"There are other perks that the girls get, but that is not what we are here for today is it?"

Helen could feel her face start to redden again as she slowly shook her head, her eyes now focused on the carpet. The carpet that she knew that she would soon see a lot more of.

"So let's get on with it then," Sir Ian said brightly, "as Andrea and Chloe have explained discipline is a major part of our little club. So as a way of a short test I'm going to give you a spanking. It will be a real spanking, of the kind that you would receive should any punishment be required. Of course, as you know other punishments are also used when warranted?"

These words caused a tumult of emotions in Helen, fear, eager excitement and embarrassment all vied within her for prominence.
She looked up as Sir Ian pulled one of the dining chairs out, pulling it well away from the table, the significance of this action had not lost upon Helen.

Sir Ian then sat down on the chair and broke the electric silence in the room. "So then, would you like to pop over here so I can have a proper look at you?" Sir Ian asked, then added, "or if you wish you can just leave the room and the subject will never be brought up again."

Helen stood up, then stepped towards Sir Ian.

Now standing in front of Sir Ian, Helen was well aware that her denim covered crotch was falling under his gaze. This morning as she had her breakfast she had wondered, "what do you wear for a spanking?"

She had decided that her jeans would give her the most protection, but had forgotten just how tight, and figure hugging they were.

As it turned out she need not have worried about the tightness of her trousers, as Sir Ian leaned forward his hands going to the button flies of her 501's.
Helen sighed heavily, her arms flapping loosely at her sides. Her head now thrown back as she stared at the white ceiling above her, as she felt her denim pants being lowered. Lowered well past her knees, fully aware that her pale blue panties would now be on open view to her boss.

"Nice choice of knickers, Helen," Sir Ian said sincerely, "I like full cut knicks, so much more refined than thongs don't you think?"

"Yes, Sir...." Helen managed to say, her mouth now as dry and caked as it was when she had awoken.

She then felt his fingers on the elastic waistband of her mutually admired underwear.

"As sweet, and as charming as they may be, there is really only one way to give a spanking, and that is upon the bare bottom!"

Helen held her breath as she felt her knickers making the same slow long journey as her jeans.
Then she felt the gentle whispery touch of a finger tracing up her inner thigh, finally, alighting upon her wiry triangular bush of pubic hair.

"So you don't follow the current fashion of shaving?"

Helen was now lost for words, no one had seen her in this manner before. Not that she was a virgin, just that with all her previous partners sex had been either in the dark or under bed covers. None of her boyfriends would have had more than a quick, fleeting glance at her femininity. Now here she was standing fully exposed in front of her boss, his fingers casually tracing the length of her rapidly dampening slit as he spoke of her most private of private parts.

It was such sweet, sweet, humiliation!

"As I said earlier this will be a real punishment spanking, I know it's a little unfair as you haven't done anything to deserve it, but there you go, that's the price you agreed to pay,"

"Yes, Sir..." Helen said gulping hard as Sir Ian's finger shallowly probed her sex no deeper than a fingernails length, then withdrawing it he silently patted his lap, and pointed for Helen to take up her position.

Helen bent forward, struggling a little to get comfortable as last nights exertions were still causing her more than the odd ache or two. As Sir Ian's hand fell upon her bare bottom, for the initial first contact, Helen knew that her gym induced pain would soon be forgotten.
She hadn't known what to expect, but the force of that first slap had shocked her as did the second, she closed her eyes tight. This was not what her dreams had been made of!

Sir Ian spanked on relentlessly ignoring the gasps of the twisting girl on his lap, even as the gasps turned to pleas and shouts; he ignored them.
Helen was sure she could not take anymore after the first minute or so, her bottom felt as if it had grown fourfold under Sir Ian's harsh ministrations. The heat was unbearable, and she twisted her body unashamedly in a vain attempt to avoid his hands descent. She even tried vainly to shield her bottom by throwing her right hand back; all Sir Ian did was grab it with his left hand and tuck it up her back. This having the added effect of hindering her constant writhing.

Then at some point Helen felt something different. Whether it had caused by her movements on his lap or the engorgement of blood in her nether regions; or even by a sudden endorphin rush. Whatever it was that had caused it she didn't know, but she now felt the onset of an imminent orgasm!
Now rather than wishing for Sir Ian's hand to stop falling, she now dreaded the cessation of her "punishment", through tear filled eyes she cried out.

"Please don't stop.....please...please...not yet!"

Sir Ian didn't stop; he accelerated the rate until he felt Helen peak and then go limp across his thighs. As she lay there her tears dropping onto the thick piled carpet, Sir Ian slowly rubbed her bright red bottom cheeks. He could feel the heat off her on his hand; it was tempting for him to take things a little further. After all only human. But that was not the way that this club worked.
So after giving Helen a few moments to gather herself he helped her to her feet. Then gently, ever so gently, he pulled up her knickers, then her jeans, after refastening the buttons he gave her bottom one final tap and said.

"I think that it is now time for lunch; we should be OK today as even those two can't burn a salad."

Helen managed to make a thin smile at Sir Ian's joke as she quietly sobbed through the mixture of pain and the shame of that sudden "left field" orgasm.

When they returned to the kitchen, Helen was still in tears. She saw Chloe pull a chair out for her at the kitchen table, and then when she saw the pillow that they had placed upon it, despite her tears she could not help but to laugh.


Over the days following Helen's spanking, the subjects of corporal punishment and Sir Ian's mysterious sports club never came up in conversation. Helen was always somewhat wary of being the first to broach the subject with Andrea and Chloe. Though on the nights that they were using the company gym, Helen always made a point of having a quick surreptitious glance at their bottoms when changing.
These glances brought her no enlightenment as to what was going on, except to the fact that neither of them seemed to have had a recent caning.
She was also spending a lot more social time with Andrea and Chloe, and both girls had mentioned to her that the spare room in the apartment could perhaps be available to her.

Helen found the idea of that room so tempting; she knew that her mother would not be keen on her taking it. But, she couldn't remain tied to her apron strings forever. Also, she sensed that if they had a little break from one another it might actually improve their relationship, it certainly couldn't make it any worse.
Yes, a break from each other would be just the ticket, Helen thought to herself, and of course there was the financial side of things also to consider. Not to mention, all the travelling time that would be saved.
The only downside would seem to be the point that was never actually stated though implied, was that the spare room was upon condition of "joining the team".
As to what "the team" was still remained very much a mystery.

Then, on the Thursday night, in the sauna that silence was finally broken by Chloe.

"Helen I'm sorry we won't be able to go out tomorrow night as Andrea, and I have a hairdresser coming around to the flat. So, Saturday morning we will pick you up from your house about ten thirty it's handy really, because your house is more or less on the way,"

"Uh...on the way to where?" Helen asked not knowing at first what Chloe was talking about.

"Well, that would be telling wouldn't it?" Chloe said grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Ah, right Saturday, I knew it was this weekend.....just I wasn't sure what day it was....or if I was still invited," Helen said, her heart now suddenly pounding. "is there any kind of know dress code or anything?"

"There is a dress code for us two, but you can wear whatever you like," Andrea said, "just think barbecue, or country fair and you won't be far off the mark,"

So that was it; Helen was on her way, and sure enough at ten twenty-five that Saturday morning a limousine pulled up outside of her house. It wasn't one of those pink stretch party limos; it was a normal dark blue Dorchester.
Helen's mother was very impressed that the firm had sent a car to pick up her daughter to take her to the company's annual garden party.

Helen, on the other hand, looked at the car and thought "all that's missing is the hearse".

Upon entering the car, she saw exactly why Andrea and Chloe had said that they couldn't go out last night.

Their hair must have taken hours to do!

Instead of either of their usual two styles, centre parting or pony tail, they both sported enormous pony tails. The size of which had been enhanced by massive hair extensions, also both girls had what looked like green plastic tape binding their hair at the base of their tails.

"Hi, you two all right?" Helen asked as she sat down in the back of the car.

Andrea silently smiled and nodded, while Chloe fished around in her bag for something, and then handed it to Helen.

"I'm great thanks," Chloe said."by the way Andrea isn't being deliberately rude by not speaking, she is just getting into character, here put this on so you wont have to pay for drinks or anything in the refreshment tents."

Helen looked at what had been handed to her; it was a rather amateurish looking green badge bearing the legend, "Green Team VIP Guest".

"Ah, right, thanks." Helen said assuredly as she pinned the badge to her black sweatshirt.

The girls had been right about Helen living close to their destination; the journey had only taken some ten or twelve minutes, though it was along country lanes that she could not recall ever venturing down before. Soon they reached a large secluded house high up on the hills of the Wear valley.

At the gates, at the head of the drive stood two stocky looking shaven headed guys who were clearly hired security, carefully monitoring all the vehicles that were trying to gain access.
Their car, however, was just waved straight through and down the long driveway towards the rear of the main house. As they got out of the car, Helen noticed Sir Ian coming towards them. She had never seen him so casually dressed before, except, of course, in her dream, as a matter of fact his jeans, and old t-shirt verged on being scruffy.

"Good morning girls!" He shouted over to them, a large childlike grin upon his face. "so glad you could make it Helen, and I see you have your free goody badge on. So, I expect you to make good use of it in the champagne tent!"

"Yes, Sir if you insist I can hardly refuse can I?" Helen answered her initial nervousness around her boss now a seemingly distant memory.

"Come on then, time is of the essence if you wish to meet the old trouble and strife before things start! Andrea would you like to see if you can find my better half while I escort these two stunning young ladies down the garden path?" Sir Ian said as he linked arms with Helen and Chloe and led them both down the shrub lined path.

The view that met Helen's eyes as she reached the end of the pathway left her dumbfounded.
A large area, more or less the size of a football pitch surrounded on three sides by a dense wall of tall leylandii.
Helen could see that the trees formed a threefold purpose; they acted as a screen against prying eyes; also whilst providing a wind break and creating a sun trap.
In the centre of the enclosed area was an oval all-weather running track, not like those you would see in athletics meetings though, this track was almost sausage-shaped. There was a thin wooden barrier running down the centre of it. The track was half marked out in lanes and half left plain.
Around the track was a couple of refreshment tents, and what looked like three trackside bookmaker stalls. At the far end of the track stood a large marquee it's entrance closed over and guarded by two security guards both of the same stamp as the two at the gate.

Both of the longer sides of the "sausage" had American style nine tier bleachers by way of seating, more or less in line with what Helen correctly took to be the finish line.

"Ah, so it's a race...." Helen said, and Sir Ian nodded enthusiastically.

She felt slightly cheated!

Though she hadn't known what to expect, she now felt how Dorothy must have felt as she pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz and seen him for what he was. Except in this case the mystery only related to a bunch of toffs running an illegal gambling meeting.

She felt so deflated.

Before Sir Ian could say anything else, Helen saw a short, slim Indian woman striding towards them with the exaggerated gait of a colonel, Andrea was tagging along behind the ramrod upright lady. The Indian woman Helen guessed would be around thirty to thirty-five; she was dressed in beige jodhpurs, knee high riding boots and green blouse, as she approached she held her hand out to Helen.

"Hello, you must be Helen? I'm Pria," She said pleasantly as she shook Helen's hand. "I hope my husband isn't boring you too much if he isn't give him time and he will do?"

Helen just smiled, not sure if that was a question, a joke, or a statement of fact.
Also, Helen was bit distracted by Andrea, who was evidently finding her new hair extensions uncomfortable, as she stood behind Pria she was constantly shaking her head, her extended pony tail lashing to and fro.
Then before anyone could say anything else Chloe suddenly interjected.

"Sir! Miss! Look over there!" then unashamedly she blatantly pointed at two girls.

One of the girls was easily six foot tall with very short cropped light brown hair; the other girl though was truly statuesque.
She was clearly two inches taller; shaven headed, and looked very like a young Grace Jones, dressed in Lycra cycling shorts and cut off vest that showed off her ebony musculature to an almost intimidating effect.
Then, Helen noticed that Andrea had now stopped her annoying head shaking, and was now only focussed upon the other two girls. Though not in a bad tempered "drunken girl in a nightclub glare". This look was one of someone calculating something, weighing up a problem and trying to work out a solution.
Then after what seemed an age, Andrea broke off her gaze, leant forward and whispered something in Pria's ear. Pria seemed thoughtful for a second or two, then nodded and smiled.

"I'm so sorry to have to leave you like this, Helen, but the girls and I really have to get ready now, hope to chat a little later!" Pria said, then turned and strutted off towards the large marquee, followed closely by Andrea and Chloe.

Helen then felt a hand upon her shoulder as Sir Ian quietly said.

"Please let's take a seat for a moment or two, we can have some champers after the first race, eh?"

"OK, Sir...." As she replied; it suddenly registered with her that she was now taking on Andrea's and Chloe's way of talking to Sir Ian, the Ian had disappeared to be replaced by the plain Sir!

As they sat down on the third level of the bleachers, Sir Ian started his little speech.

"I can tell that you are more than a little disappointed by what you have seen so far today, no shush! Shush and let me finish, it is a case of give today a little time, don't judge us too harshly, at least not till you have seen the whole event,"

"It's just.....I dunno....I was expecting something different....but by the same token I don't know what I was expecting..." Helen said, feeling a bit embarrassed as she was more or less attacking Sir Ian's hospitality, and also betraying Andrea's and Chloe's friendship and trust.

"Really it's no problem, you have been kept in the dark about us and what today entails, so hopefully I can maybe enlighten you a little before the races begin?"

Helen nodded, now feeling that she was somewhat of a traitor, then she thought to herself, was she being cast that way or was it just her conscious pricking her?

"You know what sulkys are?" Sir Ian asked.

Helen nodded uncertainly.

"You mean like the little carts that the gypsies' race at Appleby Fair?"

"Yes that's them...more or less," Sir Ian replied now back to his avuncular best, he then went on to explain that the whole thing started out as a private club. Over the years, things changed slightly. He then went on to tell Helen that a few of the better off members had decided to bring in the idea of wagering on races. Then inviting a selected few known heavy gamblers, the sort of people that would bet huge amounts upon two flies on the window.
As luck would have it, one member had a house and gardens large enough to make into their very own Circus Maximus. Granted it was scaled down, but a four lap race was just shy of half a mile not a distance to be sneezed at. The key difference though was the propulsion of the chariots as Sir Ian said.

"We aren't looking so much at horse power, but as the Spice Girls would say if I'm allowed to paraphrase them, it's girl powered!"

Now a couple of things made a little more sense to Helen, but why had Andrea and Chloe had been so secretive with her?
Also, pulling a cart in a race seemed more an athletic thing than any kind of fetish?

Sir Ian continued pointing out little details on the track. Such as the four silver dolphin lap markers, that would spin and spit water one at a time as each lap completed; also he explained the lane markings.

"You see the inner chariot has a little advantage on the cornering, so up until the first corner the outer chariot is given an advanced position to take that into account. Once they come out of that first bend the markings disappear, and it becomes a general free for all!"

"What happens if they break lanes before then?" Helen asked feeling the need to at least feign interest.

"The team would be disqualified from the race, and they would be penalised." Sir Ian answered.

Before she could ask in what form, the penalty would be a man dressed in traditional fox hunt regalia stepped out from the large marquee and blew on a hunting horn.

"Ah, the race order!" Sir Ian said, his face now full of concern as two men dressed in togas brought out a large wooden framed board.


"There is only four races?" Helen asked, "All this fuss for just four races?"

Sir Ian smiled and nodded.

"There is a ball of sorts this evening but that is strictly club members only I'm afraid. I'm sure though you will find this afternoon most interesting." as he said that he gave Helen a conspiratorial wink.

Helen wished that she could share Sir Ian's optimism. She kept quiet though, as she did not want to upset her boss, so she made do with a little people watching as they waited for the proceedings to begin.
The audience was a real mixed bag, though there was a distinct lack of youthfulness. Most seemed to be middle-aged, a few in their thirties, perhaps there would maybe fifteen or so at the most around Helen's age.
Most also seemed to be pretty well off the typical "green wellies and Range Rover" brigade. A few others though looked more like your average man or woman in the street, there was also the odd smattering of fancy dress; togas and gladiators seemed to be the general theme. Also amongst this audience there were half a dozen or so waitresses dressed as Victorian maids serving the VIP area of the bleachers. Basically, it seemed to Helen that it was just a few people who liked to play "dress up", nothing more shocking than she would expect to see on average Saturday night out in Newcastle!

"People with too much time on their hands!" Helen thought to herself. Then the second blast of the horn brought her out of her daydreaming.
As she turned back towards the large marquee, the scene she saw made her jaw literally drop.

The two toga dressed men from before marched out from the marquee both carrying a tied ceremonial bunch of rods, behind them came the first "chariot".
The girls pulling the chariot were wearing only a white pair of panties and flat sandals. Along with their basic underwear and footwear, their body's were cris-crossed with a leather harness that seemed to serve only as a decorative design along with the bits between their teeth attached to reins. Both of the girls wore pony tails, unlike Andrea's and Chloe's though, their's were short and in a French braid with white ribbons interlaced amongst the braiding.
The female charioteer was dressed the same as Lady Newbourne, except that her blouse was white and to Helen's shock she was holding a horse whip!

"Whips...!" Helen said breathlessly.

"Yes," Sir Ian said casually, "they are used more for signalling than for a real gee up, most of the charioteers use either a dressage or lunge whips, it's for their extra length you see, but like I said they are more for passing on information than for real chastisement,"

Next to come was the green team. Andrea and Chloe were both dressed much the same as the white team except in the choice of underwear; they were wearing full cut green panties, as opposed to thongs.

"So you had a hand in their knickers?" Helen asked referring to Sir Ian's penchant for the fuller cut styling.

"I'm sorry!" Sir Ian answered indignantly.

"Er...I meant that you said know... you prefer...I thought you chose..."

"I knew what you meant," Sir Ian said now laughing, "I just love to see you blush, do you know your cheeks go very red very quickly?"

Helen could feel her cheeks colouring even more at Sir Ian's teasing. Then she saw the blue team leaving the marquee, and she was stuck for words.
The blue team's girls were wearing no underwear at all!
They still had the same style leather harnessing as the others, and she could see tails swaying behind them. But as one girl was shaven-headed and the other one closely cropped Helen wondered how their tails were attached?
As they passed in front of Helen and Sir Ian, Helen could feel her buttock cheeks clench together involuntarily. Both of the girl's tails were coming straight out from their anuses as they were attached to butt plugs in the girl's fundaments.
Sir Ian could see Helen's obvious discomfiture at the sight in front of her, and he leant over and whispered to her.

"I know, to be honest it's not my kind of thing either, I'm from old money, you know public schools etc., I'm more your spanking and caning type of guy, but each to their own, eh!"

Helen nodded as she felt a tingle down her spine as she recalled her treatment at his hands last weekend. In her mind though she was trying hard to imagine how those tails must feel, and how would that weight in their bottoms change as they tried to run.
The other thing she noticed about the blue team was how fast and strong they both looked. Stripped down as they were both girls looked equally intimidating, both of them looked like professional sprinters, both looked raring to go!

By the time the red team came into view, there was already a sudden flurry of activity at the bookmaker's stalls. Helen took her glasses out from her purse and had a look at the odds on the nearest stall.
There must have been a tremendous amount of money being laid on the blue team as their odds continued to plummet, seemingly by the second.

"Would you like a little wager," Sir Ian asked, "I can sub it from your wages if you want?"

Helen now felt stuck between a rock and a hard place; she had to bet on her friends even though common sense would say to go for the blue team!

"Yes, please pounds on green, please?"

"No problem, I'm going for a little more at five to one, I think six will put the cat amongst the pigeons don't you agree?"

"Six hundred!"

"No, six thousand, at those odds it would be criminal not to!" Sir Ian said grinning as he leaped up from his seat.

Then the races began, the first one saw the green team win easily even though they had been drawn on the outside lane. Pria once they had cleared the lane markings drove her chariot straight across the path of the white team, so close as to almost collide into the outer of the two pony girls!

"See what I meant earlier Helen, it can get rather rough out there!" Sir Ian said, grinning at his wife's aggressive driving.

The tactic worked well enough causing the girl stop dead in her tracks and stumble. She barely managed to hang onto the T-bar as her partner dragged her along by the time she regained her footing the race was over as a contest!

The second race featured an even more emphatic win, as the starter dropped the cloth to signal the start of the race. The blue team surged off at breakneck speed even before the first bend they had made up the staggered advantage, in the end they won by three-quarters of a lap!

By the time of the third race Helen's head was starting to buzz a little, four gratis glasses of champagne and the sun beating down on them had now started to take effect. Helen thought that this race would be a non-entity as an event. Sir Ian had already told her that the prize money was winner takes all, so the race for third and fourth place seemed to be a little pointless.
In fact, this race turned out to be the most bitterly fought of them all. The charioteers had given up on using the whips only for sending coded signals they were now being used for their designed purpose by both charioteers.
As they passed neck and neck in front of the stand, Helen could see the consternation upon the driver's faces, in fact, they both looked upon the verge of sheer panic.
Helen looked at Sir Ian in bewilderment.

"Are you familiar with the terms top, and bottom, in BDSM parlance?" Sir Ian asked.

Helen nodded coyly.

"Well, as you can imagine the charioteers are very much top girls, so they definitely don't want to be last!"

"It's a pride thing then?" Helen asked.

"No, it's a pain thing," Sir Ian said, "you know that, in some competitions, the losing team is awarded a ceremonial wooden spoon? In this, they receive a very literal six of the best caning from the winning charioteer, by team I mean all three of them, not just the ponies!"

"So the last time....when they came third, if they hadn't won their second race...Lady Newbourne would have been caned along with Andrea and Chloe?"

"Yes indeed, but if they had been last that caning would have only been the start of their troubles," Sir Ian said holding Helen's gaze, then he winked and added, "I can assure you of that!"

In the end the Red team just pipped the White to the finish, the different emotions in both charioteers were plain to see. The Red ecstatic relief, the White total devastation.

Now was the grand final, Green against Blue, Green on the inside lane Blue on the outer. As before once the cloth was dropped the Blue team went to full pelt the Greens seemed to be somewhat hanging back.
By the time they reached the lanes end Blue was clearly in the lead and to Helen's mind her twenty pounds were already lost.

Three times Pria steered into an overtaking position, but they just didn't seem to have the speed to get in front, and the Blue team would just easily accelerate away from them.
Then at the beginning of the last lap Pria made another move to pass on the outside of the Blues. This time though she signalled with her whip, Andrea and Chloe upped their pace and started to move past the Blues. The Blue charioteer tried to spur her team on but now their tanks were empty all their previous exertions had left them drained, the Green team cruised past.
Rather than moving in straight away like in the first race, Pria kept her team running on the outside till just before the final bend. Where she then aimed for the racing line cutting close to the wooden barrier and taking the turn in a wide arc; this tactic meant they did not have to slow down. Though this also made the risk of cart tipping very high so to counteract that risk Pria rose up to her feet and threw all weight onto the inner wheel in an attempt to keep it on the ground. The tactic worked they crossed the finish line as the Blue team were only just coming out of the corner.

"WE WON....WE WON....WE WON...!" Helen shouted as she grabbed hold of Sir Ian in a huge hug, then realised what she was doing, "I'm sorry Sir, I just got a bit carried away there."

"Hmmm, I noticed you said we won, does that mean us two with our bets, or are planning on joining our little group?"

Helen bit down on her bottom lip and gave Sir Ian a little unsure nod.

"Yes I think I would like that Sir," she replied.

Sir Ian smiled; he then caught the eye of one of the waitresses; he ordered a magnum of champagne and five flutes to be taken down to the finish line.
Sir Ian then gently held Helen's upper arm and helped her to her feet then arm in arm they walked to finish line. Helen was starting to feel giddy now as the champagne and excitement were all hitting home. She watched on, her fingers shaking as three old fashioned wooden school chairs were placed by the finish line, each spaced about five feet apart Helen had guessed of their significance.

Then she saw that there was a little crowd gathering around them slightly to their rear, then through the crowd Andrea and Chloe appeared still in full pony regalia though now minus their head harnesses.
Sir Ian handed them both a flute of champagne; then Helen burst out.

"You must both be so happy, you were really great out there!"

Chloe smiled silently, and Andrea shook her head in a quick circular fashion causing her tail to loop wildly around her head Sir Ian stage whispered to Helen.

"Ponies can't talk, Helen, this is not Mr. Ed," Sir Ian said winking at Helen he then passed Andrea and Chloe an envelope each, "though which equine creatures drink champagne I would love to know, it would be so much cheaper for a bale of hay and a few nice carrots!"

Andrea grinned at Sir Ian's sarcasm. Then there was a sudden burst of applause Helen turned back to face the track.
Pria was strutting down the track, the ceremonial bundle of rods in her arms, the White team trailing along behind her. The two White ponygirls were walking with their heads still held high; the charioteer though was a different matter, her head was bowed her eyes locked upon the ground at her feet.

Lady Pria indicated the way she wanted the vanquished team lined up, the two pony girls to the right and the centre the now shaking charioteer to the left.

"Bend forward hands flat upon the seat of the chair," all three quickly complied to Lady Pria's command, "arch your backs a little, I want those big bottoms stuck right up in the air!"

Lady Pria then picked out four rods from the bundle; she swished each one dramatically through the air before deciding which one she preferred. The one she picked upon seemed to Helen's eyes to be not only the thinnest, but also the most whippy of the four.
Putting the cane under her right arm, she walked down the short line of raised bottoms. Even though the ponygirls were wearing thongs that, in no way protected their behinds, Lady Pria leant forward and pulled them down to the girl's ankles.
It was clear to Helen that she had only done this to show to everyone that she could; she was showing off her total power as the victor of the day over that of the day's losers.

Then she came to the charioteer. A little smirk upon Lady Pria's face made it clear to Helen that it was Lady Pria's peer who was going to be treat the most harshly.
Putting the cane down upon the track, Lady Pria undid the side zips of her fellow charioteer's jodhpurs. She then made an exaggerated thing about lowering them; a pretend struggle to imply that the girl's buttocks were so large that her jodhpurs couldn't be lowered with ease. She even turned to the crowd and shrugged her shoulders in a "what can I do manner".

Once the jodhpurs were at the charioteer's ankles, Lady Pria looked at the proffered behind in front of her rubbing her chin in mock concentration. Like the ponygirls she too was also wearing a thong and Lady Pria, seemed to be deciding whether to let her equal keep that little modicum of modesty.
Of course to no one's surprise, she didn't allow it. The white thong quickly joined the jodhpurs at her ankles. For the final piece of humiliation, Lady Pria tapped the charioteers legs with her hands making her stretch her legs as far apart as her pooled underwear and jodhpurs would allow.
Now all those directly behind the charioteer were given a clear view of both her anus and feminine folds.

Helen was now dry-mouthed in anticipation of what was to come, half of her wished that she was one of the girls awaiting their punishment. The other half knew that if she joined Sir Ian's stable she would come under Lady Pria's correction. So this was now a chance to see what could, or most likely would, be heading her way at some point!

Then the caning started.

Rather than giving each girl six strokes in succession, Lady Pria had decided to work the line with one stroke at a time starting with the ponygirl to Helen's far right.
Helen wondered what would be worse, having all six quickly in one go or this way each one delivered at a leisurely pace.
There was nothing leisurely about the strokes though; each was delivered with the same venomous force. The ponygirls had wisely decided to retain their headgear so that they could bite down upon their bits.
The charioteer had no such luxury to fall back upon; each stroke brought forth an ever-increasing shriek of pain from her.

These events were having a distinct effect upon Helen; she was becoming more and more aroused by this scene of vicarious punishment being acted out in front of her. She tried to clutch her thighs tightly together, then relaxing them, this repeated action just seemed to excite her further rather than give her any form of release. She then glanced at Andrea; she saw that Andrea's dark nipples were fully erect, and her face was blank in rapt concentration. Chloe, on the other hand, seemed to pay no mind to what was taking place on the track; it was the contents of her envelope that had gathered all of her concentration.

By the time, each of the losing team had received five strokes both of the ponygirls were visibly shaking. The weight upon their elbows and the pain in their bottoms had now taken its toll upon them. The charioteer was now distraught her whole body shaking and sobbing loudly, her exposed anus pulsing on its own volition for all to see.

"Now ladies and gentleman, we all know the time honoured tradition, that the last stroke should be the worst stroke!" Lady Pria said addressing both the audience and her trembling charges.

With that announcement, Lady Pria delivered each final stroke with a dramatic three-step runup.
Watching this Helen's covert muscle contractions finally gave her the release that she had been yearning.

Two months after the race day Sir Ian entered the company gym. In front of him on the treadmills were three girls jogging in sync with one and another, their long ponytails swaying back and forth with each step.

"How are my favourite girls tonight?" he asked.

"We're fine thank you Sir!" the three of them chorused in reply. Helen then caught a glance of herself in the mirror just as the golden horseshoe on her neck collar caught the light; she smiled at her reflection in pure contentment.


It was surprising that it had taken the three girls this long to find themselves in this situation. After all if you place three single girls in their early to mid-twenties in a large luxury apartment in the centre of one of the most renowned party cities in England. It was only just going to be a matter of time before they threw a party

What better time to have a party than the Sunday night of the last holiday weekend of August, more so after such an awful summer of heavy rains and storms. The problem is that in these days of Facebook and Twitter. What was meant to be a little get together of twenty or so friends; soon gets 'poked and tweeted'. Until you end up with close on a hundred with friends, and the friends of friends turning up.
Of course, such a gathering of people in the city centre could not go unnoticed from the CCTV cameras The camera operators watched with great interest as the revellers made their drunken way to the girl's apartment. One young couple, which it would seem were both locked in a mutual and urgent need to swell the city's population. Decided that the bank doorway underneath the apartment was an ideal site for their rather public and very lewd congress. This sudden and rather bizarre behaviour had been the action that resulted in Northumbria's finest being sent to the girl's address to break up the now very out of hand party.

The Monday morning though was now the time for the girls to count the cost of their merrymaking, to count the cost in real monetary terms.

“So what else is broke apart from the fridge door?" Helen asked as she tried to work out what she could have for breakfast that she could keep down.

“I'm not sure; the hallway door is sort of, off it's hinges, and someone was sick on the stairs, the whole flat smells rank and the TV and DVD remotes have disappeared.” Chloe answered.

Helen wondered if she looked as bad as Chloe did; she certainly felt as if she did, with her head throbbing and her stomach performing somersaults as she stared vacantly into the now broken fridge.

“At least Sir is away in Belfast this week so we can get everything sorted out before he gets back.” Helen said desperately trying to find a bright side to their predicament.

“I don't know why you are both so worried, you pay your rent and if you want to have a bit of a party, what has it got to do with your boss? Once you clock out it's your life and has bog all to do with him!” Chloe's sister Gabby chimed.

“Yeah well, it's a bit more complicated than that!” Chloe said trying to silence her aptly named sister.

Helen gave up on her search for a suitable breakfast and slumped back to her chair and the waiting black coffee on the table. She looked at Chloe and Gabby no one could ever take these two as sisters she thought to herself.
There were no familial likenesses to speak of, unlike her elder sister Gabby was quite short probably only just scraping past the five-foot mark; her short mousy coloured hair exaggerating the roundness of her face. Helen also assumed that Gabby's pyjama top would not be hiding cobblestone abdominal muscles like those of her sister's, or that her pyjama bottoms were covering up well toned calves and thighs.
Now, the only likeness that Helen could see in the two sisters in front of her was that for this morning at least, they both looked terrible.
Chloe's long blond tresses were an unkempt tangled mess and Gabby looked like she had tried to comb her hair with a hedgehog!

“So what! Just because your boss is your landlord it doesn't mean that he can lord it over you!”

“Really Gabby, please just shut up will you? You are totally doing my head in!” Chloe said trying to hush her kid sister.

Helen wondered, what Gabby would have said, if she had known that only two weeks ago; Sir Ian had given herself and her big sister; four strokes of the cane across their bare bottoms for the sin of missing a gym session?

Would Gabby be so gabby if she too had the imminent threat of corporal punishment hanging over her head?

The idea of telling Gabby about their domestic situation somewhat amused Helen. How embarrassed would Chloe be if her little sister knew the truth about the girls lavish lifestyle, of course though Helen could never let on about it, but the thought did make her smile.
Then to Helen's annoyance Andrea walked into the kitchen looking like she had just fallen out of the pages of Sports Illustrated.
Wearing Lycra shorts and crop top, her hair tied back impeccably in a pony tail her skin glowing under a sheen of post jogging perspiration.

“Where have you been Andy?” asked a surprised Gabby.

“Just been for a little run to blow the cobwebs out, I thought I would get out before the rain hit us, I just went for a mile or two, up past St James' and around Leazes Park,” Andrea replied as if everyone with a hangover should just jog it off.

For all that Helen liked Andrea, at times she found her serenity and rock hard constitution just a bit too much to handle, more so when she felt this ill. Also, there was Andrea's Mediterranean heritage meaning that just the slightest of sunshine seemed to bring out a deep golden tan on her, even in this god-awful summer.

“Be an angel Gabbs, and make me a quick coffee, please,” Andrea asked Chloe's sister as she joined her two flatmates at the kitchen table, “looks like we are going to be forking out most of our pay this month on putting the flat right aren't we?”

No sooner had Andrea sat down and asked her question than the door buzzer sounded; Gabby answered it as she was the nearest to the intercom only to be met with.

“Whoever the hell that is let me in now!”

Chloe shook her head in despair slumping across the table putting her head into her crossed arms and muttering.

“That's all we need; you are going to wish that Sir Ian was here!”

“Who's that?” Gabby asked the three girls.

“Lady Pria the bosses wife, you might as well let her in Gabbs.” Andrea said in a matter of fact manner.

Helen looked at Chloe and Andrea; their countenances could not have been more different. Chloe looked as if she wished the earth would swallow her up. Andrea, on the other hand, seemed entirely disinterested that Lady Pria would be in the rubbish strewn and vandalised apartment in only a matter of seconds.
As soon as Lady Pria entered the kitchen, with Gabby trailing behind her, she wasted no time in getting started on her three tenants.

“So apart from the ruined stair carpet and broken door what other damage has been done?”

“The fridge freezer is broke, but we have all decided that we will pay for any damage done.” Helen said trying to placate the clearly fuming Lady Pria.

“Really? That is so gracious of you all; I'm honoured to have such caring tenants.” Lady Pria said sarcastically at Helen's innocent statement.

“We are really sorry Ma'am,” Helen said dropping her gaze to the tabletop in an effort to avoid eye contact.

“Hold on sorry for what?” Gabby rashly interrupted, “after all it was only a little party, OK it got a bit out of hand, but that is not really our fault is it?”

Lady Pria turned to face the interrupting interloper.

“I'm sorry my dear, but exactly who the fuck are you?”

Helen watched as Gabby stared in open-mouthed shock that this elegantly dressed Indian lady would use such language, and use it so venomously.

“This is Gabriel, Chloe's little sister she was just staying with us for the bank holiday weekend Ma'am.” Andrea said by way of belated introduction.

“Well for your information Chloe's little sister,” Lady Pria said emphasising the 'little' whilst staring Gabby down, “I'm not sure what misapprehension you have over your sister and her flatmates presence here in this apartment but it is not the usual landlord and tenant situation as you are about to find out!”

“Please Lady Pria.....can we not deal with this know not with her here,” Chloe begged.

“No, your sister was here for your party, so she can witness the consequences.” Lady Pria said and then added. “Do any of you have any idea at all the embarrassment that I felt this morning? Can you even imagine my feelings when I received a phone call from the police to say that they had been called out to a wild party at one of our properties? That there were people drunkenly screwing in the street outside?
I would think that the fact that you are all my husband's employees caused in even more mirth at the station!”

Helen glanced over at Gabby; she could see that the young girl was more than a little curious as to where all this ranting from Lady Pria could be leading, more so after Chloe's little outburst.

“Well I can tell you now, that when you are all running around later tidying up all this mess that you will be doing so with more than a little sting in your tails to remind you not to undertake upon another excursion into the world of party planning. Andrea, go to the dining room and fetch me the tawse please.”

Helen did a double take, first she registered the look of total confusion upon Gabby's face. Then she realised herself for the first time that there were instruments of corporal correction kept within the apartment.

“Yes Ma'am,” Andrea said then left the kitchen as ordered.

“So Chloe's little sister, as you were here last night when you sister and her friends celebrated in the English tradition of drunken behaviour and casual fornication. Today you will witness a traditional Indian punishment.” Lady Pria told the wide-eyed nineteen year old.

Helen felt the urge to point out that none of them had been involved in any copulation the previous night, either drunk or sober, but wisely held her tongue.

“Also it will give you the chance to see just how competitive these three young ladies can be.” Just as Lady Pria said those words Andrea returned with the tawse, and now Gabby's eyes practically lit up as she finally clicked on as to what was about to happen. “You see I propose to make this well deserved punishment into a little competition, nothing too hard, just who can hold onto their ears for the longest.”

Helen noticed that, at those words, Chloe closed her eyes and shook her head in disconsolate misery.

“Whoever lets go of their ears first shall receive twelve strokes of the tawse across their bottom. The runner-up shall receive ten and the lucky winner shall get away with a mere eight, under the circumstances I feel that I am possibly showing too much clemency.” Lady Pria then looked away from Gabby and turned her attention back to her three recalcitrant tenants.“Right ladies it is time for you to make yourselves ready, Helen and Chloe pyjamas off, please, Andrea shoes and leggings off!”

Even though Helen had half expected that Lady Pria would make them strip she had also hoped that she would have spared them that embarrassment in front of Gabby. Then again though she realised that the embarrassment was to be part of the punishment. Also, that whatever the shame that she would be feeling she knew for Chloe it would be manifold, being treat in such a way in front of her little sister.
As she undid her pyjama top, Helen wondered what her first 'chariot race' would be like for her, being in a state of undress in front of hundreds of people?

She reasoned with herself that this was different; that with her knowing Gabby as a friend made it worse then being paraded in front of strangers. Also, she would not be naked for the race; she would be in both costume, and character. Today though was going to be her, being herself and being punished naked in front of a younger girl.
After a minute or so they were ready, Helen and Chloe were both stark naked apart from their collars and Andrea was left wearing only her crop top and collar.

“As a way of instruction for Helen and by way of information for your little sister I would like you to show us all how you hold your ears in Murgha,” Lady Pria said to Chloe.

Already close to tears, Chloe stepped forward then with her feet about shoulders width apart she bent forward as if she was about to touch the floor in front of her. However, instead of touching the floor she threaded her arms behind her knees and reached so that she could grab her ear lobes with her fingers.
Helen breathed deeply as she realised the view that she, herself, would be showing in a matter of moments. As now all of Chloe's most intimate anatomy was now full on view. Her buttock cheeks were parted making her puckered anus clearly visible; her sex was split wide open the coral interior on full show to all who cared to look.

“OK, Chloe you may stand again.” Chloe didn't have to be told twice as she immediately responded to Lady Pria's request. “The reason it is called Murgha is that, in this position, the victim looks a little similar to a cockerel. Or as you will soon see Gabriel these three shall look more like pale, frozen chickens.”

Helen looked over at Chloe, who looked even more disconsolate than earlier. She then looked to Andrea who already had her 'game face' on and had left to where ever it that she goes to tap into her mental strength. Helen could see that it was going to be at least ten strokes for her as Andrea was more or less unbeatable in a direct physical challenge. So for her it was a case of beating Chloe to gain the second spot.
For after all two strokes of the tawse, were two strokes of the tawse.

“Right then ladies and I use that word with severe reservations could the three of you line up along in front of the fridge and the sink,” Lady Pria ordered, “now get into position, I'm sure you all remember the tariffs. Gabriel, please take a seat; I expect this to be a long wait!”

Once Helen managed to struggle herself into the rather unnatural required state, she thought to herself ' this isn't that bad'. She was more concerned about Gabby gawking at her nakedness than the actual pain from the Murgha. That thought quickly changed though less than two minutes later, her mind was then wholly concentrated upon the pain in her shoulders and the rear of her thighs.
Her nakedness was now a forgotten thing as her whole body shook then she heard Lady Pria's voice.

“You see Gabriel they have brought this upon themselves, they have broken our very liberal tenancy rules by having a party. Also, it has crossed my mind that perhaps your being here could have been a possible catalyst for their plainly unwise decision?”

“Er...I don't was know a couple of drinks...well that's all it was supposed to be...but all these people just like turned up from nowhere...” Gabby struggled out, now trying desperately to distance herself from the previous nights activities, the very same activities that she was so keen to defend just minutes earlier.

As she listened, Helen knew what Lady Pria was doing; she was trying to lure Gabby into the upcoming punishments.
The outcome of Lady Pria's scheming was the least of Helen's worries though as the pain built up in her muscles and joints under this alarmingly effective torture.
She wondered what would be worse, the sharp pain of that heavy looking leather strap, or this slow, insidious building up of lactic acid?
As her whole body was now shaking under her Murgha torment, she decided that the whole twelve strokes were going to be for her after all; she let go of her ears and stood up.

She was shocked as Lady Pria said “Only four minutes Helen? I had expected so much more from you!”

Surely it had been ten or twelve minutes at least, but no, when she looked at the clock on the cooker she saw that Lady Pria was right, it had only felt so much longer.

“You see Gabriel; Helen is still new to our little group she has not quite yet got the tenacious outlook of her two comrades.” Lady Pria said in a mocking tone. “Of course though you don't know of our little group do you?”

As Gabby shook her head, Helen heard Chloe sigh deeply knowing that her baby sister was about to learn things that Chloe would have preferred were kept secret.
Lady Pria spared nothing as she told Gabby of the exact situation that her elder sister was in; she explained in full the ponygirl chariot races and the strict corporal discipline used by herself and Sir Ian. Spankings for minor indiscretions, and canes or leather straps for the more serious, as she would see today.
She also explained in full the financial and material rewards that the three girls received and also the significance of the girl's leather collars.

“I'd wondered about those collars,“ Gabby said, “I thought maybe it was some kind of gang thing, you know you read about stuff like that,”

That seemed to cause Lady Pria a great deal of amusement, the very idea of Andrea, Chloe and Helen being gang-girls.
As Lady Pria, continued detailing the girl's actual situation, Helen took this as her chance to sit down at the back of the table, in an attempt to at least minimise her nakedness. As she sat she felt the coldness of the vinyl cushion cover on her naked bottom knowing only too well that soon she would be getting that very area very warmed up.
As Lady Pria continued talking to Gabby, Helen felt so sorry for Chloe, it was bad enough for herself having her secret life talked over in such a manner. But how must Chloe feel hearing her little sister being told such details?
Helen then noticed that for all that Lady Pria was talking to her; Gabby's gaze was firmly locked upon the two lewdly displayed figures in front of her. 'Did she look so closely at me?' she wondered. Of course, she knew that the answer would be in the affirmative.
Then finally, after twenty tortuous minutes Chloe gave in and let go of her ears and struggled back to an upright position.

'So that's it,' Helen thought to herself, 'now we just have to wait for the running order to be belted in!'

“Surprise! The indomitable Andrea wins again! Please stand Andrea.” as Andrea obeyed Lady Pria's instruction and rose upright in one fluid movement, Lady Pria added. “If you could be a dear Andrea and set out two chairs, musical chairs style, please?”

Helen did not have a clue what 'musical chairs' meant until Andrea got two of the chairs from the kitchen table and placed them back to back. Then it became clear what Lady Pria intended.

“Gabriel you may remain seated where you are, Chloe, Helen could you both stand over there by the door? Andrea as the winner you shall be first, up on the chairs bottom facing this way please.” Lady Pria said rearranging the girl's viewing and punishment positions to her liking.

As Andrea mounted the chairs, she knelt upon one and draped herself over where the two backs met placing her hands upon the second chair. From where they were standing Helen, and Chloe would have a perfect view of Andrea's facial reactions whereas Gabby would be viewing from the 'business end' of the proceedings.
Lady Pria picked up the tawse in her right hand, to Helen the leather strap now seemed that little thicker than before. Also, it seemed that bit more frightening as its use, and it's hot kiss became very imminent.

As Helen looked deeply into Andrea's eyes; Lady Pria drew back the tawse. Holding its tip in her left hand she then let go and unleashed it with her right hand, bringing it hard across Andrea's upturned bottom. The sound of the impact of leather on bare skin registered deeply in Helen's consciousness. Involuntarily her bare toes went to grip at the tiled floor like a kitten trying to climb a scratching post as she tensed her buttocks. Looking at Andrea, Helen could see that the first stroke seemed to have had more effect upon herself than on Andrea. Andrea merely winced at the tawse's biting caress.
Helen knew though that her real gauge of the effectiveness of the tawse in Lady Pria's hand would come with Chloe's punishment and not that of Andrea's. Andrea openly admitted that to a certain extent she enjoyed receiving corporal correction. Whereas Chloe looked upon it as a consequence of their lifestyle; and though Helen had found a sexual frisson with the punishments she had received at Sir Ian's hands; she felt none of that pent up excitement today.

Today she only felt a deep dark dread!

By the fifth stroke, Helen could see that Lady Pria was now having a real effect upon Andrea. Instead of only wincing as the belt fell upon her, her eyes were now tightly closed as she awaited her final three strokes. In Helen's mind, this did not bode well at all for Chloe and herself.

“Right Andrea, you and Chloe may now swap places. As always you have taken your licks with admirable stoicism.” Lady Pria said as she stood back from the still kneeling and bent Andrea.

With the minimal amount of fuss the now red and teary faced Andrea stood back to her feet and walked over to where Chloe was standing. Helen took this opportunity to check out Andrea's backside, and she did not like what she saw. Andrea's arse was a mass of painful looking red and black overlapping wheals.

“Please Ma'am can you send Gabby out of the room for my just doesn't seem right her watching.” Chloe pleaded.

“Since when did you decide what was right or wrong?” asked Lady Pria.

Chloe went to say something but then changed her mind and looked at the floor instead.

“I would have thought that you would be happy to have your sister here as moral support, I'm sure that Gabriel would like to stay here for you, is that not right Gabriel?” Lady Pria asked, or rather stated.

“Well...” Gabby said unsure of how to put her feelings into words, “I think that I should stay know to give my what her Ladyship just said there...”

Helen could tell by the look in Gabby's eyes that she had no intention of missing this for the world, being an only child though she could never understand the whole sibling rivalry thing.
What she could understand though was the look in Gabby's eyes, the look that told her little Gabby was quite enjoying this morning, no matter what her words said.
Chloe then looked at Andrea, hoping maybe for some support from her that support though was indeed not forthcoming.

“Come on Chloe just get on with it and get it over with,” Andrea said impatiently still rubbing at her beaten buttocks.

Throwing in the towel, Chloe moved forward to take up her place upon the chairs. Helen could see that Chloe's extended time in Murgha had taken its toll upon her muscles as she winced as she bent herself across the chair backs; her pain no doubt accentuated by her sisters gaping presence.
Lady Pria took up her now familiar place tawse in hand.
Then Chloe's first stroke hit home, unlike, before with Andrea, Chloe was very vocal as she let out a strange sound, a cross between a loud gasp and a quiet scream.

“Now Gabriel, you can see that your sister's paler complexion marks up very differently to Andrea's olive skin. See how her flesh reddens so easy almost upon impact!” Lady Pria said not only by way of commentary for Gabby but also as a method to heap further humiliation upon Chloe.

The second stroke came down, again causing the same 'harrumph' noise from Chloe.

“See Gabriel, quite, quite red!” Lady Pria then added, “I dare bet looking at you that you are even paler than your sister, under that clothing I bet you are milky white, am I right?”

Gabby did not know whether Lady Pria expected an answer; her questioning eyes darted to Andrea, who gave her a little shake of the head to ensure Gabby's silence.
Then the silence in the room was broken by her sister's guttural shriek of pain as stroke number three found it's mark.
Helen could see that Chloe's face was already tear streaked; she was not even yet half way through her allocation of ten strokes!

“Yes my dear, you 'English roses' mark up so well, it's a real joy to see the paleness give way to crimson don't you think?”

Again Gabby stayed quiet to Lady Pria's question, again her elder sister filled the yawning silence as the fourth stroke hit home.
Helen then noticed that Gabby was sitting differently; she had slightly moved her lower body around, and her left arm was now underneath the table. Helen wondered if Gabby's fingers were now at work hidden from view?
Lady Pria then stopped, or at least postponed her running commentary as she delivered a further four strokes at rapid speed. These strokes caught Chloe out; she was not expecting the sudden change in tempo. The sudden rapidity caused her to buck and twist upon the two chairs, each stroke taking her breath the another landing before she could compose herself.

“Oh dear, quite a little display she is putting on for you here Gabriel, it would seem your sister has no shame with all this gyrating!” Chloe then burst out into tears at Lady Pria's words.

Gabby was now red faced, and Helen could clearly see that her elbow was moving as she watched her sister's chastisement. Helen wondered how much worse Chloe would feel if she knew that her sister was frigging herself as she was being strapped?

“Two more strokes to go, I wonder where they should land?” Lady Pria said as she moved her right hand over Chloe's naked buttocks. “Where do you think they should be placed Gabriel, overlapping the other strokes, or maybe down here across the backs of her thighs?”

Gabby was now quite boggled eyed as she looked at Lady Pria; she knew that this time the answer was now required from her.

“The backs of her legs....won't that really hurt her Your Ladyship?” She said in a far away daze.

“Two things Gabriel, I'm not a 'Ladyship,' Ma'am or Lady Pria will suffice. Two, it will indeed hurt as that is my purpose otherwise it would not be a punishment would it? I do recognise your sisterly concern and your valid point about her legs. So if I do strap her legs it will be applied less harshly than it would be across her bottom.”

“Well....I suppose her legs then...” Gabby finally said.

As she heard Gabby speak Chloe started sobbing before the first of the last two strokes found their mark. By the time, the final stroke landed Helen could see that the seat nearest her was wet with Chloe's tears, and it was her turn next!

Helen looked on as Chloe slowly and painfully climbed off the two chairs knowing only too well that it was her turn next. Her eyes then caught Gabby's; she could tell by the half smile on Gabby's face that her punishment was going to cause even more frenetic activity of Gabby's fingers under the table.

Helen sighed and shook her head.

Chloe made her way to her side, still unaware that her punishment had been causing her sister such sexual excitement. Helen then stepped forward still glaring at Gabby; the younger girl raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders as if to say “it's not my fault.”

“So keen Helen?” Lady Pria asked.

Helen didn't reply; she just mounted the chairs and got into position as quickly as possible, knowing all too well that Gabby's eyes would now be locked upon her naked bottom. With that in mind, she kept her knees tight together making sure nothing else would be on view.
Then for some reason that she could not fathom out Helen spread her knees as wide apart as the dining chair would allow, knowing only too well what Gabby could now see.

“Now are you finally nice and comfortable?” asked Lady Pria.

Helen felt anything but comfortable as the backs of the two chairs dug into her upper stomach and the lower part of her ribcage. Grabbing at the seat of the second chair, she seemed to feel more precarious than comfortable.

“I take your silence as an affirmation,” Lady Praia said, “so we will begin, twelve strokes I believe we agreed upon.”

Even after just watching both Andrea and Chloe being punished, Helen was still ill prepared for the sheer pain of the first stroke as Lady Pria lashed the leather strap across her upturned backside.
Helen had viewed internet clips of multi-stroke punishments which were, of course, fictional and made by actors and actresses, this first touch of the belt was a real punishment stroke delivered with full force!
Before Helen had a chance to grit her teeth and compose herself, the second stroke landed, causing her to call out in pain.

“Oh dear, so vocal already and we have hardly yet begun. It looks as though Helen is going to be as equally as noisy as your big sister was Gabriel.” Lady Pria said sarcastically.

By the third stroke Helen really wished that she had tried harder to win the Murgha challenge.

“So Gabriel where do you work then?” Lady Praia asked casually as she delivered another firebrand like swipe onto Helen's rapidly reddening skin.

Already only a third of the way through her allotted punishment and Helen's tears were now adding to dampness of the seat beneath her. Helen tried to find a mental zone, somewhere outside of her predicament, clenching her teeth she concentrated on Lady Pria's conversation with Gabby.

“Er....I used to work as a waitress in a place in the city centre, but it now I just do a few nights behind the bar at our local social club.” Gabby struggled out, her voice now noticeably coming in gasps.

“Really! That is so interesting; I run a catering company of sorts, and I'm always looking for the right kind of staff.” Lady Pria said as she raised the tawse for the fifth time, “Would you be interested in working for me?”

Lady Pria's question was punctuated by another cry of pain from Helen as for the fifth time the belt lashed across her behind.

“Well yeah....I suppose so Ma'am...I mean yes Ma'am that would be great....” Gabby answered.

“As you can see I can be rather strict when it comes to discipline that won't be a problem for you?”

“No, Ma'am it won't,” Gabby answered; her voice now trance-like.

As if for a reminder Lady Pria then laid on three rapid licks of the tawse, as Helen wondered if she could cope with another four, Lady Pria spoke again.

“Of course Gabriel you know that I still hold you partly responsible for last night's fiasco?”

“Yes Ma'am....I know you do.” Gabby answered in her dreamy voice.

“Helen still has four strokes to go, perhaps when I'm finished with her I should deal with you?”

“Er...I....well....” Gabby struggled out.

“Of course it wouldn't be with this leather belt. I was thinking more of a real harsh hand spanking. Then I could see if you have the mettle to work for me?”

“I...I...suppose just your hand nothing else?” Gabby said; then Helen realised that Lady Pria had finally baited and sprung her trap, the randy little nineteen year old was going to get it after all!

Helen's rejoicing was cut short as Lady Pria laid on another biting stinger to her poor bottom.

“Yes but don't be thinking it will be easy, I intend this to be a real punishment. Though I do feel foolishly lenient today, so lenient that I'm going to let Helen here get off with only eleven strokes.” Helen sighed in relief at Lady Pria's words till she heard her add, “ Do you think those last two should be across her legs, you know, like we did with your sister?”

“Oh yes Ma'am, I think that would very fair of you!”

'Little bitch!' Helen thought to herself as she felt the first fall of the lash across the backs of her thighs. The second lash had her, like Chloe before her, sobbing.

“OK, Helen that is you finished! Stand up and join your two friends.” Lady Pria ordered Helen.

Helen climbed down from the chairs her thighs racked with pain from both the murgha and the last two punishing strokes of the tawse.
Her only consolation was the thought that now Gabby was going to be getting a spanking, “see how she likes it”, she thought to herself as she joined Chloe and Andrea.
Lady Pria picked up one chair and returned it to under the table, the other she turned around so that it would be at a right angle to the three already punished girls.

“Right Gabriel if you could come here please,” Lady Praia said pointing at the floor in front of her, “your turn now, so let's see if you can take your medicine!”

Sheepishly Gabby stood up and made her way to stand in front of Lady Pria.

“Hands behind your back, please Gabriel.” Lady Pria said, then started to undo the five buttons on Gabby's pink and silver striped pyjama jacket.

Helen looked on through teary wide eyes, even though she would never consider herself gay she did find the naked female form exciting, though she would never admit that to anyone!

“I see I was correct about how pale you are,” Lady Pria said as she exposed Gabby's breasts, “if you pardon the pun your breasts are almost milky white, the paleness so brings out the pinkness of your nipples!”

Helen could see Gabby blushing madly as Lady Pria pulled off her pyjama jacket and threw it to the floor, next Lady Pria's fingers went to the waistband of Gabby's pyjama bottoms.
Slowly she peeled the thin trousers down over Gabby's ample behind and hips revealing a pair of full cut black knickers.
As Gabby stepped out of her pyjama bottoms, she asked.

“Can I keep my knickers on, please Ma'am?”

“What do you think Gabriel?” Lady Pria asked, “Really, what do you think?”

Forlornly Gabby shook her head, as Lady Pria's fingers went to the waistband of her underwear, and they too were brought down to her ankles for her to step out.

“Now let's have a proper look at you, starting to get a little stubbly here aren't you?” Lady Pria said as she ran her index finger over Gabby's pubic mound.

Helen watched now transfixed as Gabby dropped her head in shame then Lady Pria picked up Gabby's panties and closely inspected them.

“I see the marks of your not so very furtive activity are very visible here! Did you think that I didn't notice you playing with yourself as your sister and your friends were being strapped?”

Helen knew that she should feel sorry for Gabby, but she was enjoying watching her humiliation too much to shed any crocodile tears for her friends little sister.

“When I ask a question you answer!” Lady Pria said as she delivered two quick slaps to the front of Gabby's thighs.

“Ow!...I...I'm sorry...I'm sorry Ma'am!” Gabby shouted out, more in surprise than in actual pain.

As Lady Pria read the label on Gabby's knickers, a wicked smile crossed her face.

“How ironic! How so very apt, Spanx! I dare bet that when you put these on last night you never have dreamt how prophetic they would be?”

Helen bit on the inner of her bottom lip in an attempt to stop herself, despite her pain, from laughing at Lady Pria's little quip.

“Talking of which I think it is time now, that you got over here.” Lady Pria said as she patted her lap by way of an invitation.

Now a picture of misery personified Gabby lowered herself across Lady Pria's thighs.
Then without warning, without even allowing Gabby to get herself comfortable Lady Pria started a harsh volley of hand slaps across Gabby's full naked buttocks. Gabby struggled to keep her balance as Lady Pria slapped her bare backside. Helen could clearly see individual red finger marks appearing all over Gabby's very full and now no longer pale bottom.
For her part, Gabby was taking this very enthusiastic spanking in good part with hardly any noise coming from her as the kitchen echoed with the sound of Lady Pria's hand hitting Gabby's naked flesh.
Then Lady Pria just as suddenly brought her chastisement of Gabby to a halt.

“Now Gabriel, I think it is only fair that as you were so keen for both your sister and Helen to have leg punishments that you should also have the backs of your legs slapped. First though I would like you to part your thighs just a little for me!”

As Gabby reluctantly obeyed her instructions from Lady Pria, Helen was treated to a similar view to the one that only minutes earlier she had been affording Gabby. From where she was standing Helen had a clear view of Gabby's obviously wet sex, and that vista was having a rather disturbing effect upon her!
Now that Gabby's inner thighs were available for chastisement Lady Pria wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation.
Both the backs and high up the inner parts of Gabby's fleshy thighs were treated to a similar salvo to the one that her bottom had just received.
In almost no time at all Gabby's, up until now, admiral resolve was broken as she gave into a sudden burst of tears, her sobbing interspersed with a rash of pleas for mercy.
Then just as suddenly as before Lady Pria stopped her onslaught.
Then what followed made Helen's jaw drop, as Lady Pria began to explore Gabby's lewdly open slit.

“Gabriel! So hot and wet!” Lady Pria announced.

“Please....please don't Ma'am....please its so...please...” Gabby begged but then her voice trailed off under Lady Pria's ministrations.

“Shh girl, just a little reward for being so very.... very obedient!” As Lady Pria whispered those words Gabby, like Helen had the first time over Sir Ian's lap, came to a shuddering climax.

Lady Pria then helped the now very shamefaced Gabby back to her feet.

“Go and join your sister and your friends Gabriel. See Helen it is not only my husband who can pick out those who are really into spanking.” Lady Pria said grinning like the Cheshire Cat, then added, “Now girls I would think that the four of you will want to make yourselves very busy tidying up all your post-party mess. More so as I intend to ring for a builder to come around to give me an estimate for a new door. It may take a while for Mr. Glover to get here, what with it being a bank holiday. Or he could land in twenty minutes or so, and I'm afraid girls you are all going to be naked till this tip is tidied up to my satisfaction. So unless you want Mr. Glover seeing your red arses I would get a move on if I were you!”

Lady Pria sat smiling at the sudden flurry of earnest activity around her as she dialled the number.


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