Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Comments - Deleted/Suspended

Regretfully we have felt the need to both suspend and delete the comments on this blog. Although on many occasions I have personally found the comments to be both entertaining, and at times an inspiration to write further stories, of late we seem to have been dipping into a forum type situation.
This was never our plan at the outset of starting this blog, we only ever intended this to be a bunch of spanking related fictional stories involving adults only, intended for an adult only readership. For those who wish for a forum type website, where the pros and cons of CP can be debated, there are already many such sites on the net., all of which who are better geared up for that type of correspondence than we are.
So for the time being at least, comments will be limited to "followers" only, and those comments will not be public - at least for the time being.
We have not made this decision lightly, in fact I was thinking of making this action a couple of weeks ago but held back, over the last few days though a few comments have brought this to a head.