Saturday, 29 December 2012

Naughty Or Nice

I gaze at Michael; he looks so gorgeous as always. Tall, slim and muscular with unruly hair and a smile that takes my breath away.  His arms are folded across his chest, head angled to one side contemplating me.  He’s wearing those loose, pale blue pyjama bottoms that hang in such a sexy way on his hips, and a white t-shirt, the type that shows off his well toned chest. His feet are bare, oh how I love his feet. 
Even after all this time I still can’t believe that he’s mine.  That I am his.
“So, what are you going to do?” I ask, my heart racing.
He grins his oh so cute grin at me and his blue eyes sparkle. “Oh I think you know what I’m going to do.”  
Hmm that American accent, so sexy
My heart does a somersault and all the muscles deep down in my belly become tight, such a wonderfully familiar feeling.  I can feel my face flush, no doubt betraying my feelings of submission and excitement.
Michael begins to walk towards me, giving me his knowing smile. I am rooted to the spot, legs like jelly and a million butterflies in my stomach.  My eyes are wide as he stops right in front of me.
“I’m going to take you over my knee and spank you.” He tells me calmly, his voice quiet.
My breath hitches in my throat and a huge tingle rips through my groin. Oh my.
“Are... are you?” I reply, almost whispering.
“Uh-huh.”  He leans in close. “I’m gonna pull down your pyjamas, and spank your bare behind.”
“Oh.” I can hardly breathe now, the atmosphere in the room is electric and I tremble with anticipation.
He gently takes my left hand in his right and leads me across the vast room, over to the large leather sofa. He sits down, gazes up at me briefly, and then pulls me so quickly across his lap that is almost winds me. In one swift move he has me positioned over his left leg, my upper body resting on the cool leather of the sofa. His right leg is wrapped around both of mine, pinning me down. I squirm and whimper pathetically.
“Hush.” He says, and gives my bottom a sharp slap making me yelp. “I said hush!” He slaps me again, and again I yelp. He loves this game. I sense him smiling, and then he smacks me hard again, this time I manage to keep silent. “Good girl, you learn quickly.”
I giggle to myself, then my breath hitches again as I feel his hands slip under the waistband of my pyjama bottoms. Slowly, oh so slowly, he pulls them down over my bottom. I’m not wearing any panties and am immediately aware of how exposed I am
“Hmm, beautiful.” he murmurs in admiration as he runs his fingers over my sensitised skin. I feel my face flush again. “Hands behind your back.” He orders.
“No.” I whine petulantly.
“Do as you’re told!” he growls
 I relent and he grips both my wrists with his hand, I turn my head to the left, then the right, straining to see his face, but my long hair blocks my view.  “Something wrong, honey?”
“I... I want to see you.”
He gently pushes back my hair, and I see him gazing at me.
“Hi.” I say quietly.
“Hi,” he smiles. He continues easing my pyjama bottoms down over my thighs, not taking his eyes off mine.
My breathing quickens, I’m trembling and everything from my waist down tingles. I watch Michael as he caresses my bottom. I feel him run his palm over my left cheek, letting his fingers slide in towards my most sensitive areas. Then, I close my eyes and let out a low moan as his fingers find my sex.
“Hmm, you’re wet for me already.”
He slips a finger inside me and moves it slowly around, sending me close to the edge. Then he withdraws it again just in time. I let out an involuntarily groan of disappointment.
 “All in good time,” he tells me. 
Then I’m brought back down the earth as I feel a sharp slap across my left buttock.
“Ow!” I yelp, more from surprise than pain.
Michael responds by caressing me again, then another sharp slap, this time on my right cheek.
“Ow!”  I look up at him, he’s gazing at me, and his expression is one of pure pleasure. Another smack, I manage not to yelp, but this one stings and I squirm across Ethan’s knee.
He maintains eye contact with me as he continues to spank me hard, alternating between my left and right buttocks, but it isn’t long before I look away. I’m straining against him, struggling to free myself.
“Oh no you don’t, young lady.  I’m not done yet.”
His grip tightens on me as I squirm more fervently, his palm is relentless.  My bottom is burning now.  In reality Michael has only smacked me a dozen or so times, but he’s an expert at spanking and achieves his desired result quickly. I come close to using my safe word, then, as if reading my mind he begins to rub and massage my bottom, easing the sting and allowing the fire to diminish.
“Hmm.” I sigh with relief and relax against the sofa.
“Better?” he asks softly.
“Yes. Thank you.”
He releases my wrists and suddenly slips a finger deep into my sex. I gasp loudly. Michael moves his finger around and around, teasing and delighting me, and I find myself grinding my hips against his thigh, trying to relieve the tension in my clitoris.
I feel a sharp smack across my bottom.
“Ow.” I yelp
“No self gratification.” He says firmly. “You’re mine, and I’m the only one to make you come. Remember?”
“Yes, sir.” I reply timidly
“Good. Now keep still, otherwise I’ll have to start your spanking all over again.”
He begins the slow torture deep inside me again, it takes all my willpower to keep still, but I know I must obey.
 Michael reaches his left hand underneath me and begins rubbing and pinching my clitoris. Oh the wonderful sensation. I let out low moans of pleasure as I feel myself building deep inside. I can’t help squirming and bucking across Michaels knee, but this time he doesn’t admonish me. He knows I’m close.
Michael quickens his pace, both inside and out, getting harder and faster. My body feels like it is ready to explode, my fists are clenched, my toes curled and my eyes are shut tight allowing all the wonderful feelings to overwhelm me.  Moments later I come spectacularly, shuddering and shouting out his name as wave after wave of pure pleasure ripples over me. Michael continues to work me, but more slowly and gently now, draining every last morsel of orgasm from me until I am totally spent.
I feel dazed and disorientated. Michael is stroking my hair as I get my breath back and my world comes into focus. My whole body is still tingling and I know I’m grinning like a lunatic.
As Michael sits me up onto his right thigh I gaze at him adoringly. “Hmm, I enjoyed that.” I mutter gratefully.
“Well, you’ve been such a good girl I thought you deserved a treat.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He says grinning, and then kisses me on the lips. “Merry Christmas, honey.”
“Merry Christmas, my love.”