Sunday, 3 November 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive - Sunday 20th October (next page)

I was feeling weak at the knees, good thing I was sitting down...... although if 'overmyknee' had his way I wouldn't be able to sit down!

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl :)"

I was blushing furiously now, not knowing what to say next, but I did still have lots of questions. "May I ask you more questions please, Sir?"

"Of course, anything you like."

"How long have you been into BDSM?"

"Do you mean interested, or practising?"

"Both really."

"I've been interested in it ever since I can remember, there were references to spanking and corporal punishment in quite a few books when I was a child, and the idea of it always turned me on. I've been practising it for about 14 years though."

"Yes I know what you mean, I sometimes used to read it in books and it always gave me a 'tingle', but it seemed very taboo back then."

"Which begs the obvious question, my dear, how old are you?"

Uh oh, a personal question. What to do? Be honest, after all no harm can come from it. "I'm 29,Sir."

"I see, so yes it would have been very taboo when you were a young girl, corporal punishment was definitely on the way out, and quite right too, and the BDSM side of things was hardly mentioned. Fortunately times have changed and people are able to pursue their interest in all things bondage and spanking"

"Hooray to that!" I typed with a cheer.

"Ha ha, hooray indeed!"

I was beginning to feel bold again. "So, you know how old I am......!"

"True, I do."

Argh he was going to make me work for this. "Can I ask how old you are?"

"You can ask, but you have to do it properly!"

Oh heck. "Can I ask how old you are please, Sir?"

"That's better, remember you'll earn you a trip over my knee of you're not careful."

TINGLE! "Sorry, Sir."

"I'm 32."

Wow and I thought he seemed so much older than that. I was thrown. "Only a few years older than me then?"

"Yes, does that bother you?"

"No not at all, I was just expecting you to be older."


"Well, you sound so grown up and mature."

"Is that a compliment?"

"Yes certainly, don't get me wrong but most men of your age seem pretty clueless and immature."

"Then I'm glad I'm not one of them! Seriously though with my past time it's essential to be mature and sensible."

OK so I'd not thought of it like that before, and it made so much sense. "Yes of course it is."

"Dominance is about being in charge, not just in charge of your submissive, but also yourself."

"Yes, I'm beginning to realise that, you have to be able to control yourself so your submissive can trust you."

"Exactly, and without trust you have nothing."

I thought about my own life, the lack of trust I've always had. "I can't imagine being able to trust someone enough to let them do things to you."

"It can happen, I assure you. Trust me."

Was there a double meaning in that? Was it an invitation or just a statement?? It was all beginning to feel very intense, but the thing was, for some strange reason, I did trust him. "I believe you, Sir."

"Good girl..... may I call you Angel?"

That made me smile. "Yes of course :)."

"I'm assuming it's not your real name, but I like it, and I totally understand you wanting to remain anonymous."

My smile broadened. "Thank you, Sir, I appreciate that."

"Well, Angel, unfortunately I have to go now, I'm off on a business trip tomorrow and I have to prepare."

He was going! Oh no!!  "I totally understand, and I've kept you a long time."

"Not in the least, it's been a real pleasure, and I'll certainly be in touch when I return. Send me any more question you might have and I'll answer them for you."

"Thank you, Sir."
"Before I go I am going to suggest something to you though."

Oh heck, my heart leapt into my throat, what was coming? "OK?"
"I have a friend who's heavily into BDSM, I had a chat with her about you and she's very happy to email you and share her experiences."

He's been chatting about me?? Eeek! Although...... a female perspective, this could be very interesting. "That's very kind of you, thank you. Do you know her well?"

"Yes I know her extremely well, she was my submissive  for over 6 months."

My jaw dropped. Wow, he was going to put me in touch with a former sub, this was amazing and an opportunity not to be missed. "Wow it would be brilliant to chat with her. You're sure she won't mind?"

"If she does I'll cane her!"

Whoa was he serious? "And she'd love it, right?"

 "Indeed she would! Her email address is-  -and you've probably worked out that her name is Lizzy."

"I did wonder lol. Thank you so much for the info, I will get in touch with her." Oh no, I suddenly remembered that my email address uses my real name.

"Good, and if you're worried about anonymity then just set up a new email account with a fake name, maybe angeleyes :) and email her from there."

Now that was spooky, he must be psychic! "That's a really good idea, thank you, Sir."

"My pleasure, now I really must go, but don't forget to send me any questions as you think of them, it'll give me something to look forward to when I get back."

"I will, thank you, and I hope you have a good trip."

"Thank  you. Bye for now, Angel."

"Bye, bye, Sir."

Wow, I felt so excited and elated. When I'd joined FFJ I'd hoped to gain a small insight into the  wonderful world of BDSM, but this was beyond my wildest dreams, not only was I chatting with a real life dominant, I now have the chance to chat with a submissive!

Time to create that new email account me thinks!  :) .....