Friday, 18 October 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive- Friday 18th October 2013

Dear Diary

Yeah I know, I've had you for months and haven't written anything since my new years resolution (part of which was to make an entry every day....ooops) but you know how it is, you get distracted, have things on your mind....... anyway I fetched you out from the back of a draw as I need to tell you something!

Remember my new years resolution?..... 1st January 2013- I promise myself I will make a change in my life and do something exciting, something totally different, unconventional, perhaps dangerous and more than a bit scary!

Well I made a huge step towards that today.... I finally plucked up the courage to join a fetish Web site!
I found it quite by accident while looking through a video sharing site, you know, one of the naughty ones. It's called Fantastic Fetish Journey and is perfect for those wanting to find out more and learn all about it.

My heart was racing as I entered the web address on Google of course, and as I subscribed to be a member I was trembling so much I had to enter my password twice!

But I did it!

It seems like a great site with chat rooms, blogs and links to online fetish stores etc, so I'm going to take my time looking through all the messages and links.
I did have a quick read through of some of the chat threads and was amazed at how openly members discuss "that thing they do".

I wonder if I'll ever have the courage to join in with a chat?

Oh by the way, my username is Angel Eyes, and my password is...... vanilla ;)

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