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Sir Ian's Stable pt1 - At The Gym

Helen Carter had found her first three weeks at Newbourne Law to be much less of a trauma than she had expected it to be. All her friends and family had told her that life in the "real world" was different ball game to that of school and college. Of course they were right to a certain extent, things like getting up to get to work on time, coping with the rush hour public transport where timetables are really just at best a guideline, and at worst a mere wish list, but she took all of that in her stride and after the first week she had acclimatised herself to that side of things.
The other thing she had been warned about was office politics, this had proven to be pointless worry, all the other girls had welcomed their new young recruit into the fold, in fact they had all gone out of their way to be helpful!

All had gone out of their way that is apart from Andrea and Chloe, an enigmatic couple who seemed to more or less keep their own company. Not that they were unpleasant, in fact they always spoke to Helen with broad gleaming white smiles upon their faces, always said "hi how's thing's this morning?" and "night have a nice evening", but that was more or less as far as conversation went with either of them, but not just with Helen though it seemed to be that way with everyone else as well.
Their calm pleasant aloofness fascinated Helen, at lunchtimes in the company canteen she always listened out for bitchy comments about Andrea and Chloe from the other girls, but oddly none were ever forthcoming, it was almost like they weren't even aware of this mysterious pair working in the same office.
Helen put this down as fear of being reported as being homophobic, so rather than the usual tittle tattle, everyone had decided to just keep schtum about the pair's very existence.
This silence just went to make Helen more curious about the two girls.

One thing that had struck Helen was the remarkable likeness the two girls had to each other, not facially though as Chloe was very pale, the classic English Rose whereas Andrea was olive skinned, almost Mediterranean looking. Also both girls had different coloured hair, Chloe was blond, perhaps from a bottle though no roots were ever showing, Andrea was dark haired almost crow black, and her hair held an almost unreal sheen to it.
It was their bodies that were so similar, both girls were like Helen quite tall at around five foot ten or so, both girls also had a sleek athletic look to them, the sort of look that doesn't just happen by accident, they weren't overly muscled but they were honed!
Both had large shapely calves, sweeping thighs, tight waists and wide shoulders, in fact shape wise they reminded Helen very much of the actress Michelle Ryan.
Also they dressed and had their hair done in the same styles, they always wore dark tailored suits consisting of a jacket, knee length skirts, and invariably matching ivory blouses, it was as if the office had a uniform policy that only they followed. Then there was their hair, worn long and straight, parted at the centre and running down way past their shoulders to the centre of their backs. Also the jewellery that both girls wore, or rather the lack of it struck her, no rings, no bracelets or earrings. The only adornment that they wore was a narrow leather dog collar with a gold horseshoe decoration, both girls wore identical collars that Helen took to be some sort of love token.
To Helen they were like perfect complimentary opposites, a yin yang of darkness and light, Helen also knew she was spending way to much time thinking of her strange colleagues.

Then on the third Friday, Helen got her chance to break the ice properly with Andrea and Chloe, to try and at least gain a peek into their private world.
Helen had taken to using the firms very well equipped but little used gym. The gym was free to staff and had all the latest resistance machines than one would expect to find in an expensive spa. What Helen liked best though was the little hardly used corner at the back of the room that had a good selection of free weights, not just a couple of chrome dumbbells but a full selection running up to forty five kilos! Also it had a power rack and a full Olympic barbell set as equally unused as the dumbbells, this became Helen's private little corner, pumping iron was Helen's favourite form of stress relief so to have it on her doorstep so to speak and free as well was her idea of heaven. So most evenings that's where she could be found, as she waited for the rush hour traffic to ease off.

That Friday evening Helen entered the gym at about seven fifteen, a time that usually meant all other users had either packed up and gone home or had sloped off to the sauna, she was surprised to see both Andrea and Chloe on the treadmills. Both girls were sort of marching, it wasn't a quick enough pace to be classed as a jog, but also a little bit to vigorous to be called walking.
As Helen was going to be doing some heavy leg work she wanted to warm up with a little run first, so she took the treadmill between Andrea and Chloe and set it for a six minute jog.
Both girls gave her a friendly greeting, but it was plain to see that they were as surprised to see her as she was to see them!
As Helen's machine settled down to it's target pace, Helen noticed something a little odd both of her colleagues had their hair tied back in tight pony tales, and having their hair pulled back in that manner gave Helen a better look at their matching collars.
Helen noticed that both collars had brass hoops on each side, making their "love tokens" look more than ever like a dog's collar, or even with the gold decoration, a horse brass! Still she thought to her self, "there is no accounting for taste", and it did give the two of them a sort of edgy look.

While Helen was still trying to make up her mind whether the collars were sophisticated or "chavvy", she heard the door open and as she looked into the mirror, she saw the figure of Sir Ian Newbourne resplendent in a three piece hand tailored suit who was quite obviously not dressed to pump iron.
She felt butterflies in her stomach as he made his way across the gym floor towards the cardio machines, "should I speak?" she asked herself, "NO!" was her resounding silent reply.
Her eyes darted to her left then to her right to see what her colleagues reaction was to the head partners sudden arrival.
There was none!
Andrea and Chloe just continued marching to nowhere, in a perfect unbroken unison with one another.

"How's my two most favourite girls?" Sir Ian asked, his courtroom voice booming out over the sound of the radio.

"Great thank you sir!" they both chorused in reply, still not breaking their synchronised pace.

"Training going well I hope," he asked his voice now lowering as he grew nearer, "I have a lot riding on you two next weekend, money and more importantly the firms pride?"

"Strength training tonight sir," Andrea said, "just warming up then some heavy squats and dead lifts sir,"

"Good, good, good, just make sure you don't injure yourselves," then Helen sensed a slight change in Sir Ian's jovial manner as his voice and reflected expression in the mirror changed, "Chloe I take it you are fully motivated tonight, no need for a gee up?"

"No sir.....I'm fully motivated....fully motivated!" as Chloe replied Helen noticed a little cracking in Chloe's voice, also she seemed to be blushing at Sir Ian's question.

"And who is this you have with you, Helen isn't it, our new recruit ?"

Now it was time for Helen to blush, it had never even occurred to her that any of the senior partners would even be aware of her, let alone that the most senior partner would actually know her by name.
"Yes...Sir Ian that's right....I'm the new girl!" as the words left her mouth she regretted them, it sounded as if she was talking like a Saturday temp in Woolies.

"Right girls I'll leave you all to it, remember A and C play nice and don't be to hard with the new girl," Sir Ian said, with a little chuckle in his voice.

"Don't worry sir we won't," Chloe said to the departing figure, a huge grin on her face.

"I'll show them hard!" Helen thought to herself then said, "So you are doing squats tonight, I was planning some leg work can I drop in between sets with you?"

Andrea and Chloe looked at each other as they brought their treadmills to a stop, Helen watched them both in the mirror as they both shrugged their shoulders and nodded to each other, then Andrea spoke.
"OK, but we train heavy, we are doing three sets of squats, then stiff legged dead lifts and barbell rows, are you sure you are up for it?"

"Yeah bring it on, I love strength training!" Helen replied, now determined to make Andrea eat those words.

The warm up set went pretty much to plan for Helen, Andrea and Chloe did ten easy reps, she did twelve. The second set Andrea and Chloe upped the ante to seventy five kilos,they both did five reps, Helen did ten!
Then when Andrea loaded up the bar to ninety kilos Helen tried her hardest not to smirk as she wondered if they would even manage to do three with such a weight.
Chloe got under the bar and smoothly did ten reps, then she started to slow till she reached sixteen and when she looked like she was about to rack the bar Andrea called out to her from behind.

"Come on four more! or do you want to have more stripes than a Bengal Tiger?"

Then to Helen's disbelief Chloe slowly grinded out another four reps, before finally racking the bar!
Now with her previous cocky confidence shot to pieces, Helen watched in awe as Chloe and Andrea traded places, Andrea pushed out an easy looking fifteen reps before slowing down to grind out the last five.
Andrea turned to face Helen, a mischievous sparkle in her hazel brown eyes as she said.

"Twenty rep squats, it's all in the mind really with squats, if you can manage ten reps and you have the balls for it twenty is more than achievable, like I said though it's all a matter of facing the pain and getting on with it!"

Helen understood all to clearly that this was a challenge, Andrea had thrown down the gauntlet, and Helen was about to pick it up.

"I'll give it a crack, it can't be that hard after all," was Helen's reply more from bravado though than from any practical experience.

As she lifted the bar from it's rack she noticed it's intimidating bend in the mirror as she lowered herself down for her first rep.
The first ten reps were hard, the next four were hell, she was sure her heart was about to explode out from her ribcage, she was on the very edge of giving up when she heard Andrea whispering in her ear.

"Just think you are in a swimming pool, some fourteen stone dickhead is ducking you under the water, you aren't going to stay under the water are you, you are going to stand up and show the prick, aren't you!"

With those words ringing in her ear she pushed out another two reps, now her whole body was shaking, she could hear the blood rushing in her ears, then she heard Andrea's voice again over her desperate panting.

"No probs girl you did well, sixteen reps! just rack the bar no one will think you a wimping out, it's probably four to many for you, good try though!"

With those patronising words driving her on Helen forced herself to complete two more reps before she heard Chloe speak this time.

"Great set Helen you've done it!"

"Wha...what?" Helen gasped out.

"You've done eighteen reps," Chloe said than added, "no one does eighteen reps of a twenty rep set and stops, the next two are so easy, impossible to give in now!"

Chloe was half right, they weren't easy though they were anything but, but also she was right in that there was no way Helen would get so close and stop!
As she rose back to upright for the twentieth time Andrea helped her to rack the bar, Helen then sank to her knees in exhaustion and relief, then Chloe spoke.

"Oh-oh, she is throwing a whitey!"

Helen was on the verge of throwing up, all colour had now drained from her face, little black spots danced in front of her eyes like storm flies in a heat wave.
Andrea gently helped her to her feet.

"Maybe it's time for you to hit the changing rooms, we'll see you in a bit, eh?" the concern in Andrea's voice was genuine, Helen nodded glumly and left the other two girls to finish their workout.

After a quick and urgent visit to the bathroom Helen showered and was almost fully dressed when Andrea and Chloe entered the changing room.

"We are sorry about that, Helen, we just didn't think you would go for the twenty reps, you see it's something that you build up to, adding a little bit of weight each week, not just diving in at ninety K," Chloe said by way of explanation.

"Yeah we were very naughty girls today," Andrea said in agreement, "you can spank us later!" she then added winking and smiling at the still not fully recovered Helen.

That phrase, "you can spank us later!" struck home with Helen, it pushed so many buttons in her mind, emotions and needs that she had made sure were kept locked away!

Now red faced rather than sail white, Helen finished getting dressed as Andrea and Chloe stripped off their track suits, to Helen's surprise the girls just towelled off the sweat from their body's rather than showering, then applied massive amounts of deodorant spray.

"Dry showers!" Chloe said in way of explanation to Helen, "less time in here, means more time in the beer garden!"

Helen nodded and forced out a weak smile. For all that Helen was quite proud of her body, she was always a little uncomfortable amidst full nudity, she hated the girls that would flaunt their nudity in changing rooms, the ones that swanned about in a "look at me" manner. Andrea and Chloe were different though, they were not exhibiting themselves, they just seemed comfortable unaware almost of their nakedness.
They both happily chatted with Helen, neither seeming in any hurry to cover themselves, it made it a little hard for Helen as she tried to keep eye contact only with the two girls looming above her as she sat on the bench. Then Helen caught a glimpse of Chloe's bottom as she bent to retrieve her clothes from her gym bag, and she could not help but stare.

"Tut-tut," Andrea said, "Chloe our new friend here is admiring your stripes, actually she can't take her eyes off them"

Chloe turned to Helen her eyebrows raised in mock shock.

"You staring at my bot?"

"Er no..well not's just the marks...I didn't..I mean I wasn't..." both girls burst out laughing at Helen's discomfort.

"Chloe I think you should explain those marks to Helen, she is obviously highly curious!"

Chloe then turned to Andrea, a questioning look upon her face. Andrea gave Chloe a little nod and an encouraging flick of her eyebrows.

"I got them on Wednesday, for not training hard enough on Tuesday night," Chloe stated matter of factly as she continued dressing, "I was a little lazy on Tuesday so I got the cane."

Helen could hardly grasp what she had just heard, was this another wind up or did she really mean it that Andrea would cane her for not training hard enough, was that what the stripey tiger remark referred to?  
Helen then looked at Andrea.

"You mean that you cane her if....." before Helen could finish he question Andrea butted in.

"No I don't cane her, also in case you are wondering, despite what you may have heard we aren't a couple, we are just friends who flat share!"

"So who....who.."

"Who do you think?" Andrea asked, a wicked smile on her face.

"Sir Ian?" Helen asked as the penny dropped.

"Yes but don't dare breath a word or we will deny it and you'll be sacked," Andrea stated emphatically, "she got it Wednesday morning bent over his desk, skirt up and tights and knickers down, his office isn't sound proofed just for our client's privacy you know, six of the best wasn't it Chloe?"

"You know it was, and I don't think we should be talking about it either!" the look on Chloe's face told Helen that they were now on a very taboo subject.

"Don't see why not, we both know Sir is looking for a new recruit, and let's face it she just squatted to the point of throwing up so who would be better?" Andrea said sharply, it was becoming more and more plain to Helen that Andrea was quite a dominating personality.

"Recruit for what?" Helen asked, not really sure if she wanted to know the answer, "does the company have some sort of sports team?"

"No it has nothing to do with the firm as such it is very much Sir Ian's private little thing," Chloe said, her voice betraying her doubts about where this conversation was going.

" you mean that Sir" as Helen searched for a way to put it Andrea helped out.

"Shags us?" Andrea asked bluntly, and Helen nodded, "god no, he is happily married with grown up kids, we are part of I suppose you would say,"

"Sorry I just thought you know with the caning and that....that it was something sexual...sorry," now Helen felt foolish at even suggesting that the girls were Sir Ian's mistresses.

"Oh it's sexual alright, something can be sexual without involving sex you know?" Andrea said, throwing Helen into even more confusion.

"It's just that it isn't that politically correct," Chloe said joining in to add to Helen's confusion, "some people would view it as sexist and dehumanising, that's why we keep quiet about it,"

"Why would people think that, you know about it being dehumanising?"

"Because it is," Andrea said in her matter of fact manner that Helen was quickly becoming used to, "that is what is wonderful about it, for a few hours you can just totally escape from reality, immerse yourself in a fantasy world, a world where you aren't yourself, a world where you aren't and individual, it''s...sorry I just can't think of the right word,"

"Cathartic!" Chloe said by way of help.

"Yes that's Miss Smarty pants to know the right word!" then her hazel eyes sparkling again Andrea added, "and then there is all the benefits, free dental care, subsidised housing, do you really think we could afford to live in the city centre on our wages?"

Helen shook her head to try and clear it, to try and grasp what Andrea and Chloe were talking about.

"You should come to our competition, then you could see what we are talking about," Andrea said, "I'm sure Sir would agree, I will vouch for your discretion, but of course there will be a tariff to pay,"

"I still don't know what either of you are talking about," Helen said, wanting to say yes but still not sure what she would be agreeing to.

"When you were at college did they ever have little fancy dress pretend fetish parties?"  Chloe asked.

Helen nodded, remembering going to two such parties, she had always been to shy to join in. Or was it that she was to shy to let others see her secretive side, the side of her that craved to join in, then the parties themselves were so tame like Chloe said "pretend fetish parties".

"Well this is the real deal."

"What do you mean by tariff, how much are the tickets?" Helen asked, and both girls now knew that they had her hooked, all they had to do was reel her in.

"Tickets are free, invitation only," Andrea said, "Sir Ian would need to test you first as a potential new recruit, to see if you would make the grade, then it would be up to you if you wanted to join in with us when you see what it is all about, first though he would need proof that you could take the discipline side of things,"

Helen nodded, her face showing a slow dawning of realisation.

"He would want to spank you at least before any invitation would be given out ," neither Andrea or Chloe had any idea of the effect that that sentence by Andrea had upon Helen, neither girl would have even suspected Helen's deep dark unspoken desires.
Red faced Helen nodded her assent.

"Great!" Andrea said obviously quite pleased with herself, "let's go to the pub and we can chat!"

Helen rose to her feet, her buttocks still throbbing from her workout, she wondered how this pain would compare to that of a spanking or a caning?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting Ready For The Campers pt2 - Tom Caught Peeping

Miss Maureen Redway stood flexing impatiently the pale yellow cane in her hands as she waited for her procrastinating chalet maid to get herself prepared for her punishment.

"Really Joan we don't have all day, just get that bottom of yours bared and hurry up about it!" this final admonishment from Miss Redway caused the poor girl to burst out into tears, "and you can stop that crying, you will have plenty cause for tears in a minute or so!"

Then to the rear of Miss Redway there was a clatter and the sound of exploding glass, all four jumped in shock at the sudden noise. Miss Redway looked first at the broken bulb, then up to the dark ceiling above from whence it came, she could see the thin wooden crawl board and could make out the head and shoulders of a figure looking down.

"Who the hell is that up there?" shouted the now fuming Miss Redway.

"'s just's Tom Miss Redway, I was just changing the bulbs, it was on the list that you gave me," Tom struggled out, his heart now beating fast his hands shaking.

"Changing the bulbs! get yourself down here  now!" Miss Redway ordered her young handyman, she then looked over to Mary and Diane, who were both standing red faced and open mouthed knowing that their punishments must have been viewed by a male, Maureen Redway now felt that she was somewhat loosing control of the situation as she watched Tom slowly reversing along his precarious looking perch back to the projection room.
She then had an idea of how to regain her authority.
She had never caned a male before, though she had herself twice been on the receiving end of a caning from her male sergeant whilst in basic training for the WRAC. So she knew first hand the added embarrassment that such a punishment brings with it, also she quite fancied the idea of the boot being on the other foot so to speak.

"Don't worry girls mark my words he is going to rue this day!" Miss Redway said by way of some consolation to the two already chastised females, then turning to Joan she said, "are you still not ready yet girl!"

"Well I thought know with Tom being there...I mean here....." her voice trailed off.

"Just get on with it girl, and stop fannying about!" sarcastically Miss Redway then added, "just imagine that the fleets in port!"

Now totally disconsolate and resigned to her embarrassing fate, Joan again lifted her dress and finally managed to pull down her panty girdle, she almost had it to her knees when the door at the rear of the hall opened and Tom rather sheepishly walked in.
Tom managed to catch just briefest glimpse of the dark triangle of Joan's pubic hair, before she managed to shield her modesty with her hands.

"So Tom can you explain yourself please?" was the greeting from Miss Redway that met Tom as he approached the stage area.

"Well like I said, I was just changing some bulbs, you know on that list that you gave me," Tom could see by the four faces in front of him that his answer had not gone down well.

"So it never crossed your mind to make your presence known when the young ladies entered the hall?" awkward silence was the only
answer from Tom to Miss Redway's question.

"So you thought that you would just treat these ladies chastisements as your own personal entertainment?" again Tom remained silent, his eyes locked upon Miss Redway's hand, her hand agitatedly tapping the cane upon the wooden dance floor.

"So in the spirit of fair play, I am going to offer you the same option as I offered the girls," Miss Redway said, her cane tip still ominously tapping at the floor, "you either receive my elected punishment or the sack, which is it to be boy?"

There was no real decision to be made, Tom had tasted the cane a few times in his youth, he knew it was far better than being unemployed again. In his mind Tom was also thinking, "how hard can it be from woman anyway", all his past caning's had been given by male teachers, surely she couldn't match them for power?
Tom nodded, still trying to avoid any eye contact with his pretty boss.

"Well since you witnessed Mary and Diane receiving their canings, I think it only fair that they witness yours, and since you seemed keen on continuing your viewing experience by spying upon Joan also, I think it fair that you and her should witness each other close up, you can both bend over the stage together and look each other in the eye as you are caned together!" saying this Miss Redway looked over to Mary and Diane to check their reactions to her words, she saw them both smile. Maureen Redway knew now that today's actions would soon circulate around all the staff, Tom's sudden appearance would seem to guarantee that, still though Maureen thought that she should just make finally sure.

"Tom as you already know, Joan is to receive six of the best, so I think it only fair that you will receive eight," Tom took a couple of seconds to take this all in.
Eight strokes!
Exactly double of what he had ever taken at school!
Still though it was only going to be from a woman, how bad could that be?

"Yes Miss, if you say so.....but I was only doing as you....."

"Silence!" Miss Redway interjected cutting Tom short, "just get those trousers down and we can begin!"

Now for Tom this was all of a sudden a different kettle of fish, despite popular myths, canings were always given over trousers at school, also Tom had another problem.

"Er...I'm sorry Miss Redway...I can't you see I don't....I don't have any underpants on," this revelation from Tom caused a little titter of amusement from Mary and Diane.

"Really, how disgustingly unhygienic!" Miss Redway's words causing Tom to blush in shame, "no matter though, I was intending to cane you bare bottomed anyway,"

Tom could see by the resolute look upon her face that this was no empty threat, she really meant to punish both himself and Joan upon their bare behinds.

"Please Miss, could this not be done in private," Tom asked his voice now reduced to a childish whine.

"No!" was Miss Redman's simple reply.

Like Joan before him, Tom knew that he was beaten, if he didn't comply how could he explain his dismissal to any future employer?
Eyes downcast, he started to unbutton the fly of his jeans, then tried one last imploring look to Miss Redway, that look was met with stony silence.
Once he lowered his jeans, his hands went automatically to cover his groin from view.

"Hands upon the top of your head, after all what is good for the goose is good for the gander, you were quite happy to peek at the girls, so now it their turn to have a peek at you!" shaking his head Tom complied with Miss Redway's command, his coat hook erection of only minutes ago had now completely deserted him.
Completely deserted him and then some!

"Oh dear girls, as is so often the case you may find with these big young strapping lads, they tend to be all pork and no chop!" Miss Redway's words caused another round of tittering from Mary and Diane, Joan though was understandably lost in thoughts of her imminent ordeal, and Tom was close to tears at his humiliation in front of the three pretty chalet maids.

"But enough of this, I haven't got all day, Tom, Joan could you both bend over the stage for me please? side by side but about a yard apart," Miss Redway asked, and Joan felt her heart leap into her mouth at this overly polite request.

Tom seemed to be in more of a hurry than Joan to get this over and done with, he quickly took up his place bending forward resting his head upon his arms on the small low stage. Joan followed behind him, her eyes glancing down at his tight muscular buttocks, before she to followed suit in bending forward onto the lap of the stage in the same manner, their eyes now locked together.

"I'm sorry Joan you seemed to have forgotten something," Miss Redway said in the same overly pleasant sing song manner, "lift up your dress please,"

Tom could see the desperation and fear in Joan's eyes, as she reached back to obey her supervisor, once having lifted her dress he arms came back onto the stage, this time though she was now lain in a cruciform manner, her finger tips on her left hand only a foot or so away from Tom.

"In a break with general politeness I intend to start with the gentleman, as he has eight strokes to receive that will dovetail nicely with the ladies punishment," Miss Redway said addressing her enthralled audience, "so Tom will receive the first and also the final stroke as I alternate between the two of them,"

Then without anymore preamble she brought the cane smartly across Tom's naked rear, he gasped out in shock. Both at the suddenness of the stroke catching him unawares, but also by the harshness. All the doubts that Tom had about Miss Redway's capability in wielding a cane had now left him.
Seeing the effect that the first stroke had had upon Tom, Joan's dread now grew to dramatic proportions, she screwed her eyes shut and held her breath.
Her first stroke then fell, she felt a fiery hot line of pain upon her rear, she could see a strange whiteness in front of her even though her eyes were still tight shut, she expelled her breath in a sigh of pain, "five more of these, I won't be able to take it!" she thought to herself.
Then she opened her eyes just in time to see the pain of Tom's second stroke register upon his face, this time though he was ready for it and took it in stoic silence, he even managed to give Joan a thin encouraging smile.
Oddly enough that smile helped her, she did in fact draw courage from it, the second stroke though just as harsh did not seem to affect so dramatically as the first, of course it hurt, but it seemed to her that her pain was being shared.

To their rear, Mary and Diane were both quite enjoying the show, despite still feeling the dull painful throbbing from their own punishments. Diane in particular was drinking in the view, her eyes flitting from side to side as she contemplated the two naked behinds to the front of her. Of course due to the lowness of the stage, and the way that Tom and Joan had their feet set, it was not just their naked bottoms that were being displayed. Diane could see with much amusement how Tom's testicles were bobbing up and down between strokes, she also noted as the punishments continued, that Joan's mott changed somewhat. The rear of her vagina was just visible, and Diane noticed that the lips seemed to be loosening a little with each stroke. As a matter of fact Diane was finding the whole thing more than a little bit of a turn on, not that she would ever whisper a word to that effect to anyone!

By the time of Tom's fifth stroke, even though he was in real pain, a pain far worse than he was expecting that Miss Redway could ever inflict, his mind was on Joan and not on his own situation. He could see that Joan was in real distress, in a hope to comfort her, he had held out his hand so that their fingertips touched lightly. Joan grabbed at his hand squeezing it tightly, this caused Tom to have a rush of conscience. For even though he felt sorry for Joan, and genuinely had feelings for her, the other part of him couldn't help but wonder what her naked ample bottom would be looking like, in his mind's eye he envisaged her pale striped bottom, he was in fact jealous of Mary and Diane's position and view.

Maureen Redway was quite pleased with how the morning had turned out, Tom's sudden appearance on the scene would probably work to her advantage. She had decided to just send the four of them home, once this final and rather drawn out pair of canings had finished. the other chalet maids would wonder all weekend what fate had befallen Mary, Diane and Joan. Then when Monday comes around the whole story would spread and be exaggerated with each telling, and in so doing would make it clear to all the staff exactly where they stood discipline wise, they would all know that Miss Maureen Redway is not a lady that makes hollow threats!
Also she was quite amused watching the two of them holding hands, she now saw herself as a caning cupid, instead of the bow of Eros joining them with an arrow, they were being brought together with an old fashioned school cane!
For all her good mood though, it did not make her let up in her duty, the final strokes were just as harsh as the first.
By the time she had finished, Joan was sobbing and Tom was red faced trying hard to be the big brave man!

"Right both of you, adjust your clothes," Miss Redway said as Tom received his final stroke, "I think we have wasted enough of today in here, to the point where I believe the four of you can just go home for the weekend, I hope to see you all bright and early on Monday as it's a new month and you won't want any demerits on the first week," saying that Miss Redway turned on her heels and left the hall, Mary and Diane did likewise leaving Tom and Joan alone.
As Joan struggled to get her panty girdle back up over her welted rump, her earlier shyness seemed to have abandoned her, Tom now got a quite long unabashed view of the dark triangle of wiry hair that he had earlier only glimpsed.
Then the two of them left for the bus home, hand in hand.

                                                            THE END