Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Murgha Most Fowl pt2.

Helen watched as Chloe slowly and painfully climbed off the two chairs knowing only too well that it was her turn next. Her eyes then caught Gabby's, she could tell by the half smile on Gabby's face that her punishment was going to cause even more frenetic activity of Gabby's fingers under the table.
Helen sighed and shook her head.
Chloe made her way to her side, still unaware that her punishment had been causing her sister such sexual excitement. Helen then stepped forward still glaring at Gabby, the younger girl raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders as if to say “it's not my fault”.

“So keen Helen?” Lady Pria asked.

Helen Didn't reply, she just mounted the chairs and got into position as quickly as possible, knowing all to well that Gaby's eyes would now be focused upon her naked bottom. With that in mind she kept her knees tight together making sure nothing else would be on view.
Then for some reason that she could not fathom out Helen spread her knees as wide apart as the dining chair would allow, knowing only too well what Gabby could now see.

“Now are you finally nice and comfortable?” asked Lady Pria.

Helen felt anything but comfortable as the backs of the two chairs dug into her upper stomach and the lower part of her ribcage. Grabbing at the seat of the second chair, she felt herself more precarious than comfortable.

“I take your silence as an affirmation,” Lady Praia said, “so we will begin, twelve strokes I believe we agreed upon.”

Even after just watching both Andrea and Chloe being punished, Helen was still ill prepared for the sheer pain of the first stroke as Lady Pria lashed the leather strap across her upturned backside.
Helen had viewed internet clips of multi stroke punishments which were of course fictional and made by actors and actresses, this first touch of the belt was a real punishment stroke delivered with full force!
Before Helen had a chance to grit her teeth and compose herself the second stroke landed, causing her to call out in pain.

“Oh dear, so vocal already and we have hardly yet begun. It looks as though Helen is going to be as equally as noisy as your big sister was Gabriel.” Lady Pria said sarcastically.

By the third stroke Helen really wished that she had tried harder to win the Murgha challenge.

“So Gabriel where do you work then?” Lady Praia asked casually as she delivered another fire brand like swipe onto Helen's rapidly reddening skin.

Already only a third of the way through her allotted punishment and Helen's tears were now adding to dampness of the seat beneath her. Helen tried to mentally zone out of her predicament, clenching her teeth she concentrated on Lady Pria's conversation with Gabby.

“Er....I used to work as a waitress in a place in the city centre but it now I just do a few nights behind the bar at our local social club.” Gabby struggled out her voice now noticeably gaspy.

“Really! That is so interesting, I run a catering company of sorts and I'm always looking for the right kind of staff.” Lady Pria said as she raised the tawse for the fifth time, “Would you be interested in working for me?”
Lady Pria's question was punctuated by another cry of pain from Helen as for the fifth time the belt lashed across her behind.

“Well yeah....I suppose so Ma'am...I mean yes Ma'am that would be great....” Gabby answered.

“As you can see I can be rather strict when it comes to staff discipline, that won't be a problem for you?”

“No Ma'am it won't.” Gabby answered, her voice now trance-like.

As if for a reminder Lady Pria then laid on three rapid licks of the tawse, as Helen wondered if she could cope with another four Lady Pria spoke again.

“Of course Gabriel you know that I still hold you partly responsible for last night's fiasco?”

“Yes Ma'am....I know you do.” Gabby answered in her dreamy voice.

“Helen still has four strokes to go, perhaps when I'm finished with her I should deal with you?”

“Er...I....well....” Gabby struggled out.

“Of course it wouldn't be with this leather belt. I was thinking more of a good harsh hand spanking, then I could see if you have the mettle to work for me?”

“I...I...suppose just your hand nothing else?” Gabby said, then Helen realised that Lady Pria had finally baited and sprung her trap, the randy little nineteen year old was going to get it after all!

Helen's rejoicing was cut short as Lady Pria laid on another biting stinger to her poor bottom.

“Yes but don't be thinking it will be easy, I intend this to be a real punishment. Though I do feel foolishly lenient today, so lenient that I'm going to let Helen here get off with only eleven strokes.” Helen sighed in relief at Lady Prias words till she heard her add, “ Do you think those last two should be across her legs, you know, like we did with your sister?”

“Oh yes Ma'am, I think that would so fair of you!”

'Little bitch!' Helen thought to herself as she felt the first fall of the lash across the backs of her thighs. The second lash had her, like Chloe before her, sobbing.

“OK Helen that is you finished stand up and join your two friends.” Lady Pria ordered Helen.

Helen climbed down from the chairs her thighs racked with pain from both the murgha and the last two punishing strokes of the tawse.
Her only consolation was the thought that now Gabby was going to be getting a spanking, “see how she likes it”, she thought to herself as she joined Chloe and Andrea.
Lady Pria picked up one chair and returned it to under the table, the other she turned around so that it would be at a right angle to the three already punished girls.

“Right Gabriel if you could come here please,” Lady Praia said pointing at the floor in front of her, “your turn now, so let's see if you can take your medicine!”

Sheepishly Gabby stood up and made her way to stand in front of Lady Pria.

“Hands behind your back please Gabriel.” Lady Pria said, then started to undo the five buttons on Gabby's pink and silver striped pyjama jacket.

Helen looked on through teary wide eyes, even though she would never consider herself gay she did find the naked female form exciting, though she would never ever admit that to anyone!

“I see I was correct about how pale you are,” Lady Pria said as she exposed Gabby's breasts, “if you pardon the pun your breasts are almost milky white, the paleness so brings out the pinkness of your nipples!”

Helen could see Gabby blushing madly as Lady Pria pulled off her pyjama jacket and threw it to the floor, next Lady Pria's fingers went to the waistband of Gabby's pyjama bottoms.
Slowly she peeled the thin trousers down over Gabby's ample behind and hips revealing a pair of full cut black knickers.
As Gabby stepped out of her pyjama bottoms she asked.

“Can I keep my knickers on please Ma'am?”

“What do you think Gabriel?” Lady Pria asked, “Really what do you think?”

Forlornly Gabby shook her head, as Lady Pria's fingers went to the waistband of her underwear and they too were brought down to her ankles for her to step out of.

“Now let's have a proper look at you, starting to get a little stubbly here aren't you?” Lady Pria said as she ran her index finger over Gabby's pubic mound.

Helen watched now transfixed, as Gabby dropped her head in shame then Lady Pria picked up Gabby's panties and started to closely inspect them.

“I see the marks of your not so very furtive activity is very obvious here! Did you think that I didn't notice you playing with yourself as your sister and your friends were being strapped?”

Helen knew that she should feel sorry for Gabby, but she was enjoying watching her humiliation too much to shed any crocodile tears for her friends little sister.

“When I ask a question you answer!” Lady Pria said as she delivered two quick slaps to the front of Gabby's thighs.

“Ow!...I...I'm sorry...I'm sorry Ma'am!” Gabby shouted out, more in surprise than in actual pain.

As Lady Pria read the label on Gabby's knickers a wicked smile crossed her face.

“How ironic! How so very apt, Spanx! I bet when you put these on last night you never dreamt that you would end up in this position?”

Helen bit on the inner of her bottom lip to stop herself despite her own pain from laughing at Lady Pria's little quip.

“Talking of positions I think it is time that you got over here.” Lady Pria said as she patted her lap by way of an invitation.

Now a picture of misery personified Gabby lowered herself across Lady Pria's thighs.
Then without warning, without even allowing Gabby to get herself comfortable Lady Pria started a harsh volley of hand slaps across Gabby's full naked buttocks. Gabby struggled to keep her balance as Lady Pria slapped her bare backside. Helen could clearly see individual red finger marks appearing all over Gabby's very full and now no longer pale bottom.
For her part Gabby was taking this very enthusiastic spanking in good part with hardly any noise coming from her as the kitchen echoed with the sound of Lady Pria's hand hitting Gabby's bare flesh!
Then Lady Pria just as suddenly brought her chastisement of Gabby to a halt.

“Now Gabriel, I think it is only fair that as you were so keen for both your sister and Helen to have leg punishments that you should also have the backs of your legs slapped. First though I would like you to part your thighs just a little for me!”

As Gabby reluctantly obeyed her instructions from Lady Pria, Helen was treated to a similar view to the one that only minutes earlier she had been affording Gabby. From where she was standing Helen had a clear view of Gabby's obviously wet sex and the view was having a rather disturbing effect upon her!
Now that Gabby's inner thighs were available for chastisement Lady Pria wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation.
Both the backs and high up the inner parts of Gabby's fleshy thighs were treated to a similar salvo to the one that her bottom had just received.
In almost no time at all Gabby's, up until now, admiral resolve was broken as she gave into a sudden burst of tears, her sobbing interspersed with a rash of pleas for mercy.
Then just as suddenly as before Lady Pria stopped her onslaught.
Then what followed made Helen's jaw drop, as Lady Pria started to explore Gabby's lewdly open slit.

“Gabriel! So hot and wet!” Lady Pria announced.

“Please....please don't Ma'am....please it's so...please...” Gabby begged but then her voice trailed off under Lady Pria's ministrations.

“Shh girl, just a little reward for be so very.... very obedient!” as Lady Pria whispered those words Gabby, like Helen had the first time over Sir Ian's lap, came to a shuddering climax.

Lady Pria then helped the now very shamefaced Gabby back to her feet.

“Go and join your sister and your friends Gabriel. See Helen it is not only my husband who can pick out those who are really into spanking.” Lady Pria said grinning like the Cheshire Cat, then added, “Now girls I would think that the four of you will want to make yourselves very busy tidying up all your post party mess. More so as I intend to ring for a builder to come around to give me an estimate for a new door. It may take a while for Mr. Glover to get here, what with it being a bank holiday. Or he could land in twenty minutes or so and I'm afraid girls you are all going to be naked till this tip is tidied up to my satisfaction. So unless you want Mr. Glover seeing your red arses I would get a move on if I was you!”

Lady Pria sat smiling at the sudden flurry of earnest activity around her as she dialled the number.