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Taking The Workplace Discipline - 1933

Michael "Mick" Delaney read the sheet of paper for the second time, a small, almost imperceptible smile was forming on his face. Not that Mick thought of himself as a cruel man, if anything, he saw himself as being a philanthropist, his methods were after all for the benefit of his staff.
He was though, first and foremost, still a man. A man,  who like many other men has an eye for the ladies. In fact, he would openly admit to having  the odd lascivious thoughts. Thoughts, though, that he would never act upon, as after all he was a married family man with two daughters. He did, however, still like to indulge his "roving eye" whenever possible. His latest set of newly implemented company rules, would no doubt help to facilitate that little indulgence.

The great depression had hit virtually every family, and business in Chicago. For some though the impact had surprisingly positive results, and Mick Delaney was one of those select few.
The Delaney Secretarial Agency, had in fact grown through the bad times. Whilst most businesses were contracting, Mick found that his company was actually expanding, with his client base ever growing.
The fact of the matter was, that with the economy still in a very poor condition, firms were reluctant to take on anymore full time staff, the work, however much it was, still needed to be done. That was where Mick Delaney came in; his agency would provide experienced clerical staff on a day by day basis, saving his clients from having to recruit full time staff when things were still very much in a state of financial flux.

As his company grew, he started to realise, that for many of his staff the wage that he provided, was the only money going into their household. It had troubled him somewhat, that if for any reason, his staff did not "come up to scratch" in his clients' eyes, he would be paid at lower than the agreed rate. This placed Mick in the position of having to pass that shortfall onto whichever member of his staff that the complaint related to.
He always felt guilty about docking the wages of any of his girls; all of his staff were female, and he liked to refer to them as "his girls", even though some were in their late forties.

This was how his philanthropic idea came about, rather than pass the economic shortfall down onto his girls, he would give them an option. That option was, instead of losing some of their wages, the girls could accept his discipline in lieu of a pay cut.
It was to offer as an option, the decision was left completely at the girls discretion. If they decided to take Company Discipline, the procedure would be explained in full by Mick's personal secretary Patricia Hanke.
In reality it was Patricia, who thought up the idea, which she then suggested to Mick. She pointed out, in an almost casual manner, that such a scheme could in fact raise the moral of his girls.

"You know, sometimes it isn't the girl's fault if they are late in reaching wherever we send them." She had said. "Maybe we should think up an alternative sanction to cutting wages, do you think it's fair that they lose money, due to the weather?"

"Yeah, but I still end up getting paid less, so I just pass it along the line. What else am I supposed to do?" Mick replied, intrigued at where this conversation could be leading.

"We could bring in the option of corporal punishment, if the employee would rather take a paddling than lose money...then that option could be left open to them. You know, I think it would...sort of...I dunno, kind of make the staff more loyal?" Patricia eventually stuttered out.

"So you are trying to tell me that, by whacking the girls butts, will make for a happier workforce?" Mick replied increduosly, hoping that Patricia had a convincing argument, as the idea did somewhat appeal to him.

"Of course it would, they would see that you are taking the financial hit, you know, absorbing it into the company so to speak." Patricia told him, her eyes now shining with an almost evengelical excitement "So what do you think?"

"I'm not sure how practical this would be...or for that matter how fair..."

"Well I've spent a little time thinking about all the practicalities, so I think I may know what you are refering to." Patricia said, her eyes still beaming. "I would be present for all the girls discipline, but as the company owner, it would be you who would be implementing the paddling. I would be there for both yours and the girls safety, so that no charges of any impropriety, could either be accused, or for that matter, happen."

Mick nodded at Patricia in agreement, and also as a sign for her to continue.

"The Chicago weather is also kind of a problem, the huge changes between winter and summer can cause it's own level unfairness. A young lady that would be wearing a thin summer dress in August, would most likely be wearing a thick tweed skirt in Junuary. So, to counteract this unfairness, I think that all punishments should be given across the ladies panties, you know, just for fairness?"

Now Mick could feel a distinct stirring in his trousers, Patricia truly had is undivided attention.

"I was thinking, that I could supervise the girls preparations. You know the sort of thing, have them strip down to their undies in my office, before your arrival. That would give me the chance to have a check that each punishment was going to be fair in relation to the other girls. A lot of ladies these days like to wear a pantiegirdle, whch of course could not be allowed because of its thickness. So I proprose to have a few pairs of panties in my office, as a suitable, and fair replacement...if of course you agree Sir?"

All this talk of underwear, and his girls stripping off in Patricia's office, had transformed his earlier stirrings to a fully fledged raging hard on. Thankfully, his loose fitting trousers hid this from Patricia's eyes, or at least so he hoped.

"You certainly seem to have really given this scheme a great deal of thought." Mick replied, though puzzled at why Patricia had just called him Sir; from the first day that she started working for him, some three years ago when she had come down to Illinois, they had always been on Christian name terms. It was that familarity that seperated her from all the rest of his employees, yet now she seemed to be relinquishing that closeness, or maybe it was just a slip of the tongue?

"I have Sir," Patricia said, her voice now hightening in pitch."I have given it a lot of thought...I also took the libery of mentioning the idea to a few of your girls, most of whom seemed to be in favor of it. Also, as this is a voluntary scheme, anyone wishing to opt out of taking the workplace discipline, they can do and you know just continue to have their wages altered, if that is what suits them best." 

"OK, what sort of percentage...roughly, would like to go along with this?"

"I would say at least eighty percent Sir?" Patricia replied, with a huge conspiratorial grin on her face.


Patricia's reply of eighty percent, had sealed the deal for Mick, the sexual frisson of such disciplinary measures would be worth it for him to absorb the small financial loss. Also, if Patricia was correct, and he had no need in the past to doubt her upon anything, he would be amazingly improving the moral of his "girls."
He had instructed Patricia, to change all the contracts of his staff, to include the optional Workplace Discipline program. Patricia had wasted no time in drafting and distributing the new contracts to all of the Delaney Agency employees.

So, now here he was, just three short weeks after their first conversation about introducing the paddle into the office environment, he was now reading his first list for his discipline.

1/ Morgan O'Keefe, five pops of the paddle; two for being fifteen minutes late in arriving at the clients office on her first day. Also, a further three pops, for messing up the said clients archaic filing system. Morgan had, in fact, been trying to make the filing system more logical, but Mick's client was not one for changing his ways, so a complaint had ensued.

Mick had often wondered just what the twenty year old Miss O'Keefe would look like underneath her usual voluminous clothing, in just twenty minutes, he would soon find out!

2/ Giovanna Capone, four pops, for being late over two successive days.

Giovanna, luckily no relation to the notorious crime boss currently incarcerated in Atlanta, was a mysterious lady. Forty three years of age married with two kids, she still gave off an air of naive innocence. At least most of the time, every now and again though, Mick would catch a knowing glint in her eye, that told a different story. Yes, Giovanna was indeed an enigma, an enigma that to a certain extent was going to be unwrapped today.
Mick had been pleased as he had read the first two names, however; it was the third name that had taken him by surprise. It was the third name that had caused the little smile, and had forced him to read the typewritten sheet twice.

3/ Patricia Hanke, six pops, for being late on three occasions in one week.

Mick had not even noticed that Patricia had been late to work because Patricia always made a point of starting work an hour before the office opened. So in fact, she was actually early to work, as the office did not open till nine in the morning.
Even if she came in at eight fifteen, she would be forty-five minutes early, rather than fifteen minutes late, clearly she saw it otherwise.
Of course, he could point this out to his twenty six year old assistant, but then he would miss this, probably once in a lifetime, chance of seeing her bent across her desk in only her scanties!

For Mick, five fifteen could not come early enough, he had spent most of the afternoon clock watching. Twice he had pulled the drawer open looking at the large ash paddle within it. Patricia had purchased it from somewhere; Mick hadn't felt the need to ask her where she had acquired it He had been too stunned by just how vicious it looked; the "blade" was a good five inches wide, and around eighteen inches long, with twelve holes drilled through the inch and a half thick hardwood. This paddle was clearly intended to introduce the maximum amount of pain in the shortest possible time.

Finally, the time arrived; Mick took of his suit jacket, and unbuttoned he shirt sleeves. He carefully put his silver cufflinks on a little tray on his desk, rolled up his sleeves, retrieved the paddle from the desk, and made the short journey to Patricia's office.
Just before he could knock on the door, Patricia came out of the office.

"It's just as well that I purchased those spare panties," Patricia whispered to Mick, "I didn't think we would have to start using them so early though. Both girls decided to wear pantie girdles today, so they are now getting changed, as I informed them that girdles are not suitable. Also, I thought that for the sake of decorum, that neither of them would find out that I'm also up for a paddling. I thought it would be best, if I took my punishment after they had both left the building, you know it would make for an awkward situation the other girls knowing that I'm also liable for corporal punishment?"

Mick just nodded at Patricia's suggestions, his mind now full of the mental image of Morgan and Giovanna getting changed behind the closed office door.

"I'll just check and see if they are ready yet Sir!" Patricia said and quickly scurried back into the office.


Mick was not fully prepared for the sight that met his eyes as he walked into Patricia's office. There was in front of him, Morgan and Giovanni, both waiting with their hands on their heads. Both ladies had their bare legs on display, as Patricia had made them strip from the waist down before giving them both identical ivory colored French cut panties to put on. The panties had a floral rose pattern cut into a lace effect at the lower section of the pantie legs.
It was "his girls" legs though that held Mick's attention, the contrast of skin tone held him transfixed, as his eyes darted from one pair to the other. Morgan's legs were so slim and porcelain pale, Giovanna's though were much darker clearly showing her Meditarreanean heritage; also they were much thicker, though by no means could they ever be described as fat, it was just a case of her years adding a natural maturity to her body.

"I thought Sir," Patricia said, breaking Mick's day-dreaming, "that it would be best to get this over with as quickly as possible, you know, to save the ladies' feelings of shame at being presented to you in such a manner?"

As Mick nodded in silent agreement, he noticed that both of his girls winced at the reminder of their current state of undress. Had Patricia worded it that way on purpose, to make their shame deeper? He wondered, as Patricia continued talking.

"Giovanna will be first, she is allotted to receive four pops. After that it will be Morgan, who as you know will be getting five pops." Patricia said as if Mick needed any reminder of the forthcoming punishments. "After they have both received their agreed to chastisements, I will see the ladies out of the premises, but there is another matter that I need to discuss with you Sir, if I could, you know perhaps see you in your office?"

"Er...yes that would be fine Patricia." Mick replied, still struggling to take in the reality of the situation. The very situation that had been occupying his mind for the last few days was now upon him, and it felt so surreal that he was almost tempted to pinch himself!

"OK Vanna, could you please bend across my desk, use your elbows as a support and push your bottom back nicely, then Mr Delaney can begin." Patricia instructed, then turned to Mick to say, "Both ladies have been warned Sir that the pops will all be laid on hard!"

Again Mick nodded silently, at this information...or was it an instruction? His mind was now so muddled; he could not think straight about this bizarre situation.

Once Giovanna was in her prescribed position, Mick stood to the right of her, the heavy paddle in his right hand. After practising with the paddle in his office using a cushion as a surrogate bottom, he had found a backhanded movement to be the most effective.
As he laid on the first pop, the effect took everyone in the office by surprise; Mick included. The most surprised, or rather shocked, was Giovanna, who howled out in pain a split second after the board's impact.
Mick wondered had he gone too far, was that too much force, should the next one be lighter?

"Vanna, you were warned that these were going to be hard pops, you have three more of the same to come..." Patricia said as if reading Mick's mind and answering his doubts.

By the third pop, Giovanna was sobbing and shaking her legs as if trying to chase the pain out of her bottom. Mick then glanced over at Morgan, who was now deathly pale, no doubt wondering to herself "if it's that bad for a mature woman, how am I going to take it?"

Mick then laid on the fourth and final stroke of the paddle. In a flash, Giovanna jumped upright; both hands clutching and rubbing at her bottom cheeks. Any misgivings or shame that Giovanna still held about her state of undress were now all forgotten as she performed a strange tear filled dance, hopping from toe to toe in front of Mick. Her frantic grasping at her pantie covered bottom made the cloth of her panties rise, so giving Mick a view of her now clearly delineated vulva beneath her panties!

"Once Vanna has finished her exaggerated though entertaining dance, you can take her place over my desk!" Patricia told the now almost tearful Morgan.

Patricia's cutting remark seemed to somehow calm down her older colleague, and Giovanna made to swap places with Morgan, who then rather gingerly placed herself across the desk.
The difference in the behinds of both ladies became clear to Mick. Where Giovannas ass was full and mature, Morgan's was still in that transition of youthfulness and full womanhood. Instead of the wide hippy swell that he had seen when Giovanna was in that position, Morgan afforded him a view of what looked like two large peaches encased in ivory and lace.
Mick wasted no time in applying the paddle to the awaiting fruit.

Morgan took her punishment in a very stoic manner, so much so that it was the third pop before she even uttered a sound. The fourth pop, brought forth the long expected tears, then Mick thought it was time for a variation.
All of Giovanna's chastisement had been across the fullness of her bottom cheeks. Mick had followed that pattern with Morgan also, hitting only the plumpest part of her slight bottom. Now, partly because the area was so prominent on Morgan, he decided to place the last pop on the underpart of her bottom, the area where the bottom cheeks meet the hamstrings.
This sudden change of tack had the desired effect, as Morgan almost screamed the office down in shock, then she too began a similar dance to the one that Giovanna had performed only minutes earlier!

"OK Sir, I shall see to the ladies getting changed, and then I'll pop along to your office after they have left!" Patricia stated in the most businesslike manner.


Mick waited for what seemed like an age for Patricia to arrive in his office. As his mind played over the preceding events, his cock got harder inside his loose fitting pants, begging for release.
Then he heard a light knock upon his door, and Patricia entered.

"I'm here to take my punishment Sir." Patricia said in a half whisper.

With no instructions from Mick Patricia removed her long black skirt, to reveal that she too was wearing the same styled ivory panties, and like Morgan and Giovanna was bare legged.
Placing herself over Mick's desk, Patricia announced.

"I have been allotted six pops Sir."

Mick decided that he was not going to be any easier on his indispensable assistant, for the next few minutes at least, she was going to be just another employee.

After only two heavy pops, Patricia jumped upright, calling out..."Please Sir, can you stop, please!"

Her actions stunned Mick...was she chickening out at only a third of the way through her punishment, the punishment that as far as he could see, she had engineered in the first place?

"I don't feel this is right sir! As I'm sort of management, I feel my punishment should be harsher than what the other girls get...don't you think?"

"Er...harsher, how do you mean?" Mick asked, now thoroughly confused by his assistant's actions.

"Maybe...I should...get it bare-assed?"

Before Mick had the chance to reply, Patricia had her fingers at the elasticated waistband of her panties, and started to lower them. He watched open mouthed as the dark triangle of her pubic hair came into view, he then watched on as she allowed gravity to take its effect and panties dropped to her ankles, only for her to step out from them, and to retake her place over his desk.

"So that will be four more Sir!" She then stated.

Now everything had changed for Mick, the sight of his assistant bent across his desk, her bared bottom and pussy lips on display told him that this was not going to be a punishment anything like the two previous to it.
As he brought the paddle across Patricia's bared buttocks for the first time, he noticed something odd, as she called out in a low grunt of pain her hips moved.
Her movement though was not the same as Morgan and Giovanna, who both seemed to concentrate on dissipating the pain. Patricia merely swayed, and pushed her bottom back further and higher, as if to meet the paddle.
The next two strokes, were met in a similar manner, then Mick did something mad. Putting the paddle down onto the desk, next to Patricia's head, he then moved behind her. His right hand trailed lightly over her bottom, then moved lower.
His fingers ran over the unveiled bud of her anus...then moved lower, tracing the lips of her now open sex.

"This is getting you excited isn't it? Don't lie to me, because I can feel how wet you are, you are loving this aren't you?" Mick whispered, leaning over so that Patricia could feel the heat of his breath as he spoke.

"Yes sir...It does, sort of excite me."

"Does it make you want more of the paddle, or something else?" Mick asked his fingers now probing deeper into Patricia's slick pussy.

"I...I..want whatever you choose Sir?" Patricia finally gasped.

Needing no further encouragement Mick undid his trousers, allowing his cock to spring free from its imprisonment. As he entered Patricia's sex from the rear he felt an impediment holding him back, then with a sudden realisation of the situation, he thrust hard into her, breaking her maidenhead and taking her virginity. This thrust caused her to grunt in a not dissimilar way to sound she made when the paddle made contact her bottom.

He scooped his hand under her; his fingers moved into the covering of pubic hair until he found the hard nipple like rosebud of her clitoris. His middle finger quickly massaged the area around the bud, causing Patricia to ride back harder onto his cock, and then in a rare piece of syncopation, they both came together.
Mick kept pumping his hips, milking out every drop of his life creating seed into his assistant.

"Thank you Sir." Patricia whispered as Mick's flaccid cock eventually slipped from within her.