Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Reluctant Bloggers Comeuppance

Well, an interesting situation indeed. You probably think yourself innocent of any sin, and not in need of discipline?
How wrong you are upon that count, to hide one's talent is indeed a sin would you not think?
A sin well worthy of chastisement, but in what form would the chastisement take, and exactly why?

You see your writing is both, interesting, and enlightening. The problem is, the sparsity of that writing, to open a blog, and to then not make a firm attempt at keeping it in order, is in my humble opinion a sin.
So there hangs the tale, or in your case, where hangs the tail!

It would be clear that the best way to start proceedings would be with you over my lap. It would be both, traditional, and an effective start.
I say start, because that is what it would be, it would be the precursor to the real, very real, paddling.
As I am a gentleman, and as such, for the most part, gentle in my nature. I would never consider unleashing the paddle upon an unwarmed bottom. You see this paddle in question is not a toy, or a token plaything, it is like Evander Holyfield, the real deal! 
However, we can come to the paddle later, first we need to dispense the hand spankings. Yes you did not read that wrong, and no, I did not type it incorrectly.
Spankings it is, for there will need to be more than one, to set you in the proper frame of mind.

Now the thorny issue of how you view corporal punishment, is it sexual, or psychological?

Either way, we both know, that at the end of the day, a certain amount of bare skin is going to be on view, with whatever shame or excitement that may generate within you.

Next is how would you be dressed?
Something summery I think, with this weather that we are enjoying at the moment, a long floaty summer dress, or skirt, you may decide upon which.

Rest assured though, as you go over my knee, whatever your choice is, will soon be lifted out of the way.
So now you are thinking that I plan to lift your skirt to spank you upon your knickered behind?
How wrong that assumption would very wrong!

To get the most in the way of contrite humiliation from you, I'm afraid that it is you who will be the one who has to lift your skirt clear of your knickers. You will be the one exposing your very own underwear to my fascinated gaze.
I wonder what you will choose to wear, something sensible, and Bridget Jones like, or maybe you plan to tantalise and tease me, in the vain hope of decreasing your punishment.
I will see soon enough, as your fingers go to the hem, and you slowly, nervously lift the garment clear, of first your thighs, and then your crotch.

I let you wait a while before ordering you across my lap, I let you wait so we can both savour your shame for a moment or two. Fear not though, this shame is nothing to what awaits you.

Once across my lap, we can begin.
I say we, because this will be very much a joint effort, both of us to play out our parts to the full. For myself, I intend to be firm in my admonishments of your behaviour, though not a spanking frenzy, more a methodical covering of both the seat of your knickers, and the tops of your thighs.
What will you do though, what part shall you play? The stoic heroine, unfazed by my attentions, or will you be reverted back to a bratty teen? We shall have to see.

As I pointed out earlier, your shame will have hardly begun, with the lifting of your skirts. We both know deep down that the knickers have to go at some point, don't we?
Perhaps you have some idea lurking in your head that I will, sometime during your spanking across my lap, simply tug them down over the magnificent roundness of your behind. Which indeed would be a nice thought for another time. On this occasion however, a little more humiliation is called for. I help you back to your feet, your bottom now stinging, though not in great pain.
I then lead you from the chair to the bed, the look of uncertainty on your face is a sheer delight to behold.

"Lie down on your back please..." I tell you, no nastiness in my voice, just a plain request. "lie right back, so we can continue your little warm up."

As you get into position across the bed, I again raise your skirt clear of your hips, then my fingers hook into the waistband of your knickers, I slowly, very slowly, tug them down. My eyes alternate, from looking deep into your eyes, to looking at the job in hand.
I need you to be fully aware of my interest in your denuding, I pull the garment right down, and over your feet, then I throw your underwear to one side.
Is there not something so much more exquisite about being partially bared rather than fully nude?
The way you know that your most private of all parts is now on display, but the rest of your body is still quite decorously covered. Do you not think that, that just adds to the tension and shame?
I lift your legs, by placing my hands under your calves, then I request that you hold your legs in place for me, by gripping at the backs of your knees.
As you will already be aware, this is known as the diaper position. Is there any other way to be placed for a spanking that is more revealing than this one?
If there is, I can't think of it. I can't think of another position, whereby both the bottom, and the genitalia are displayed in such a way.
I allow us both a couple of moments to assess your situation fully, for me to drink in the tantalising view, and for you to become completely aware of the lewdness of your situation.
Then the spanking restarts, now though the pace is quicker, the impact less sharp, but the speed at which my hand is applied more than makes up for that.
I watch as you struggle with both the mental and physical uncomfortableness of your situation, my hand adding to your distress, as it seems to paint your cheeks rosy red, until you do indeed have your very own rosy tail.
The strain of holding yourself in place for this chastisement is now clearly telling upon your face, as you look to be almost upon the verge of tears. So I stop.

Again, the true gentleman that I am, I help you to your feet.
Always aware of your comfort, I take the pillows, and place one on top of the other. I then remove the paddle from my sports bag, you see it for the first time, and I notice you swallow hard. Is that in fear, or in sweet anticipation I wonder?

I then invite you across the pillows, and I lean forward and whisper "five" into your ear.
So you think to yourself "five that's no problem", do you still think that after the first pop lands upon your left cheek. The hard ash making a resounding crack at it's application.
By the time you have had the fourth pop, the initial gasps from earlier, are replaced by the sound of pain filled moans.

I lean forward again and whisper into your ear, "which cheek do you want the fifth pop on".

I await your reply.

                                                               THE END

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