Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fresher's Week pt2 Justine's Perspective

This story has been inspired by the Twitter images of Sachero07, set in a Britain of perhaps a not too distant future.
A Britain that has reverted to being a matriarchal society, after decades of male led 'boom and bust'.
To further enhance the 'female respect' rulings, the government persuaded the top ten universities to 'volunteer' in a female led mentoring scheme for all of the new intake. So as to make tomorrow's intelligentsia believers of a female led society. Not wanting to be seen as sub-standard establishments all the other universities followed suit.

I must admit, that when I first read about the mentoring scheme being introduced, I was so jealous that I wouldn't be going to a uni where it would be implemented. You really can't imagine my joy when I got the letter to say that the scheme was being introduced nationwide to all new British students, at all places of further education.
I am a big believer in the government's program of Female Respect, in fact my ambition is to work in the party's head office. I don't have any plans to be an MP, but rather to be one of the back room policy makers. In fact,I would go as far as to say that the Prime Minister, Helen Morrison, is my own personal role model, and heroine.
Of course I plan to keep all of these views very much to myself during my time at uni.

Today has been one of the best days of my life, once I was given the time and date for the processing day, I could hardly sleep with excitement. I knew that this Fresher's Week was going to be like none other before it, and I felt a certain pride knowing that I was going to play a part in this landmark experiment!
The morning started of great, right from the moment I entered the reception room. I checked in with the facilitators, and was given my file on who I was going to be mentoring. We were given strict instructions not to open the file until we entered the main hall. This in itself was no problem, as we only had about thirty minutes to wait till our eleven o'clock time slot.
I was also told that I could not talk to any of the boys until after the processing started, again no big deal, as I wanted to soak up the atmosphere, not have idle chit-chat.

When I entered the reception room there was only about two dozen or so people in before me. Needless to say, most of them were female, the males no doubt hanging back till as late as possible before entering. Which I suppose in their position, is quite understandable. After all they were about to lose so much of their personal freedom, but in the long term it will be all for the nations long term good.

I got myself a cup of coffee from the vending machine, and then sat down at a table where I could watch the newcomers arriving. I suppose I could have chatted with the other girls, but to what end?
It was so much more fun watching the down at mouth males troop in. I had no intention of letting any single aspect of today pass me by, and pointless idle gossip was not on my agenda.

I do have to admit that it was rather exciting, seeing each of the males enter the room, none of them really understanding what fate awaited them. Gone was all of the cockiness that I had had to put up with at both school, and six form college. Now they all had that look of condemned men, which to a certain extent, I suppose they were.
They just looked so pathetic, and bewildered, knowing that their cocks were going to be caged, but not knowing how long for. A day, a week, or even till the end of their degree course. Imagine that, three years without being able to orgasm?
Yeah, little wonder they looked so glum, and were so quiet.

Then as the previous intake left, the ten till eleven slot, the boys looked even more miserable. I'm not sure if it was because they knew that their time was near, or if it was seeing the others coming out. Either way, they looked even more disconsolate than ever.

Almost on cue, as I finished my coffee, we were called into the main hall. When I say we, I mean the ladies, the boys had to wait till after we were instructed as to the details of the day.

When we entered the main hall, it was set out in little rows of workstations, each one numbered. Also, the hall smelt strangely like a gym changing room for some reason, I was just taking it all in when one of the facilitators called us all together at the far end of the hall, well away from the door into the reception area.
She introduced herself as Dr. Mayfield, a professor of psychology at the university. She looked odd to say the least, she looked to be around fifty or so I would guess. Short dark hair, greying at the roots, and she wore the scruffiest clothes imaginable, it was as if she had modelled herself on the woman in that old detective series Vera.
First she gave the usual little health and safety run through, pointing out fire exits etc. Then she thanked us all for our participation in this experiment.
Then she started to get interesting, as she said.

“Ladies this could be a huge step forward in building a better, more well run society. You could this very day be taking part in a historic, and bold, start towards a new dawn in the way this nation is run.
For too long, the male orgasm has been at the centre of policies and decision making. I know that may seem an odd thing to say, but Prime Minister after Prime Minister, have been more bothered about their 'legacy', than they have about the well being of the nation, as a whole.
These outdated ideas of 'legacy, are little more than a sham, a base statement of machismo!
Today we start to rectify that sexual driven state of mind. In fact,when you consider the male orgasm it is in fact little more than a small ejaculatory spurt, when all is said and done. It compares in no way to the female orgasm, in it's complexity and significance.
So ladies; it falls into your hands, and your hands alone, to control these machismo tendencies of your charges, and to help them to develop into more caring, and useful individuals. To help them to develop, as both, better rounded personalities, and more attentive lovers!”

This little speech got a round of applause, as she stood to one side to let one of the other facilitators speak.
The second woman was younger, a lot younger, maybe thirty or so, and dressed in a what looked to be a lab technicians coat. She went onto tell us of the more practical things, that we would be doing.

Firstly we had to ask if they had shaved as requested, as pubic hair could cause a problem if it got nipped inside the chastity cage. Anyone who had not shaved, should be sent to her immediately.

Secondly, she advised us, that though our charges sexual release was within our power to deny, or to allow. She would however prefer it, if no release was allowed in the first three weeks. She also explained some of the hygiene issues relating to the chastity cage, and how to cure any possible 'erection problems' that may occur during the processing session.

Thirdly, and finally, she told us to pick an implement of correction, from the three available. We had a choice of, a cane, a tawse, or a wooden paddle. I chose the paddle as I have always been a keen racquet sports player, and the swing of that would suit me best. She also told us that after today we could mix and match with our fellow mentors as, and when it suited us.
Then said something that caused a little murmur of excitement, by way of stamping our authority at the earliest opportunity, we should employ some sort of corporal punishment during the 'processing' hour!

So I headed off to find my workstation, with my charge's file, a paddle, and my leather goody bag. I checked the bag out first. Inside it; was a pair of handcuffs, a ball gag, and four tins of freeze spray, the type you would use for sports injuries.
I also noticed a few tins of the same spray on the table, along with a bowl of iced water. I had however already decided upon using the spray, if the need arose, rather than using the water.

Next I opened the file, and that made interesting reading. My charge was Mark Foreman, he was almost twenty one, nearly three years older than me!
Mark had made the decision, a decision that I imagine he now no doubt regrets, to spend two years working on an archeological dig before taking up his degree. It just got funnier as I read on, not only did he take two years out, but it was two years working on a dig on the Cumbria moors!
Not for him some foreign exotic location, but just freezing his balls off on the northern moors. He does all of that, and then ends up here, getting locked up in chastity for three years, priceless!

I noted that we were both on the same history course, which was to be expected, as that was one of the main criteria for the allocation of the charges.
As I was reading more about his personal life, I noticed a tall slim figure standing looking at me. I recognised Mark from his picture, and invited him to take a seat.

I then spent about ten minutes or so, giving him a load of flimflam about how all of this had been pushed upon me, and I was as nervous as him.
Bless him! The poor lad seemed to believe my little act, I was about to keep up the charade for another few minutes, when I noticed that the girl across from me already had her boy stripped off. So I thought I had better get started as well.
After asking if he was shaved; I reached down to my side, and picked up the plain cardboard box, I then emptied the contents out on the table, so that he could, for the first time, see his chastity cage.

I then made Mark stand by my side, pull up his shirt, and lower his trousers. I could see that his attention had been taken by the antics going on opposite us, the other girl was now whacking the hell out of her boy's bare arse with a tawse. Also, we were now surrounded by the sounds of other chastisements being implemented. Mark seemed more than a little relieved to have me as his mentor, the silly boy.
Once his trousers were down, he stood at a loss as what to do next.
I must admit that I toyed with the idea of cuffing him, but then I thought I would keep those as a little surprise for a later date.

“It's alright Mark, I will see to those, if could just place your hands behind your back for me, and keep them there?” I told him, referring to his blue boxers.

I peeled them down slowly, enjoying his obvious discomfort. Then his half erect cock sprang out of the waistband of his trousers, practically poking me in the face.
OK, I'll be the first to admit that I have very little sexual experience. I've never had a proper boyfriend, as I tended to place more emphasis upon my schoolwork. So other than a couple of half drunk fumbles at parties, I had no real working knowledge of the male body.
So his cock springing at me like that took me by surprise, as I told him.

“Oh dear me! I wasn't expecting that...never mind though, I'm sure that we can work around it.”

I made a point of saying 'we' a lot, as I wanted Mark to feel that this was all teamwork, a young pair of friends making the most out of a bad situation.

As if!

I even gave his cock a friendly little pat, before picking up the base ring of his cage. I opened the ring up, so that it formed a clamp. I then grabbed his balls and pulled them up, so I could get the clamp behind them, and around the base of his penis.
You would not believe the fuss that he made, shouting out like I had just shot him. I know it's supposed to be a sensitive area for men, but really was there any need for all that, I ask you?

Now with all that fussing, and hopping about he had annoyed me. So the next part was I suppose a little cruel, given the circumstances. I picked up a tin of the freeze spray and staring him straight in his eyes, I shook it. I shook it what you would probably call a suggestive manner, reminding him, as if he needed any reminder, of what he was not going to be doing for some time.
Seeing that I now had his full attention, I again pulled his ball sack forward, sprayed behind it, then the front, and for good measure I also gave his still firm penis a good coating.
It had the desired effect as Mark's cock quickly deflated, but I knew I had to work quickly. We had been warned that the coldness would soon turn to heat, and that an erection could also quickly return. So maybe, in hindsight, I was a little too eager in forcing the tube on him. It was a very tight, and going by his groaning, an uncomfortable fit.
I did get manage to get it on him though, and got it nicely lined up with the base ring, so that when I placed the padlock into the guide posts, and clicked it home, the look on his face was one of pained defeat.

I still thought though that he had been really whiny throughout the whole processing. I know it couldn't have been pleasant for him, but he had been well warned in advance of what would be taking place, and I also still had to 'stamp my authority' upon him.
The thought of paddling his backside did cross my mind, then I decided that it was better to keep that in reserve for a latter date. No the best thing for a whiny boy would be an old fashioned bare bottomed hand spanking.
As I stood up, our height difference became clear for the first time, my head only reached the top part of his chest, as he loomed over me. Not that I was bothered by that, as I was the one in control of the situation.

“All that fuss over a little discomfort!” I berated him, as I moved to his chair and sat down. “Well if you are going to behave like a little baby, you will be treated like a one. Come on get over here...and you can have a spanking so you can feel some real discomfort!”

I felt so empowering as he draped himself across my lap. I could feel the hardness of his cage against my jeans, as he settled, somewhat reluctantly over my knees.
I slowly glided my palm over his lightly haired buttocks, I let my thumb slide down into the crease of his arse cheeks, not to deeply, just far enough to cause him to gasp out.

Then I started spanking him, I did not hold back, I wanted him to know from the outset that though I may be small, my arms were strong!
I spanked him good and hard, I wanted his bum cheeks to be ablaze, and after a couple of minutes the were a wonderful shade of scarlet. Mark was moaning and twisting about on my lap, literally begging me to stop. I realised that it was not just the spanking that was causing the pain, it would seem Mark is a little kinky, and was getting turned on.
Turned on, with the cage holding back his erection, I wondered to myself how much that would hurt?

Satisfied that I had indeed stamped my authority, I helped him to his feet and told him.

“Now let that be a little lesson to you. I don't like whiny babies! Keep that in mind and we should get along like a house on fire. Make yourself decent, and we can go for the way, the gentleman pays!”

I even let him pick the restaurant, you see deep down, I like a man who is decisive.


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