Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive- Saturday 19th October 2013

Dear Diary

It's Saturday at last. I'd normally have spent the day shopping and drinking with my friends, but I was so excited about browsing FFJ that I cried off with a 'headache'! I was up unnaturally early, made myself a huge cappuccino, then got straight onto the Internet.

I logged into FFJ and my heart skipped a beat, there in the top right hand corner was an envelope icon with the number 3 next to it, I had received messages! I was really nervous as I clicked on them, but my curiosity and excitement far outweighed my nerves.

The first message was from someone called flogmaster, it read- "welcome to the site, I hope you have fun here, and I hope I get the chance to flog you one day!" That made me smile of course.

The second message was from someone called 'smackman', it read- "If ever you desire to be bound, gagged, spanked and fucked let me know ;)" Interesting huh!

And the third message was from someone called 'overmyknee', it read- "Hello angel Eyes, so you'd like to know how it feels would you?". For some strange reason this message sent a tingle running through me, perhaps it was the username? :)

I spent a while looking through the chats and stories, then clicked on a few links, but I kept coming back to that message.

Should I reply?

Would that be inviting too much attention?

But then, they would have no idea who I am or where I live, so what would be the harm.

If it got too intense I always had the option to block them.

It was about 4 hours later when I finally plucked up the courage to type-. "Hello, 'overmyknee, yes I would like to know how it feels." I pressed send and had a grin to myself, I got up to go and make another coffee when I heard a 'ping', it stopped me in my tracks and I turned to look at my PC screen, OMG I had received a reply..... already?!!
My heart began to race.
I tentatively clicked on the message box, it read- "Feel free to ask any questions you like." I smiled broadly to myself, both pleased and relieved.
This was my first opportunity to ask about BDSM and all things related to it. But where do I start? I have so many questions! But they did say to feel free, so I started with the obvious and we began chatting.

"Do you practice BDSM?"
"Yes, I do. It's a professional hobby of mine."
"Wow. And are you dominant or submissive?"
Ooh! "May I ask if you're male or female?"
"Male. I assume you are female?"
"Yes I am."
"And you're shy about all this."
That took me by surprise. "Yes I am, how did you know?"
"I read your profile."
Duh! Time to rescue the situation. "I'm flattered that you took the time to read it."
"And I'm flattered to be chatting with you now."
"Thank you."
"So, what else would you like to know, Angel Eyes?"
He used my name again :) "Well, I have so many questions really, like how you find people to do BDSM with?"
"That's the easy part, there are a lot of people who like to 'play', the difficult part is finding the right one, but I usually go through sites like this one to find someone who suits my style."

"Yes, my style of play. I am quite specific."
"In what way?"
I was so curious now I forgot all about being shy.
"For a start I only play with ladies, who must be aged over 21. I start every session with an over the knee spanking. I'm very traditional and don't use any of the more modern BDSM methods, such as those involving bodily functions or suffocation, hot wax, electrodes etc..."
Over the knee spanking! Tingle time!! I was fascinated. "I must admit your way sounds much better, I've seen clips with electrodes or piercing and couldn't watch them, it's too much for me."
"You really are curious aren't you."
"Yes, very."
"Well, as I said, any questions feel free to ask. I have to go offline for a while now, but send me a message if you like and I'll read it tomorrow."

Oh no! He was going offline!! Darn it!!! "OK, well thank you so much for chatting to me."
"My pleasure. Goodnight, Angel Eyes."


And that was the end of our chat. I felt elated and disappointed all in one.
I was so glad to have asked about BDSM, but wish it had lasted longer. Oh well, maybe he will chat with me again. I really hope so.
Before logging off I did send another message. It read- "Thank you so much again for chatting with me, I would really like to know something else, how does it feel when you dominate someone?"

I eagerly await the answer...

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