Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cruel Angela?

“Why you though, that's what I can't understand?”

“Why not me, I have been on the other-side of it plenty of times!” Angela replied rather irately.

“It just seems so strange, after all you must only be about five years older than her?”

“Six years as it happens, though what age has to do with it I have no idea!”

“It just seems odd that they asked you, rather than one of the older teachers that's all I meant.” I replied trying to calm down Angela's growing indignation.

“Well actually I volunteered, no one else seemed very keen on giving her a dose of the cane, I think they were worried about being sued or something.” Angela's eyes were now almost flashing as she spoke.

“So you aren't worried about being sued?” I asked in disbelief.

“No not at all, her father made her sign a disclaimer, stating that the punishment was being carried out at her request and by the appointed teachers discretion, better that I suppose than being expelled so close to her final A level exams!”

I shook my head still not really taking it all in. Here was Angela my twenty four year old fiancée and live in lover telling me how today she had caned Joan Morley an eighteen year old six former for vandalism, despite corporal punishment being banned in British state schools over three years ago!

“So what happened exactly?” I asked, my secret predilection for corporal punishment now being stoked up.

“I whacked her arse!”

“I know that but” I was now starting to feel that Angela was just trying to wind me up with her vagueness.

“OK, OK! Joan and two of her mates decided that they wanted to have a sly smoke and rather than going back to the sixth form block, for some reason best be known to themselves they decided to have a smoke on the upstairs landing at the back of the Domestic Science hall. Before you ask, because I don't know why either, but there is always a supermarket shopping trolley parked up on that hardly used landing. So the three of them started to play with the trolley, can you believe that? This is the supposed future of our country I'm talking about here!”

I nodded silently as I thought that would be the best way to race her to the juicy bits that I was waiting for.

“Well anyway, Joan got a bit to carried away by what we have been told. She started spinning the trolley around her, you know like she was one of those Moroccan dancers?”

Again patiently I nodded.

“Then for some reason she let go of the handle, the trolley shot off down the stairs, got to the bottom of the first flight, hit the handrail and shot over the top and straight through the window!”

Now Angela was looking quite deliriously happy at Joan's more or less accidental situation.
“Now most people would have legged it at this point. Not these three, Joan's two mates broke their necks to snitch on her! Now personally I think they should have got a good thrashing for being a pair of little yellow grasses, but that wasn't to be. So I had to make do with 'little miss goody two shoes' on her own. You do know who I'm talking about here don't you?”

I shook my head in confusion and frustration at the way she was spinning out her story.

“Last month at the charity quiz? The girl with dark brown hair that was serving the wine and cheese? She looks a bit like a Pierrot clown, heart shaped face and mouth?”

Now I realised who Angela was talking about, “the pleasant polite girl with more than a passing resemblance to Kate Bush?”

“Yeah that's the one. Well anyway I've never trusted these butter wouldn't melt girls, so I was quite happy when three of them were dropped in the shit like this. Then two wangled out by blaming Joan, if they had kept quiet they would most likely have gotten away with it, but they just bottled it!”

I nodded patiently for her to continue.

“So the Head went off it, demanding that an example must be set and these days our maximum punishment is expulsion so that was what he intended, till Joan's dad came up with his alternative option of an old fashioned caning!”

In my mind's eye I could already see Joan bending over and touching her toes, waiting for her green skirt to be given a good dusting with the stick!

“Of course the caning would have to be hushed up, so the head said that would not set any example to the others, so her dad said a caning and a weeks night time detention after school. The head's office must have been like a market with the two of them haggling and Joan just standing listening to see what her fate would be.
To be honest a weeks detention would probably have been a fair enough punishment. Imagine how she would feel being stuck in the dining room after school surrounded by a load of third and fourth formers, with like as not one of her prefect mates acting as detention monitor?
The head didn't seem to realise the power of the humiliation that the detention alone would provide as a deterrent, so they hammered out the agreement of four strokes of the cane and a weeks detention.
So that was it, all decided for her by the head and her father, all that was left was to find who would be the executioner of her sentence and when the head got all the female teachers together, I jumped at the chance to dish out a caning rather than be on the receiving end!
So off we tootled to the head's office after her first detention, I can tell you she looked pretty scared at was was going to be coming her way.
It's odd really that the head still keeps all his old canes in the office, I suppose he is keeping hold of them in case corporal punishment is ever brought back. Well anyway what ever the reason, he had about five in a long cupboard behind his desk.
Obviously I had to find one that would suit me, so I took each one out and give them all a couple of practice air swishes. When I did that I could see what little colour Joan had drain from her face, you know how pale she always looks? Well you should have seen her this evening, she was sheet white!
I felt a little bit sorry for you know, I even thought about not caning her and just pretending that the punishment had been carried out, after all who would be any the wiser it's not like her dad would be checking her bottom for stripe marks is it? You know the detention would be bad enough for her, so I thought about just letting her off!”

“Really?” I asked in a perhaps overly surprised tone.

“Did I bollocks!” Angela laughed at the very thought of her being so soft, “there was no way I was going to be giving up this chance!
So I said to her 'as we are both girls together, this is going to be a proper old fashioned caning, so if you could lift up your skirt, lower your tights and knickers and touch your toes we can begin?'
The look on her face was a picture as she shook her head saying that I couldn't cane her bare bum, I reminded her of the agreement that she had signed and that it was my decision that to make this a truly salutary punishment it would be given upon her bare skin.
You know she was in tears even before her tights were down around her knees?
By the time she was bent over with that large pale moon in front of me she crying like a kid!
I laid the first stroke on her, right across the middle of her chubby cheeks and she hopped straight up grabbing at her arse and swearing her head off .
Such language from our little put upon innocent!
Eventually she got back into position but she was swaying back and forth and struggling to keep her balance.
'this is no good,' I told her, 'I'm going to be trying to hit a moving target here! I'll tell you what, instead of touching your toes, put your feet just over shoulder width apart and grab the backs of your knees'
She did what I told her, I don't know if she knew what view she was now giving me but I'm sure you can guess?”

I nodded silently, my throat dry at the though of this scenario.

“Well let's just say her little secret places weren't that secret any more, her virgin chink was on full view, least ways I'm assuming she is a virgin but who knows these days. Do you think little Joannie is still virgo intacta?”

I shrugged my shoulders, not wanting her to think that I dwelled to much in my mind upon the sexual activities of her pupils.

“I think she would be, she is a real goody two shoes, anyway this position seemed to suit her better as she took the next stroke a lot better. I suppose the first one was a real shock and the second one she was a bit more prepared for. I waited a while watching the the lines colour up, once I had two nice little red tramlines running across the middle of her bot I had to think of where to place the third line.
I decided on going a little higher, to place it above her puckered up little bum hole!
I did tell you that this position left everything open to view didn't I?”

I nodded, holding my breath as I did so.

“The fourth stroke though I never had any doubt in my mind where that would be going, I aimed for the lowest part of her bum, right were the arse cheeks meet the hamstrings.
I know through past experience that that hurts like a bastard and that the next day every step would be a little reminder of this evening.
Also with it being the last stroke I made it extra tight, you know a right stinger?
It worked as well as she jumped up hopping again, no swearing this time though!
It was rather sweet actually, when I told her that she could pull her clothes back up she managed to stutter out 'thank you miss' between her sniffles!
So what do think, was I right in what I did?”

I shook my head and said.
“We both know what you did was very wrong and cruel Angela don't we?”

Angela nodded and replied.
“Yeah...I suppose I'm in trouble now for being such a bitch?”

I nodded silently.

“Should I go and get the slipper?”

Again I nodded in silence, Angela then sloped out of the room to get the instrument for her correction!
I so love it when Joan plays the “Angela The Cruel Schoolteacher” game.