Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fresher's Week (part one)

(This story has been inspired by the Twitter images of Sachero07, set in a Britain of perhaps a not too distant future.
A Britain that has reverted to being a matriarchal society, after decades of male led 'boom and bust'.
To further enhance the 'female respect' rulings, the government persuaded the top ten universities to 'volunteer' in a female led mentoring scheme for all of the new intake. So as to make tomorrow's intelligentsia believers of a female led society. Not wanting to be seen as sub-standard establishments all the other universities followed suit.)

The first thing that Mark noticed as he entered the hall was the distinct odour of menthol, the second thing was the way the hall had been set out.
An array of temporary partitioning had been set up, he quickly counted, there was a bank of four, of what could best be described as stalls, not dissimilar to those found at conventions, and exhibitions.
A quick glance, and Mark could see that each 'stall' had a large folding table, and a couple of chairs in it, also each stall had one of his future, female fellow students sitting behind the tables. He checked his card for the umpteenth time; #17, Miss Justine Lee, that was the name of his future mentor, disciplinarian and most importantly, key holder, for possibly the next three years.

Mark was part of the third group to be processed today, he was in the eleven to twelve time slot. When he had arrived at the ante room to the rear of the hall, the room had been clearly marked out, Ladies in one half, Gentleman in the other. They had been warned by the facilitators; who were giving out the cards to the males, and the files to the females, that there should be no talking across the gender lines till after the processing had been finished.
Not that any of the males was in a particularly talkative mood, they all just seemed quite lost in their own thoughts. The girls on the other hand seemed quite excited by what was about to take place. The nearest parallel Mark could draw was the scene after a football match, and the two sets of opposing fans, the victors jubilant, the losers downcast.

At about ten to eleven the hall doors opened, and the previous group came out, in their allocated pairings. As they walked past, Mark saw the distressed looks upon the male faces, he also noticed that the girls, as well as having a smug satisfied look on their faces, they were each carrying what looked to be a laptop case, more worrying though was the fact that several of the cases had canes protruding from them!

The next thing to happen was for the facilitators to usher the girls into the main hall, closing the doors behind them, clearly whatever was being said was not meant to be heard by male ears.

Mark, and his fellow male students sat waiting in nervous silence, it seemed like an age, though it was only a quarter of an hour, till they too were ushered into the hall. It was now clear to Mark that though he only had a number, and a name to go by, his female counterpart would have a complete file about him.

As he walked through the hall, he found number seventeen at the top of the third row. Stall seventeen backed onto twenty one so privacy was not complete, but by the same token his up and coming humiliation was not going to be completely public.
He looked into the stall, there behind the table sat a very young looking small mousy girl. She had dark hair, and a pleasant looking almost bookish demeanour, her eyes though were piercing blue, and they seemed to flash in delight, as she said.

“Hello, you must be Mark, please take a seat.”

Mark nodded, and sat down, still not breaking his silence, as he was at a loss as to what to say in such a strange situation.

“I know this will be a little awkward for both of us,” She said smiling, as if reading his mind. “it really is an odd state of affairs, but we will just have to make the best of it won't we?”

Mark nodded, swallowing hard, his mouth now dry as cinders, as he studied the items on the table. There was a bowl of water, a couple of tins of sport freeze sprays, and most ominously a drilled wooden paddle.

“I see you have noticed the paddle?” Justine said, in a reassuring whisper. “We all had to pick out an instrument of correction, it was either a paddle, a cane, or a leather strap. I chose the paddle as it looked the mildest of the choices. We will probably never have cause to use it though. Will we?”

Despite her kind tone, Mark was still not too sure of the young lady across the table from him.

“I see we are both doing the same course,” Justine continued in a conversational, and casual manner. “that is good. It means we can help each other, and of course I will be able to keep a keen eye on your progress. You do know how this will work don't you?”

“Er...well not really...we have been kept pretty much in the dark about the actual details.” Mark replied truthfully, finally breaking his silence.

“Oh dear! I'll explain things as best as I can. This is basically a mentoring scheme, to help males get through their course work in a more timely fashion than in the past. It would seem that in the past, a lot of time has been wasted partying and seeking sexual gratification rather than being spent on university studies. So to curb this...should we say time management problem...the mentor system has been put in place. Part of the scheme is that the mentors have control of the mentoree's , if there is such a word, sexual release.
So from now on in, an orgasm is to be looked upon as a reward, rather than a right. Hence the need of the males having to be locked in a state of chastity, for the duration of their degree work, or until this experiment is either abandoned...or for that matter expanded upon. Do you understand your situation a bit better now.”

“Yes...thank you Justine.” Mark mumbled, as his eyes fell again upon the paddle.

“Firstly Mark, as a matter of the new decorum, you will address me as Miss Justine, or Miss Lee, at all times. I know it is a bit of a bind, but it is also one of the 'female respect' rules.
Secondly, I see your eyes are upon the paddle again, your are aware that corporal punishment will be used if deemed necessary by a mentor?”

“Yes...Miss Justine.” Mark said struggling to reply.

Then, as if to hammer home Justine's message, Mark heard the sound somewhere to the left of him of someone being caned, he heard the swishing noise and then the report as the cane hit upon the bare skin. It was clear that some of the mentors were wasting no time in flexing their new found muscles, and positions of authority.
Mark was pleased that he seemed to have one of the 'nice girls' as his mentor.

“OK, time marches on as they say,” Justine said, the tone of reluctance in her voice quite clear. “so we had better get this all sorted out.”

She then opened one of the plain brown boxes laying on the floor by her side. Then Mark saw, his plastic chastity cage for the first time, as she laid it out on the table.

“I assume that you have fully shaved the area in question, as per your instructions Mark?”

“Yes miss...” Mark mumbled, knowing that, 'that time', was now upon him.

“Right then let's get it all over with, then we can go for lunch,” Justine said, sadly shrugging her shoulders. “if you could stand up and come over here?”

Mark felt his heart sink as she pointed to a spot on the floor by her side, to the left of her. As Mark stood up, he glanced into the opposite stall, only to see a male stripped completely naked being inspected by his plumpish mentor.
The noise of various chastisements being carried out echoed around the hall, and the mysterious odour of menthol had also now noticeably increased.
Now in his allocated space, Justine said to him, as if she was ordering a cup of coffee.

“Right Mark, if you could roll up your t-shirt, and lower your trousers for me please?”

As he started to roll up his shirt, he could see out of the corner of his eye, the naked male opposite bending across the trestle table, his mentor now standing behind him, with a cruel looking leather strap in her hand, and an equally cruel look in her eyes.
He thanked his lucky stars that he had Justine, instead of her, as he unfastened his trousers. He then clearly saw the other mentor lift her arm, then crash the strap across the naked buttocks before her.
As he lowered his trousers, another flashing whack of the strap took place across from him. Watching his counterpart being punished, was having a strange, and surprising physical effect upon Mark, as he felt his penis now starting to tumesce.
He then felt rather foolish, standing next to Justine, his hands hovering at the waistband of his boxers, awaiting for further instructions from his young mentor.

“It's alright Mark, I will see to those, if could just place your hands behind your back for me, and keep them there?” She said, in her quiet calm assuring voice.

Once Mark had complied with her wishes, Justine, rather theatrically lowered his boxer shorts, only for his semi erect penis to bob up in front of her nose.

“Oh dear me! I wasn't expecting that...” She said with slight annoyance, and surprise in her voice. “never mind though, I'm sure that we can work around it.”

She then patted the head of his penis, as a person would pat a dog or a cat. Then it ran through Mark's mind, his cock was indeed going to be her pet for the immediate, and foreseeable future.

Justine then picked a large ring from out of the box, and clicked it open, one end was hinged so that the ring made an open clamp. Her left hand rather roughly grabbed Mark's balls pushing them up towards the shaft of his cock.

“Aaargh...please that hurts!” Mark called out in anguish.

“Shush! Stop being such a baby...this will be over soon enough.” Justine hissed, all of her previous tenderness now deserting her voice.

Justine then quickly clicked the ring shut behind Mark's balls, and around the base of his penis.

“See it wasn't so are such babies!” She scolded Mark, giving his penis a firm slap, she then added. “We now have to rectify this, so it will fit in it's little cage won't we?”

With that, Justine picked up a tin of the freeze spray and started to vigourously shake it's contents. All the time her sparkling blue eyes were locked upon Mark's, a mocking smile now upon her face. Once satisfied that the can had been agitated enough, she then liberally sprayed all of Mark's genital area, the shock of the cold struck him immediately, as did the strong smell of menthol. The spray did it's job, as Mark's cock quickly went limp, and shrunk back to a more workable size for Justine's plans.

She quickly slipped the plastic tube over Marks flaccid manhood, causing him even more distress as the cold turned to a burning heat.
Then he heard the little padlock click...he was now locked.
His sexuality now a thing out of his own control, now it was solely in her, clearly, capricious hands.

“All that fuss over a little discomfort!” Justine said, as she stood up in front of Mark.

Mark looked down upon Justine, now realising just how small his mentor was, she could only be just a shade over five foot, not even coming up to Mark's shoulders. Yet here she was, scolding him like he was a little child.

“Well if you are going to behave like a little baby, you will be treat like one.” Justine said as she sat on Mark's vacated chair, and patted her lap. “Come on get over here...and you can have a spanking so you can feel some real discomfort!”

So despite Justine's implied earlier promises, here he was, draping himself over her lap, so she could smack his bare bottom.
Despite her lack of stature, Justine certainly had plenty of strength in her arms as Mark soon found out. It only took her a minute or so to have Mark's bottom cheeks burning as much as his balls were earlier.
The scent of her, her intimate closeness, her scolding words while she chastised him, were now effecting him. As earlier, while watching the strapping of the other student, he was being excited at the basest of levels. This time though, with his cock so securely caged, he had no room for growth.
The pain in his cock was much, much, worse than that being inflicted upon his bottom. Despite his mind knowing that an erection was a physical impossibility, it did not stop his body from trying to attain one.
This was a pain of a kind he had never felt before, this pain coupled with the humiliation that he had just endured...was..exquisite beyond words!
Once he had reached the point where Justine had him pleading for mercy, she finally stopped, and helped him back to his feet.

“Now let that be a little lesson to you. I don't like whiny babies! Keep that in mind and we should get along like a house on fire.” Justine told him, her voice slowly returning to it's previous, amicable level. “Make yourself decent, and we can go for the way, the gentleman pays!”

Somethings never change then, Mark thought to himself as he pulled his clothing back up.


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