Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nic's Tail

( This is a little guest vignette from Bared Anne, who I hope will provide us with many more stories to get our hearts a flutter!)

She was standing in the corner with her panties around her knees and her nose pressed to the wall waiting for him to call her. She loved to play this game with him. The naughty housewife being disciplined for her bad behavior. She knew that he loved to play the game too.

He was sitting on the bed admiring the view. He was letting her wait just a little too long because he loved to watch as she squirmed about. He loved to watch her beautiful ass sway slightly from side to side. Finally, when he sensed that she couldn’t wait any longer he called her to him.

She turned to him and walked slowly toward the bed. This was the moment that she both loved and hated. She knew that even though it was a game, the spanking would be hard. He always spanked her hard. She didn’t know why she loved it so much. She didn’t really like the pain. She loved the intimacy. She loved the feeling of submission. She loved being helpless over his knee being made to take whatever he gave out.
He took her hands and drew her between his spread thighs. He looked deeply into her eyes. He saw her desire and that little bit of fear that he expected. He said “Tell me why you’re about to be spanked.” He knew she didn’t really like this part. But for him it was an important part of the game. He liked to see the pink blush creep into her cheeks. To know that she was just a little embarrassed. He liked to know that she had to tell him that she’d been bad.

For her, this part of the game really wasn’t a game. She always confessed something real. If she’d gone over her budget or had done something she knew he would like. Maybe for her the spanking was really needed and not just wanted. Maybe this was her way of not feeling guilty for doing something she knew he wouldn’t like. She really didn’t know. She only knew that when he placed her over his knee she felt a weight lift from her shoulders. He took his time to position her just as he liked and then she felt his hand rubbing circles on each cheek.

He rubbed her cheeks taking his time to admire the feel of her smooth skin under his palm. He tapped between her thighs making her open them just enough that he could see her pussy lips; puffy and wet poking out between her cheeks. He raised his hand and smacked down hard on her right cheek.

She felt his hand come down on her cheek hard enough to push her against his muscled thigh. She let out a yelp before the second smack landed on her left cheek. Then he started a quick and hard rhythm never giving her the chance to catch her breath between smacks. Never giving the sting a chance to dissipate before the next

blow fell. Each blow building the sting and the heat on her bottom. She began to wiggle around trying to avoid the blows; trying to rub her clit against his thigh.
He watched her cheeks wobble with each blow; loving the groans and yelps he was causing. Loving how red her cheeks were getting. He knew he was giving her what she wanted, what she needed. That knowledge excited him. Feeling her rubbing against his thigh excited him. When her cheeks were a nice bright red he stopped. He rubbed his palm over and around her hot cheeks. He slipped his hand between her thighs and ran his fingers up and down her wet pussy.

She was glad when he stopped spanking. She didn’t think that she could take much more. When she felt his fingers on her pussy she opened her thighs further. She softly begged “please”. She repeated it over and over, like a prayer, like a mantra.

 “Please keep touching me, please make me come. Please, Nic, make me come”.

He heard her pleas. He slipped his fingers high inside her pussy and began to pump them in and out. All the while circling and pressing on her clit with his thumb. He listened to her whimpers and cries. He felt her muscles tensing around his fingers. She held her breath and became very still. He knew that was the moment. He pressed hard on her clit and rammed his fingers in high and hard. She came, clamping down hard on his fingers, screaming his name.

 “Oh Nic, god, Nic.”

She lay there panting, trying to catch her breath. She felt him slip his fingers out of her pussy and pat her ass. She slipped off his knees and knelt between them. She reached up, unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his cock free. She leaned forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She heard his heavy sigh and thought to herself what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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