Monday, 6 August 2012

McCluskey's Shop - pt2

As Julia nervously drove along the winding loch side road towards the school she wished that she had driven more often. In fact since passing her driving test three months ago this was only about the fourth or fifth time that she had been behind the wheel of any vehicle. The fact that the little Bedford van had no interior mirror, or at least it had one that was next to useless due to all the boxes in the back obscuring it's usage, so she had to use the wing mirrors only and that did nothing to help her confidence. She wondered to herself what fate would befall her if she crashed Alex's van bearing in mind all the fuss that had been made just over a couple of lost oars?

Also as she neared the school her emotions were in flux, her initial excitement at seeing Mr. Harvey again was now replaced by a feeling of dark dread.
For the life of her she just could not work out what her fascination was with the man, after all he was far from being handsome or sexy. Julia also wondered about his age, he had to old enough to be her father and she had never ever been one of those girls that fell for the older guys, but she could not escape the fact that she did indeed have some sort of strange attraction towards him. The words of a song sprang to her mind - Where do you go to my lovely, when you are alone in your bed? - she had no intention of sharing the thoughts that she had had last night.
After all some things were just meant to be kept to ones self!

Pulling into the long driveway Julia's heart started racing as she saw the front of the school again, then as per Alex's directions she drove around to the side of the building to the kitchen doorway.
Just as she pulled up the van the kitchen door opened and John Harvey stepped out to meet her.

"Hello Julia! I must say this is a pleasant surprise, I was expecting Mr. McCluskey." John Harvey's face showed the sincerity of his greeting.

Julia mumbled an explanation of the days events as she got out of the van and went to open the two back doors so they could unload her cargo.
It only took about five minutes for the two of them to transfer all the boxes from the van to the kitchen. Once all the boxes were in the kitchen there then fell an awkward silence.

"OK Mr. Harvey, I'll just get along now then." Julia said breaking the heavy silence.

"Ah....right...would you not like a cup of tea before you go?"

"Oh yes please," Julia quickly replied as if she had just been offered the world, "that would be lovely Sir!"

As John Harvey boiled the kettle and prepared the teapot, Julia took her chance to ask him a question that had been bugging her for the whole length of her drive up to the school.

"Why use a little general dealers for so much shopping, wouldn't one of the supermarkets or wholesalers in town me a lot cheaper?"

John Harvey smiled to her as he poured the now hot water into the teapot.

"Mr. McCluskey must have been giving you a hard time today, for you to wish that I would deprive him of his livelihood?"

"No! I didn't mean it like that....I just meant that....." then Julia saw the twinkle in Mr. Harvey's eyes and realised that he was joking with her.

John Harvey then went on to explain how the school wherever and whenever possible always used local businesses. Doing so was the school's way of making sure that they were looked upon as an intrinsic part of the community and not just a group of foreign rich interlopers.
John Harvey then went on to tell Julia, in rather animated fashion, of the school's ethos and traditions.
Julia hung on his every word, wishing so much that her teachers when she was at school had had even just half of his enthusiasm and passion about teaching!
Eventually though John Harvey turned the conversation round to Julia, asking her if she was working at the moment.

"I'm sort of between jobs at the moment, after today in the shop I think my best options could be in a retail environment, I just can't make up my mind which of the two options I should take as a career path."

"Oh really, what are the options open to you?" Mr. Harvey asked.

"I just can't decide between Pick or Mix!" Julia's hollow bitter laughter at her own joke gave away to Mr. Harvey that she was not happy with her current prospects.

"OK! So in an ideal world what would you like to do?"

"No you will laugh," Julia said her face flushing in embarrassment, but Mr. Harvey shook his head and waved his hand for her to continue, " I would love to be a History teacher......there I told you it was silly!"

John Harvey didn't laugh, he did smile though and asked why she wasn't doing something about being a teacher if that was what she wanted to do.
He listened intently as she described the problems that she had had with her O levels. She told him how History to her was a passion, a passion that she would love to share with others. She wanted to teach it in an interesting way, not just dates and facts, but the stories behind those facts. The problem was with Julia was that her passion for History did not transfer to other subjects, all her other subjects she found at best boring.

"You only need one A level to get onto some teacher training courses, though obviously two or three would be better," Mr. Harvey informed Julia.

"Yeah and that is one more than I have," Julia replied sharply.

"College night classes, the door is still open to you, it would be hard juggling A levels with a job but......." Mr. Harvey's voice trailed off' as he saw Julia sadly shaking her head looking almost close to tears.

"I know what would happen," Julia said trying to keep her voice steady, "for the first couple of weeks I would be fine, then I would start fannying about and frigging time wasting....sorry I didn't mean to swear Sir!"

Mr. Harvey seemed deep in thought for a couple of minutes, to Julia this silence seemed deafening as she worried that her bad language had offended him.
Then Mr. Harvey broke the silence, he broke the silence with a strange proposition that caught Julia totally off guard.

Julia sat open mouthed as Mr. John Harvey mapped out the next five years of her life. He told her of a job vacancy at the school, it was nothing great just a general dogsbody helping out in the kitchens etc. and as he himself put it " the pay isn't very good but you do get free board and lodgings". It wasn't the job offer though that had stunned Julia, it was that Mr. Harvey wanted Julia to attend A level night classes in Fort William.

"Of course it will be hard for you fitting in two years of work into one year whilst juggling a full time job," Mr. Harvey told her stating the fairly obvious, "but with extra tuition from me with the English language and Literature A levels I'm sure you will manage to gain your goal of three A levels!"

Julia just nodded in dazed agreement.

"Then you will have four years at Teacher Training College, for which you will receive a government grant plus whatever money you have managed to save while working here."

Again Julia nodded silently.

Then pushing his chair back from the table, the chair legs scraped loudly on the stone tiled floor, John Harvey added.
"Of course you know that there is no place in the classroom for the foul language that you came out with earlier, or for that matter in this school?"

Julia nodded and rose up from her seat, without any word from Mr. Harvey her fingers went straight to the two rows of four buttons on her high waistband trousers.
As she lowered her trousers to her knees, she also caught her knickers with her thumbs so that she bared herself in one deft movement. As she walked towards Mr. Harvey she felt her clothing slipping further down over the tops of her calves till they came to rest around her ankles.
She could see that Mr. Harvey's eyes were focussed upon her thick dark triangular covering of pubic hair, she was tempted to cover herself but it was not like it was the first time that he had seen her bared in such a manner, so such sudden modesty would seem by him as affected coyness on her part.
Once she reached his side she folded herself over his lap, part of her had expected - or perhaps hoped - that she would be in this situation again today. Those thoughts had been with her since she had driven through the school gates.

She then felt a sharp slap upon her left buttock, the noise of the slap echoed of the stone flooring and the tiled walls, then seconds later the sound of another slap filled the room.
Today unlike yesterday, Mr. Harvey was taking his time as he methodically covered all of Julia's ample bottom and the tops of her thighs with a slow firm spanking.
Julia somehow knew within her that Mr. Harvey intended to spank her to tears as he had yesterday. Today though she was going to show him some mettle and not just collapse like a house of cards, even if that meant prolonging her pain!
Once that Mr. Harvey was satisfied that he covered all off her bottom in a base coat, he upped the speed of her chastisement, his hand was rising and falling at a rate that was causing Julia problems in catching her breath between strikes.
The sound of his hand meeting her bared behind clashed with the echo, causing the room to fill with a crackling noise not unlike that of loud radio interference. This crackling was being increasingly punctuated by the loud gasps and squeaks coming from Julia!

Then it happened, the house of cards finally fell and Julia was indeed in tears!
Mr. Harvey then helped the now thoroughly chastised Julia back to her feet.

Driving back down to the village Julia's mind was in a whirl, it darted from one thing to another.
How to tell her mother that she was going to work as skivvy for a load of posh kids,"but it's OK as in five years time I will be a teacher, oh yes and I will be living in Scotland for at least a year!"
How to tell her best friend Sandra that she would leaving home to work away and that she would be working for of all people Mr. Harvey!

The one thing that kept coming to the fore of her mind though was what had happened after her spanking.
As she stood there in tears, rubbing at her punished bottom trying to desperately massage the pain away. Mr. Harvey put his hands between her knees, patting at them so that she opened her legs as far as the pooled clothing around her ankles would allow.
Then Mr. Harvey stood up and pulled Julia to him, her head rested upon his chest. She wondered if he could feel the wetness of her tears through his thin cotton shirt?
Then with his left hand running through her hair and patting her head to comfort her, she felt the fingers of his right hand between her legs.

"No....please Sir....I've never....I'm still...." Julia struggled out.

"Shhh, it's alright, just a little reward for taking your discipline with such fortitude." Mr. Harvey whispered into her ear.

Julia felt his fingers shallowly enter her feminine fleshy folds. His thumb then ran down the crease of her sex lightly rubbing at her now hard little pearl.
This was so unlike the frantic pawing and fumbling that she had experienced with her past boyfriends, Mr. Harvey's touch had purpose, had a goal in mind.
All the time that he was massaging her most secret of places he was whispering in her ear. For the life of her she could not now recall his words but she did recall the effect that they had had on her. Those words had somehow relaxed her, whilst paradoxically her body was going into tension as she felt wave after wave of contractions, each wave bringing her closer to orgasm.
Then it happened, as the final rush came she bit down onto Mr. Harvey's pectoral muscle, her whole body seemed to shake from her toes up as she experienced her first orgasm that was not self induced!

As she pulled the van up outside McCluskey's shop, she wondered if that was how all of Mr. Harvey's personal mentoring sessions would be?
She smiled to herself as she hoped so.

                                                        THE END