Monday, 5 May 2014

The Island - A Stalking Horse Spanking

Sara looked from the bow of the ferry, she could see the small port, the whitewashed buildings with the rising mountains behind. She checked her now out of date guidebook, the mountains were not actually classed as mountains or Monro's as they are known locally, they were in fact just large hills, their proximity to the sea making them loom up and look much more large and dramatic than they truly were.
Oddly as the boat neared the new nation state, Sara felt a sudden surge of nervousness, so little was really known of New Isla that it gave this journey a certain edge to it.
It only became a separate nation state of Britain in 2013, when an old royal charter was found in the basement of the island's library. Very much like the old Ealing film Passport To Pimlico, the council however was not so quick to act though. Unlike the characters in the film they made inquiries of the practicalities of claiming UDI from the British mainland.

Firstly, they didn't want the island - who already relied heavily upon tourism - becoming no more than a huge duty free shop for the mainland. So to combat that, rather Draconian laws were brought into being, regarding behavior, and concentrated mainly upon the sales of alcohol to non-residents.
Secondly, they looked into the idea of the island being a tax haven, and setting themselves up for offshore banking and gambling to fund the changes that would be taking place.

Secretly the council drafted up a constitution, and because of the tactical position of the island being so close to the Fastlane Naval Base the council were sure that they could rely upon the British government for matters of external security.
Of course Her Majesty's Government would not be happy about the situation, but the island council knew that they would very much have the upper hand in any talks. The idea of the council, talking to say the Chinese or the Russians would be to say the least, a huge embarrassment for the British.
So in the end, that was basically it, New Isla became a new sovereign state with its own laws and constitution, it was those very laws that Sara meant to look into.

So it was very nervous young lady who now stood at the small passport control office, wondering exactly just where this little assignment would take her. Surely all the things that she heard about New Isla were all exaggerations, stories put out by the sensationalist British press, a press always so keen on scandal?
As she stood in the queue she looked about her, most of the others seemed to be young girls, no doubt seasonal workers for the ever growing but still fledgling tourist industry. There was what looked to be one or two tourists mixed in, with the potential workers.
The girls all seemed to be as apprehensive as she was herself, they stood quietly in nervous silence, as their documents were checked. The tourists on the other hand, behaved as would all British holidaymakers being forced to queue for anything, they openly complained at the delay. 

Eventually Sara's turn at the desk came, the officious looking man at the counter eyed her passport carefully, then asked.

"Is this trip business or pleasure?"

"It is just a little holiday, I thought it would be nice to check out the world's newest nation state first hand." Sara replied, worried that he seemed to be studying her papers a little too carefully.

"It says on your visa application, that you are a writer?"

"Uh huh."

"What do you write?"

Now Sara felt on uneasy ground, to say she was an investigative journalist would give her game away, and would most likely result in a quick return to the mainland for her. To lie, could leave her open for further interrogation.

"Just magazine stuff, travel stories and the like." She said, not so much lying, as just not telling the whole truth.

He nodded slowly, thoughtfully, then passed her papers back to her.

"Enjoy your stay on New Isla." He said though the smile upon his face seemed very false. "Next please!"  He then shouted, by way of dismissing Sara. 

In all her years of travelling, Sara had never been so pleased to get through passport control. Her relief though would have been tempered, if she had known that no sooner had she left the small cramped building, than the customs man phoned the main police office to say that she had arrived.
Now standing outside the customs offices, she looked for a taxi rank, there was none to be found. Neither was there a bus stand, she searched through her bag to find the address of the hotel that she was booked into. She then spent the next five minutes, stopping passer byes to ask for directions to Mullen Street. Eventually, after four people, who either could not or would not help her, someone gave her the directions that she needed.
A three quarters of a mile walk, mainly uphill, then ensued till she finally found the Seabreeze Hotel. Dragging her case behind her, she went to the abandoned reception desk.

"Great!" She said under her breath, just as she was about to ring the buzzer, she heard a noise coming from the office to the right of the desk.

It was a strange flapping noise, in amongst the flap-flaps, she thought that she had detected a gentle moaning. Now, with her fingers hovering over the button, she hesitated, her curiosity getting the better of her. Quietly she padded over to the half open door.
Peeking in she could see a woman in her early forties sitting on a high backed wooden chair, the type usually found on dining sets, over her lap was draped another person. The other person's trousers, and white underwear were both pooled around their ankles.

The woman's hand then came down upon the naked bottom with a resounding slap.

As the figure upon her lap twisted in pain, it became clear to Sara the person being spanked was female. Just as the woman's hand lifted again, she for some reason looked over towards the door, her eyes then met Sara's.

"I'm sorry about this Miss," The woman said to Sara, clearly not in the least bit perturbed by Sara's presence. "I'll be with you in a moment, after I knocked some sense into this one here!"

With that she continued spanking the girl, except now it was at a much faster rate, clearly so she could get Sara booked in all the more quickly.

"Late again for work this morning," The woman said in a conversational manner to Sara, as the girl writhed an sobbed upon her lap. "I wouldn't mind it so much, but she lives in the hotel. I ask you, how can you be late for work when you live there?" 

"Please Judith...I've had enough...please...I'm sorry!" The girl cried out in a piteous manner, her cries just seemed to enrage the woman even more.

"Had enough! I will decide when you have had enough young lady, I haven't even started on your legs yet, and the next time it will be my belt going across your arse, then you will know what enough is!"

At this, the spanking picked up tempo yet again, now though it was the backs of the girls thighs that was coming in for the same treatment that her bottom had been receiving.
Sara looked on transfixed by the activity taking place in front of her, she knew that just by standing there she was adding to the girls shame, and that thought excited her, at her basest level. The woman, who Sara now knew to be called Judith, looked over towards her, smiling affably she said.

"Just another moment or two and I will be with you!"

As she heard those words, for a second or two, Sara felt a rush of butterflies in her stomach. For a fleeting moment, she thought that Judith meant that she would be next for a spanking. The thought, however brief both excited, and terrified her in equal measure. Then, she realised that Judith meant she would check her in, once she had finished the job in hand. 
The girls cries and complaints reached a crescendo level as,  Judith true to her word, did indeed give her legs and almost equal colouring to her very red bottom.

Once Judith was satisfied that she had given the girl a punishment not to be soon forgotten, she helped the girl back to her feet. She then rose from the chair herself, giving the girl one final wallop across her still bare backside, she said.

"Right young lady, pull up your knickers and trousers, get to bathroom, sort out your make up...but don't take all day about it."

The poor girl could not get her underwear and trousers up quick enough. As she tried to make herself decent, Sara could see the girl's face for the first time.
To Sara's surprise, the girl looked to be about nineteen or twenty, she had expected her to be much younger to be treat in such a manner, perhaps she was Judith's daughter, was Sara's original thought.

"Sorry about that, but I believe that staff discipline should be carried out at the first opportunity. In truth I had forgotten that you were due, lax of me I know, Sarah Jones isn't it?" Judith said casually, like corporal punishment was an everyday occurrence of no real consequence.

“It's Sara actually.” Sara replied, sounding more haughty than she meant to.

“Yes, of course it is dear...” Judith replied, not even making an attempt to hide the sarcasm from her voice.

Sara had decided that customer relations was not really a strong point of Judith's. The booking in procedure seemed very long winded, for what was basically just a small hotel in Scotland.
Of course now though this was not Scotland, Sara reminded herself as she watched Judith make meticulous notes regarding her passport. When the drawn out 'booking in' was finally finished, the just spanked girl had returned to the small foyer, her make up now all sorted.

“Show Miss Jones up to her room please Pamela!” The gruffness in Judith's voice made it clear that this was an instruction, rather than request.

Pamela grabbed hold of Sara's case, and pulled it towards the elevator, Sara followed the girl, still not really believing what she had just seen take place. As they stood, waiting for the painfully slow elevator to reach the third floor, the awkward silence was palpable. There were so many questions that Sara wanted to ask about what she had witnessed only minutes earlier, but somehow she just could not find the words.
Once in her room, Sara decided that it was now time to broach the subject.

“What just happened there was assault you know?”

Pamela smiled sadly and shook her head.

“Perhaps back on the mainland, but that's not how it works here.” She whispered pointing at the open door.

Sara closed the door and turned to face Pamela.

“Would you like to tell me about it?”

Pamela then sat down on Sara's bed, and told her an unbelievable tale. The island government had decided, that rather than having a host of seasonal workers upon them, they would recruit for the casinos themselves. Each applicant would be heavily vetted, also only females would be employed, as it was believed that they would potentially less rowdy, and easier to control.
Also, by way of helping the smaller hotels, and boarding houses, that were already in business on the island, an adjustment period was required of each of the girls.
This adjustment period, was six weeks working on a board and lodgings only basis in one of the smaller establishments. Then once that period was fulfilled,they could go onto working in one of the casinos. Whilst going through adjustment, they were bound to their employers rules, and discretionary discipline, what they called a 'in loco parentis' regime.

“That's madness!” Sara exclaimed. “Why on earth would anyone even think of agreeing to such a contract?”

“Money of course,” Pamela said flatly. “you can earn thirty thousand pounds a year tax free here. I think having my arse slapped every now and again is well worth that, don't you?”

“But it is so degrading!” Sara said, half wondering if it would really be that bad.

“Well Judith is OK, compared to what I've heard some of the others say about their bosses. All I've ever had of her has been a hand spanking, and the threat of the belt. Some of the girls are caned or cropped!”

Sara really couldn't take all this in, here was a state sanctioned corporal punishment regime in the workplace, what a scoop this could be for her.

“Pamela, would you like to have dinner tonight with me, we could talk this over more in depth. Not here some restaurant perhaps?”

“There is a little bistro at the bottom of the hill, I finish here at nine, or is that too late for you?”

“No, nine is great, dinner is on me of course!” Sara said, her mind already thinking of the money that this story could make her. She didn't notice the smug little smile on Pamela's face as she nodded her assent.


Sara sat at a table for two in the small, and almost empty bistro, she had already ordered red wine, but was still mulling over the menu when Pamela arrived.

“Hi, I'm so glad that you made it.” Sara said as Pamela sat down opposite her.

“I thought Judith was never going to let me away. She clucks on like a mother hen you know, I think she takes this whole in loco parentis thing a little bit too seriously!” Pamela said, explaining her slight lateness.

“Really, in what way?” Sara asked, as she picked up the wine bottle and poured Pamela a glass.

“With everything really, wanting to know if I would be having a meal tonight, making sure that I'm taking care of myself, not missing meals and stuff like that.” Pamela said, then sipped at her wine. “I'm almost twenty-one you know? She treats me like a kid, it's kind of sweet in a way, but she can be a bit overpowering at times.”

Sara nodded, she had witnessed Judith being a 'bit overpowering', the memory of which was burnt into her head. In fact, Sara had thought of little else since Pamela had left her alone in her room. She had made use of her time alone, not to write, but to enact upon the feelings that had been stirred by seeing Judith spanking Pamela.
The thing was; that despite her protestations about the rights and wrongs of the situation as she spoke to Pamela, she could not help but wonder how it would have felt to have been in Pamela's situation. To be across the attractive older brunette's lap, to be in such a state of submissive compliance?
To break away so completely from her normal confident, almost brash persona, even if just for an hour or so, she wondered what that feeling of release from herself would feel?
It was those very thoughts, that had occupied her mind, as she brought herself to a shuddering solitary orgasm.

“Yes she seems to be a very strong minded character.” Sara noted as she handed Pamela the menu. “Also strong handed, by the looks of things this afternoon?”

“You aren't wrong there, me poor arse was throbbing for about half an hour.” Pamela replied, a wicked twinkle in her eye accompanied her smile.

Before Sara could question Pamela further, she noticed that the man who had been sitting alone at the table opposite was now standing by her side.

“Sorry to disturb you ladies, but I was wondering if I could see any ID please?” The male interloper said, showing a police warrant card.

“Er...I'm sorry, I don't have any with me, apart from my credit cards, my passport is in my hotel room.” Sara replied, a little annoyed at the interruption.

“I see, that should be no problem, miss, your card will do nicely.” The policeman said, then his eyes fell upon Pamela. “And you miss?”

Pamela shrugged her shoulders, her face was one of resignation.

“I work at the hotel that she is staying at.” Pamela mumbled.

“I take it that you are there on part of the in loco parentis regime?” He asked, his tone now changed from one of politeness, to that of a stern authority figure.

Pamela nodded and bit her lower lip, looking now like a guilty teen, instead of a young adult woman.

“I also take it that this lady bought the wine that you are drinking?” He asked, now with a notebook in his hand. “She bought it and directly contravenes our alcohol laws?”

Again Pamela nodded, now though Sara had a deep suspicion that somehow, she herself could now be in some sort of trouble.
Before the policeman could say anything else, the door of the bistro opened and Judith strode in.

“Excuse me what's going one here?” Judith demanded loudly as she approached the table.
The policeman then explained the situation as he saw it, and it did not make for happy listening to Sara. He intended to arrest both 'young ladies', who would then both be deported.

Pamela for breaking the rules of her stay and employment.

Sara for the corruption of a minor.

“Corruption of a minor! What the hell are talking about, she is nearly twenty one for fucks sake!” Sara exclaimed in both shock and temper.

“Please miss Jones, could you keep your filthy mouth shut, while I try to sort this out?” Judith asked, or rather, by the tone of her voice demanded.

Sara was now dumbfounded, she sat shaking with rage, as Judith and the policeman carried on a conversation as if she, and Pamela were not even in the room.

Judith was basically asking the policeman if she could not handle the situation, and saving him a load of red tape and paperwork. At first the policeman was not having any of it, as far as he was concerned, laws had been broken.

“I know,” Judith said, her voice quiet and reasonable. “they have both been rather foolish. What good does it serve though for them both to be deported? Two young girls with that hanging over their heads, all the trouble it could bring them for applying for visas, and any future travels that they may wish to undertake?”

For the first time, the actual trouble that they were in struck home to Sara. With a deportation on her record, and her work relying on travelling, some countries could possibly be ruled out, such as the United States. Now she was listening in earnest to what Judith was saying, hoping against hope that she could swing it for them.

“How about if I take them both back to the hotel now, and give both of their arses a good skelping?” Judith asked, or rather implored.

“I'm not sure..” The policeman said, now clearly wavering at the thought of all that paperwork.

Judith then looked at her watch, she seemed to be working out some mathematical problem, the said.

“Why don't you call around at eleven o'clock, then you will be able to see the results,” Judith said. “to see that they have been punished properly?”

Sara held her breath as she waited for his reply, though not at all sure as to what a satisfactory reply would from her point of view.

“OK, I will do that...make sure that they are both waiting bare bottomed, and I'm expecting red bottomed!” He finally agreed, making the whole thing sound like another unwanted chore.

Judith then brusquely signaled for the two girls to follow her out of the bistro. Sara was blushing deeply as they left, in the knowledge that the other customers and staff in the bistro all knew what was awaiting her when she got back to her hotel. A woman of twenty-six was going to have her bare bum spanked just for buying another woman a drink!
Also to add even more shame, her bottom would then be inspected to make sure that she hadn't gotten off too lightly. The walk back to the hotel was full of a myriad of things running through her mind; she found the idea of her imminent punishment both dreadful, yet also, oddly exciting  She was now going to receive just what she had fantasised about in her bedroom earlier that day.
Fantasy though is one thing, reality though is another, as her churning stomach reminded her. Then of course there was the policeman, males just don't get to see her naked bottom. Ever!

“Right you two, get in the dining room,” Judith instructed as they returned to the hotel. “as a matter of fact, I've had a better idea. Miss Jones, you can go into the dining room, Pamela go to the kitchen and prepare two gingers, while I go and get the belt.”

All this, along with the look of horror on Pamela's face only added to Sara's confusion. The belt was clear enough, they weren't just going to be spanked...but gingers?

“Please Judith, could you not just give us a really, really hard spanking instead?” Pamela said in a rather pathetic whine.

“Kitchen now!” Judith shouted, her finger pointing the way. “And don't spend all night about it!”

Pamela skulked off to the kitchen as Sara dream walked into the dining room.

Sara was not at a loss as to what to do, was she supposed to sit, or supposed to stand?
She chose to stand by the door, how did she end up in this predicament she thought to herself?
She sort of half knew the alcohol laws, and yet she still slipped into breaking them. Though of course the laws were ambiguous in the extreme, how were you to know that a person working there was not classed as a resident till after three months?
Then she thought, the policeman just happened to be there, also, Judith turning up to save the day, it all just felt a little too coincidental.
Just as it was such an odd place for Judith to be spanking Pamela knowing that a guest was due, it was almost as if she had wanted Sara to walk in on Pamela's punishment?
Sara was quickly becoming of the opinion that she had been set up, but for what purpose, and by whom?

The door opened, and Judith strode in. The sight of Judith, and what she was holding in her hand quickly wiped conspiracy theories from her mind.
She had heard mention of the belt, but what Judith was clutching was like no belt she had ever seen before. It looked like it would have more at home in a sex shop, her eyes could not move of it. I looked to be made of leather, but that was where any other similarity with a belt stopped.
The leather was about a quarter of an inch thick, it looked stiff and unforgiving. At about fifteen inches long, and two inches or so wide, the idea of it being applied to her bared bottom filled her with dread.

“You look a little pale and confused my dear.” Judith said, with a sickly sweet smile on her face.

Sara was dumbfounded yet again, as she stared at the thing in Judith's hand.

“Ah right! I think understand,” Judith said cheerfully. “you were expecting a belt like those you would wear in your jeans weren't you?”

Sara nodded, still not able to form any words as she felt the butterflies in her stomach doing somersaults.

“It's more of a nickname in these parts...the real title would be a tawse, it has a certain sting to it that is perhaps a little harsher than you may have been expecting.” Judith informed her in a conversational manner, as her fingers lovingly caressed the outline of the implement in her hand.

The door then opened again, and in walked Pamela. She was looking rather sheepish, and carrying a small plate, that seemed to have to pieces of half peeled ginger root upon it, which she placed down on one of the small dining tables.

“Thank you Pamela,” Judith said, smiling at her employee, or rather temporary surrogate daughter. “you are probably wondering why you are going to get it so hard aren't you?”

Pamela nodded, looking to be on the verge of tears.

“Well you shared a little bit too much information with Miss Jones here, if she had been listening to you properly, she would not have given you the wine, all of our plans would then have been for nothing, wouldn't they?” Judith said to Pamela, then turned to face Sara. “You see Miss Jones, your card had been marked before you even arrived on the island. We don't take kindly to feminist busy bodies coming here and trying to rock the boat. Which is what you were probably intending to do, am I right? Looking for the big scoop, to earn you loads, whilst besmirching our good name?”

“So I've been set up from the start...this is entrapment!” Sara said finally breaking her confused silence.

“Hardly my dear, you chose to break the law, at no time did Pamela encourage you did she?”

Then it all sunk in, she was indeed trapped, but it was all of her own making. Sara had thought a little wine would loosen Pamela's tongue, get her to give more lurid details than she perhaps she would have in a sober state.

“Now if you ever happen to have read any stories involving spanking, or seen any videos, for that matter. The is an almost ritualistic patter to them, a warm up spanking perhaps followed by something a little harsher. This however is not going to be a little 'love play', so we will reverse the situation somewhat. You will both receive eight strokes of the tawse on your bared bottoms, then, with the belt marks as a sort of benchmark, you will both receive a hand spanking.
I can see Miss Jones that your are puzzled by the ginger root?
I shall enlighten you, Pamela has a tendency to tense her arse cheeks when she gets a long spanking, and these will be long spankings! So it ends up being a little hard on my delicate hands, the ginger root will discourage such tightening of the bottom. For, trust me on this, the last thing you want to be doing is tensing you anus around a four inch ginger root butt plug. Isn't that right Pamela?”

“Yes Judith...” Pamela mumbled, close to tears.

“So who would like to be first for the belt?” Judith asked with a chilling cheerfulness.

Neither girl spoke, or made any move.

“No volunteer eh? There is a surprise.” Judith said still smiling, though her smile soon evaporated as she barked out. “Pamela, shoes, trousers, and knickers off now!”

Brought out of her daze, Pamela rushed to obey her de-facto parent. After a sudden scramble of activity, she was quickly standing naked from the waist down, her hands covering crotch.

“Really Pamela, if I was you I wouldn't be so shy about us seeing your fanny! When detective McKenzie comes around later, he will be seeing you in all your red-arsed glory.” Judith said by way of a timely reminder, as if one was needed, of the policeman's impending visit. “So stop being so silly and get yourself across that table!”

Pamela then moved to the table that Judith had pointed to, she bent across it, looking back over her shoulder, giving Judith one final silent bid for mercy. Her plea went ignored, as Judith said to Sara.

“Miss Jones, could you be so kind as to grab Pamela's hands, to help her keep in her required position?”
Sara didn't need any encouragement to help out in Pamela's chastisement, as far as she could see, it was Pamela who was to blame for their current predicament. So she gladly grabbed hold of the younger girls hands.

“Thank you miss Jones,” Judith said, in her still overly cheerful tone. “Pamela here was supposed be my Stalking Horse, the lure to get you into trouble with our authorities...” Judith then slashed the tawse across Pamela's bared behind, causing her to howl out in pain. “but the silly girl nearly ruined all of our plans!”

Again the tawse swung out hitting its target with the same vocal response from Pamela. Sara for her part felt no pity for the now tearful maid in front of her.

“Now I know what you must be thinking miss Jones,” Judith continued, ignoring Pamela's crying. “why go to all this trouble to ensnare little old me?” The tawse again cut through the air. “The answer is, I don't really know why. Someone, I would imagine whoever persuaded you to come here in the first place, clearly has some issues with you.” Judith then brought the tawse across Pamela's bottom, the half way mark of Pamela's initial punishment had now been reached.

This fourth stroke of leather across her bottom, caused Pamela to cry out even louder than the previous three had.

“This is no good at all.” Judith declared, as she then bent down and picked up Pamela's discarded knickers. “as you may or may not have noticed miss Jones, you are my only current guest. However,the noise that Pamela is making will disturb the neighbours! Stick these in her mouth, perhaps they'll quieten her down a little!”

Judith then handed Sara the blue knickers that she had retrieved from the floor.

“I trust miss Jones that you will be a little more stoic than this cry-baby?”

Sara did not answer, she merely balled up the thin blue material, and unceremoniously stuffed the knickers into Pamela's mouth.

“I see no pity in your face miss Jones for your young friend here.”

“She is no friend of mine!” Sara spat out, as she grabbed Pamela's hands again, waiting for Judith to continue.

Judith smiled at Sara as she quickly, with four rapidly delivered strokes, brought Pamela's strapping to it's conclusion.

“Right Pamela, your belting's done, and your bottom's well dusted. You can get up now!”

With those words from Judith, Sara let go of Pamela's hands. She watched as the young maid struggled to her feet, she then saw as the girl turned around, the damage that the tawse had done to her bottom. Her previously pale cheeks, were now patterned with livid red and purple bruises.
For the first time Sara did feel some pity, the pity though was not for the tearful maid, it was for herself as she heard Judith say.

“Right miss Jones, if you would like to prepare yourself, and then you can swap places with Pamela!”

Sara knelt down to unbuckle her shoes, her fingers were shaking, not though with fear or even excitement. Despite the fact that she was indeed fearful and also strangely excited by her impending punishment.
It was pure rage that made her fingers shake, Judith had referred to Pamela as a 'Stalking Horse', an unusual turn of phrase to use, though on this occasion Sara knew it was quite an accurate description.
Sara could now see clearly that she was indeed a victim of a 'Stalking Horse' ploy. The road that had led her into her current predicament had been a long one, though long, it had been made quite easy for her to follow, and clearly signposted all along the way.
That is the thing with a 'Stalking Hhorse'; it is all about miss-direction, being taken along a path and then eased into making false assumptions. Like with all miss-direction, it is only the stage magician, the ringmaster, who really understands the full agenda, and the hoped for, final outcome!

Putting her shoes carefully to one side, Sara stood up, she glanced at Judith, looking for perhaps some change of mind from her. None was forthcoming, so Sara unbuttoned her slacks, in one deft movement she pulled both her trousers and knickers down to her knees, then she allowed gravity to take control as they fell to her ankles. With as much dignity as she could muster, she then stepped out from the clothing now gathered at her feet.
With her head held high she approached the table and bent across it. Sara was determined to not fall into being the same embarrassing wreck that Pamela had been reduced to by Judith's "belt".

Sara, felt a little guilty as she stretched out so that Pamela could hold her hands. As she looked into Pamela's. still tearful, eyes, she saw no hint of the glee that she had during Pamela's chastisement. All she could see was fear, and remorse.

“Alright Miss Jones, we shall begin!” No sooner had those words left Judith's lips, then Sara felt the tawse searing across her naked bottom, and it did sear, it felt like she had just been brushed with a branding iron.

Sara closed her eyes tight, and curled her toes in anticipation of the second stroke. As she waited, she wondered why they were called strokes, for the tawse's caress was anything but a stroke.

“I must say Miss Jones, you took that very well indeed. Perhaps you have a taste for such things?” Judith said mockingly, not knowing just how close she was to the truth.

The second stroke landed, and for all that her eyes were tightly closed, Sara could still see a blaze of white light flash upon her retinas upon the leather's impact. In a bid to distance, and to try and disassociate herself further from Judith's attentions, she ran all the possible scenarios through her head. Someone, for some reason, had gone to a great deal of time and trouble to land her here, here at Judith's hands.
Who though could wield such power, and more to the point why would they want to?

“Yes Miss Jones, you are taking this very well. See Pamela, this is how a belting should be taken, not with all of your shouting and squirming!”

No sooner had those words been said, then Sara felt the belt for the third time. The third stroke, did however elicit a small cry from Sara's lips, though nothing like Pamela's previous histrionics.

“You see Miss Jones, we take the reputation of our lovely little island very seriously, as do our new investors in the casinos. Their reputations are closely intertwined with our's, what hurts one, will hurt the other. So, it is much better all round, that it is you that is feeling the hurt. Don't you think?”

Judith's words were punctuated with the fourth, and halfway mark, stroke of leather. Sara clenched her teeth, not wanting to call out. As it was at this point, that Pamela had her mouth stuffed with her own knickers to silence her. Sara could not face the ignominy of that, also, she did not want either Judith or Pamela to see the dampness on the crotch of her underwear. The dampness that had been caused by witnessing, and indeed taking part in Pamela's chastisement.
Then as the leather strap made contact for the fifth time, it was as if the scales had indeed fallen from her eyes, she could now the plot for what it was. It was the very person that had sent her upon this wild goose chase, she had arranged everything, everything from her travelling expenses, to her present humiliating punishment. It was her so called friend, and confidante, Susie Tyler. Still though she could not work out why, or for that matter, how?

How could a magazine editor wield such power and influence?

Of course, she couldn't, but her boss could. Tom Sanderson, with his family links in casinos and publishing, he could have pulled all the strings just for petty revenge. Sara, had spurned his sexual advances, whilst they were both working at the Sunday Tribune, she a lowly reporter, him the editor in chief. The editor though was being fast tracked through the family business; the fact that Sara was a lesbian, would have made no difference to Tom, to him, he had been made a fool of, and vengeance would be forthcoming.
Susie's role was just to befriend Sara, lull her into a situation of false hope, she played that role well. Phantom job offers that would evaporate, just before their fruition, flirtatious behaviour that was never quite fulfilled.
All these things, to keep Sara hooked and baited, until now. The moment to reel her in.
“Bastards!” Sara, called out loudly upon the landing of the sixth stroke.

"I'm,sorry miss Jones,” Judith said, her voice quiet, but full of malevolence. “I do hope that you are not referring to me with that little outburst?”

“No...I was...I've just realised who it was that stitched me up, and why.”

“Ah! That must be so nice and reassuring for you? It is always good when the loose ends are tied up, don't you think?”

Before Sara could reply; the final two strokes were whipped across her bottom in quick succession, each one biting into already tread ground, causing Sara to call out again. Though this time through pain and shock, rather than in anger.

Upon Judith's command Sara rose back to her feet, as she pushed herself away from the table, she was aware of two things.
She was aware of the tears streaming down her face.
She was also aware that the pain in her bottom, was now transforming into a not wholly unpleasant throbbing sensation, a sensation that was spreading to deep within her sex. So despite all of her anger, here she was being turned on by this formidable women's chastisement.
The feeling of sexual excitement, was somewhat tempered by the fact that she knew her punishment was for another's entertainment. Then realising just where she was, the Dining Room, a public space of the hotel, her eyes flitted about the room, searching. Then she found them, next to each of the six small chandeliers in the ceiling she saw the tell-tale half egg-shaped domes of the CCTV cameras, she now knew that Tom was recording her chastisement!


“So Pamela, I believe we are now back to you again, aren't we?” Judith said, not even trying to hide the relish in her voice.

Pamela nodded sadly, but stood stock still, awaiting further instructions.

“I think we should continue with you both being proactive in each others discipline, don't you that would be a good idea?”

Pamela made no attempt to reply to Judith's suggestion.

“I take that your silence, is indeed a tacit agreement...stretch your legs wide I want your feet well past your shoulder width, then bend forward, and pull your bottom cheeks as far apart as you can.”

Still without muttering even a hint of protest, Pamela obeyed Judith's instructions.

“Sara, could you so kind as to insert one of the ginger stems into Pamela's little puckered up anus please?”

Sara looked at the obscene display of Pamela's most private parts, in an almost hypnotic daze, she picked one of the homemade butt plugs from the plate. As she slowly approached Pamela, she could feel her heart hammering in her chest, as gently as she could she inserted the peeled section of the root into the now sobbing girl's bottom. As she felt the soft yielding flesh of Pamela's bottom cheeks, Sara knew only too well that in a few minutes time their roles would be reversed, and it would herself facing the shame of being figged. Rather than fill her with fear, the feeling she had was one of intense anticipation.

"Across my lap please Pamela." Judith, who was now sitting upon one of the high backed dining chairs commanded. "Sarah, if you could stand here please?" Judith said pointing to a space to the left of her.

From this point, Sara would have a clear view of Pamela's impending spanking. Sara watched, as Pamela slowly lowered herself over Judith's lap, her face wincing at the discomfort that the ginger root was causing her.
Sara now seemed to be in another world, as she watched Pamela being spanked. It was as if she had been transported to some parallel universe, as she looked on she felt she could see what was happening, but no one could see her.
In a trance like state, with no real consciousness of what she was doing, he right hand had fallen to her crotch. Her fingers were lazily caressing the waxed folds of her pussy, teasing at her now hard and slick nubbin.

"Oh Pamela, it would appear that you current little predicament is causing Sara more than a modicum of excitement." Judith said in a mocking tone. "She is actually frigging herself off, as you are figged. So amusing!"

This statement caused a renewed burst of tears from Pamela, whilst also making Sara aware of her own actions. So now, to add to all of her other indignities, she had been caught out masturbating. Masturbating on camera no less!

Sara was now back very much in reality, her little trip to another place brought to a thudding end by Judith's words.

"Right, get up!" Judith said to the sobbing Pamela.

Pamela struggled back to her feet, her face now a complete mess. Her tears had streaked and distorted her makeup so much, that she now looked like a very poor Alice Cooper impersonator.

Sara now awaited her inevitable instructions, she did not have long to wait.


"Sara, if could be so good as to bend over, and pull your bottom cheeks apart. Pamela, you can then insert the ginger root, and we can bring this matter to a close." Judith said in her usual pleasant sing-song manner.

Sara complied, her hands now bringing herself more pain, as she prised her bruised, tender, bottom cheeks as wide as she could.
She then felt the ginger slowly invading her rectum, she tried to relax her anal muscles, to aid the root's progress, and to diminish the pain of its invasion. Finally, Pamela's probing stopped, as the slender part of the root was now well in place.

"Across my lap please Sara!" Judith demanded, and as with everything beforehand, Sara meekly complied.

As she got into position, Sara could smell the delicate scent of Judith's perfume, now staring at the carpet she had never felt so vulnerable, or so sexy as she felt at this moment.

She felt Judith's hand gently caressing her bottom as she whispered, "This is going to be a very hard spanking, I don't, however wish for you to be yelping or writhing about up on my lap. To be honest I'm just getting a little too old for handling such shenanigans. Tears are to be expected, but nothing more than that, OK?"

"Yes Miss." Sara replied, surprising herself at the use of the word "Miss", in so doing she knew deep down that her submissiveness to this older woman's wishes was now complete.

Also, Sara was surprised by the feeling in her bottom, the root inside her, now seemed to be taking on a life of it's own. It felt as if it was doubling in size; also, the oils were now starting to generate heat.
The only thing she could compare it to was eating a fresh chilli, the first bite seems cool, then the fire follows. This was the same, though rather than being in her mouth, the burning was in her anus.
Before she could think anymore about this comparison, Judith's hand hit home. As she was spanking on a still pain filled area, the effect of her bare hand was multiplied tenfold. She spanked quickly, with no real pattern or rhythm, so each pain filled blow was a surprise to Sara. In what seemed like no time at all, Sara was reduced to tears. Little salty droplets were now falling from her eyes and marking the carpet below. She tried tensing her cheeks to save herself from more pain, but like Judith had warned her, that only intensified the heat from the ginger root. She was in a no win situation, all she could do was accept the fact that she was going to be spanked until Judith was satisfied that her punishment was concluded.

Sara remembered reading once, "a spanking only really begins, when you wish it was over". That point seemed to have been reached long ago, yet still Judith's hand rained down upon both her bottom cheeks, and the tops of her thighs.
Finally, the onslaught abated, and Judith helped Sara to her feet. Now standing in front of the still seated Judith, Sara felt like a chastened little girl; naked from the waist down, rubbing at her red hot bottom, with no care about her frontal nudity.

"I want you both to get a chair, and place it in front of the window. Then you shall kneel upon the chair till the inspector arrives to make his inspection." Judith said, laughing at her little pun.

Both girls did as ordered.

From their position they could look out the window, though anyone looking in would only see their heads and shoulders, and not suspect that both young ladies were naked from the waist down. Neither would anyone passing suspect that both girls were red bottomed, or that they were both sporting ginger root buttplugs.
No, no one would suspect that, except of course for the driver of the car that pulled up in front of the hotel. Both girls swallowed hard as they saw the policeman climb out of his car, and approach the hotel.

Sara felt a new course of tears arrive in her eyes as she heard the door open, and heard a male voice.

"My word Judith, you've don a good job on these two haven't you? Like four little red apples aren't they?"

Sara more felt, than heard, the policeman approach them from across the room. Then she felt his hand rub over her bottom cheeks.

"She is still well warm Judith," the policeman said, his fingers now moving lower, running down her slit. "well warm...and very wet!"

He then removed the ginger root, causing an audible squelch, Sara's humiliation was now complete.


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