Wednesday, 18 July 2012

McCluskey's Shop - pt1

 (Though this is a standalone story, it does follow on from the events and characters in the story the Posh School)

As John Harvey explained the afternoon's preceding events to Moira Mason, she looked at the the two shame-faced girls. As she saw their faces redden she decided not to ask Mr.Harvey of the details of the girls punishments, to try and save them both from further embarrassment.

"Mrs. Mason, Mr. McCluskey agreed with me - at the girls behest I hasten to add - that a good bottom tanning would be more fitting than calling in the police to sort it all out, also the girls will be helping out at Mr. McCluskey's shop over the next few days as recompense for his lost oars," John Harvey said summing up the situation.

"Well thank you for fetching the girls back safe and sound," Moira said trying to hide her disgust at the man. "and I'll make sure the girls have an early night tonight, and be ready bright and early for the shop opening,"

As Moira was still speaking she was trying to shepherd John Harvey towards her front door. John Harvey realised that for all of Moira Mason's apparent politeness he was persona non grata in her house.

"That's the main thing of course, both the girls are OK after their unplanned dip in the loch, so I will bid you all good evening," John Harvey said, forcing an unsure smile to Moira Mason as he left the house.

Moira Mason closed and locked the door behind him. She closed her eyes, her head shaking she let out a loud sigh, before turning to face the girls.

"Auntie Moira, I'm so sorry!" Sandra said almost on the verge of tears,"We weren't trying to steal the boat, we only wanted to borrow it for an hour or so... then the tide went all funny... the wind came up just as Jules was moving to help me row...then it tipped....and your basket it......"

Then Sandra broke into floods of tears. Julia put her arm around her friend trying to console her, but then she also burst out crying as she  recalled the day's events.

"Will you two stop your greeting!" Moira Mason shouted out, "First of all it would be obvious to any fool that you weren't trying to steal the boat, and as for the picnic basket that's neither here nor there."

The shock of Moira's raised voice caused both girls to calm down, the two of them sniffing back tears as they looked at their host.

"I don't suppose it crossed MR. Hoity Toity's mind to give you anything to eat in all that time he had you trapped up at that school?"

"He did give us some tea, and under the circumstances was quite pleasant with us," Julia said quickly jumping to Mr. Harvey's defence.

"Yes I'm sure he had a very pleasant time as well, with his surprise catch in the loch." Moira replied tersely, then seeing both girls blush deeply she added, "Let's not mention that any more eh? I'll get on and make you both some supper, while you sort out some suitable clothes for working in the shop tomorrow, because I know for a fact that Mrs. McCluskey won't let you work dressed like that."

Sandra smiled and nodded, as she recalled the old battle axe in the shop from her previous visits.

"Thanks auntie Moira." Sandra said. "You know we are both really......"

"Sorry! yes I know, now get along the two of you," Moira said laughing.

The girls went to their room and pulled out all the clothes from their cases. After about a quarter of an hour they had decided on what to wear, as luck would have it they both had matching green Fred Perry v-neck jumpers. Both girls also had a pair of black trousers, so with the jumpers, trousers and a plain white t-shirt under the jumpers, the girls seemed to be wearing an ad hoc uniform of sorts as they looked into the full length mirror on the back of the wardrobe door.

"So do you know this McCluskey guy then?" Julia asked her friend.

"No. I can't recall a Mr. McCluskey, every time I was ever in the shop it was always Mrs. McCluskey behind the counter and a right grumpy cow she is!"

Julia rolled her eyes skywards, this was not turning out to be the relaxing little holiday that she had hoped for. Both girls then got changed for bed before going back down for their suppers as tomorrow promised to be an early start and a very long day.

The next morning Sandra and Julia stood outside of the village general dealers, both were yawning as neither of the girls were used to rising at six in the morning. They both sighed in unison as the shop lights switched on, as they knew that now would be the moment that they would meet the man who's boat they had either borrowed, or stolen depending upon your viewpoint.
As the door opened Sandra's jaw dropped in disbelief.

"Hello Sandra." said the grinning dark haired young man, "My how you have grown!"

"Hello Bimbo." Sandra replied and Julia noticed her friends face flushing.

"Aren't you going to introduce us Sand?" Julia asked, amused at her friend's obvious discomfort.

"Er....yeah sure...this is Bimbo...I mean Alex....he's the shopkeeper's son..."

"Tut-tut you are behind the times." Alex said shaking his head as he continued grinning, "I'm the shop owner now, my mother passed the business on to me. She's still here everyday though keeping her hand in, so having you two helping out means that she can have a couple of days off so it's worked out handy you losing my oars for me."

Julia was enjoying Sandra's embarrassment, she could see her friend's face getting redder and redder as Alex spoke of the previous days events.

"So they are here then?" a female voice boomed out from the back of the shop.

"Yes Ma, the girls are here bright an early just like Mr. Harvey said they would be!" Alex shook his head and rolled his eyes as he smiled at Sandra and Julia.

"Well make sure you get a good days graft out of them," the voice shouted back, "and if they give you any lip skelp their arses!"

Julia was not at all sure what "skelp their arses" meant but she could wager a good guess at it's meaning!

"I'm sure that won't be necessary Ma, now you just get yourself off to Auntie Mae's and have a nice couple of days rest!"

"OK laddie I'm going now make sure they keep their thieving little hands away from the till." with that parting shot the three of them heard a door closing somewhere towards the back of the shop.

"Sorry about that Sandra. Ma just seems to be getting more and more niggly as she gets older." Alex said genuinely.

"Oh forget about it, we probably deserve it after yesterday, you do know we only meant to borrow the boat don't you?" Sandra's voice was now an almost pleading tone which was not lost on Julia.

Once the girls got into the shop Alex showed them around and asked them to put out the daily papers, pointing out that each paper had a labelled up position on the shelves and he then went off to the back kitchen to make them all a coffee.

"So what is all this Bimbo stuff then?" Julia asked in a loud whisper.

"It's just what he used to get know a nickname," Sandra replied trying to make light of it.

"Why Bimbo? It's not like it's short for Alex or McCluskey?"

"It's from Circus Boy." Sandra said sharply, but she could tell by the look on Julia's face that she wasn't going to get away with that meagre explanation, "You do you remember Circus Boy?"

"Vaguely....." Julia replied.

"Well the elephant was called Bimbo...."

"Yeah....and...." Julia coaxed still not happy with Sandra's explanation.

"Apparently.....and I don't know this for sure....Alex has a very big cock," now Sandra's face was burning as she tried to pick out the right words, "and when he was at school he used to do an elephant impression...."

"Oh....and how did he do that?" Julia had more or less guessed but was enjoying her friend's continued embarrassment too much to let it go.

"He used to pull out his pockets for the elephant's ears.....and you know....."

"So elephant had a big trunk then.....I bet he couldn't pick up bread buns with it though...." now Julia was in fits of laughter.

"For fucks sake I don't was just what the others told me.....I never saw it myself he was like about four years older then me, I don't think he even noticed I was around." Julia could hear the temper and bitterness in Sandra's voice, all the tell tale signs of an unrequited love so Julia decided to lay off her a bit, for now anyway.

The day progressed quite well for Sandra and Julia, they both found themselves quite enjoying themselves working in the shop. Alex told all the customers that the girls were just helping out so that his mother could have a break. Alex had made it clear to both girls that only he, his mother, Mr. Harvey and Sandra's aunt Moira would ever know of the true reason for the girls being there.
Julia also noticed that Sandra may have been right about Alex not taking much notice of her when she was younger, but he certainly was taking notice of her now. Julia saw Alex having quite a few long lingering looks at Sandra, also she could see that he was very much a "bottom man", his eyes always focusing on Sandra's denim encased behind at every given chance.

Julia also knew that Sandra was to shy to flirt, so she flirted by proxy for her. Julia spent most of the morning whistling the tune of Nellie The Elephant, and dropping blockbuster size hints about how Sandra would love to go to see Blazing Saddles that was showing in Fort William.

Then about three o'clock in the afternoon disaster struck, well not so much a disaster but a minor drama, the village was hit by a power cut.

"Well that's great!" Alex sighed, "I was hoping to sort out the stockroom while you two watched the store, that's that idea out the window now."

"The electric shouldn't be off for to long." Sandra said trying to cheer Alex up.

"Long enough, I've got a big delivery to take up to Mr. Harvey at the school as soon as we close,"

"I could do the delivery!" Julia said her voice giving away her keenness to return to the school and to Mr. Harvey.

"Can you drive?" Alex asked.

"Better than I can row a boat." Julia said giving Alex a cheeky wink.

Alex took a few seconds thinking over Julia's offer, then he explained that Mr. Harvey was expecting the delivery at around six o'clock.

"That's no problem you can call it overtime." Julia said.

Alex nodded then asked if Sandra would like to help him out in the stockroom if the electric was back on when Julia was delivering the order.

"Yeah no problem it's the least we can do." Sandra said her eyes shining at the thought of being alone with "Bimbo".

"What about your auntie, she will be expecting you both back when the shop closes?"

"It's no problem." Sandra quickly said, "Auntie Moira is working late tonight then going out for an hour or two so she won't be home till about half nine or ten o'clock."

"OK girls you have a deal," Alex said then added, "as a matter of fact to show you my appreciation of your work today, I'll take you both down to the Sheriff's for chicken in a basket!"

The rest of the afternoon both girls were preoccupied by their thoughts. Sandra at finally getting to be alone with her childhood crush, Julia the thought of meeting the enigmatic Mr. Harvey again. Sure enough the electric did come back on at about four o'clock, Alex loaded up his little delivery van for Julia to take to the school at six o'clock, then he also seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, for all three of them six o'clock could not come quick enough. 
Once six o'clock did come around Alex quickly locked the front door of the shop and with obscene haste he then dispatched Julia upon her way to the school.
Sandra received quite a shock as she followed him down into the "stockroom" Rather than a pokey cupboard type of room that she was half expecting, he led her into a cavernous cellar. The cellar was packed full of all kinds of goods, boxes of fireworks, Christmas decorations, toys and of course boxes upon boxes of tinned consumables.

"God where do we begin here!" Sandra asked shocked by the amount of stock that needed to be counted and sorted.

"With the tinned stuff I suppose." Alex replied with a half hearted shrug of his shoulders.

As the two of them worked their way through writing down the amounts of the various canned goods, Alex suddenly spoke.

"So do you think that all this is fair?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well what happened yesterday to you two and then having to work here for no pay?"

"Yeah I suppose so....we did sort of deserve it..." as Sandra replied she felt her tummy doing somersaults as she recalled the time they had spent with Mr. Harvey at the school.

"So you think that a spanking is a fair punishment for stealing?"

"Well we weren't stealing we were borrowing......but yeah I suppose in some circumstances...if it's just something minor....." her voice trailed off as she wondered where this could be leading, unlike yesterday though she found the conversation mildly exciting.

"'s just that I know for a fact that this isn't the first stocktaking that you have done in this shop." Alex said with a smug grin on his face.


"A few months ago I was talking to Isla Taylor, she was telling me about when she fourteen or so the game her and all of her mates used to play." Alex watched closely for a reaction on Sandra's face, but she only looked confused so he added, "It was a game of dares, to see who could nick the most sweets from the shop when my Ma's back was turned!"

This had the effect that he was looking for, Sandra's eyes widened and her face reddened as she now knew what he was referring to.

"Yeah Isla told me who used to play the game with her, mostly girls from the village but also that English girl who used to come up and stay with her aunt in the school holidays."

Sandra swallowed hard, wondering if Alex meant to spank her now for something that happened almost four years ago, the odd thing was she half wished that he would, this all felt worlds apart from yesterday's pain and humiliation.

"So as you seem to think that spanking is a just and fair punishment for pilfering Maybe I should follow me Ma's advice and give your arse a good skelping, do you no agree?"

The thought of going over Alex's knee, his hand punishing then perhaps later caressing her bottom was to much for Sandra she couldn't put those thoughts into words so she just nodded.
Alex then pulled out a chair from somewhere in the chaos of the rear part of the storeroom, placing in the centre of the clear floorspace he than sat down.

"Mind you those thick trousers will have to go, after all we want you to feel this don't we?" again in silence Sandra nodded as she kicked off her shoes. 

As she struggled with the four tiny buttons on her high waistband trousers, she thought to herself that she was going to be getting a second spanking this week at the age of nineteen, thus doubling the amount that she had received since becoming a teenager!
As she lowered her trousers she could feel Alex's eyes burning into her.

"Be best if you take them off altogether!" Alex suggested, kicking of her slip on shoes Sandra complied.

So there she was barefoot and trouserless, the cold stone floor acting as a reminder of her state of undress.

"You really have grown haven't you? Proper womanly hips and everything."

Sandra wondered whether to thank Alex for the compliment, she was just about to speak when Alex rose up from his chair and stepped towards her.

"I can't help but wonder how else you have grown." he said as his hands went to the bottom of her jumper.

As Alex lifted the hems of both her jumper and the t-shirt below, Sandra automatically lifted her arms to aid him removing them. Now Sandra did feel rather foolish, standing there in only her underwear whilst Alex was still fully clothed. Her feelings of embarrassment were compounded by the fact that wasn't wearing matching underwear as she normally did, today she was wearing black knickers and a white bra, not that Alex seemed to mind that much as he drank in every curve and swell of her body.

"So did Mr. Harvey spank you over your knickers?"

Sandra shook her head.

"No he couldn't.....we weren't wearing any....we had to strip out of all of our wet clothes...." last night when Sandra thought about that in bed it had caused a tear to run down her cheek. Now  though the memory and saying it back to Alex filled her with an odd exhilaration!

"A well if it's good enough for up at the posh school," Alex said his fingers going to the waist band of Sandra's knickers, "it's good enough for down in the village."

Sandra didn't call out or complain as he knelt in front of her and tugged down the thin cotton material of her knickers, in fact when they reached her ankles she stepped out of them. Alex then caught her off guard as he moved his face forward and gave her light covering of pubic hair a gentle little kiss and whispered.

"See you again later little cat."

Then taking Sandra gently by the hand he led her over to the chair. In a movement of deft swiftness he sat down and hauled her over his lap. No sooner had she got across his knees than the first slaps started raining down upon her.

"Do you know I can still see the marks that Mr. Harvey gave you," Alex said almost conversationally as Sandra squirmed around trying to avoid his blows, "he must have given you a really good leathering?"

"Aaah... ow....four strokes....aah....with a leather belt thingie...ow...ow..." Sandra tried to answer between his hail of slaps, "ow...ow..but he did it really hard....aah,"

Alex unbeknown to Sandra was almost laughing as he continued with her play punishment He had no intention of really hurting her, all he wanted to do was pink up her skin a bit, give her arse a little warming glow and warm it he did.
For all of her protestations Sandra was enjoying it also. It was so unlike yesterday, this was more of a game, albeit a highly sexually charged game!
She knew that "the game" and all of her squirming was having an effect up on Alex, she could feel the effect digging into her naked belly!

Once Sandra's bottom had reached a warm pinkie hue Alex ceased spanking and instead gave Sandra at least some of the caresses that she had been hoping for. His hand skimmed gently over her warm bottom cheeks, then his fingers trailed lightly down the cleft of her bottom causing her to gasp out loud.

"Can't we go somewhere a bit more comfortable Bimbo?" hearing that question Alex helped Sandra up to her feet, he then led her still naked apart from her white bra back up the stairs and through the now darkened shop to his bedroom at the rear of the building.

As he stripped of his clothes Sandra thought that he looked like some caricature of a sexually excited male, his unfeasibly large rolling pin like cock pointing towards the ceiling as he pulled on a condom and then laid back upon the bed. Carefully Sandra got astride of him and slowly impaled herself on his legendary trunk, staring down into his deep blue eyes as she  rode him towards orgasm. The sex was short lived, not that it mattered as both were so fired up that Sandra's orgasm was soon met with Alex's!

Meanwhile up at the school........