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A Scottish Holiday

Part1 - The Posh School.

On the loch, a swan seemed to glide effortlessly across the water, underneath the water line it's feet were paddling furiously against the now growing undertow. In the boathouse on the western shore, John Harvey looked across the loch, deciding on whether to take a dingy out now, or to wait for the tidal swell to ebb.

In Moira Mason's house, she looked at her two bored looking house guests, her niece Sandra and her friend Julia. Sandra and Julia were now into day three of their holiday on the east coast of Scotland, when Sandra's mum had suggested to Julia that she should accompany Sandra on the trip to her auntie's she jumped at the opportunity of a free holiday.
Some holiday it had turned out to be, the village was almost bereft of entertainment for two nineteen year old girls. One hotel and two pubs, post office and a general dealers, for god's sake the village didn't even have a chippie!
Night life was none existent, the pubs catered for middle aged locals, and the odd holiday maker, who, to Julia's mind they would have to be very strange, to want to holiday here. Here they were in nineteen seventy four, glam rock bands touring all over England, and they were stuck in some sort of throwback to the nineteen fifties, where the pubs don't even have jukeboxes.
Sandra's aunt was nice enough, but she realised that the girls were getting more and more restless.

“Get yourselves out for a good walk, and some fresh air. I'll make you up a picnic basket so you can have all day out and about, it looks like we are in for some nice weather now.” She had told the girls, as she left for work at the local distillery.

The two girls looked at each other as Sandra's aunt left; they both shrugged their shoulders, picked up the basket and headed for the loch, both girls walked along in silence, both locked deep in their own thoughts.
Neither girl had dressed for hiking, as they were both basically town girls; they had both dressed more for fashion than practicality.
As always Julia had chosen to dress almost boyishly, high waistband black culottes cut just above her eight hole Dr Marten's, and a taper fitted yellow “star jumper”. The clothing highlighted her slim waist and large womanly bottom and hips, in fact, she looked rather waspish with her choice of colours.
Sandra, on the other hand, opted for a thin summer dress that, in the right light, became almost transparent; a slip would have been a good idea,but that would really have defeated the point of wearing something so thin in the first place. Slips won't get a girl wolf whistles!

Upon reaching the south eastern edge of the loch, Sandra broke the silence. “Have you ever thought what a posh girl's school would be like?”

“Er... no not really, it's not something that has kept me awake at night, I take you are talking about midnight feasts and not communal showers, cos I don't want you to go all lezzie on me!” Julia replied with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Yeah, you wish! Standing here looking like you should be on the cover of “Skinhead Girl In The Glens”, I bet you would love some tongue action from a proper lady.” Sandra said baiting her friend, knowing how the mention of her secret love of Richard Allen's skinhead books was strictly a secret guilty pleasure, as she watched Julia's face reddening she continued. “There's a real McCoy girls private boarding school over there in the trees, we could go and have a look around, you know a bit of a mooch about?”

“You have got to be joking, it's miles away, we'd have to walk all the way around the loch, and then back again after the teachers chase us!” Julia said shaking her head in disbelief at her friends stupidity.

“No, look!” Sandra said pointing triumphantly at a small lime green rowing boat tied up on the little jetty.

Julia burst out laughing at the idea, though the idea did intrigue her slightly. “Are you going to row all the way out there? Then all the way back, after we get chased?”

“Yeah, I know how to row, me and me uncle used to go fishing on the loch years ago.... before he pissed off to London and left auntie Moira on her todd up here.”

“We will still get chased.” Julia said.

“By whom? The school is closed for the summer holidays.” Sandra reminded her friend, her eyes now sparkling in mischief.

“Ah... sod it, come on then, mind you I'm not rowing.”

“OK, let's get going lazy bones.” Sandra said pulling her friend along before she could change her mind.

Julia was quiet surprised; Sandra did indeed seem to know how to row, in no time at all they were making their way to the middle of the loch. Once out onto the open water, both girls realised that perhaps they were slightly under dressed as the further out of the shelter of the trees they got; the colder and more cutting the wind seemed to be.
Julia then noticed that they seemed to be somewhat veering of course, instead of heading towards the western shore they were making a sideward's drift to the northern end of the loch, the part where the loch drained into the North Sea.

“What's up, we are going the wrong way?” Julia asked with more than a little concern in her voice.

“Just shut up and get over here and give me a hand.” Sandra barked at her friend.


“It's the tide, it's too strong for me, you will have to get one of the oars and give me a hand!”

The desperation in Sandra's voice told Julia that this was no joke.
As she stood up to swap her seat, she saw the water to the left of her, a dark, almost black sheet seemed to be coming across the loch. She looked on in puzzlement as the dark water approached them.
Sandra looked to see what had caught her friend's attention; then she also saw the black water, but unlike her friend she knew what it meant.

“Just sit down!” Sandra called out.

It was too late though, the wind driven wave hit the boat, in an automatic reflex Julia grabbed at the right hand side of the boat to steady herself. Rather than steadying herself, it caused the boat to tip further and then capsize.
In the boathouse, John Harvey had been watching Mr. McCluskey's boat's odd journey on the loch, then upon seeing it capsize he jumped into the dingy, no time for sails he switched on the engine and made his way out to the centre of the loch. It took about five minutes at full throttle for him to reach the upturned lime green hull. His eyes scanned the water; then he saw them. Two heads and shoulders grasping tightly to the red life ring; the rope still attached to McCluskey's boat.

“What's going on?” He asked himself as he approached the two figures, as he got nearer he saw that neither of these two was Mr. McCluskey.

Pulling up alongside the two distressed girls he first hauled Sandra from the cold water. “A nice catch.” He said jokingly to the girl as he pulled her from the water, then seeing how her soaked dress clung to her body, the water making the material see through, her pale blue matching bra and knickers now on open show, he added. “A very nice catch!”

The girl flopped down onto the hard wooden seat trying hard to catch her breath. Then John hauled out the other girl, her clothing and heavy boots making it that much harder of an operation. As she was halfway into the boat, her chubby bottom cheeks upturned under him, he felt an almost unstoppable urge to give those cheeks a helping slap. Once he had both girls safely in the boat; he fished out the life ring and tied it to the side of the dingy so he could tow the still upturned boat back with him. He watched as the two oars floated off northwards, carried along by the ebb tide towards the waiting sea. He looked at the two shivering girls, both sitting their teeth chattering with the cold.

“So what were two young ladies doing messing about in boats on the tidal change?”

“We... we.. were going to that snobby school for a ... bit of a look about.” Sandra struggled out shivering hard with the cold.

“Well you are in luck, I'm Mr. Harvey the deputy head of that “snobby school”, so that's where we are heading for now.” John replied tersely. “I'm surprised at Mr. McCluskey lending you his boat for you to go trespassing, I'll have to have a word with him about that.”

“Mr. who?” Julia asked.

“The owner of the boat, Mr. McCluskey from the shop in the village, I take it he knows that you have his boat?” John asked, but he needed no answer, he had enough experience with guilty teenage girls to recognise the guilt on their faces. “Never mind, we can sort things out after we get you two of those wet clothes and warmed through.”

Sandra looked horrified at his words; Julia only nodded and smiled and said. “Thank you sir.”

Once back on shore, John quickly led the girls to the changing rooms by the sports hall.

“You're in luck, although I'm the only one here I have been checking that all the heating works before term starts next week.” John explained to the frozen girls.”You see even snobby schools allow the caretaker a holiday.” He added sarcastically.

Both girls were now rather sheepish, and both realised that they were in trouble, though not really sure how much.

“Right get yourselves in there, have a hot shower and I'll see what clothes I can find for you. You can dry your wet stuff on the radiators; there are towels on the rack by the shower cubicles. I'll just throw some clothes in the doorway and will see you both out here when you are both decent.”

The girls quickly stripped and got under the welcoming hot stream of water. Julia's earlier joke now seemed so hollow as the water warmed their naked bodies. Once warmed through and dried, they both arranged their wet clothes on the radiators, and went to find the clothes that John said he would throw in the door.
Gymslips, and sandals, that was it.
Two pairs of sandals, and two gymslips, no underwear no blouses. The two girls looked at each other in disbelief.

“Well I suppose it is decent,” Julia said trying to make light of it all. “after all it does cover everything. You wondered about posh schools, well now here is the uniform.”

The two of them got quickly dressed, then went out to see what their fate would be.

“OK girls, follow me.” John Harvey said as he marched the two girls down to his office, talking on the way down there. “I have to admit I'm not best pleased about your planned invasion of the school. I will, however, take it at face value that you only meant to have a look around and that vandalism or theft were not on your minds. So no action by me needs to be taken, the boat, on the other hand, is a different matter. That is straightforward theft, and as such I am duty bound to inform the police, and leave it in their hands as to what to do with the two of you.”

“The police!” Julia said in shock. “We only meant to borrow it.”

“Borrowing without owners consent is theft my girl.” John said stating the all too obvious.

“Surely the police don't have to be involved, could you not sort it out with the shop guy?” Julia pleaded.

“No, I don't think so; behaviour like this needs addressing,” John said now completely in teacher mode. “and cannot go unpunished.”

“Well couldn't you just punish us like you would the girls in here?” Julia asked now in pure desperation.

“What do you mean?” Asked John.

“Er... yeah, what do you mean?” Added Sandra.

“Well you know, the cane that's what happens in places like this isn't it?”

“No, it is not,” John was about to say that this school had done away with corporal punishment four years ago, a liberal move that he had not been keen about, then stopped himself and said. “This is Scotland, we don't use the cane we use the strap up here.”

“Er.... well straps, canes, birches or cat-of-nine tails, I'm not bothered what you use here. No one is whacking my arse with anything!” Sandra said indignantly.

“OK, no problem Sands, we'll both just get arrested.” Julia said as they reached the deputy heads office. “That will look great on your application form for nursing college won't it? When you get to the part about police record?”

“Girls, girls, girls. It is all academic anyway, if Mr. McCluskey wants to involve the police it will be out of my hands.” John Harvey reminded the girls, in a manner that left the girls clear that he was OK on Julia's idea.

“Well Sands, if he can swing it?” Julia asked her friend imploringly.

“I'm not sure.” Sandra said, her bottom lip now trembling as she thought about the options.

“Ah, come on man, a sore arse for a couple of hours, or a police record for the rest of your life?” Julia said feeling that she had almost swayed her friend.

“OK..... OK, you win!” Sandra finally agreed.

“Wait here girls,” John said, trying to hide his enthusiasm. “I'll ring him and see if I can sort something out.”

The two girls stood outside his office, their backs to the wall contemplating their fate.
Julia was quite taken by their severe saviour; she wished that when she had been at school that they had a teacher like him. Someone so confident and in control.
Sandra thought to herself, what a pompous lech, the way he had looked at her when he had first fished her out of the water, and now he was going to whack her arse!

After what seemed like an age the office door opened. “Please come in ladies.” John said as he invited the two girls into his office.

Both girls noticed the long leather tawse on the top of his desk. Both girls gulped. For all that corporal punishment had been done away with by the school, John had kept the old instruments of correction, as a kind of reminder of, to his mind, happier days.

“Mr. McCluskey was, to say the least, not best pleased as I explained the situation to him.” John said as he sat back behind his desk, leaving the two girls standing in front of him. “As you both know he now has a boat with no oars, so as recompense you will both work unpaid at his shop for the remainder of your time here.”

There was no dissent from either girl at this news.

“Also we both believe that a punishment is indeed required here and now. A short sharp shock to teach you that such behaviour is not acceptable.”

Still no dissent.

“For your intended trespass,” John said, going back on his previous word. “you will both receive a sound spanking.”

“Yes sir!” Julia interjected before Sandra could complain.

“For the more serious matter of the theft of the boat, you shall both receive four strokes of the tawse on your bottoms.” John said, watching closely for their reactions. Julia nodded, and Sandra looked upon the verge of tears. “By the way I don't even know your names.”

“Julia, Mr Harvey.” Julia said, just wanting it all over with.

“Sandra, sir.” Sandra said, dreading it even beginning.

John Harvey stood up, picking up his chair he brought it to the front of his desk, as both girls backed off from him.

“Julia first I think,” John said as he sat back onto the chair. “over my lap please.”

All her bravado now gone; Julie slowly edged her way to his side then draped herself over his lap.
John ran his hand down her back, then felt her jolt slightly as it ran over the swell of her bottom. His hand continued it's journey down the back of her thighs till it reached the hem of her gymslip. Grabbing the hem of her garment he started pulling it back and up her legs.

“Whoah!” Julia cried out, her hand rushing back to stop him.”What are you doing, I've got no knickers on!”

“And whose fault is that my girl?” John said sternly. “Even if you had any on they would be coming down anyway, these are going to be traditional bare bottomed punishments.”

Quickly weighing up her options, she moved her hand and said. “Yes sir.”

Sandra watched on in a mixture of horror and fascination as her friend's bottom was bared. She knew only too well that, in only a matter of minutes, it would be her in the same situation. For all of that though, she could not take her eyes off her friends upcoming chastisement.
John waited for Julia to settle back down, his hand resting upon her soft fleshy cheeks, then he started. His hand came down quickly, taking Julia by surprise causing her to shout out in protest. His ears were deaf to her calls; he attacked her bottom cheeks with a great deal of gusto, his fingers alternating from cheek to cheek. In a matter of seconds, the paleness of her bottom was being replaced by a hot pinkness.
Sandra looked on, now open mouthed as she watched her friends legs kick up as she tried to stamp out the pain from her bottom. Her kicking legs giving a lewd display of genitalia and pubic hair. Sandra had seen Julia naked many times before, but never from such an angle, and never in the company of a male.
After no more than two minutes or so, Julia was in tears, and John's tempo was slowing down. Sandra's knees now felt like jelly, as she knew Julia's turn was nearing an end, and hers would be just about to begin.
John Harvey helped the weeping Julia back on to her feet.

“Hands on top of your head my girl!” He ordered, and Julia rushed to obey not wanting any further slaps to her bottom.

As she stood in front of him, swaying from side to side, she made no effort to complain as he tucked the hem of her gymslip in to the belt around her waist, leaving her now bare from her hips down over, from both the front and to her rear.

“Sandra, I believe it is your turn now.”

In a dreamlike state, Sandra as Julia before her, draped herself across John's lap and waited for her bottom to be bared and reddened. Now it was Julia's turn to see her friend's punishment, and to witness the display of flaying legs and rapidly blushing cheeks. John treated Sandra to the same blistering salvo of spanks that Julia had received, but to his surprise the slighter girl proved to be a tougher nut to crack. Crack though she did after about five minutes, her bottom now looking like a mosaic of pinks, reds, and purples. Like Julia, he helped her to her feet and tucked her hem in to the belt leaving her also completely bare down below.

“Right young lady, go and stand by your friend.” John said, as he sat himself down on his desk and picked up a wicked looking tawse.

He surveyed the two contrite girls in front of him, his eyes coming to rest in turn on each triangle of pubic hair. Julia's was much thicker and darker, a mass of black wire wool. Sandra's, much lighter, and sparser, he could see the clear delineation of her labia through the light covering of downy hair.

“Well girls, that's the first part over with,” He said almost conversationally. “we can get the tawsing over with, then once the two of you have composed yourselves, we can have a nice cup of tea while your clothes dry, then I'll drive you both back to the village.”

Both girls nodded, lost in the surrealism of the situation, it would seem that anything John suggested would now be met with a nod.
John turned the chair around, changing the angle, so it now faced the girls.

“Julia, you first please,” John said softly. “if could be so kind as to kneel up onto the seat and bend over as far as you can and grip the legs at the back.”

Julia obeyed, as she bent across the top of the seat her bottom was raised high her open sex clearly on view to anyone behind her.

“Brace yourself girl, I'll make this as quick as possible for you!” John said, and good to his word he did.

Each blistering stroke was met with a howl of pain, to Sandra's ears the whole room seemed for about thirty seconds to be filled with her friends screams. Then it was over, and all you could hear was Julia's soft sobbing interspersed with vows of being a good girl from now on.
Ever the gentleman, John helped Julia to her feet after giving her a gentle, encouraging pat to her bottom, his fingers accidentally catching the lips of her sex. He then looked at Sandra, before he could even say anything, she made her way to the chair and got into position.
This time though she didn't make any attempt to hide her pain, like her friend each stroke was met with a reaction of distress. Then she too received the wandering pat of encouragement from John as she was helped back to her feet. Both girls were given a hankie to wipe away their tears, then taken to the staffroom for tea.

Their clothes were still damp, so John took them for a tour of the school, a look around the “posh school” that had brought them here in the first place.
Of course when they set out on their trip this morning, they were not expecting a guided tour by the deputy head. Less still they didn't expect to be walking around the school in gymslips, gymslips with the hems tucked tightly up around their waists. Their throbbing sore bottoms a constant reminder of their nakedness, not that they needed any reminder.
Once their clothes were dry, they went to get changed, John followed them into the changing rooms. They could hardly complain, as they had spent the last hour and a half walking about with him, both with their fanny's and bare red bottoms on open display. So it hardly seemed that much of a big deal that now he would see the swell of their bare breasts' or for that matter see what colour underwear they would be wearing.
As they changed, he told them what time they should be at McCluskey's shop, and warned them to be on their best behaviour as he was not best pleased with them.

On the short drive back to the village, Julia wondered what Mr. Harvey had meant about being on their best behaviour?

Whilst Sandra wondered how she was going to explain the lost picnic basket to her auntie Moira?

Part2 - McCluskey's Shop

As John Harvey explained the afternoon's preceding events to Moira Mason, she looked at the two shame-faced girls. As she saw their faces redden she decided not to ask Mr.Harvey of the details of the girls punishments, to try and save them both from further embarrassment.

"Mrs. Mason, Mr. McCluskey, agreed with me, at the girls behest I hasten to add, that a good bottom tanning would be a more fitting punishment than calling in the police to sort it all out. Also, the girls will be helping out at Mr. McCluskey's shop over the next few days as recompense for his lost oars," John Harvey said summing up the situation.

"Well thank you for fetching the girls back safe and sound," Moira said trying to hide her disgust at the man. "and I'll make sure the girls have an early night tonight, and be ready bright and early for the shop opening,"

As Moira was still speaking, she was trying to shepherd John Harvey towards her front door. John Harvey realised that for all of Moira Mason's apparent politeness he was persona non grata in her house.

"That's the main thing of course, both the girls are OK after their unplanned dip in the loch, so I will bid you all good evening," John Harvey said, forcing an unsure smile to Moira Mason as he left the house.

Moira Mason closed and locked the door behind him. She closed her eyes, her head shaking she let out a loud sigh, before turning to face the girls.

"Auntie Moira, I'm so sorry!" Sandra said almost on the verge of tears,"We weren't trying to steal a boat; we only wanted to borrow it for an hour or so... then the tide went all funny... the wind came up just as Jules was moving to help me row...then it tipped....and your basket it......"

Then Sandra broke into floods of tears. Julia put her arm around her friend trying to console her, but then she also burst out crying as she recalled the day's events.

"Will you two stop your greeting!" Moira Mason shouted out, "First of all it would be obvious to any fool that you weren't trying to steal a boat, and as for the picnic basket that's neither here nor there."

The shock of Moira's raised voice caused both girls to calm down, the two of them sniffing back tears as they looked at their host.

"I don't suppose it crossed MR. Hoity Toity's mind, to give you anything to eat in all that time he had you trapped up at that school?"

"He did give us some tea, and under the circumstances was quite pleasant with us," Julia said quickly jumping to Mr. Harvey's defence.

"Yes I'm sure he had a very pleasant time as well, with his surprise catch in the loch." Moira replied tersely, then seeing both girls blushing deeply she added, "Let's not mention that anymore eh? I'll get on and make you both some supper, while you sort out some suitable clothes for working in the shop tomorrow, because I know for a fact that Mrs. McCluskey won't let you work dressed like that."

Sandra smiled and nodded, as she recalled the old battle axe in the shop from her previous visits.

"Thanks auntie Moira." Sandra said. "You know we are both really......"

"Sorry! yes I know, now get along the two of you," Moira said laughing.

The girls went to their room and pulled out all the clothes from their cases. After about a quarter of an hour, they had decided on what to wear, as luck would have it they both had matching green Fred Perry v-neck jumpers. Both girls also had a pair of black trousers, so with the jumpers, trousers and a plain white t-shirt under the jumpers; the girls seemed to be wearing an ad hoc uniform of sorts as they looked into the full length mirror on the back of the wardrobe door.

"So do you know this McCluskey guy then?" Julia asked her friend.

"No. I can't recall a Mr. McCluskey, every time I was ever in the shop it was always Mrs. McCluskey behind the counter and a right grumpy cow she is!"

Julia rolled her eyes skywards; this was not turning out to be the relaxing little holiday that she had hoped for. Both girls then got changed for bed before going back down for their suppers as tomorrow promised to be an early start, to a very long day.

The next morning Sandra and Julia stood outside of the village general dealers; both were yawning as neither of the girls were used to having to rise at six in the morning. They both sighed in unison as the shop lights switched on, as they knew that now would be the moment that they would meet the man who's boat they had either borrowed, or stolen depending upon your viewpoint.
As the door, opened, Sandra's jaw dropped in disbelief.

"Hello Sandra." said the grinning dark haired young man, "My how you have grown!"

"Hello Bimbo." Sandra replied, and Julia noticed her friends face flushing.

"Aren't you going to introduce us Sand?" Julia asked, amused at her friend's obvious discomfort.

"Er....yeah sure...this is Bimbo...I mean Alex....he's the shopkeeper's son..."

"Tut-tut you are behind the times." Alex said shaking his head as he continued grinning, "I'm a shop owner now, my mother passed the business on to me. She's still here every day though keeping her hand in, so having you two helping out means that she can have a couple of days off, so it's worked out handy you losing my oars for me."

Julia was enjoying Sandra's embarrassment; she could see her friend's face getting redder and redder as Alex spoke of the previous days events.

"So there they are here then?" a female voice boomed out from the back of the shop.

"Yes Ma, the girls are here bright an early just like Mr. Harvey said they would be!" Alex shook his head and rolled his eyes as he smiled at Sandra and Julia.

"Well make sure you get a good days graft out of them," the voice shouted back, "and if they give you any lip skelp their arses!"

Julia was not at all sure what "skelp their arses" meant but she could wager a good guess at it's meaning!

"I'm sure that won't be necessary Ma, now you just get yourself off to Auntie Mae's and have a nice couple of days rest!"

"OK laddie I'm going now make sure they keep their thieving little hands away from the till." with that parting shot, the three of them heard a door closing somewhere towards the back of the shop.

"Sorry about that Sandra. Ma just seems to be getting more and more niggly as she gets older." Alex said genuinely.

"Oh, forget about it, we probably deserve it after yesterday, you do know we only meant to borrow the boat don't you?" Sandra's voice was now an almost pleading tone which was not lost on Julia.

Once the girls got into the shop Alex showed them around and asked them to put out the daily papers, pointing out that each paper had a labelled up position on the shelves, and he then went off to the back kitchen to make them all a coffee.

"So what is all this Bimbo stuff then?" Julia asked in a loud whisper.

"It's just what he used to get know a nickname," Sandra replied trying to make light of it.

"Why Bimbo? It's not like it's short for Alex or McCluskey?"

"It's from Circus Boy." Sandra said sharply, but she could tell by the look on Julia's face that she wasn't going to get away with that meagre explanation, "You do you remember Circus Boy?"

"Vaguely....." Julia replied.

"Well the elephant was called Bimbo...."

"Yeah,....and....?" Julia coaxed still not happy with Sandra's explanation.

"Apparently.....and I don't know this for sure....Alex has a very big cock," now Sandra's face was burning as she tried to pick out the right words, "and when he was at school he used to do an elephant impression...."

"Oh, and how did he do that?" Julia had more or less guessed, but was enjoying her friend's continued embarrassment too much to let it go.

"He used to pull out his pockets for the elephant's ears.....and you know....."

"So elephant had a big trunk then.....I bet he couldn't pick up bread buns with it though...." now Julia was in fits of laughter.

"For fucks sake I don't was just what the others told me.....I never saw it myself he was like about four years older than me, I don't think he even noticed I was around." Julia could hear the temper and bitterness in Sandra's voice, all the tell tale signs of unrequited love, so Julia decided to lay off her a bit, at least for now anyway.

The day progressed quite well for Sandra and Julia, they both found themselves quite enjoying themselves working in the shop. Alex told all the customers that the girls were just helping out so that his mother could have a break. Alex had made it clear to both girls that only he, his mother, Mr. Harvey and Sandra's aunt Moira would ever know of the true reason for the girls being there.
Julia also noticed that Sandra may have been right about Alex not taking much notice of her when she was younger, but he certainly was taking notice of her now. Julia saw Alex having quite a few long lingering looks at Sandra; also she could see that he was very much a "bottom man", his eyes always focusing on Sandra's denim encased behind at every given chance.

Julia also knew that Sandra was to shy to flirt, so she flirted by proxy for her. Julia spent most of the morning whistling the tune of Nellie The Elephant, and dropping blockbuster size hints about how Sandra would love to go to see Blazing Saddles that was showing in Fort William.

Then about three o'clock in the afternoon disaster struck, well not so much a disaster but a minor drama, the village was hit by a power cut.

"Well that's great!" Alex sighed, "I was hoping to sort out the stockroom while you two watched the store, that's that idea out the window now."

"The electric shouldn't be off for to long." Sandra said trying to cheer Alex up.

"Long enough, I've got a big delivery to take up to Mr. Harvey at the school as soon as we close,"

"I could do the delivery!" Julia said her voice giving away her keenness to return to the school and to Mr. Harvey.

"Can you drive?" Alex asked.

"Better than I can row a boat." Julia said, giving Alex a cheeky wink.

Alex took a few seconds thinking over Julia's offer; then he explained that Mr. Harvey was expecting a delivery at around six o'clock.

"That's no problem you can call it overtime." Julia said.

Alex nodded, then asked Sandra if she would like to help him out in the stockroom, if the electric was back on when Julia was delivering the order.

"Yeah, no problem it's the least we can do." Sandra said her eyes shining at the thought of being alone with "Bimbo".

"What about your auntie, she will be expecting you both back when the shop closes?"

"It's no problem." Sandra quickly said, "Auntie Moira is working late tonight then going out for an hour or two so she won't be home till about half nine or ten o'clock."

"OK, girls you have a deal," Alex said then added, "as a matter of fact to show you my appreciation of your work today, I'll take you both down to the Sheriff's for chicken in a basket!"

The rest of that afternoon,both girls,were preoccupied with their thoughts. Sandra at finally getting to be alone with her childhood crush, Julia the thought of meeting the enigmatic Mr. Harvey again.

Sure enough the electric did come back on at about four o'clock, Alex loaded up his little delivery van for Julia to take to the school at six o'clock, then he also seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, for all three of them six o'clock could not come quick enough.
Once six o'clock did come around Alex quickly locked the front door of the shop and with obscene haste he then dispatched Julia upon her way up to the school.

Sandra received quite a shock as she followed him down into the "stockroom" Rather than a pokey cupboard type of room that she was half expecting; he led her into a cavernous cellar. The cellar was packed full of all kinds of goods, boxes of fireworks, Christmas decorations, toys and of course boxes upon boxes of tinned consumables.

"God where do we begin here!" Sandra asked shocked by the amount of stock that needed to be counted and sorted.

"With the tinned stuff I suppose." Alex replied with a half hearted shrug of his shoulders.

As the two of them worked their way through writing down the amounts of the various canned goods, Alex suddenly spoke.

"So do you think that all this is fair?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well what happened yesterday to you two and then having to work here for no pay?"

"Yeah, I suppose so....we did sort of deserve it..." as Sandra replied she felt her tummy doing somersaults as she recalled the time they had spent with Mr. Harvey at the school.

"So you think that a spanking is a fair punishment for stealing?"

"Well we weren't stealing we were borrowing......but yeah I suppose in some circumstances...if it's just something minor....." her voice trailed off as she wondered where this could be leading, unlike yesterday though she found the conversation mildly exciting.

"'s just that I know for a fact that this isn't the first stocktaking that you have done in this shop." Alex said with a smug grin on his face.


"A few months ago I was talking to Isla Taylor, she was telling me about when she fourteen or so the game her and all of her mates used to play." Alex watched closely for a reaction on Sandra's face, but she only looked confused so he added, "It was a game of dares, to see who could nick the most sweets from the shop when my Ma's back was turned!"

This had the effect that he was looking for; Sandra's eyes widened and her face reddened as she now knew what he was referring to.

"Yeah, Isla told me who used to play the game with her, mostly girls from the village, but also that English girl who used to come up and stay with her aunt in the school holidays."

Sandra swallowed hard, wondering if Alex meant to spank her now for something that had happened more than four years ago, the odd thing was she half wished that he would, this all felt worlds apart from yesterday's pain and humiliation.

"So as you seem to think that spanking is a just and fair punishment for pilfering Maybe I should follow me Ma's advice and give your arse a good skelping, do you no agree?"

The thought of going over Alex's knee, his hand punishing, then perhaps later caressing her bottom was too much for Sandra she couldn't put those thoughts into words, so she just nodded.
Alex then pulled out a chair from somewhere in the chaos of the rear part of the storeroom, placing in the centre of the clear floorspace he then sat down.

"Mind you those thick trousers will have to go, after all we want you to feel this don't we?" again in silence Sandra nodded as she kicked off her shoes.

As she struggled with the four tiny buttons on her high waistband trousers, she thought to herself that she was going to be getting a second spanking this week at the age of nineteen, thus doubling the amount that she had received since becoming a teenager!
As she lowered her trousers, she could feel Alex's eyes burning into her.

"Be best if you take them off altogether!" Alex suggested, kicking of her slip on shoes Sandra complied.

So there she was barefoot and trouserless, the cold stone floor acting as a reminder of her state of undress.

"You really have grown haven't you? Proper womanly hips and everything."

Sandra wondered whether to thank Alex for the compliment; she was just about to speak when Alex rose up from his chair and stepped towards her.

"I can't help but wonder how else you have grown." he said as his hands went to the bottom of her jumper.

As Alex lifted the hems of both her jumper and the t-shirt below, Sandra automatically lifted her arms to aid him removing them. Now Sandra did feel rather foolish, standing there in only her underwear whilst Alex was still fully clothed.
Her feeling of embarrassment was compounded by the fact that she wasn't wearing matching underwear. She was wearing; black knickers and a white bra, though Alex seemed to care, not a jott, as he drank in every curve and swell of her body.

"So did Mr. Harvey spank you over your knickers?"

Sandra shook her head.

"No, he couldn't.....we weren't wearing any....we had to strip off all of our wet clothes...." last night when Sandra thought about that in bed it had caused a tear to run down her cheek. Now though the memory and saying it back to Alex filled her with an odd exhilaration.

"A well if it's good enough for up at the posh school," Alex said his fingers going to the waist band of Sandra's knickers, "it's good enough for down in the village."

Sandra didn't call out or complain as he knelt in front of her and tugged down the thin cotton material of her knickers, in fact, when they reached her ankles she stepped out of them. Alex then caught her off guard as he moved his face forward and gave her light covering of pubic hair a gentle little kiss and whispered.

"See you again later little kitten."

Then taking Sandra gently by the hand he led her over to the chair. In a movement of deft swiftness, he sat down and hauled her over his lap. No sooner had she got across his knees than the first slaps started raining down upon her.

"Do you know I can still see the marks that Mr. Harvey gave you," Alex said almost conversationally as Sandra squirmed around trying to avoid his blows, "he must have given you a really good leathering?"

"Aaah... ow....four strokes....aah....with a leather belt thingie...ow...ow..." Sandra tried to answer between his hail of slaps, "ow...ow..but he did it really hard....aah,"

Alex, unbeknown to Sandra was almost laughing as he continued with her play punishment. He had no intention of really hurting her, all he wanted to do was pink up her skin a bit, give her arse a little warming glow and warm it he did.
For all of her protestations, Sandra was enjoying it also. It was so, unlike yesterday; as this was more of a game, albeit a highly sexually charged game!
She knew that "the game" and all of her squirming was having an effect up on Alex; she could feel that effect digging into her naked belly!

Once Sandra's bottom had reached a warm pinkie hue Alex ceased the spanking and instead gave Sandra at least some of the caresses that she had been hoping for. His hand skimmed gently over her warm bottom cheeks; then his fingers trailed lightly down the cleft of her bottom causing her to gasp out loud.

"Can't we go somewhere a bit more comfortable Bimbo?" hearing that question Alex helped Sandra up to her feet, he then led her still naked apart from her white bra back up the stairs and through the now darkened shop to his bedroom at the rear of the building.

As he stripped of his clothes Sandra thought that he looked like some caricature of a sexually excited male, his unfeasibly large rolling pin like cock pointing towards the ceiling as he pulled on a condom and then laid back upon the bed. Carefully Sandra got astride of him and slowly impaled herself on his legendary trunk, staring down into his deep blue eyes as she rode him towards orgasm. The sex was short lived, not that it mattered as they were both so fired up that Sandra's orgasm was soon met with Alex's!

Meanwhile up at the school........

Part3 - Back To The School

As Julia nervously drove along the winding loch side road towards the school, she wished that she had driven more often. In fact since passing her driving test three months ago this was only about the fourth or fifth time that she had been behind the wheel of any vehicle. The fact that the little Bedford van had no interior mirror, or at least it had one that was next to useless due to all the boxes in the back obscuring it's usage, so she had to use the wing mirrors only, and that did nothing to help her confidence. She wondered to herself what fate would befall her if she crashed Alex's van bearing in mind all the fuss that had been made just over a couple of lost oars?

Also as she neared the school her emotions were in flux, her initial excitement at seeing Mr. Harvey again was now replaced by a feeling of dark dread.
For the life of her, she just could not work out what her fascination was with the man, after all he was far from being handsome or sexy. Julia also wondered about his age; he had to old enough to be her father, and she had never ever been one of those girls that fell for the older guys, but she could not escape the fact that she did indeed have some sort of strange attraction towards him. The words of a song sprang to her mind - Where do you go to my lovely, when you are alone in your bed? - she had no intention of sharing the thoughts that she had had last night.
After all some things were just meant to be kept to one's self.

Pulling into the long driveway Julia's heart started racing as she saw the front of the school again, then as per Alex's directions she drove around to the side of the building to the kitchen doorway.
Just as she pulled up the van the kitchen door opened and John Harvey stepped out to meet her.

"Hello Julia! I must say this is a pleasant surprise, I was expecting Mr. McCluskey." John Harvey's face showed the sincerity of his greeting.

Julia mumbled an explanation of the day's events as she got out of the van and went to open the two back doors so they could unload her cargo.
It only took about five minutes for the two of them to transfer all the boxes from the van to the kitchen. Once, all the boxes were in the kitchen there then fell an awkward silence.

"OK, Mr. Harvey, I'll just get along now then." Julia said breaking the heavy silence.

"Ah,would you not like a cup of tea before you go?"

"Oh yes please," Julia quickly replied as if she had just been offered the world, "that would be lovely Sir!"

As John Harvey boiled the kettle and prepared the teapot, Julia took her chance to ask him a question that had been bugging her for the whole length of her drive up to the school.

"Why use a little general dealers for so much shopping, wouldn't one of the supermarkets or wholesalers in town me a lot cheaper?"

John Harvey smiled to her as he poured the now hot water into the teapot.

"Mr. McCluskey must have been giving you a hard time today, for you to wish that I would deprive him of his livelihood?"

"No! I didn't mean it like that....I just meant that....." then Julia saw the twinkle in Mr. Harvey's eyes and realised that he was joking with her.

John Harvey then went on to explain how the school wherever and whenever possible always used local businesses. Doing so was the school's way of making sure that they were looked upon as an intrinsic part of the community and not just a group of foreign rich interlopers.
John Harvey then went on to tell Julia, in rather animated fashion, of the school's ethos and traditions.
Julia hung on his every word, wishing so much that her teachers when she was at school had had even just half of his enthusiasm and passion about teaching.
Eventually though John Harvey turned the conversation round to Julia, asking her if she was working at the moment.

"I'm sort of between jobs at the moment, after today in the shop I think my best options could be in a retail environment, I just can't make up my mind which of the two options I should take as a career path."

"Oh really, what are the options open to you?" Mr. Harvey asked.

"I just can't decide between Pick or Mix!" Julia's hollow, bitter laughter at her own joke gave away to Mr. Harvey that she was not happy with her current prospects.

"OK! So in an ideal world what would you like to do?"

"No, you will laugh," Julia said her face flushing in embarrassment, but Mr. Harvey shook his head and waved his hand for her to continue, " I would love to be a History teacher......there I told you it was silly!"

John Harvey didn't laugh; he did smile though and asked why she wasn't doing something about being a teacher if that was what she wanted to do.
He listened intently as she described the problems that she had had with her O levels. She told him how to her History was a passion, a passion that she would love to share with others. She wanted to teach it in an interesting way, not just dates and facts, but the stories behind those facts. The problem was with Julia was that her passion for History did not transfer to other subjects, all her other subjects she found at best boring.

"You only need one A level to get onto some teacher training courses, though obviously two or three would be better." Mr. Harvey informed Julia.

"Yeah and that is one more than I have," Julia replied sharply.

"College night classes, the door is still open to you, it would be hard juggling A levels with a job but......." Mr. Harvey's voice trailed off' as he saw Julia sadly shaking her head looking almost close to tears.

"I know what would happen," Julia said trying to keep her voice steady, "for the first couple of weeks I would be fine, then I would start fannying about and frigging time wasting....sorry I didn't mean to swear Sir!"

Mr. Harvey seemed deep in thought for a couple of minutes, to Julia this silence seemed deafening as she worried that her bad language had indeed offended him.
Then Mr. Harvey broke the silence; he broke the silence with a strange proposition that caught Julia totally off guard.

Julia sat open mouthed as Mr. John Harvey mapped out the next five years of her life. He told her of a job vacancy at the school; it was nothing great just a general dogsbody helping out in the kitchens etc. and as he put it " the pay isn't very good but you do get free board and lodgings". It wasn't the job offer though that had stunned Julia; it was that Mr. Harvey wanted Julia to attend A level night classes in Fort William.

"Of course it will be hard for you fitting in two years of work into one year whilst juggling a full time job," Mr. Harvey told her stating the fairly obvious, "but with extra tuition from me with the English language and Literature A levels I'm sure you will manage to gain your goal of three A levels!"

Julia just nodded in dazed agreement.

"Then you will have four years at Teacher Training College, for which you will receive a government grant plus whatever money you have managed to save while working here."

Again Julia nodded silently.

Then pushing his chair back from the table, the chair legs scraped loudly on the stone tiled floor; John Harvey added.

"Of course you know that there is no place in the classroom for the foul language that you came out with earlier, or for that matter in this school?"

Julia nodded and rose up from her seat, without any word from Mr. Harvey her fingers went straight to the two rows of four buttons on her high waistband trousers.
As she lowered her trousers to her knees, she also caught her knickers with her thumbs so that she bared herself in one deft movement. As she walked towards Mr. Harvey, she felt her clothing slipping further down over the tops of her calves till they came to rest around her ankles.
She could see that Mr. Harvey's eyes were focussed upon her thick dark triangular covering of pubic hair, she was tempted to cover herself but it was not like it was the first time that he had seen her in such a manner, so such sudden modesty would seem by him as affected coyness on her part.
Once she reached his side she folded herself over his lap, part of her had expected, or perhaps hoped, that she would be in this situation again today. Those thoughts had been with her since she had driven through the school gates.

She then felt a sharp slap upon her left buttock, the sound of the slap echoed of the stone flooring and the tiled walls, then seconds later the sound of another slap filled the room.
Today, Mr. Harvey was taking his time as he methodically covered all of Julia's ample bottom, and the tops of her thighs with a slow firm spanking.
Julia somehow knew within her that Mr. Harvey intended to spank her to tears as he had yesterday. Today though she was going to show him some mettle and not just collapse like a house of cards, even if that meant prolonging her pain.
Once that Mr. Harvey was satisfied that he had covered all off her bottom in a base coat, he upped the speed of her chastisement; his hand was rising and falling at a rate that was causing Julia problems in catching her breath between strikes.
The sound of his hand meeting her bared behind clashed with the echo, causing the room to fill with a crackling noise, not unlike that of loud radio interference. This crackling was being increasingly punctuated by the loud gasps and squeaks coming from Julia!

Then it happened; the house of cards finally fell, and Julia was indeed in tears!
Mr. Harvey then helped the now thoroughly chastised Julia back to her feet.

Driving back down to the village Julia's mind was in a whirl, it darted from one thing to another.

How to tell her mother that she was going to work as skivvy for a load of posh kids,"but it's OK as in five years time I will be a teacher, oh yes and I will be living in Scotland for at least a year!"

How to tell her best friend Sandra that she would leaving home to work away and that she would be working for of all people Mr. Harvey.

The one thing that kept coming to the fore of her mind though was what had happened after her spanking.
As she stood there in tears, rubbing at her punished bottom trying desperately to massage the pain away. Mr. Harvey put his hands between her knees, patting at them so that she opened her legs as far as the pooled clothing around her ankles would allow.
Then Mr. Harvey stood up and pulled Julia to him, her head rested upon his chest. She wondered if he could feel the wetness of her tears through his thin cotton shirt?
Then with his left hand running through her hair and patting her head to comfort her, she felt the fingers of his right hand between her legs.

"No....please Sir....I've never....I'm still...." Julia struggled out.

"Shhh, it's all right, just a little reward for taking your discipline with such fortitude." Mr. Harvey whispered into her ear.

Julia felt his fingers shallowly enter her feminine fleshy folds. His thumb then ran down the crease of her sex lightly rubbing at her now hard little pearl.
This was so unlike the frantic pawing and fumbling that she had experienced with her past boyfriends, Mr. Harvey's touch had purpose, had a goal in mind.
All the time that he was massaging her most secret of places he was whispering in her ear. For the life of her, she could not now recall his words but she did recall the effect that they had had on her.

Those words had relaxed her, whilst paradoxically her body was going into tension as she felt wave after wave of contractions, each wave bringing her closer to orgasm.
Then it happened, as the final rush came she bit down onto Mr. Harvey's pectoral muscle; her whole body seemed to shake from her toes up as she experienced her first orgasm that was not self induced.

As she pulled the van up outside McCluskey's shop, she wondered if that was how all of Mr. Harvey's personal mentoring sessions would be?

She smiled, hoping that it would be so.


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