Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Night Out In Saskatoon

The last time I posted it was of what I would call a "defining moment" in my life, my introduction to the physical side of corporal punishment. The paddling that I received at high school at the advanced age of eighteen, that punishment marked me in many ways, those marks remained after the bruising and redness had long gone!
The licks that I received from the coach followed by the short brisk hand spanking from my young teacher was at the time a horrible and humiliating experience. Later though at home, in the privacy of my bedroom that experience took on a memory of sweet, sweet submission!
My history lessons with Miss Bolan also took on a whole other dimension, even though she never mentioned or even hinted at that lunchtime paddling she had condemned me to, and also taken a part in. I would however some times notice her giving me long thoughtful looks, or at least in my minds eye I did.
Now though I would like to tell you about another "defining moment" the moment that brought corporal punishment out from the deep recesses of my sub-conscious to the fore of mind, where it still stays even to this day. Again it involves my erstwhile teacher, but four years later with me now a truly mature adult.

It was a cold Friday night, and I was in a club in the city centre waiting for two of my friends, when the weather started to cut in. The snow fell quickly driven by high winds, it soon started to drift. I realised after about half an hour of sitting alone nursing a glass of Molson, that my buddies were not going to turn up, no doubt put off by the quickly deteriorating conditions outside. As it was only 2002, my life  wasn't quite yet run by a cellphone, so it hadn't even occurred to me bring my cell out with me when I left my parent's house. Yes I was still living at home, a happy little singleton with no ties or commitments. So with no way of getting in touch with my friends, I had decided to call it an early night and just go home writing off the start of my weekend!
Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, and heard an all to familiar voice.

"Hi Jenni, you here all on your ownsome?" I turned to face my old history teacher, though when I say old I really mean young as she was only some four years older than me.

"Er..hi Miss Bolan," I said feeling my stomach churning, and my face flushing in that way that they always did when she spoke to me after that memorable lunchtime humiliation, even now four years later she still had that effect upon me.

"We aren't in school now hun call me Alice, you know as in School's Out," she said seemingly laughing at my discomfort ,and her pun.

I just nodded, as she invited me to join her for a drink with her friend, leading me through the bar by the arm she took me to an alcove where there sat to say the least, was a strange looking girl.

"This is my little buddy Paula!" Alice said referring to the oddly dressed girl, Paula was an elfin faced girl with short almost shaven black hair, the top of which though had been allowed to grow in to what could only be described as an Elvis quiff. It wasn't so much her hair though that caught one's attention, it was her dress. She was wearing a thin blue denim summer dress, adorned with an almost childish white floral pattern combined with her semi laced black boots and black pantihose it all made a weird ensemble, more so with the weather conditions outside!
As I sat down at the table Paula gave me a reluctant, almost petulant nod.

Alice took over the conversation as she used to in her classes, flitting around from one topic to another but somehow holding the listeners attention, and making all the disjointed topics into one cohesive whole. After about ten minutes or so she declared.

"I'm off to powder my nose, I'll get some fresh drinks on the way back!"

Alice then left the two of us sitting in an awkward silence, I could almost feel the loathing seeping out from Paula as we sat there, thankfully Alice wasn't to long in returning, a tray in her hands with three beers and three tequila shots on it.
Sitting down she looked at me her face full of concern and said.

"Jenni do you still live out in Furdale?"

"Er...yeah I do, still with mom and dad," I answered surprised that Alice remembered, or even knew for that fact exactly where I was from. I also noted a little smirk on Paula's face when I said that I still lived with my parents.

"Well I think you should ring your mom and tell her that you are staying in the city tonight, I noticed when I was coming back from the bathroom that the snow is really cutting in, I can't see any cabs wanting to go out that far in this weather,"

I think Alice must have read the panic in my face as she then added.

"You can stay the night at my place, it's just a block away and after all who could be more trustworthy than one of your old teachers?" the smile on her face though hinted at something else, something untold but implied, something that I was not at all sure about!

" thanks, is there a phone in here that I can use...?" I couldn't really turn down her offer without seeming rude, I could see though that this turn of events was not at all to Paula's liking.

"No probs hun, here use this," Alice said handing me her cell.

After I phoned home, Alice again ruled the conversation till she dropped the bombshell.

"Did you know Paula, Jenni was the first person that I sent off for a paddling?" Paula sat in her now customary stony silence, "not only did I manage to catch the end of her paddling, but I gave her a little hand spanking on her poor botty as well!" my stomach started turning over as she told her friend of my punishment as if it had been some sort of entertainment for her, "that was naughty of me of course, hand spankings were a big no-no, it was an odd system really, you could send a girl, or a boy for that matter off to get their butt's whacked by a muscly guy with a plank of wood but you couldn't slap their bottoms with your hand, go figure eh?"

I noticed that Alice's eyes were sparkling, almost lighting up at her recollections.

"Just think Paula of the effect that I could have had smacking some naughty eighteen year old boys little tensed up bottom? I bet their cocks would get thicker and longer with each slap, what do you think Paula?" Alice asked her friend in rather unfriendly badgering manner, then added, "but of course yo never think of cocks getting hard do you?"

Now it seemed that it was Paula's turn to be the one blushing at Alice's jibes.

"Aren't you going to ask what it was that Jenni did to earn a paddling, aren't you just dying to know?"

"No not really, but I'm sure that she deserved it!" Paula spat out.

"Oh dear, we aren't going to add bitchiness on to your sin sheet are we?" Alice said to Paula sarcastically, then turned to me, "we had a little childish temper tantrum from Paula before we came out, so I told if she was going to behave like a child I would dress her like a one, hence her lovely little dress!"

I searched Alice's face for a hint of humour. There was none, only a look of almost demented glee, was she drunk, high, or both I wondered, now having second thought about staying at her apartment.

"Anyway grumpy-grumps," Alice said turning back to Paula, "I caught this innocent looking young girl here deliberately flashing her panties to all the boys in the yard! now you would never do anything so naughty would you?" Alice then burst out laughing, apparently just at the thought of Paula flashing boys!

"Anyway enough chitter-chatter, let's get back to my place before we need another round of drinks, I've got plenty alcohol there to last us through the storm!" with that Alice threw back the rest of her beer and stood up to leave.

Like two little sheep, Paula and I followed.

So when we got back to the flat, I entered with an odd mixture of fear and excitement, as I still could not work out exactly what Alice and Paula's relationship was.

"OK Jenni, what would you like coffee or wine?" before I could answer Alice had picked a bottle of red wine out from a rack on the wall before even removing her coat. "Paula pop in the kitchen and get us three glasses please,"

Paula stomped off into the kitchen, and upon her return she slammed the three glasses down onto the coffee table in an over theatrical manner.

"Ah I've had enough of this," Alice said with a sigh, "I'll tell you what Paula, take one of these glasses back and fetch me your brush"

" can't be serious...not with her here," Paula said, her voice in now childish whine.

"Yes I'm very serious," Alice said now looking and sounding very sober, "you have been in a rude sulk all night, and as Jenni is my guest and it is her that you have been rude and disrespectful to, I think it is only right that she sees how I deal with you behaviour!"

I couldn't take it all in, my heart beat was racing at what her words were implying, Alice intended to punish Paula? No I must have misunderstood the situation, mustn't I?
Then with rather downtrodden look upon her face she again left the room.

"and fetch some pins back with you as well!" Alice shouted as an afterthought.

Alice then smiled at me as she poured us both out a large glass of wine.

"I can't apologise enough for Paula's behaviour, I think it's the weather getting her down, either that or she just doesn't like you!" Alice then laughed loudly at her little joke.

When Paula returned the first thing I noticed was the large wooden backed clothes brush in her hand, the second thing I noticed was the tears in her eyes. She silently placed the brush, and four safety pins on the coffee table.

"Don't worry though Jenni, I intend to teach her a memorable lesson in manners," Alice said though whether she meant the lesson would be memorable for Paula or for me I'm not at all sure, dry mouthed in anticipation I gulped deeply at the wine the hot peppery liquid causing me to cough. "you can get a chair now Paula, no hold on not yet, come here," Alice said pointing at the floor to the right of the sofa that we were both sitting upon.

Still in complete silence, Paula stood on the appointed spot.
Alice leant forward and grabbed Paula's hips and span her around so that her bottom was now facing us. I heard Paula let out a little gasp as Alice lifted the back of her denim dress up her back way past her hips, then she pinned the dress up with two of the safety pins.
I was quite surprised to see that Paula had a much fuller bottom than I had expected, her opaque pantihose masking the colour of her full cut panties. 
Then with another push at her hips, Paula was again facing us, her eyes locked with mine, looking for sympathy perhaps, or maybe hoping for my intervention?
Either way, neither were forthcoming, I was too much looking forward to seeing how this would all conclude.
Now it was the front of her dress that was being lifted and pinned up, her hand fell in what must have been an automatic reflex to cover her crotch from my view.

"Hands on your head....stupid little girl!" Alice growled, and Paula did as instructed, closing her eyes tight as she did so "there that is much better!" Alice then turned to face me, her eyes sparkling wildly, "of course you know naughty little rude girls don't get to keep their pantihose up for a spanking don't you?"

Much to my shame I nodded enthusiastically.
I watched in rapt fascination as Alice's fingers drew Paula's pantihose down to her knees, revealing a pair of pale blue panties.

"Jenni, do you think that rude girls should get to keep her panties up?" as Alice asked, Paula's eyes flew open in terror she looked at me pleadingly.

"No I don't think that they should Alice!" I replied much to Paula's distress.

Slowly, ever so slowly Alice tugged down Paula's panties till they met up with her pantihose at her knees.

"You notice that I make Paula keep herself well shaven," Alice said her finger running down the length of Paula's slit, "I so hate it when pubes end up in your mouth, don't you Jenni?" Alice asked, staring at me intently as her finger continued lazily playing at Paula's exposed sex.

"Er....well....I don't know.." I replied, now it was me who was blushing again, Alice smiled at me knowingly.

"Go and get the chair now Paula!" Alice ordered giving Paula a smart smack across the front of her thighs to hurry her on.

Watching Paula teeter along out the room, tiny little steps through the hindrance of her bunched up underwear, I was torn between a strange cross of pity and envy at her abject humiliation.
When she returned with a straight backed wooden chair, I poured myself another glass of wine and sat back to enjoy the show.
Alice took up her seat and patted her lap, the now shaking Paula lowered herself over, then placed one hand upon the floor, the other hand gripped hard at the rear chair leg.

Then Alice started, no warning, no preamble, just a volley of staccato slaps with the brush. The blows didn't look or sound all that severe, the rapidity of them though was obviously causing Paula some distress going by the look upon her face, and the writhing and twisting of her body.
After what seemed an age, but was probably only a minute or maybe two, Alice slowed down, but as she slowed the velocity of each slap seemed to increase. Each slap echoing through the room, causing the now teary Paula to call out.

"Please Alice......I'm sorry....please...I've learnt my lesson......I'm so sorry,"

"Don't apologise to me," Alice replied nonchalantly, "it was Jenni that you were rude to all night, not me."

"Jenni.....please tell her to stop....I'm sorry...sorry I was rude to you!"

As I watched her hair brushing, and listened to her pleas I felt disembodied as if I wasn't really in the room.

"Jenni....plea-se...she won't stop till you tell her to!"

"Alice, I think she has had enough now!" I called out as Paula's voice finally brought me back from my semi transcendental state.

Alice stopped, and helped Paula to her feet.

"I think a half hour in the corner would now do you the world of good," alice told the sobbing Paula, "while we finish our drinks,"

Without any back chatting, Paula stumbled her way into the far corner of the large living room, Alice then gave me a conspiratorial smile and said.

"Jenni hun, have you ever felt a freshly well spanked bottom?" for a few seconds I thought she was planning to treat me to the same punishment as Paula, "you can actually feel the heat on your hand you know?"

Alice then rose up from her chair and went over to Paula, who had more or less calmed her self down, to what seemed to my eyes Alice then ever so gently ran the palm of her right hand over Paula's red and purple bruised butt cheeks.

"Come here Jenni, try for yourself, I can assure you that Paula won't mind!" feeling rather light headed as the wine was really starting to hit home, I sort of stumbled over to them.
Paula was still standing with her back to Alice me, her arms tightly folded in the small of her back. I tentatively reached out to her naked rear, first just my finger tips, expecting one of her hands to brush mine away from her.
She didn't!
Feeling a little more confident, I cupped her right cheek in the palm of my right hand. Alice was right, I could actually feel the heat coming off her! It felt so alien to me to be feeling another woman's naked butt, it was so different to feeling a guy's. So soft, jelly like almost, but with not so much an underlying hardness, more of an underlying springiness.

Paula's silence in the proceedings made me wonder if I had indeed really just witnessed a punishment, or had I just been duped in a rather elaborate S and M foreplay?

Then I felt Alice's hand upon my bottom!

"Whoah.....I'm not gay!" I protested loudly.

"Neither am I," Alice said softly, "I so hate labels, Paula though she is a fully paid up member of the sisterhood, no male members in her club, is there"

"No Alice," Paula whispered, and Alice lightly ran the fingers of her right hand through Paula's black quiff, whilst her left hand somehow found it's way back onto my bottom. This time though I didn't shrug her away.

"You see Jenni," Alice said her eyes locked on mine, "life is about experiences, why deny yourself something just because of a silly label?"

I didn't answer, neither did I complain as that her hand slipped itself down the waistband of my trousers, her fingers then moved down inside my panties, her nails running down the cleft of my bottom. 

"I think it's time for bed now don't you?" Alice asked me, her stare still unwavering, "perhaps the two of us can console poor Paula here?"

Again I didn't answer, again my throat to dry to speak, I just nodded.