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Getting Ready For The Campers - Chalet Maids Disciplined

Britain February 1959, Harold "Supermac" MacMillan in power as Prime Minister, the country now emerging from the austerity of the Second World War, rationing now thankfully a thing of the past even the blip caused by the embarrassing Suez Crisis now just a memory, Britain wanted to have fun!

Marcus Lansky wanted to help the nation to do just that, or at least the part of the nation who came to new his spanking new holiday camp .
Lansky had bought an old, and now disused USA military base on the south east coast of England in the previous winter, after much work the base had been turned into the "Channel Holiday Complex". Just five minutes drive from the town of Folkestone and it's railway service, all it took for Lansky to do was to let the local coach firms vie for his business, each one dragging their own prices down in and effort to compete, as did the local farmers and butchers for their wares, Lansky found himself in very much a buyers market.
Also when it came to a workforce there was no lacking in enthusiastic locals all wanting to work in the new boom industry.

Marcus knew though that some members of staff had to be to of a high standard, his entertainment staff for example had to be of a certain cut. They had to be likeable, approachable (though in the case of the females, not available), and most importantly capable of working long hours and still seeming  just as jovial at midnight as they were at breakfast time.
His catering crew had to be up to an equal standard as his entertainment staff, fair enough none of his clientele would be coming here with any ideas of Cordon Bleu meals, but by the same token they would not expect to get poisoned either!
So the only place that Marcus could see that he could really cut corners on wages would be with the cleaning staff. Chalet Maids, he reasoned could be hired from young girls from the local villages, hired at very low rates, with veiled promises of customers tips, and the opportunity of perhaps at some point rising up through the ranks to be one of the entertainment staff, to become a coveted Orangecoat.

It was a plan that Marcus knew could only be put into place if he had a suitable head of housekeeping, after many interviews he found his perfect housekeeper, Miss Maureen Sedway.
Miss Sedway was a thirty five year old ex-WRAC, but more importantly in Marcus' mind, was the fact that she used to be a supervisor for Lyons, and Marcus had always had a liking for the crisp uniforms of the "nippy's" in the old tea houses.
The way the girls were always so well turned out, the attention to detail of their uniforms, the discipline drilled into them from their supervisors, as far as Marcus was concerned they were all thing that Marcus aspired to in his chalet maids!

So Miss Sedway was hired, her remit was to bring to the Channel Holiday Camp a team of hard working well turned out girls at the least amount of wages possible!
At first Marcus thought that he was perhaps asking to much of the pretty, and oddly unmarried, woman sitting opposite him, but then she spoke.
"I will of course have total control over the domestic staff," Miss Sedway stated rather than asked, "total control in both the hiring and the discipline of them, I should warn you now though that I am quite finicky, and I believe in old fashioned discipline, if it was good enough for us in the WRAC's during war time it should be good enough here!"

Marcus nodded slowly, not really sure by what she meant, but the ideas that came into his mind were causing a stirring in his loins. He knew better than to ask for to many details, that way if things went wrong he could honestly deny any knowledge of Miss Sedway's methods.

"OK leave everything with me then," Miss Sedway continued as Marcus moved off into some dreamscape, " I agree that local girls would be best, the rates we will offer will be better than farm or shop work that's available around here,so to realistically earn more they would have to travel into either Folkestone or Dover, also the country girls will prove to be a little more....shall we say malleable to our wishes, I think eighteen to twenty should be our ideal age range, with memories of school still fresh in their minds my methods will not seem to alien to them, also as they will be under the age of twenty one they aren't quite yet adults in the eyes of either society or the law,"

Now Marcus was pretty sure that Miss Sedway was referring to corporal punishment, and the stirring was now an uncomfortable throb  at the the mental images of caned young chalet maids bottoms!
"Yes Miss Sedway whatever you think is best, you have my total support!" Marcus said, in his minds eye though, all he could see was the woman opposite him clutching a rattan cane, ready to administer her aforementioned "old fashioned discipline".

Left to her own devices, Maureen Sedway quickly assembled a domestic team of twenty two girls all under the age of twenty one, also she had brought in a local nineteen year old lad called Tom to act as a sort of odd job boy, to do jobs perhaps to physically challenging for the girls. Tom had served almost two years in the Royal Engineers before being sent home with a bad chest infection, which thankfully now he had fully recovered from. Miss Sedway saw in him the ideal person for the role of her general gopher.

During the interview process she had tried to make it clear her views on discipline, though she felt the penny had not dropped with a couple of the girls. One or two seemed to know exactly what she was referring to but the look in their eyes seemed to hold some  disbelief in her sincerity.
To Miss Sedway this didn't really matter as she had a plan to hammer into the girls her seriousness long before the camp actually opened. So in that way should any of the girls decide that working for her was not for them she would have plenty time to find replacements before the season began and the camp opened.
To that effect, all the girls were issued with uniforms, nothing to fancy, just smart and functional.

Three powder blue thick knee length cotton dresses.
Four white tabards.
Two powder blue mop hats.
The girls were expected to keep their uniforms in immaculate condition, and would be inspected each morning before work began, demerits awarded for any stained or incorrect items. Also the girls were expected to supply their own plain black shoes (no high heels), and black stockings.

All the girls were to come to the camp six o'clock sharp on Monday the sixteenth of February to get the camp ready for the campers, that gave Miss Sedway a comfortable five weeks to weed out and replace any unsuitables, and also to stamp her authority upon the others before the season began. She was determined to have them all singing from the same hymn sheet before the gates opened to the public.

The first two weeks went by without any problems, or at least so the girls thought.
As the camp wasn't really open yet one or two looked upon the uniform requirements as being optional, even though Miss Sedway had pointed out otherwise!
Some had decided by the same logic, that timekeeping was also not as important in these "down weeks" as it would be once they were open for business, again these girls were also incorrect in that assumption.

In truth Maureen Sedway had hoped for just such a reaction from her blossoming staff, it gave her the chance to clear the air on certain matters, and to make things plain of how things would be dealt with in the future.
Each indiscretion, no matter how minor, was noted as a demerit. Once eight demerits had been reached within a calender month action would be taken, the girls were made aware of the demerits, the action though was to prove to be rather eye opening for the majority of her staff!

On the Saturday morning, the last day of February Maureen gathered all her female charges together in the staffroom after already sending Tom off to do any little odd jobs that he had on his to do list. Tom was really a boon to her, as he more or less just got on with things, so he was left pretty much to his own devices, also she didn't want him around on her "day of reckoning".

"Right ladies, if you could all line up please," Maureen said, her little notebook in her hand, "I'll just do a quick uniform check before we start,"

Maureen was quite pleased, she had three girls on her list with more than the eight demerits, if she had had only one the effect might not have worked. One person may have tried to keep the shame of being punished to herself, but with three there would be no way that it would be kept quiet. Some would tell another in strict confidence, and through "Chinese whispers" their fate would trickle through all the staff, as was Maureen's intention.
After the uniform inspection, Maureen was pleased to note that her constant haranguing over the previous thirteen days had paid off, all the girls had passed with flying colours, facing her staff who had lined up military fashion in two ranks of eleven.
"Well we seem to be on top of things now, so today I thought with it being Saturday we would have an early finish and also have tomorrow off," she couldn't help but notice the smiling looks of approval at this announcement, "so to that effect I thought that once the indoor swimming pool had been cleared of all the mess that the workers left, we could all finish up for the weekend at about lunchtime!"

Now the girls were all smiles, a little bit chatting broke out, and Maureen - unusually for her - waited for it to subside before continuing.

"Sadly though, with this being the last day of the month, we have certain disciplinary matters to deal with!" this wiped the smiles of more than a few of the assembled faces in front of her, "so could Joan Murray, Diane Stuart and Mary Irving please make their way to the Flamingo Room and I will join them presently, everyone else can now head off to the swimming pool and get cracking!"

Maureen saw the look of horror on the three faces that she had called out, she had also noted the relief upon the other nineteen faces, perhaps all the girls did really acknowledge the prospect of possible corporal punishment, either way any doubts still being held would be dispelled today!

The Flamingo room was a strange building, it must have been used as some sort of theatre or cinema when the camp site was still a military base, at the back of the hall like room was a projection booth high up in the rear wall. Never the one to waste an asset Marcus decided to use the room as a daytime family cinema for rainy days. Also he had a sprung wooden dance floor fitted to rival the best of ballrooms, and installed a bar, so that the room could be used on the late evenings as a little night club by the parents once the kids were all tucked up in bed.
To Maureen though the little stage in the room would add a dramatic effect to her first and exemplary disciplinary action, any future actions would take place in the privacy of her office, but this first one had to memorable for not just  the three recipients, but their colleagues also.

What Maureen didn't however know was that the Flamingo Room wasn't empty, on his "to do list" Tom had the instruction, replace bulbs for the glitterball.
So Tom had decided, probably driven along by his Saturday morning hangover, that the quickest way to replace the bulbs would be to hook a crawl board from the projection room over the lighting rig on the ceiling, then wriggle his way out high above the dance floor change the bulbs then wriggle back again. It was quicker than messing about with scaffolding, and health and safety in the workplace was not really an issue in those innocent bureaucracy free days.
After the third attempt Tom finally managed to secure the thin board onto the lighting rig, he quckly shuffled himself along to the lights, after unscrewing the first dud and placing it on the board, he heard the doors open and the click of footsteps on wood beneath him.

Watching the three girls below, he noticed that one of them was Joan a girl from his village, a girl that he loved to tease and flirt with. Bringing the index finger and little finger of his right hand to his mouth he was just to let out a wolf whistle, when he noticed the distressed look upon the girls faces, he tried to hear what they mumbling about to each other, but couldn't quite grasp what they were saying.
Only certain words drifted up to him, "caned", "ridiculous", "to old for this" and "slipper".
These phrases caught his attention, and held back his intended whistle, instead he just lay there stock still waiting to see what, if anything may develop. 

Tom did not have long to wait, he heard the door open again, this time the footsteps were the unmistakable click of high heels on wood. He then swallowed hard as he saw Miss Redway walk below him, a thin yellow cane in her hand!

"Right ladies," Miss Redway spoke breaking the silence "as you were all warned in your interviews, I take discipline very seriously, I think I also made it clear of what you could expect for accumulating demerits, in case anyone is still unsure I shall now explain it in full,"

Tom watched as the three faces below darkened at Miss Redway's words.

"More than eight demerits in one calender month will require disciplinary action, that action is one stroke of the cane for each two demerits,"

The girls looked at each other, their feet shuffling, but no words passed from their lips.

"If action needs to be taken on two consecutive months, the third month will cause me to look seriously at whether to continue with the said girls employment, do you all understand that?"

Three heads nodded in silent assent.

"So that brings us to today, Diane and Mary both have eight demerits so you both will receive four strokes," Maureen said, her eyes now locked upon Joan's, "Joan however has managed to collect a spectacular eleven demerits! which I shall round up to a traditional six of the best!"

Maureen made a point of looking each of the three now miserable girls in the eye as she continued.

"If any of you wish to not receive my allocated punishment, the door is open for you to leave, and you will be paid up till today, so if anyone wishes to leave, please leave now!"

Each of the girls gave each other a questioning glance, but to Maureen's delight no one made a move.

"Mary I think you can be first, I would like to make this as quick, though I can assure you not as painless as possible, over to the foot of the stage please Mary,"

With leaden feet, Mary walked to the stage, then turned around to face Miss Redway and held out her now shaking right hand in anticipation of her up and coming punishment.

"Silly girl it is your bottom that I am going to be attending to!" Miss Redway informed the shaking girl, "lift up your dress and bend yourself over the stage!"

Tom held his breath, Diane and Joan stared at each other wide eyed, inwardly Maureen smiled.

"I'm sorry it would be like at always on the hand for the girls," Mary struggled out.

"Perhaps it was at your school but it wasn't at mine, or for that matter in the army either, it was always on the bottom, so get a move on girl we don't have all day,"

Cowed, Mary turned to face the stage, slowly she lifted up the hem of her dress at the back, Tom watched intently as first the tops of her stockings and the pale flesh above came into view, then her blue knickers were revealed to his eyes.

"I wonder if she is going to get it bare bum?" he whispered to himself.

That inaudible question was soon answered as Miss Redway went to stand to the left of the prostrated chalet maid, the first cut fell across Mary's knickered bottom without any warning or preamble.
Mary shrieked out in both shock and pain.
Maureen waited for what seemed like an age, she wanted that first stroke to seep in, she wanted the heat and pain to work itself fully into the girls muscles before administrating the second stroke.
Then in a harsh salvo the final three strokes fell in quick succession, leaving Mary sobbing her tears now dampening the stage.

Diane looked on in horror knowing she was to be next, Joan was nearly in tears knowing that for her it would be six! Above them Tom struggled to make himself comfortable, his now burgeoning erection causing him some discomfort.

"Diane would you like to swap places with mary please?"

Diane could not believe the stupidity of the question, of course she would not like to swap places, what she would like to do was run for the door.
"Yes Miss Redway," she replied forlornly, as Mary rose again to her feet, her dress falling back down over her now hot and stinging bottom.

Tom watched engrossed as the taller darker haired girl went to the stage, he again held his breath as she lifted her dress. Smiling to himself as Diane's bright yellow satiny knickers came into view, often he had wondered what different tastes the girls would have when it came to underwear, now he was finding out first hand!

As with Mary before her, Miss Redway allowed for the first stroke to truly savoured before recommencing with the final part of the punishment. Unlike Mary though, Diane took her strokes in silence without any histrionics.
Tom licked his lips, knowing that Joan the object of so much of his teenage lust would be next, so many nights he had lain in his bed thinking of her, sometimes even thinking of her in a situation none to dissimilar to this one.

Joan stood in front of the stage, just as the two preceding her had done, she lifted up her dress to reveal a white panty girdle, then bent forward over the stage.

"No this is no good at all!" Miss Redway called out, "you can't expect to wear that, it wouldn't be fair to Mary and Diane, come on stand up!"

Joan stood up and turned to face Miss Redway her face the personification of confusion.

"That girdle will be like allowing you to wear armour plating, Mary and Diane had their caning's over thin knickers that offered almost no protection, so to make things more even you will have to have yours on the bare!"

Joan gasped wide eyed at Miss Redway's suggestion, her head slowly shaking in incredulity.

"After all we are all girls together!" Miss Redway added, knowing all to well the added shame and humiliation of having to bare ones self for punishment brought with it.

"Please Miss...." Joan pleaded, her blue eyes sparkling with tears, her right hand fingers tugging at and making little curls in her dark brown hair.

Tom looked down with a strange conflict of emotions, half of him pitied Joan's current situation, to his shame the other half wanted to see her bared and punished.

"Come along we don't have all day girl!" Miss Redway said making it clear that she was unmoved by Joan's childish display. 

Joan again lifted the hem of her dress, this time pulling it clear up her hips and high up her tummy, fingers shaking she struggled to loosen her suspender belt.

"Really Joan we don't have all day, just get that bottom of yours bared and hurry up about it!" this final admonishment from Miss Redway caused the poor girl to burst out into tears, "and you can stop that crying, you will have plenty cause for tears in a minute or so!"

Tom shuffled a little further along his ceiling top perch, his neck craning, desperate for a better view of what was taking place below.
Joan finally loosened her suspender belt, still sobbing she started to wriggle her girdle down and over her womanly hips, Tom breathed deeply in expectation of what was to be revealed. Then Tom felt his shoulder touch something, quickly he turned his head.
He turned just in time to see the dud spotlamp bulb twisting and turning in the air below him.

Twisting and turning, as it made it's downward spiral to the wooden dance floor below.

Tom closed his eyes tight as he listened for the inevitable impact!