Thursday, 28 November 2013


Due to some personal issues and work commitments, I will not be able to post any further stories till February of next year.
So I would like to take this opportunity, to wish all of our readers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive - Sunday 20th October (next page)

I was feeling weak at the knees, good thing I was sitting down...... although if 'overmyknee' had his way I wouldn't be able to sit down!

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl :)"

I was blushing furiously now, not knowing what to say next, but I did still have lots of questions. "May I ask you more questions please, Sir?"

"Of course, anything you like."

"How long have you been into BDSM?"

"Do you mean interested, or practising?"

"Both really."

"I've been interested in it ever since I can remember, there were references to spanking and corporal punishment in quite a few books when I was a child, and the idea of it always turned me on. I've been practising it for about 14 years though."

"Yes I know what you mean, I sometimes used to read it in books and it always gave me a 'tingle', but it seemed very taboo back then."

"Which begs the obvious question, my dear, how old are you?"

Uh oh, a personal question. What to do? Be honest, after all no harm can come from it. "I'm 29,Sir."

"I see, so yes it would have been very taboo when you were a young girl, corporal punishment was definitely on the way out, and quite right too, and the BDSM side of things was hardly mentioned. Fortunately times have changed and people are able to pursue their interest in all things bondage and spanking"

"Hooray to that!" I typed with a cheer.

"Ha ha, hooray indeed!"

I was beginning to feel bold again. "So, you know how old I am......!"

"True, I do."

Argh he was going to make me work for this. "Can I ask how old you are?"

"You can ask, but you have to do it properly!"

Oh heck. "Can I ask how old you are please, Sir?"

"That's better, remember you'll earn you a trip over my knee of you're not careful."

TINGLE! "Sorry, Sir."

"I'm 32."

Wow and I thought he seemed so much older than that. I was thrown. "Only a few years older than me then?"

"Yes, does that bother you?"

"No not at all, I was just expecting you to be older."


"Well, you sound so grown up and mature."

"Is that a compliment?"

"Yes certainly, don't get me wrong but most men of your age seem pretty clueless and immature."

"Then I'm glad I'm not one of them! Seriously though with my past time it's essential to be mature and sensible."

OK so I'd not thought of it like that before, and it made so much sense. "Yes of course it is."

"Dominance is about being in charge, not just in charge of your submissive, but also yourself."

"Yes, I'm beginning to realise that, you have to be able to control yourself so your submissive can trust you."

"Exactly, and without trust you have nothing."

I thought about my own life, the lack of trust I've always had. "I can't imagine being able to trust someone enough to let them do things to you."

"It can happen, I assure you. Trust me."

Was there a double meaning in that? Was it an invitation or just a statement?? It was all beginning to feel very intense, but the thing was, for some strange reason, I did trust him. "I believe you, Sir."

"Good girl..... may I call you Angel?"

That made me smile. "Yes of course :)."

"I'm assuming it's not your real name, but I like it, and I totally understand you wanting to remain anonymous."

My smile broadened. "Thank you, Sir, I appreciate that."

"Well, Angel, unfortunately I have to go now, I'm off on a business trip tomorrow and I have to prepare."

He was going! Oh no!!  "I totally understand, and I've kept you a long time."

"Not in the least, it's been a real pleasure, and I'll certainly be in touch when I return. Send me any more question you might have and I'll answer them for you."

"Thank you, Sir."
"Before I go I am going to suggest something to you though."

Oh heck, my heart leapt into my throat, what was coming? "OK?"
"I have a friend who's heavily into BDSM, I had a chat with her about you and she's very happy to email you and share her experiences."

He's been chatting about me?? Eeek! Although...... a female perspective, this could be very interesting. "That's very kind of you, thank you. Do you know her well?"

"Yes I know her extremely well, she was my submissive  for over 6 months."

My jaw dropped. Wow, he was going to put me in touch with a former sub, this was amazing and an opportunity not to be missed. "Wow it would be brilliant to chat with her. You're sure she won't mind?"

"If she does I'll cane her!"

Whoa was he serious? "And she'd love it, right?"

 "Indeed she would! Her email address is-  -and you've probably worked out that her name is Lizzy."

"I did wonder lol. Thank you so much for the info, I will get in touch with her." Oh no, I suddenly remembered that my email address uses my real name.

"Good, and if you're worried about anonymity then just set up a new email account with a fake name, maybe angeleyes :) and email her from there."

Now that was spooky, he must be psychic! "That's a really good idea, thank you, Sir."

"My pleasure, now I really must go, but don't forget to send me any questions as you think of them, it'll give me something to look forward to when I get back."

"I will, thank you, and I hope you have a good trip."

"Thank  you. Bye for now, Angel."

"Bye, bye, Sir."

Wow, I felt so excited and elated. When I'd joined FFJ I'd hoped to gain a small insight into the  wonderful world of BDSM, but this was beyond my wildest dreams, not only was I chatting with a real life dominant, I now have the chance to chat with a submissive!

Time to create that new email account me thinks!  :) .....

Friday, 25 October 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive - Sunday 20th October

Dear diary

Wow I was up unnaturally early today, I'd normally have a long Sunday morning lie it, but I was too excited to see if I'd had a reply from 'overmyknee'..... OMG even the name is enough to make me tingle!

I logged in to FFJ while the kettle was boiling, and there was a message! Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was from 'mrwhippy', it read- "hey mistress, how about hooking up so we can be naughty?" I decided to just delete that one!

I had my 2 coffee's to wake myself up properly, then caught up on some much needed chores, using all my willpower to stay off the Internet. I did the vacuuming, dusting, put the laundry on... it sounds a lot but my little bedsit doesn't really take long to spruce up... then by 11am I could wait no longer. I checked into FFJ again and found another message...this one was from him! My heart did that leaping about thing as I read it-
"That's a very good question, Angel Eyes, and something I'd not really thought about before. I'm sure it's different for everyone, but for me it gives a great sense of power and control. This only works when I have the right sort of lady to dominate though."

"What do you mean, the right sort of lady?"

"She must be over 21, sensible and well educated, have long hair and above all be obedient with a hint of rebellion. She doesn't have to be thin or athletic, although she has to be fit enough to cope with bondage and role play."

I read it through a few times, and had to ask the question. "Why long hair?"

"Because, young lady, I like to pull naughty lady's by their hair, especially while I'm spanking them over my knee!"

Oh my! I felt a tingling in my lady parts and couldn't help clenching my butt cheeks. What do I say now? Just keep it going I told myself. "Oh I see, so short haired ladies are out then?"

"Haha, yes my dear, but if their hair is too short they can always come back to me when it's grown long enough."

I had to laugh at that. "At least I know there's hope for me then :)" As soon as I pressed send I kicked myself. What on earth did I say that for?

"So, you'd like to be my submissive would you?"

Eeek, my mind began racing, what had I done! Calm down woman! "I think it would be a lot of fun, so yes, maybe someday I would like to be your submissive :)" Note to self, get your blood pressure checked!

"And I'm sure you'd make a wonderful submissive."

"Really? Thank you."

"Yes really, but I wonder if you could be naughty too?"

"Oh I know I can be naughty." Did I just admit that? I really need to stop and think before I type!!

"In that case, Angel Eyes, you need a good spanking."

Ohhhhh, tingle time again. "Do I?"

"Yes, definitely."

I thought I was going to explode. Did I have the nerve to ask? It seems I did. Well here goes I thought to myself! "And, how would you go about that?"  My heart raced as I anticipated his reply, and it seemed to take forever.

"Under normal circumstances you would be naked, but as you're new to this, and I'm a gentleman, I would let you keep your bra and panties on. Firstly, I would have you kneel in front of me with your hands on your head. I would lecture you on your naughty behaviour and make you ask to be punished for it. I would tell you that you are bad girl, and that I'm going to give you a good spanking. Then I would take you across my left knee, making sure your bottom was raised to the correct position, then I would place my right leg across your legs to hold you in place and stop you kicking. After making sure you were comfortable I would begin spanking your bottom, softly at first, then I would gradually increase the force, allowing the heat to build up. Eventually I would be spanking you soundly, turning your cheeks a nice rosy pink. As you squeal and writhe I would hold you more firmly, to ensure you can't escape, then there would be a short pause while I pull down your panties. Despite your protests I would continue spanking you on your bare bottom until I believed you'd learnt your lesson. By the time I finish your bottom would be a nice crimson and you would be sobbing, thoroughly chastised and repentant. I would keep you across my knee, rubbing your sore cheeks and telling you all is forgiven, then I would lift you up and hold you in my arms to soothe you and let you know you'd done well to accept your punishment."

My mouth was gaping, I could hardly breathe, and my right hand was inside my jogging bottoms working eagerly at my clitoris. In a matter of seconds I had worked myself to a massive orgasm, then had several more in close succession. OMG what an enormous turn on! My hand was wet with my own juice and I had to dry it before typing my reply. But what to say? It was obvious. "Wow that sounds wonderful!" I could imagine him smiling now.

"Enjoy that did you?"

"Oh yes, definitely."

"Yes what?"

Oh my goodness, I knew what that meant but I don't know how. "Yes, Sir."

"That's better, remember that in future, young lady or that spanking will become a reality!"

Oh I do hope so :)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive- Saturday 19th October 2013

Dear Diary

It's Saturday at last. I'd normally have spent the day shopping and drinking with my friends, but I was so excited about browsing FFJ that I cried off with a 'headache'! I was up unnaturally early, made myself a huge cappuccino, then got straight onto the Internet.

I logged into FFJ and my heart skipped a beat, there in the top right hand corner was an envelope icon with the number 3 next to it, I had received messages! I was really nervous as I clicked on them, but my curiosity and excitement far outweighed my nerves.

The first message was from someone called flogmaster, it read- "welcome to the site, I hope you have fun here, and I hope I get the chance to flog you one day!" That made me smile of course.

The second message was from someone called 'smackman', it read- "If ever you desire to be bound, gagged, spanked and fucked let me know ;)" Interesting huh!

And the third message was from someone called 'overmyknee', it read- "Hello angel Eyes, so you'd like to know how it feels would you?". For some strange reason this message sent a tingle running through me, perhaps it was the username? :)

I spent a while looking through the chats and stories, then clicked on a few links, but I kept coming back to that message.

Should I reply?

Would that be inviting too much attention?

But then, they would have no idea who I am or where I live, so what would be the harm.

If it got too intense I always had the option to block them.

It was about 4 hours later when I finally plucked up the courage to type-. "Hello, 'overmyknee, yes I would like to know how it feels." I pressed send and had a grin to myself, I got up to go and make another coffee when I heard a 'ping', it stopped me in my tracks and I turned to look at my PC screen, OMG I had received a reply..... already?!!
My heart began to race.
I tentatively clicked on the message box, it read- "Feel free to ask any questions you like." I smiled broadly to myself, both pleased and relieved.
This was my first opportunity to ask about BDSM and all things related to it. But where do I start? I have so many questions! But they did say to feel free, so I started with the obvious and we began chatting.

"Do you practice BDSM?"
"Yes, I do. It's a professional hobby of mine."
"Wow. And are you dominant or submissive?"
Ooh! "May I ask if you're male or female?"
"Male. I assume you are female?"
"Yes I am."
"And you're shy about all this."
That took me by surprise. "Yes I am, how did you know?"
"I read your profile."
Duh! Time to rescue the situation. "I'm flattered that you took the time to read it."
"And I'm flattered to be chatting with you now."
"Thank you."
"So, what else would you like to know, Angel Eyes?"
He used my name again :) "Well, I have so many questions really, like how you find people to do BDSM with?"
"That's the easy part, there are a lot of people who like to 'play', the difficult part is finding the right one, but I usually go through sites like this one to find someone who suits my style."

"Yes, my style of play. I am quite specific."
"In what way?"
I was so curious now I forgot all about being shy.
"For a start I only play with ladies, who must be aged over 21. I start every session with an over the knee spanking. I'm very traditional and don't use any of the more modern BDSM methods, such as those involving bodily functions or suffocation, hot wax, electrodes etc..."
Over the knee spanking! Tingle time!! I was fascinated. "I must admit your way sounds much better, I've seen clips with electrodes or piercing and couldn't watch them, it's too much for me."
"You really are curious aren't you."
"Yes, very."
"Well, as I said, any questions feel free to ask. I have to go offline for a while now, but send me a message if you like and I'll read it tomorrow."

Oh no! He was going offline!! Darn it!!! "OK, well thank you so much for chatting to me."
"My pleasure. Goodnight, Angel Eyes."


And that was the end of our chat. I felt elated and disappointed all in one.
I was so glad to have asked about BDSM, but wish it had lasted longer. Oh well, maybe he will chat with me again. I really hope so.
Before logging off I did send another message. It read- "Thank you so much again for chatting with me, I would really like to know something else, how does it feel when you dominate someone?"

I eagerly await the answer...

Friday, 18 October 2013

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive- Friday 18th October 2013..... addition...

OK so I had to create a profile on Fantastic Fetish Journey....  FFJ for short, I didn't want to put anything personal about myself for obvious reasons, but I thought it might be a good idea to explain why I joined, so I wrote this.......

For years I've dreamt about exploring my lifelong fascination with submission and discipline, but I've been far too shy and nervous.
At first I was sure if I tried looking it up online the police would arrive on my doorstep and confiscate my laptop. Silly I know, but it's such a taboo subject.

Of course curiosity is relentless so I did eventually reason with my subconscious and start exploring, first I just looked up spanking, that produced millions of results! Then as the weeks went on I began watching videos and reading blogs.
I started searching for more about dominants and submissives or BDSM as it's called, and I soon realised that's what turned me on the most. I loved seeing a young woman being tethered to a large wooden cross, then being spanked, flogged, and intimately played with, it led to many happy private moments :) 
I wanted to know more about it but didn't know where to start, and shyness still got in my way. Then, one day, I was browsing a video site and spotted a link to another website... this one... and I decided to check it out. I was disappointed when I realised it was members only as I had no intention of giving my details to a 'naughty' site, but I kept thinking about it and eventually decided to go for it.
I had a couple of vodkas to give me courage, then I joined up!
So here I am, and I love this site.
I'm really only here to find out more about it, but in time I'd like to chat with people that actually do it and find out how it feels...... :)

I'm hoping that will be ok and people won't think I'm crazy!

Angel Eyes- Diary of a submissive- Friday 18th October 2013

Dear Diary

Yeah I know, I've had you for months and haven't written anything since my new years resolution (part of which was to make an entry every day....ooops) but you know how it is, you get distracted, have things on your mind....... anyway I fetched you out from the back of a draw as I need to tell you something!

Remember my new years resolution?..... 1st January 2013- I promise myself I will make a change in my life and do something exciting, something totally different, unconventional, perhaps dangerous and more than a bit scary!

Well I made a huge step towards that today.... I finally plucked up the courage to join a fetish Web site!
I found it quite by accident while looking through a video sharing site, you know, one of the naughty ones. It's called Fantastic Fetish Journey and is perfect for those wanting to find out more and learn all about it.

My heart was racing as I entered the web address on Google of course, and as I subscribed to be a member I was trembling so much I had to enter my password twice!

But I did it!

It seems like a great site with chat rooms, blogs and links to online fetish stores etc, so I'm going to take my time looking through all the messages and links.
I did have a quick read through of some of the chat threads and was amazed at how openly members discuss "that thing they do".

I wonder if I'll ever have the courage to join in with a chat?

Oh by the way, my username is Angel Eyes, and my password is...... vanilla ;)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nic's Tail

( This is a little guest vignette from Bared Anne, who I hope will provide us with many more stories to get our hearts a flutter!)

She was standing in the corner with her panties around her knees and her nose pressed to the wall waiting for him to call her. She loved to play this game with him. The naughty housewife being disciplined for her bad behavior. She knew that he loved to play the game too.

He was sitting on the bed admiring the view. He was letting her wait just a little too long because he loved to watch as she squirmed about. He loved to watch her beautiful ass sway slightly from side to side. Finally, when he sensed that she couldn’t wait any longer he called her to him.

She turned to him and walked slowly toward the bed. This was the moment that she both loved and hated. She knew that even though it was a game, the spanking would be hard. He always spanked her hard. She didn’t know why she loved it so much. She didn’t really like the pain. She loved the intimacy. She loved the feeling of submission. She loved being helpless over his knee being made to take whatever he gave out.
He took her hands and drew her between his spread thighs. He looked deeply into her eyes. He saw her desire and that little bit of fear that he expected. He said “Tell me why you’re about to be spanked.” He knew she didn’t really like this part. But for him it was an important part of the game. He liked to see the pink blush creep into her cheeks. To know that she was just a little embarrassed. He liked to know that she had to tell him that she’d been bad.

For her, this part of the game really wasn’t a game. She always confessed something real. If she’d gone over her budget or had done something she knew he would like. Maybe for her the spanking was really needed and not just wanted. Maybe this was her way of not feeling guilty for doing something she knew he wouldn’t like. She really didn’t know. She only knew that when he placed her over his knee she felt a weight lift from her shoulders. He took his time to position her just as he liked and then she felt his hand rubbing circles on each cheek.

He rubbed her cheeks taking his time to admire the feel of her smooth skin under his palm. He tapped between her thighs making her open them just enough that he could see her pussy lips; puffy and wet poking out between her cheeks. He raised his hand and smacked down hard on her right cheek.

She felt his hand come down on her cheek hard enough to push her against his muscled thigh. She let out a yelp before the second smack landed on her left cheek. Then he started a quick and hard rhythm never giving her the chance to catch her breath between smacks. Never giving the sting a chance to dissipate before the next

blow fell. Each blow building the sting and the heat on her bottom. She began to wiggle around trying to avoid the blows; trying to rub her clit against his thigh.
He watched her cheeks wobble with each blow; loving the groans and yelps he was causing. Loving how red her cheeks were getting. He knew he was giving her what she wanted, what she needed. That knowledge excited him. Feeling her rubbing against his thigh excited him. When her cheeks were a nice bright red he stopped. He rubbed his palm over and around her hot cheeks. He slipped his hand between her thighs and ran his fingers up and down her wet pussy.

She was glad when he stopped spanking. She didn’t think that she could take much more. When she felt his fingers on her pussy she opened her thighs further. She softly begged “please”. She repeated it over and over, like a prayer, like a mantra.

 “Please keep touching me, please make me come. Please, Nic, make me come”.

He heard her pleas. He slipped his fingers high inside her pussy and began to pump them in and out. All the while circling and pressing on her clit with his thumb. He listened to her whimpers and cries. He felt her muscles tensing around his fingers. She held her breath and became very still. He knew that was the moment. He pressed hard on her clit and rammed his fingers in high and hard. She came, clamping down hard on his fingers, screaming his name.

 “Oh Nic, god, Nic.”

She lay there panting, trying to catch her breath. She felt him slip his fingers out of her pussy and pat her ass. She slipped off his knees and knelt between them. She reached up, unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his cock free. She leaned forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She heard his heavy sigh and thought to herself what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fresher's Week pt2 Justine's Perspective

This story has been inspired by the Twitter images of Sachero07, set in a Britain of perhaps a not too distant future.
A Britain that has reverted to being a matriarchal society, after decades of male led 'boom and bust'.
To further enhance the 'female respect' rulings, the government persuaded the top ten universities to 'volunteer' in a female led mentoring scheme for all of the new intake. So as to make tomorrow's intelligentsia believers of a female led society. Not wanting to be seen as sub-standard establishments all the other universities followed suit.

I must admit, that when I first read about the mentoring scheme being introduced, I was so jealous that I wouldn't be going to a uni where it would be implemented. You really can't imagine my joy when I got the letter to say that the scheme was being introduced nationwide to all new British students, at all places of further education.
I am a big believer in the government's program of Female Respect, in fact my ambition is to work in the party's head office. I don't have any plans to be an MP, but rather to be one of the back room policy makers. In fact,I would go as far as to say that the Prime Minister, Helen Morrison, is my own personal role model, and heroine.
Of course I plan to keep all of these views very much to myself during my time at uni.

Today has been one of the best days of my life, once I was given the time and date for the processing day, I could hardly sleep with excitement. I knew that this Fresher's Week was going to be like none other before it, and I felt a certain pride knowing that I was going to play a part in this landmark experiment!
The morning started of great, right from the moment I entered the reception room. I checked in with the facilitators, and was given my file on who I was going to be mentoring. We were given strict instructions not to open the file until we entered the main hall. This in itself was no problem, as we only had about thirty minutes to wait till our eleven o'clock time slot.
I was also told that I could not talk to any of the boys until after the processing started, again no big deal, as I wanted to soak up the atmosphere, not have idle chit-chat.

When I entered the reception room there was only about two dozen or so people in before me. Needless to say, most of them were female, the males no doubt hanging back till as late as possible before entering. Which I suppose in their position, is quite understandable. After all they were about to lose so much of their personal freedom, but in the long term it will be all for the nations long term good.

I got myself a cup of coffee from the vending machine, and then sat down at a table where I could watch the newcomers arriving. I suppose I could have chatted with the other girls, but to what end?
It was so much more fun watching the down at mouth males troop in. I had no intention of letting any single aspect of today pass me by, and pointless idle gossip was not on my agenda.

I do have to admit that it was rather exciting, seeing each of the males enter the room, none of them really understanding what fate awaited them. Gone was all of the cockiness that I had had to put up with at both school, and six form college. Now they all had that look of condemned men, which to a certain extent, I suppose they were.
They just looked so pathetic, and bewildered, knowing that their cocks were going to be caged, but not knowing how long for. A day, a week, or even till the end of their degree course. Imagine that, three years without being able to orgasm?
Yeah, little wonder they looked so glum, and were so quiet.

Then as the previous intake left, the ten till eleven slot, the boys looked even more miserable. I'm not sure if it was because they knew that their time was near, or if it was seeing the others coming out. Either way, they looked even more disconsolate than ever.

Almost on cue, as I finished my coffee, we were called into the main hall. When I say we, I mean the ladies, the boys had to wait till after we were instructed as to the details of the day.

When we entered the main hall, it was set out in little rows of workstations, each one numbered. Also, the hall smelt strangely like a gym changing room for some reason, I was just taking it all in when one of the facilitators called us all together at the far end of the hall, well away from the door into the reception area.
She introduced herself as Dr. Mayfield, a professor of psychology at the university. She looked odd to say the least, she looked to be around fifty or so I would guess. Short dark hair, greying at the roots, and she wore the scruffiest clothes imaginable, it was as if she had modelled herself on the woman in that old detective series Vera.
First she gave the usual little health and safety run through, pointing out fire exits etc. Then she thanked us all for our participation in this experiment.
Then she started to get interesting, as she said.

“Ladies this could be a huge step forward in building a better, more well run society. You could this very day be taking part in a historic, and bold, start towards a new dawn in the way this nation is run.
For too long, the male orgasm has been at the centre of policies and decision making. I know that may seem an odd thing to say, but Prime Minister after Prime Minister, have been more bothered about their 'legacy', than they have about the well being of the nation, as a whole.
These outdated ideas of 'legacy, are little more than a sham, a base statement of machismo!
Today we start to rectify that sexual driven state of mind. In fact,when you consider the male orgasm it is in fact little more than a small ejaculatory spurt, when all is said and done. It compares in no way to the female orgasm, in it's complexity and significance.
So ladies; it falls into your hands, and your hands alone, to control these machismo tendencies of your charges, and to help them to develop into more caring, and useful individuals. To help them to develop, as both, better rounded personalities, and more attentive lovers!”

This little speech got a round of applause, as she stood to one side to let one of the other facilitators speak.
The second woman was younger, a lot younger, maybe thirty or so, and dressed in a what looked to be a lab technicians coat. She went onto tell us of the more practical things, that we would be doing.

Firstly we had to ask if they had shaved as requested, as pubic hair could cause a problem if it got nipped inside the chastity cage. Anyone who had not shaved, should be sent to her immediately.

Secondly, she advised us, that though our charges sexual release was within our power to deny, or to allow. She would however prefer it, if no release was allowed in the first three weeks. She also explained some of the hygiene issues relating to the chastity cage, and how to cure any possible 'erection problems' that may occur during the processing session.

Thirdly, and finally, she told us to pick an implement of correction, from the three available. We had a choice of, a cane, a tawse, or a wooden paddle. I chose the paddle as I have always been a keen racquet sports player, and the swing of that would suit me best. She also told us that after today we could mix and match with our fellow mentors as, and when it suited us.
Then said something that caused a little murmur of excitement, by way of stamping our authority at the earliest opportunity, we should employ some sort of corporal punishment during the 'processing' hour!

So I headed off to find my workstation, with my charge's file, a paddle, and my leather goody bag. I checked the bag out first. Inside it; was a pair of handcuffs, a ball gag, and four tins of freeze spray, the type you would use for sports injuries.
I also noticed a few tins of the same spray on the table, along with a bowl of iced water. I had however already decided upon using the spray, if the need arose, rather than using the water.

Next I opened the file, and that made interesting reading. My charge was Mark Foreman, he was almost twenty one, nearly three years older than me!
Mark had made the decision, a decision that I imagine he now no doubt regrets, to spend two years working on an archeological dig before taking up his degree. It just got funnier as I read on, not only did he take two years out, but it was two years working on a dig on the Cumbria moors!
Not for him some foreign exotic location, but just freezing his balls off on the northern moors. He does all of that, and then ends up here, getting locked up in chastity for three years, priceless!

I noted that we were both on the same history course, which was to be expected, as that was one of the main criteria for the allocation of the charges.
As I was reading more about his personal life, I noticed a tall slim figure standing looking at me. I recognised Mark from his picture, and invited him to take a seat.

I then spent about ten minutes or so, giving him a load of flimflam about how all of this had been pushed upon me, and I was as nervous as him.
Bless him! The poor lad seemed to believe my little act, I was about to keep up the charade for another few minutes, when I noticed that the girl across from me already had her boy stripped off. So I thought I had better get started as well.
After asking if he was shaved; I reached down to my side, and picked up the plain cardboard box, I then emptied the contents out on the table, so that he could, for the first time, see his chastity cage.

I then made Mark stand by my side, pull up his shirt, and lower his trousers. I could see that his attention had been taken by the antics going on opposite us, the other girl was now whacking the hell out of her boy's bare arse with a tawse. Also, we were now surrounded by the sounds of other chastisements being implemented. Mark seemed more than a little relieved to have me as his mentor, the silly boy.
Once his trousers were down, he stood at a loss as what to do next.
I must admit that I toyed with the idea of cuffing him, but then I thought I would keep those as a little surprise for a later date.

“It's alright Mark, I will see to those, if could just place your hands behind your back for me, and keep them there?” I told him, referring to his blue boxers.

I peeled them down slowly, enjoying his obvious discomfort. Then his half erect cock sprang out of the waistband of his trousers, practically poking me in the face.
OK, I'll be the first to admit that I have very little sexual experience. I've never had a proper boyfriend, as I tended to place more emphasis upon my schoolwork. So other than a couple of half drunk fumbles at parties, I had no real working knowledge of the male body.
So his cock springing at me like that took me by surprise, as I told him.

“Oh dear me! I wasn't expecting that...never mind though, I'm sure that we can work around it.”

I made a point of saying 'we' a lot, as I wanted Mark to feel that this was all teamwork, a young pair of friends making the most out of a bad situation.

As if!

I even gave his cock a friendly little pat, before picking up the base ring of his cage. I opened the ring up, so that it formed a clamp. I then grabbed his balls and pulled them up, so I could get the clamp behind them, and around the base of his penis.
You would not believe the fuss that he made, shouting out like I had just shot him. I know it's supposed to be a sensitive area for men, but really was there any need for all that, I ask you?

Now with all that fussing, and hopping about he had annoyed me. So the next part was I suppose a little cruel, given the circumstances. I picked up a tin of the freeze spray and staring him straight in his eyes, I shook it. I shook it what you would probably call a suggestive manner, reminding him, as if he needed any reminder, of what he was not going to be doing for some time.
Seeing that I now had his full attention, I again pulled his ball sack forward, sprayed behind it, then the front, and for good measure I also gave his still firm penis a good coating.
It had the desired effect as Mark's cock quickly deflated, but I knew I had to work quickly. We had been warned that the coldness would soon turn to heat, and that an erection could also quickly return. So maybe, in hindsight, I was a little too eager in forcing the tube on him. It was a very tight, and going by his groaning, an uncomfortable fit.
I did get manage to get it on him though, and got it nicely lined up with the base ring, so that when I placed the padlock into the guide posts, and clicked it home, the look on his face was one of pained defeat.

I still thought though that he had been really whiny throughout the whole processing. I know it couldn't have been pleasant for him, but he had been well warned in advance of what would be taking place, and I also still had to 'stamp my authority' upon him.
The thought of paddling his backside did cross my mind, then I decided that it was better to keep that in reserve for a latter date. No the best thing for a whiny boy would be an old fashioned bare bottomed hand spanking.
As I stood up, our height difference became clear for the first time, my head only reached the top part of his chest, as he loomed over me. Not that I was bothered by that, as I was the one in control of the situation.

“All that fuss over a little discomfort!” I berated him, as I moved to his chair and sat down. “Well if you are going to behave like a little baby, you will be treated like a one. Come on get over here...and you can have a spanking so you can feel some real discomfort!”

I felt so empowering as he draped himself across my lap. I could feel the hardness of his cage against my jeans, as he settled, somewhat reluctantly over my knees.
I slowly glided my palm over his lightly haired buttocks, I let my thumb slide down into the crease of his arse cheeks, not to deeply, just far enough to cause him to gasp out.

Then I started spanking him, I did not hold back, I wanted him to know from the outset that though I may be small, my arms were strong!
I spanked him good and hard, I wanted his bum cheeks to be ablaze, and after a couple of minutes the were a wonderful shade of scarlet. Mark was moaning and twisting about on my lap, literally begging me to stop. I realised that it was not just the spanking that was causing the pain, it would seem Mark is a little kinky, and was getting turned on.
Turned on, with the cage holding back his erection, I wondered to myself how much that would hurt?

Satisfied that I had indeed stamped my authority, I helped him to his feet and told him.

“Now let that be a little lesson to you. I don't like whiny babies! Keep that in mind and we should get along like a house on fire. Make yourself decent, and we can go for the way, the gentleman pays!”

I even let him pick the restaurant, you see deep down, I like a man who is decisive.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fresher's Week (part one)

(This story has been inspired by the Twitter images of Sachero07, set in a Britain of perhaps a not too distant future.
A Britain that has reverted to being a matriarchal society, after decades of male led 'boom and bust'.
To further enhance the 'female respect' rulings, the government persuaded the top ten universities to 'volunteer' in a female led mentoring scheme for all of the new intake. So as to make tomorrow's intelligentsia believers of a female led society. Not wanting to be seen as sub-standard establishments all the other universities followed suit.)

The first thing that Mark noticed as he entered the hall was the distinct odour of menthol, the second thing was the way the hall had been set out.
An array of temporary partitioning had been set up, he quickly counted, there was a bank of four, of what could best be described as stalls, not dissimilar to those found at conventions, and exhibitions.
A quick glance, and Mark could see that each 'stall' had a large folding table, and a couple of chairs in it, also each stall had one of his future, female fellow students sitting behind the tables. He checked his card for the umpteenth time; #17, Miss Justine Lee, that was the name of his future mentor, disciplinarian and most importantly, key holder, for possibly the next three years.

Mark was part of the third group to be processed today, he was in the eleven to twelve time slot. When he had arrived at the ante room to the rear of the hall, the room had been clearly marked out, Ladies in one half, Gentleman in the other. They had been warned by the facilitators; who were giving out the cards to the males, and the files to the females, that there should be no talking across the gender lines till after the processing had been finished.
Not that any of the males was in a particularly talkative mood, they all just seemed quite lost in their own thoughts. The girls on the other hand seemed quite excited by what was about to take place. The nearest parallel Mark could draw was the scene after a football match, and the two sets of opposing fans, the victors jubilant, the losers downcast.

At about ten to eleven the hall doors opened, and the previous group came out, in their allocated pairings. As they walked past, Mark saw the distressed looks upon the male faces, he also noticed that the girls, as well as having a smug satisfied look on their faces, they were each carrying what looked to be a laptop case, more worrying though was the fact that several of the cases had canes protruding from them!

The next thing to happen was for the facilitators to usher the girls into the main hall, closing the doors behind them, clearly whatever was being said was not meant to be heard by male ears.

Mark, and his fellow male students sat waiting in nervous silence, it seemed like an age, though it was only a quarter of an hour, till they too were ushered into the hall. It was now clear to Mark that though he only had a number, and a name to go by, his female counterpart would have a complete file about him.

As he walked through the hall, he found number seventeen at the top of the third row. Stall seventeen backed onto twenty one so privacy was not complete, but by the same token his up and coming humiliation was not going to be completely public.
He looked into the stall, there behind the table sat a very young looking small mousy girl. She had dark hair, and a pleasant looking almost bookish demeanour, her eyes though were piercing blue, and they seemed to flash in delight, as she said.

“Hello, you must be Mark, please take a seat.”

Mark nodded, and sat down, still not breaking his silence, as he was at a loss as to what to say in such a strange situation.

“I know this will be a little awkward for both of us,” She said smiling, as if reading his mind. “it really is an odd state of affairs, but we will just have to make the best of it won't we?”

Mark nodded, swallowing hard, his mouth now dry as cinders, as he studied the items on the table. There was a bowl of water, a couple of tins of sport freeze sprays, and most ominously a drilled wooden paddle.

“I see you have noticed the paddle?” Justine said, in a reassuring whisper. “We all had to pick out an instrument of correction, it was either a paddle, a cane, or a leather strap. I chose the paddle as it looked the mildest of the choices. We will probably never have cause to use it though. Will we?”

Despite her kind tone, Mark was still not too sure of the young lady across the table from him.

“I see we are both doing the same course,” Justine continued in a conversational, and casual manner. “that is good. It means we can help each other, and of course I will be able to keep a keen eye on your progress. You do know how this will work don't you?”

“Er...well not really...we have been kept pretty much in the dark about the actual details.” Mark replied truthfully, finally breaking his silence.

“Oh dear! I'll explain things as best as I can. This is basically a mentoring scheme, to help males get through their course work in a more timely fashion than in the past. It would seem that in the past, a lot of time has been wasted partying and seeking sexual gratification rather than being spent on university studies. So to curb this...should we say time management problem...the mentor system has been put in place. Part of the scheme is that the mentors have control of the mentoree's , if there is such a word, sexual release.
So from now on in, an orgasm is to be looked upon as a reward, rather than a right. Hence the need of the males having to be locked in a state of chastity, for the duration of their degree work, or until this experiment is either abandoned...or for that matter expanded upon. Do you understand your situation a bit better now.”

“Yes...thank you Justine.” Mark mumbled, as his eyes fell again upon the paddle.

“Firstly Mark, as a matter of the new decorum, you will address me as Miss Justine, or Miss Lee, at all times. I know it is a bit of a bind, but it is also one of the 'female respect' rules.
Secondly, I see your eyes are upon the paddle again, your are aware that corporal punishment will be used if deemed necessary by a mentor?”

“Yes...Miss Justine.” Mark said struggling to reply.

Then, as if to hammer home Justine's message, Mark heard the sound somewhere to the left of him of someone being caned, he heard the swishing noise and then the report as the cane hit upon the bare skin. It was clear that some of the mentors were wasting no time in flexing their new found muscles, and positions of authority.
Mark was pleased that he seemed to have one of the 'nice girls' as his mentor.

“OK, time marches on as they say,” Justine said, the tone of reluctance in her voice quite clear. “so we had better get this all sorted out.”

She then opened one of the plain brown boxes laying on the floor by her side. Then Mark saw, his plastic chastity cage for the first time, as she laid it out on the table.

“I assume that you have fully shaved the area in question, as per your instructions Mark?”

“Yes miss...” Mark mumbled, knowing that, 'that time', was now upon him.

“Right then let's get it all over with, then we can go for lunch,” Justine said, sadly shrugging her shoulders. “if you could stand up and come over here?”

Mark felt his heart sink as she pointed to a spot on the floor by her side, to the left of her. As Mark stood up, he glanced into the opposite stall, only to see a male stripped completely naked being inspected by his plumpish mentor.
The noise of various chastisements being carried out echoed around the hall, and the mysterious odour of menthol had also now noticeably increased.
Now in his allocated space, Justine said to him, as if she was ordering a cup of coffee.

“Right Mark, if you could roll up your t-shirt, and lower your trousers for me please?”

As he started to roll up his shirt, he could see out of the corner of his eye, the naked male opposite bending across the trestle table, his mentor now standing behind him, with a cruel looking leather strap in her hand, and an equally cruel look in her eyes.
He thanked his lucky stars that he had Justine, instead of her, as he unfastened his trousers. He then clearly saw the other mentor lift her arm, then crash the strap across the naked buttocks before her.
As he lowered his trousers, another flashing whack of the strap took place across from him. Watching his counterpart being punished, was having a strange, and surprising physical effect upon Mark, as he felt his penis now starting to tumesce.
He then felt rather foolish, standing next to Justine, his hands hovering at the waistband of his boxers, awaiting for further instructions from his young mentor.

“It's alright Mark, I will see to those, if could just place your hands behind your back for me, and keep them there?” She said, in her quiet calm assuring voice.

Once Mark had complied with her wishes, Justine, rather theatrically lowered his boxer shorts, only for his semi erect penis to bob up in front of her nose.

“Oh dear me! I wasn't expecting that...” She said with slight annoyance, and surprise in her voice. “never mind though, I'm sure that we can work around it.”

She then patted the head of his penis, as a person would pat a dog or a cat. Then it ran through Mark's mind, his cock was indeed going to be her pet for the immediate, and foreseeable future.

Justine then picked a large ring from out of the box, and clicked it open, one end was hinged so that the ring made an open clamp. Her left hand rather roughly grabbed Mark's balls pushing them up towards the shaft of his cock.

“Aaargh...please that hurts!” Mark called out in anguish.

“Shush! Stop being such a baby...this will be over soon enough.” Justine hissed, all of her previous tenderness now deserting her voice.

Justine then quickly clicked the ring shut behind Mark's balls, and around the base of his penis.

“See it wasn't so are such babies!” She scolded Mark, giving his penis a firm slap, she then added. “We now have to rectify this, so it will fit in it's little cage won't we?”

With that, Justine picked up a tin of the freeze spray and started to vigourously shake it's contents. All the time her sparkling blue eyes were locked upon Mark's, a mocking smile now upon her face. Once satisfied that the can had been agitated enough, she then liberally sprayed all of Mark's genital area, the shock of the cold struck him immediately, as did the strong smell of menthol. The spray did it's job, as Mark's cock quickly went limp, and shrunk back to a more workable size for Justine's plans.

She quickly slipped the plastic tube over Marks flaccid manhood, causing him even more distress as the cold turned to a burning heat.
Then he heard the little padlock click...he was now locked.
His sexuality now a thing out of his own control, now it was solely in her, clearly, capricious hands.

“All that fuss over a little discomfort!” Justine said, as she stood up in front of Mark.

Mark looked down upon Justine, now realising just how small his mentor was, she could only be just a shade over five foot, not even coming up to Mark's shoulders. Yet here she was, scolding him like he was a little child.

“Well if you are going to behave like a little baby, you will be treat like one.” Justine said as she sat on Mark's vacated chair, and patted her lap. “Come on get over here...and you can have a spanking so you can feel some real discomfort!”

So despite Justine's implied earlier promises, here he was, draping himself over her lap, so she could smack his bare bottom.
Despite her lack of stature, Justine certainly had plenty of strength in her arms as Mark soon found out. It only took her a minute or so to have Mark's bottom cheeks burning as much as his balls were earlier.
The scent of her, her intimate closeness, her scolding words while she chastised him, were now effecting him. As earlier, while watching the strapping of the other student, he was being excited at the basest of levels. This time though, with his cock so securely caged, he had no room for growth.
The pain in his cock was much, much, worse than that being inflicted upon his bottom. Despite his mind knowing that an erection was a physical impossibility, it did not stop his body from trying to attain one.
This was a pain of a kind he had never felt before, this pain coupled with the humiliation that he had just endured...was..exquisite beyond words!
Once he had reached the point where Justine had him pleading for mercy, she finally stopped, and helped him back to his feet.

“Now let that be a little lesson to you. I don't like whiny babies! Keep that in mind and we should get along like a house on fire.” Justine told him, her voice slowly returning to it's previous, amicable level. “Make yourself decent, and we can go for the way, the gentleman pays!”

Somethings never change then, Mark thought to himself as he pulled his clothing back up.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Verity Paige Speaks!

I would like to point our readers in the direction of the blog written by the British spanking model,  and actress, Verity Paige.
If you prefer your spanking blogs to be all;
"Whack! Whack! Ouch that hurts! Please stop..Whack! Whack!"
That is all so prevalent online these days, then her blog will not be for you.

If on the other hand, you wish to read some insightful, often controversial opinions, all of which are both well thought out, and well written then I highly recommend that you have a look.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Reluctant Bloggers Comeuppance

Well, an interesting situation indeed. You probably think yourself innocent of any sin, and not in need of discipline?
How wrong you are upon that count, to hide one's talent is indeed a sin would you not think?
A sin well worthy of chastisement, but in what form would the chastisement take, and exactly why?

You see your writing is both, interesting, and enlightening. The problem is, the sparsity of that writing, to open a blog, and to then not make a firm attempt at keeping it in order, is in my humble opinion a sin.
So there hangs the tale, or in your case, where hangs the tail!

It would be clear that the best way to start proceedings would be with you over my lap. It would be both, traditional, and an effective start.
I say start, because that is what it would be, it would be the precursor to the real, very real, paddling.
As I am a gentleman, and as such, for the most part, gentle in my nature. I would never consider unleashing the paddle upon an unwarmed bottom. You see this paddle in question is not a toy, or a token plaything, it is like Evander Holyfield, the real deal! 
However, we can come to the paddle later, first we need to dispense the hand spankings. Yes you did not read that wrong, and no, I did not type it incorrectly.
Spankings it is, for there will need to be more than one, to set you in the proper frame of mind.

Now the thorny issue of how you view corporal punishment, is it sexual, or psychological?

Either way, we both know, that at the end of the day, a certain amount of bare skin is going to be on view, with whatever shame or excitement that may generate within you.

Next is how would you be dressed?
Something summery I think, with this weather that we are enjoying at the moment, a long floaty summer dress, or skirt, you may decide upon which.

Rest assured though, as you go over my knee, whatever your choice is, will soon be lifted out of the way.
So now you are thinking that I plan to lift your skirt to spank you upon your knickered behind?
How wrong that assumption would very wrong!

To get the most in the way of contrite humiliation from you, I'm afraid that it is you who will be the one who has to lift your skirt clear of your knickers. You will be the one exposing your very own underwear to my fascinated gaze.
I wonder what you will choose to wear, something sensible, and Bridget Jones like, or maybe you plan to tantalise and tease me, in the vain hope of decreasing your punishment.
I will see soon enough, as your fingers go to the hem, and you slowly, nervously lift the garment clear, of first your thighs, and then your crotch.

I let you wait a while before ordering you across my lap, I let you wait so we can both savour your shame for a moment or two. Fear not though, this shame is nothing to what awaits you.

Once across my lap, we can begin.
I say we, because this will be very much a joint effort, both of us to play out our parts to the full. For myself, I intend to be firm in my admonishments of your behaviour, though not a spanking frenzy, more a methodical covering of both the seat of your knickers, and the tops of your thighs.
What will you do though, what part shall you play? The stoic heroine, unfazed by my attentions, or will you be reverted back to a bratty teen? We shall have to see.

As I pointed out earlier, your shame will have hardly begun, with the lifting of your skirts. We both know deep down that the knickers have to go at some point, don't we?
Perhaps you have some idea lurking in your head that I will, sometime during your spanking across my lap, simply tug them down over the magnificent roundness of your behind. Which indeed would be a nice thought for another time. On this occasion however, a little more humiliation is called for. I help you back to your feet, your bottom now stinging, though not in great pain.
I then lead you from the chair to the bed, the look of uncertainty on your face is a sheer delight to behold.

"Lie down on your back please..." I tell you, no nastiness in my voice, just a plain request. "lie right back, so we can continue your little warm up."

As you get into position across the bed, I again raise your skirt clear of your hips, then my fingers hook into the waistband of your knickers, I slowly, very slowly, tug them down. My eyes alternate, from looking deep into your eyes, to looking at the job in hand.
I need you to be fully aware of my interest in your denuding, I pull the garment right down, and over your feet, then I throw your underwear to one side.
Is there not something so much more exquisite about being partially bared rather than fully nude?
The way you know that your most private of all parts is now on display, but the rest of your body is still quite decorously covered. Do you not think that, that just adds to the tension and shame?
I lift your legs, by placing my hands under your calves, then I request that you hold your legs in place for me, by gripping at the backs of your knees.
As you will already be aware, this is known as the diaper position. Is there any other way to be placed for a spanking that is more revealing than this one?
If there is, I can't think of it. I can't think of another position, whereby both the bottom, and the genitalia are displayed in such a way.
I allow us both a couple of moments to assess your situation fully, for me to drink in the tantalising view, and for you to become completely aware of the lewdness of your situation.
Then the spanking restarts, now though the pace is quicker, the impact less sharp, but the speed at which my hand is applied more than makes up for that.
I watch as you struggle with both the mental and physical uncomfortableness of your situation, my hand adding to your distress, as it seems to paint your cheeks rosy red, until you do indeed have your very own rosy tail.
The strain of holding yourself in place for this chastisement is now clearly telling upon your face, as you look to be almost upon the verge of tears. So I stop.

Again, the true gentleman that I am, I help you to your feet.
Always aware of your comfort, I take the pillows, and place one on top of the other. I then remove the paddle from my sports bag, you see it for the first time, and I notice you swallow hard. Is that in fear, or in sweet anticipation I wonder?

I then invite you across the pillows, and I lean forward and whisper "five" into your ear.
So you think to yourself "five that's no problem", do you still think that after the first pop lands upon your left cheek. The hard ash making a resounding crack at it's application.
By the time you have had the fourth pop, the initial gasps from earlier, are replaced by the sound of pain filled moans.

I lean forward again and whisper into your ear, "which cheek do you want the fifth pop on".

I await your reply.

                                                               THE END

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Card In The Caravan pt2 - Playing The Game

So it was very much a case of good news and bad news.
My wife's friend, and I must add much younger friend Marie was up for a little try at some "fun spanking" games!
That was the good news; the bad news was that she would only "play" if her husband played also. She somehow seemed to think that to play with my wife and I could be seen as being unfaithful! I suppose to some people having a virtual stranger pulling down your wife's knickers to spank her bare bottom, could indeed be construed as some sort of infidelity, so she would play only if Mick went along with it, and joined in too.
Not really such bad news you may think, which in part you would be correct, the trouble was though that Marie was too nervous to brook the subject with her husband. So it was left upon me to come up with a plan.

Of course I could have just said, "Mick how do you and Marie fancy some kinky sex games with me and the missus?"
Not really a viable option and I'll hold my hands up now for the reference to "kinky sex games", but that is the way that most non spankers look upon spanking!
I know that many in the spanking/CP community look at it differently, look upon it as a non-sexual physiological predisposition, let's face it though for most of us it is when all is said and done a sexually driven fetish.

So I hatched a little plan, a plan that relied on one of the world's most unpredictable things, the English weather!

We have a static caravan on a site high up the Northumberland coast close to the Farne Islands, when I say a caravan it is more like a small chalet, it has a large kitchen/lounge area, a double bedroom and a fully fitted bathroom. It is situated to the back of the site, on the end of the final row so that we only have neighbours to the right of us, so ideal for privacy.
Eva invited Marie and Mick to join us for a week long break at the site, we booked the caravan next door to ours for them to use the plan being, was that early October in Northumberland should guarantee some bad weather?
Who would ever think that we would have a mini Indian Summer after the truly awful summer that we had just endured. That is what happened though five days of uninterrupted sunny and dry weather. So it looked like my little plan was about to come to naught.
That was until the Thursday, at last we had a bad weather forecast, heavy rain due in the evening. So we had the choice of either going home a day early, going to the pub, or a night in at our caravan watching DVD’s. Of course the ladies chose the latter, as that was the plan from the outset of our little break!

Also with the forecast being so bad, Eva had suggested to Marie that they should maybe bring their 'night things' with them, just in case the rain did reach the monsoon like proportions that were being forecast. Then to save them getting soaked, they could crash down on our sofa bed in the living room.

Prior to them arriving, I opened up a couple of boxes of wine, one red, one white. To be honest I've never been a big fan of boxed wine, much preferring bottles, but with the boxes being impossible to see into, and with constant little top ups, it becomes really hard for anyone to keep track upon just how much they are drinking.
Of course Marie did not need the 'loosening' effect that alcohol brings, but Mick on the other hand may of.

I sat at the table in my pajamas - sorry,lounge suit - as Eva insists on calling my pajamas, playing patience with a deck of cards.
As I had expected, Mick came over and joined me at the table, whilst Eva and  Marie clucked on about which film to watch.
As I poured Mick a drink, he insisted in talking about football. Now in fairness, I quite like Mick, but as with so many TV football fans, his default setting was to support Manchester United. Which is not unusual, but annoying when he kept on insisting on referring to them only as United, as if they were the only club in the world with that word in their name.
Around these parts you see, most people, myself included, support Newcastle United. So having him referring to the residents of 'the theatre of Catalan nightmares' as just United irked me somewhat, but I digress.

As Marie was now making a big show of going through our DVD collection, though only certain ones were out on display, the racier, and more watched ones were safely tucked away in a drawer in the bedroom.

"I've always wanted to watch this one, is it any good?" Marie said, holding up a copy of Secretary.

As Eva extolled the virtues of that particular film, Mick asked me what it was about, as he had never even heard of it.

"It's alright," I said, doing my best to sound disinterested. "I always think of it as being a bit of a chick flick, it's a sort of spanking comedy. Not enough jokes...or spanking in it for my taste though. Then again what am I to know, I thought 'The Crime At St. Thomas' should have got an Oscar for best foreign screenplay!"

"The what?" Mick asked, clearly confused.

"It's like a Czech version of St Trinnians." I informed him, I'm sorry, I know, but I just like to have my little jokes. 

As the girls watched the movie, and I sorted out the cards into their individual suits, I noticed Mick was starting to take an interest in the film. I had previously noted the expression upon his face at the mention of spanking.
You see it normally goes one of three ways when spanking is mentioned.
A look of total horror and disgust.
A gleeful grin.
Or a look of not very well hidden fascination.

Mick's face held the look of hidden fascination, so it was indeed promising for later I mused.

By the time the first spanking scene had appeared on the screen, I was pretty confident that we had Mick interested. By the time that James Spader had said, "pull down your pantyhose now, don't worry I'm not going to fuck you!", I knew we had Mick hooked, his eyes were now glued to the screen.
Now more than a little agitated, and more than a little tipsy, Mick finally asked me what I was doing with the cards.

"I'm splitting the two packs into their suits, just in case Eva feels like some fun and games after you two go back to your caravan. Watching that film always sets her up for a bit kinky fun."  I informed him with a knowing wink.

"I heard that," Marie shouted over. "we might not be going if the rain keeps up!"

"Then all my efforts with the cards will have been wasted!" I replied, making light of the situation.

"How does the game work then?" Marie asked, then added. "You never know, we might want to have a game!"

I quickly looked at Mick, he seemed a little surprised, but importantly, not outraged. Then I explained the game as simply as I could.

"It's quite simple really, high card wins, the lowest card loses. The winner, is the top, that is to say the one doing the whacking. The loser, is the bottom, the one that gets whacked, obviously a draw speaks for itself, be that winning or losing." I told my now quite fascinated audience. "The suits are a little more complicated; hearts a suit of romance, what could be intimate than a good hand spanking? Clubs, sometimes called canes, result in a caning. Spades, they look a little like a paddle, so paddle it is. they are hardcore, real punishment level, so that suit is omitted, at least for tonight anyway. Of course that is if you two, do want to play?"

Marie hung back, waiting to see what her husbands reaction would be. Mick nodded slowly, agreeing, but still somewhat deep in thought, so I decided to make a few things clearer to him, and also to Marie for that matter.

"A few other things to explain, all punishments are carried out on the bared bottom, two reasons. It's more erotic, and you can see what damage is being done, it is meant to hurt, but not to injure."

No signs of any complaint so far from either Mick, or Marie, at that little bombshell.

"Also, complete discretion is required?"

They both nodded to this, Mick nodding quite vigourously, clearly that had been a lingering doubt with him.

"Would you both like to go into our room and get changed into your night things?" Eva interjected, sensing that I had gained there agreement. "It will be a lot more comfortable, and practical."

Marie practically jumped up at Eva's words, Mick was a little slower, a tad more reticent to actually getting the ball rolling.
To be honest, I to had my doubts, as I'm very much a hetero guy, and not that keen on spanking, or being spanked by another male. Though my keenness on baring Marie's cut little ass, did outweigh that reservation somewhat.
I admit when they came back I was surprised at their attire, I for some reason expected them to both be wearing pajamas, Mick was indeed wearing pajamas...lounge suit.
Marie though was wearing a very short, almost Baby Doll, pink nightie, with clearly seen matching knickers underneath, also just as clearly seen was the lack of any bra! 
Her nipples were erect and pushing against the thin almost translucent material, clearly she was excited, or we need to adjust the heating thermostat.

"So what now?" Marie asked, a picture of sexy innocence personified.

I stood up, and pushed the table back a little, I saw that both Mick and Marie had noticed my erection under the cover of my pajama bottoms. I then rearranged the living room furniture slightly, the sofa I pushed back to the far wall, I then dragged one armchair into the centre of the room. By the time I had finished my furniture arranging, Eva had returned dressed in her jimjams and carrying a large sports bag, the type used by tennis players.
She then unzipped the bag, and got out the toys, laying them all out on the kitchen table for general perusal.

I then weeded out the harsher implements, the ash paddle, the lexan paddle, the rattan cane and the tawse were all put safely to one side. I also removed the two floggers, as they did not fit in with this particular game. 
Then I sorted out the cards, explaining as I went.

"We will play with the one, two, three and four of hearts. Each card represents the time being spanked, one minute, two minutes etc. Clubs, will be the play cane, or the wooden rule, for that we use the six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Spades will be the light wooden paddle, or the leather paddle, again we use cards six to ten. Clubs trumps Spades should there be a draw on those two suits. Any questions?" 

Content that everyone understood the rules I then mixed the chosen cards from the two packs together, meaning there was always a possibility of two winners or two losers in each deal. The four of us then sat around the table for the first deal.

I looked at my card, the nine of spades, so I was confident that I was pretty safe, or even the winner. I could see Eva was not so confident as she looked at her card, nor was Mick. Marie was positively beaming as she looked at hers. 

"Let's turn them!" I said.

I was right I was safe, so was Mick with the seven of spades, Eva had only the four of hearts.

"Looks like it's me and you!" Marie said gleefully as she turned the ten of Clubs.

"Eva, that's four minutes across Marie's lap for a spanking." I informed my wife, as I stood up to set the timer on the microwave.

I could tell Eva was not that thrilled at the prospect of her much younger workmate baring her bottom to give it a good tanning. That however was the game, and she had known the possibility from the outset.
As Eva stood to the left of Marie, who was now seated on the armchair, I pressed the button on the microwave. Marie then eagerly pulled down Eva's pj bottoms, having a long and lingering look at my wife's pussy, she then announced.

"Eva you really need a bit of a trim down there, you looking quite nineteen seventies." Thus setting the tone for the evening, she then hauled Eva across her lap.

For a first time spanker, she proved to be very efficient. She spanked slowly, but firmly. She also made sure that there were no spots left untreated on Eva's derriere. Long before the bell went, Eva's bottom was sporting a quite rosy hue, and Marie managed to elicit more than a few gasps and grunts in the process.
As the bell went, Marie then upped the ante somewhat, before helping my wife to her feet, she casually dipped her middle finger into Eva's pussy.

"Mmmh a little damp in there!" She exclaimed, as Mick sat mesmerised by the whole proceedings.

Eva on the other hand, looked quite embarrassed and flustered as she stood up, trying to get her pj's back in place as quickly as possible.
Marie was taking to it all like a duckling to water, also it turned out that she had the luck of the devil.
She did not lose one hand, but for that matter neither did I.

Every single hand saw either Eva, or Mick getting some sort of bottom roasting!

Eva got spanked by myself, Marie, again, and also from Mick. On top of the spankings she also received an eight stroke caning from Marie.
Mick came in for a spanking from both Marie, and two from Eva, plus what looked like a very harsh rulering from his wife.

All the time that the games were going on, the wine kept flowing, and what little inhibitions were there at the outset were well gone by an hour into the playtime.

Then I turned my card over, and I knew I was screwed, the three of Hearts sat the there in my hand.
We put our cards on the table, Eva had the nine of spades, Marie the ten of spades, then Mick turned his, he too had the three of hearts. Marie had won the first double punishment of the night, and she could not wait to get started. She seemed to leap up off her chair by the table and raced over to the armchair.
Needless to say, Mick, and myself were slightly less keen to get started than Marie It also looked as though Eva could see the funny side of me getting an arse whacking off someone sixteen years my junior, going by the grin on her face.

"Right boys, lets have you over here please!" Marie said, indicating with pointed fingers where she wanted the two of us, as she flopped down onto the chair.

I stood to the left of Marie, and Mick took up his place to her right.

"OK boys, drop your drawers!" Marie said as she gleefully licked her lips.

With no real choice in the matter we both obeyed, we were left standing there with our pyjama bottoms at our ankles, it was quite obvious that Marie comparing our man hoods against each other.

“Two little soldiers are not quite standing to attention yet,” She said, then reached her hands out to grab both of our cocks. “I'll have to see if I can put that right!”

She then started massaging us both at the same time, slow even strokes up and down the shafts of our dicks.

“These soldiers must be from very different regiments...this one,” She said as she gave my cock a hard, and quite harsh tug. “is quite short, but also quite thick...a Tower Of London Beefeater I think! This one though,” She said giving her husband a similarly hard tug, causing him to grunt aloud. “I think is a Guardsman, so tall and slim!”

Marie then started to giggle, though in fact it sounded more like a drunken cackle. I looked at Mick, our eyes met, I silently signaled to him with my eyebrows, looking down at his wife. He seemed to understand what I meant, as he said.

“Please Tom...sort her out will you?”

On this question I didn't need to be asked twice, I grabbed Marie's hand away from me, and hauled her up onto her feet. She looked at me, blinking in disbelief, then the penny dropped as to what was about to happen.

“No! It's not fair...I won!” She stuttered out.

“Yes, but you have had this coming to you all evening young lady.” I told her, as I sat down on the armchair, and hauled her across my lap, before she could complain any further.

As she fell forward her short nightie rose up clear of her little pink knickers, I spent a moment or two admiring the tiny flowery motif before declaring.

“And we don't have any call for these do we?”

I then hauled her knickers down, right down till they were around her ankles.

“It's not fair!” She complained again, her voice now quite whiny.

“Actually my dear, it is quite fair,” I told her, as my hand glided over her pale bottom. “though not for very much longer!”

I then delivered my opening salvo, a rapid tattoo of full palm hits, not in any alternating pattern, just quick and random, each slap being a surprise to her as to where it would land.
There was no need to set the timer on the microwave for this spanking, this spanking was going to last until all of that fair bottom of hers had taken on a nice rosy glow. Then my intention was to hand her over to her husband.
However, a quick look at Mick told me otherwise. I could see by him now blatantly rubbing his own cock, that he was more than happy to remain a spectator to his wife's chastisement.
For the first couple of minutes, Marie wriggled, complained, and then wriggled some more. She was wriggling so much that at one point I thought I was going to lose her off my lap!
Then as the colour of her cheeks went from pale pink, to an almost scarlet hue, she quietened down. Her complaining was replaced by a gentle mewing, her wriggling became slower, a more controlled rising and falling on my lap. I could feel her naked belly, massaging my still bared and now fully erect cock.

She was into it!

Fully and completely into having her bottom tanned.
I was pretty sure of this, but for the sake of science, I felt that I should check for definite. I stopped spanking her, I heard, and felt, a disappointed sigh come from her as my hand stopped beating at her arse cheeks.
That sigh was replaced by a deep gasp, as my middle finger delved into her wet moist fanny. My ring finger then accompanied my middle finger, she gasped louder as I probed deeper. Then without any preamble or warning, I withdrew both fingers, and hauled Marie back to her feet.

“Eva,” I called over to my wife. “I think it is time for bed now! We can leave Mick to continue where I left off.”

With that we both retired to the bedroom.

Minutes later, we heard the sound of the ash paddle landing upon Marie's bottom, I then kissed Eva and whispered to her.

“I think we have a couple of converts here.”

                                                        THE END