Thursday, 6 September 2012

Murgha Most Fowl pt1

(This story features characters from the 'Sir Ian's Stables' serial)

It was surprising really that it had taken the three girls this long to find themselves in this position, after all if you place three single girls in their early to mid-twenties in a large luxury apartment in the centre of one of the most renowned party cities in England, it was only just going to be a matter of time before they threw a party! 

What better time to have a party than on the Sunday night of the last holiday weekend of the summer, more so after such an awful summer of heavy rains and storms. The problem is in these days of Facebook and Twitter what was meant to be a little get together of twenty or so friends soon gets 'poked and tweeted' till you end up with close on a hundred with friends and the friends of friends turning up.
Of course such a gathering of people in the city centre could not go unnoticed from the CCTV cameras, the camera operators watched with great interest as the revellers made their drunken way to the girls' apartment. One young couple, who it would seem were both locked in a mutual and urgent need to swell the city's population, had decided that the bank doorway underneath the apartment was the ideal site for their rather public and very lewd congress. This sudden and rather bizarre behaviour had been the action that resulted in Northumbria's finest being sent to the girls address to break up the now very out of hand party.

The Monday morning though was now the time for the girls to count the cost of their merrymaking, to count the cost in real monetary terms!

“So what else is broke apart from the fridge door?" Helen asked as she tried to work out what she could have for breakfast that she could actually keep down.

“I'm not sure, the hallway door is sort of off it's hinges and someone was sick on the stairs, the whole place smells rank and the TV and DVD remotes have disappeared.” Chloe answered.

Helen wondered if she looked as bad as Chloe did, she certainly felt as if she did, with her head throbbing and her stomach performing somersaults as she stared vacantly into the now broken fridge.

“At least Sir is away in Belfast this week so we can get everything sorted out before he gets back.” Helen said desperately trying to find a bright side to their predicament.

“I don't know why you are both so worried, you pay your rent and if you want to have a bit of a party what has it got to do with your boss. Once you clock out it's your life and has bog all to do with him!” Chloe's sister Gabby chimed in.

“Yeah well it's a bit more complicated than that.” Chloe said trying to silence her aptly named sister.

Helen gave up on her search for a suitable breakfast and slumped back to her chair and the waiting black coffee on the table. She looked at Chloe and Gabby no one could ever take these two as sisters she thought to herself.
There were no familial likenesses to speak of, unlike her elder sister Gabby was quite short probably only just scraping past the five foot mark her short mousy coloured hair exaggerating the roundness of her face, Helen also assumed that Gabby's pyjama top would not be hiding cobblestone abdominal muscles like those of her sister's, or that her pyjama bottoms were covering up well toned calves and thighs.
Now the only likeness that Helen could see in the two sisters in front of were, that for this morning at least, they both looked terrible!
Chloe's long blond tresses were an unkempt tangled mess and Gabby looked like she had tried to do her hair with a hedgehog!

“So what! Just because your boss is your landlord it doesn't mean that he can lord it over you!”

“Really Gabby please just shut up will you? You are totally doing my head in!” Chloe said trying to hush her kid sister.

Helen wondered what Gabby would have said if she had known that only two weeks ago Sir Ian had given herself and her big sister four strokes of the cane across their bared bottoms for the sin of missing a gym session?
Would Gabby be so gabby if she too had the imminent threat of corporal punishment hanging over her head?
The idea of telling Gabby about their domestic situation amused Helen, how embarrassed would Chloe be if her little sister knew the truth about the girls lavish lifestyle, of course though Helen could never let on about it, but the idea did make her smile.
Then to Helen's annoyance Andrea walked into the kitchen looking like she had just fallen out of the pages of Sports Illustrated.
Wearing Lycra shorts and crop top, her hair tied back impeccably in a pony tail her skin glowing under a sheen of post jogging perspiration.

“Where have you been Andy?” asked a surprised Gabby.

“Just been for a little jog to blow the cobwebs out, I thought I would get out before the rain hit us, I just went for a mile or two, up past St James' and around Leazes Park.” Andrea replied as if everyone with a hangover should just jog it off.

For all that Helen liked Andrea, at times she found her serenity and rock hard constitution just a bit too much to handle, more so when she felt this ill. Also there was Andrea's Mediterranean heritage meaning that just the slightest of sunshine seemed to bring out a deep golden tan on her, even in this god awful summer.

“Be an angel Gabbs, and make me a quick coffee please,” Andrea asked Chloe's sister as she joined her two flatmates at the kitchen table, “looks like we are going to be forking out most of our pays this month on putting the flat right aren't we?”

No sooner had Andrea sat down and asked her question than the door buzzer sounded, Gabby answered it as she was the nearest to the intercom only to be met by.

“Whoever the hell that is let me in now!”

Chloe shook her head in despair slumping across the table putting her head into her crossed arms and muttering.

“That's all we need, you are going to wish that Sir Ian was here!”

“Who's that?” Gabby asked the three girls.

“Lady Pria the bosses wife, you might as well let her in Gabbs.” Andrea said matter of factly.

Helen looked at Chloe and Andrea, their countenances could not have been more different. Chloe looked as if she wished the earth would swallow her up. Andrea on the other hand looked totally disinterested that Lady Pria would be in the rubbish strewn and vandalised apartment in only a matter of seconds.
As soon as Lady Pria entered the kitchen, with Gabby trailing behind her, she wasted no time in getting started on her three tenants.

“So apart from the ruined stair carpet and broken door what other damage has been done?”

“The fridge freezer is broke, but we have all decided that we will pay for any damage done.” Helen said trying to placate the clearly fuming Lady Pria.

“Really? That is so gracious of you all, I'm honoured to have such caring tenants.” Lady Pria said sarcastically at Helen's innocent statement.

“We are really sorry Ma'am,” Helen said dropping her gaze to the table top in an effort to avoid eye contact.

“Hold on sorry for what?” Gabby rashly interrupted, “after all it was only a little party, OK it got a bit out of hand but that is not really our fault is it?”

Lady Pria turned to face the interrupting interloper.

“I'm sorry my dear, but exactly who the fuck are you?”

Helen watched as Gabby stared in open mouthed shock that this elegantly dressed Indian lady would use such language and use it so venomously!

“That is Gabriel, Chloe's little sister she was just staying with us for the bank holiday weekend Ma'am.” Andrea said by way of belated introduction.

“Well for your information Chloe's little sister,” Lady Pria said emphasising the 'little' whilst staring Gabby down, “I'm not sure what misapprehension you have over your sister and her flatmates presence here in this apartment but it is not the usual landlord and tenant situation as you are about to find out!”

“Please Lady Pria.....can we not deal with this know not with her here,” Chloe begged.

“No your sister was here for your party, so she can witness the consequences.” Lady Pria said and then added. “Do any of you have any idea at all the embarrassment that I felt this morning? Can you even imagine my feelings when I received a phone call from the police to say that they had been called out to a wild party at one of our properties. That there were people drunkenly screwing in the street outside?
I would think that the fact that you are all my husband's employees caused in even more mirth at the station!”

Helen glanced over at Gabby, she could see that the young girl was more than a little curious as to where all this ranting from Lady Pria could be leading, more so after Chloe's little outburst.

“Well I can tell you now, that when you are all running around later tidying up all this mess that you will be doing so with more than a little sting in your tails to remind you not to undertake upon another excursion into the world of party planning. Andrea go to the dining room and fetch me the tawse please.”

Helen did a double take, first she registered the look of total confusion upon Gabby's face, then she realised herself for the first time that there were instruments of corporal correction kept within the apartment.

“Yes Ma'am,” Andrea said then left the kitchen as ordered.

“So Chloe's little sister, as you were here last night when you sister and her friends celebrated in the English tradition of drunken behaviour and casual copulation, today you will witness a traditional Indian punishment.” Lady Pria told the wide-eyed nineteen year old.

Helen felt the urge to point out that none of them had been involved in any copulation the previous night, either drunken or sober, but wisely held her tongue.

“Also it will give you the chance to see just how competitive these three young ladies can be,” just as Lady Pria said those words Andrea returned with the tawse and now Gabby's eyes practically lit up as she finally clicked on as to what was about to happen, “you see I propose to make this well deserved punishment into a little competition, nothing to hard, just who can hold onto their ears for the longest.”

Helen noticed that at those words Chloe closed her eyes and shook her head in disconsolate misery.

“Whoever lets go of their ears first shall receive twelve strokes of the tawse across their bottom, the runner up shall receive ten and the lucky winner shall get away with a mere eight, under the circumstances I feel that I am possibly showing too much clemency.” Lady Pria then looked away from Gabby and turned her attention back to her three recalcitrant tenants, “right ladies it is time for you to prepare yourselves, Helen and Chloe pyjamas off please, Andrea shoes and leggings off!”

Even though Helen had half expected that Lady Pria would make them strip she had also hoped that she would have spared them that embarrassment in front of Gabby. Then again though she realised that the embarrassment was to be part of the punishment, also that whatever the shame that she would be feeling she knew for Chloe it would be manifold, being treat in such a way in front of her little sister!
As she undid her pyjama top Helen wondered what her first 'chariot race' would be like for her, being in a state of undress in front of hundreds of people?
She reasoned with herself that this was different, that with her knowing Gabby as a friend made it worse than being paraded in front of strangers, also she would not be naked for the race, she would be in costume and in character. Today though was going to be her herself, being herself and being punished naked in front of a younger girl!
After a minute or so they were ready, Helen and Chloe were both stark naked apart from their collars and Andrea was left wearing only her crop top and collar.

“As way of instruction for Helen and by way of information for your little sister I would like you to show us all how you hold your ears in Murgha,” Lady Pria said to Chloe.

Already close to tears Chloe stepped forward then with her feet about shoulders width apart she bent forward as if she was about to touch the floor in front of her, though instead of touching the floor she threaded her arms behind her knees and reached so that she could grab her ear lobes with her fingers.
Helen breathed deeply as she realised the view that she herself would be showing in a matter of moments, all of Chloe's intimate anatomy was on clear view, her buttock cheeks were parted making her puckered anus clearly visible her sex was split wide open the coral interior on full show to all who cared to look!

“OK Chloe you may stand again,” Chloe didn't have to be told twice as she immediately responded to Lady Pria's request, “the reason it is called Murgha is that in this position the victim looks a little similar to a cockerel, or as you will soon see Gabriel these three shall look more like pale frozen chickens.”

Helen looked over at Chloe who looked even more disconsolate than earlier, she then looked to Andrea who already had her 'game face' on and had left to where ever it that she goes to tap into her mental strength. Helen could see that it was going to be at least ten strokes for her as Andrea was more or less unbeatable in a direct physical challenge, so for her it was a case of beating Chloe to gain the second spot.
For after all two strokes of the tawse, were two strokes of the tawse!

“Right then ladies and I use that word with severe reservations could the three of you line up along in front of the fridge and the sink,” Lady Pria ordered, “now get into position, I'm sure you all remember the tariffs. Gabriel please take a seat, I expect this to be a long wait!”

Once Helen managed to struggle herself into the rather unnatural required position, she thought to herself ' this isn't that bad'. She was actually more concerned about Gabby gawking at her nakedness than the actual pain from the Murgha. That thought soon changed though less than two minutes later, her mind was then fully concentrated upon the pain in her shoulders and the rear of her thighs.
Her nakedness was now a forgotten thing as her whole body shook then she heard Lady Pria's voice.

“You see Gabriel they have brought this upon themselves, they have broken our very liberal tenancy rules by having a party. Also it has crossed my mind that perhaps you being here could have been a possible catalyst for their plainly unwise decision?”

“Er...I don't was know a couple of drinks...well that's all it was supposed to be...but all these people just like turned up from no where...” Gabby struggled out, now trying desperately to distance herself from the previous nights activities, the very same activities that she was so keen to defend just minutes earlier.

As she listened Helen knew what Lady Pria was doing, she was trying to somehow bring Gabby into the upcoming punishment.
The outcome of Lady Pria's scheming was the least of Helen's worries though as the pain built up in her muscles and joints under this alarmingly effective torture.
She wondered what would be worse, the sharp pain of that heavy looking leather strap, or this slow insidious building up of lactic acid?
As her whole body was now shaking under her Murgha torment she decided that the full twelve strokes were going to be for her after all, she let go of her ears and stood up. To her shock she could not believe what Lady Pria said “Only four minutes Helen? I had expected so much more from you!” surely it had been ten or twelve minutes at least, but no when she looked at the clock on the cooker she saw that Lady Pria was right, it had only felt so much longer.

“You see Gabriel, Helen is still new to our little group she has not quite yet got the tenacious outlook of her two comrades,” Lady Pria said in a mocking tone, “of course though you don't know of our little group do you?”

As Gabby shook her head, Helen heard Chloe sigh deeply knowing that her baby sister was about to learn things that Chloe would have preferred were kept secret.
Lady Pria spared nothing as she told Gabby of the true situation that her elder sister was in, she explained in full the pony girl chariot races and the strict corporal discipline used by herself and Sir Ian, hand spankings for minor indiscretions and canes or leather straps for the more serious, as she would see today.
She also explained in full the financial and material rewards that the three girls received and also the significance of the girls leather collars.

“I'd wondered about those collars,“ Gabby said, “I thought maybe it was some sort of gang thing, you know you read about stuff like that,”

This seemed to cause Lady Pria a great deal of amusement, the idea of Andrea, Chloe and Helen being gang-girls!
As Lady Pria continued detailing the girls true situation Helen took this as her chance to sit down at the back of the table to try to at least minimise her nakedness. As she sat she felt the coldness of the vinyl cushion cover on her naked bottom knowing only to well that soon she would be getting that very area very warmed up.
As Lady Pria continued talking to Gabby, Helen felt so sorry for Chloe, it was bad enough for herself having her secret life talked over in such a manner but how must Chloe feel hearing her little sister being told such details?
Helen then noticed that for all that Lady Pria was talking to her Gabby's gaze was firmly locked upon the two lewdly displayed figures in front of her, 'did she look so closely at me?' she wondered, of course she knew that the answer would be in the affirmative.
Then finally, after twenty tortuous minutes Chloe gave in and let go of her ears and struggled back to the upright position.
'So that's it,' Helen thought to herself, 'now we just have to wait for the running order to be belted in!'

“Surprise, the indomitable Andrea wins again! Please stand Andrea,” as Andrea obeyed Lady Pria's instruction and rose upright in one fluid movement, Lady Pria added “if you could be a dear Andrea and set out two chairs, musical chairs style please?”

Helen did not have a clue what 'musical chairs' meant until Andrea got two of the chairs from the kitchen table and placed them back to back. Then it became clear what Lady Pria intended.

“Gabriel you may remain seated where you are, Chloe, Helen could you both stand over there by the door? Andrea as the winner you shall be first, up on the chairs bottom facing this way please.” Lady Pria said rearranging the girls viewing and punishment positions to her liking.

As Andrea mounted the chairs she knelt upon one and draped herself over where the two backs met placing her hands upon the second chair. From where they were standing Helen and Chloe would have a perfect view of Andrea's facial reactions whereas Gabby would be viewing from the 'business end' of the proceedings.
Lady Pria picked up the tawse in her right hand, to Helen the leather strap now seemed that little thicker than before, it seemed that bit more frightening as it's use and it's hot kiss became very imminent.
Helen looked deeply into Andrea's eyes as Lady Pria drew back the tawse, holding its tip in her left hand she then let go and unleashed it with her right hand across Andrea's upturned bottom. The noise of the impact of leather on bare skin registered deeply in Helen's consciousness, involuntarily her bare toes went to grip at the tiled floor like a kitten trying to climb a scratching post as she tensed her own buttocks. Looking at Andrea, Helen could see that the first stroke seemed to have had more effect upon herself than on Andrea. Andrea merely winced slightly at the tawse's biting caress.
Helen knew though that her real gauge of the effectiveness of the tawse in Lady Pria's hand would come with Chloe's punishment and not that of Andrea's. Andrea openly admitted that to an extent she enjoyed receiving corporal correction, whereas Chloe looked upon it as a consequence of their lifestyle and though Helen had found a certain sexual frisson with the punishments she had received at Sir Ian's hands she felt none of that pent up excitement today.
Today she only felt a deep dark dread!
By the fifth stroke Helen could see that Lady Pria was now having a real effect upon Andrea, instead of only wincing as the belt fell upon her, her eyes were now tightly closed as she awaited her final three strokes, in Helen's mind this did not bode well at all for Chloe and herself.

“Right Andrea, you and Chloe may now swap places. As always you have taken your licks with admirable stoicism.” Lady Pria said as she stood back from the still kneeling and bent Andrea.

With the minimal amount of fuss the now red and teary faced Andrea stood back to her feet and walked over to where Chloe was standing. Helen took this opportunity to check out Andrea's backside and she did not like what she saw. Andrea's arse was a mass of painful looking red and black overlapping weals.

“Please Ma'am can you send Gabby out of the room for my just doesn't seem right her watching.” Chloe pleaded.

“Since when did you decide what was right or wrong?” asked Lady Pria.

Chloe went to say something but then changed her mind and looked at the floor instead.

“I would have thought that you would be happy to have your sister here as moral support, I'm sure that Gabriel would like to stay here for you, is that not right Gabriel?” Lady Pria asked, or should I say stated.

“Well...” Gabby said unsure of how to put her feelings into words, “I think that I should stay know to give my what her Ladyship just said there...”

Helen could tell by the look in Gabby's eyes that she had no intention of missing this for the world, being an only child though she could never understand the whole sibling rivalry thing.
What she could understand though was the look in Gabby's eyes, the look that told her little Gabby was quite enjoying this morning, no matter what her words said.
Chloe then looked at Andrea, hoping perhaps for some support from her, that support though was certainly not forth coming.

“Come on Chloe just get on with it and get it over with,” Andrea said impatiently still rubbing at her beaten buttocks.

Throwing in the towel Chloe moved forward to take up her place upon the chairs. Helen could see that Chloe's extended time in Murgha had taken its toll upon her muscles as she winced as she bent herself across the chair backs, her pain no doubt accentuated by her sisters gaping presence.
Lady Pria took up her now familiar position tawse in hand.
Then Chloe's first stroke hit home but unlike Andrea, Chloe was very vocal as she let out a strange noise, a sort of cross between a loud gasp and a quiet scream.

“Now Gabriel, you can see that your sister's paler complexion marks up very differently to Andrea's olive skin. See how her flesh reddens so easy almost upon impact!” Lady Pria said not only by way of a commentary for Gabby but also as a method to heap further humiliation upon Chloe.

The second stroke came down, again causing the same 'aaahumph' noise from Chloe.

“See Gabriel, quite quite red!” Lady Pria then added, “I dare bet looking at you that you are even paler than your sister, under that clothing I bet you are milky white, am I right?”

Gabby did not know whether Lady Pria expected an answer, her questioning eyes darted to Andrea who gave her a little shake of the head to ensure Gabby's silence.
Then the silence in the room was broken by her sister's guttural shriek of pain as stroke number three found it's mark.
Helen could see that Chloe's face was already tear streaked, she was not even yet half way through her allocation of ten strokes!

“Yes my dear, you 'English roses' mark up so well, it's a real joy to see the paleness give way to crimson don't you think?”

Again Gabby stayed quiet to Lady Pria's question, again her elder sister filled the yawning silence as the fourth stroke hit home.
Helen then noticed that Gabby was sitting differently, she had slightly moved her lower body around and her left arm was now underneath the table, Helen wondered if Gabby's fingers were now at work hidden from view?
Lady Pria then stopped, or at least postponed her running commentary as she delivered a further four strokes at rapid speed. These strokes caught Chloe out, she was not expecting the sudden change in tempo the rapidity caused her to buck and twist upon the two chairs, each stroke taking her breath the another landing before she could compose herself.

“Oh dear, quite a little display she is putting on for you here Gabriel, it would seem your sister has no shame with all this gyrating!” Chloe then burst out into tears at Lady Pria's words.

Gabby was now red faced and Helen could clearly see that her elbow was moving as she watched her sister's chastisement. Helen wondered how much worse Chloe would feel if she knew that her sister was frigging herself as she was being strapped?

“Two more strokes to go, I wonder where they should land?” Lady Pria said as she moved her right hand over Chloes naked buttocks, “Where do you think they should be placed Gabriel, overlapping the other strokes, or perhaps down here across the backs of her thighs?”

Gabby was now quite boggled eyed as she looked at Lady Pria, she knew that this time an answer was required.

“The backs of her legs....won't that really hurt her Your Ladyship?” She said in a far away daze.

“Two things Gabriel, I'm not a 'Ladyship', Ma'am or Lady Pria will suffice. Two, it will indeed hurt as that is my intention otherwise it would not be a punishment would it? I do recognise your sisterly concern and your valid point about her legs. So if I do strap her legs it will be done less harshly than it would be across her bottom.”

“Well....I suppose her legs then...” Gabby finally said.

As she heard Gabby speak Chloe started sobbing before the first of the last two strokes found their mark. By the time the final stroke landed Helen could see that the seat nearest her was soaked with Chloe's tears and it was her turn next!