Monday, 27 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt5

Over the next few weeks things changed greatly for Ronnie, firstly she started to give Housemother Logan a wide berth, she had no intention of falling foul of one her summary disciplinary punishments. Ronnie had heard one other belting taking place in Lucy Logan's room, and heard of two others though none of the girls, even the recipients seemed to complain about her actions. So she made every attempt to stay upon the Housemother's good side, or better still to keep contact with her to the bare minimum.

Also things had changed for Richard Everard, in all his years of teaching he had never been attracted to any of his students. Of course as a hot blooded male, there were many that he had found physically attractive, more so when they were bent bare bottomed over his desk waiting for a paddling. Nearly every occasion had fired up the expected male physical reaction, but always he had just shrugged that off as human nature, and nothing more.
Veronica Monroe though was something different.
Here was a girl, well not a girl a young mature lady, who had more than caught his eye. Her personality and self assurance was so different to his other students, perhaps it was the way she had worked herself through college with a definite goal in mind? Or maybe it was the way that she was so open, blunt even, in her opinions?
Whatever it was, it was causing Ronnie to be at the forefront of Richard's mind all the time that he was away from the college.

During this week away, Richard decided on one or two things that some of the other college faculty members may find shocking. Richard had reasoned with himself that as a guest Ronnie was not really a college student. So in her case the normal rules of teacher/student protocol may not necessarily applying respect to him perhaps taking her out to dinner, or to concerts. If anything, all he would be doing would be expanding her appreciation of what Texas and Austin had to offer!
His other plan though he knew would raise even more eyebrows, Mrs. Latham one of the Religion In Modern Literature tutors would be retiring next year. As Veronica already had a degree in English and Journalism, and would soon be finished her Divinities degree, he saw her perhaps through rose tinted glasses as being an ideal replacement for the retiring tutor.

All the college board realised that Mrs. Latham was becoming to stuck in her ways, a little too entrenched in her ideas. Certain books were just ignored by her as being irrelevant fiction, such as The Da Vinci Code and Labyrinth, despite their huge popularity and cultural impact.
Richard was going to argue, that Veronica with her relative youth would shake up the department and bring it out from the eighties and into the second millennium.
Of course all this rested upon him being able to persuade Veronica to completely change not only her chosen career path, but also the very continent in which she would live!
So upon his return to college he set about trying to woo Veronica on two levels, personal and professional.
To his surprise Ronnie was quite receptive to his advances, and even though teaching was not an option that she had ever considered she said she was flattered by the offer and would give it careful consideration.

The fact of the matter was that Ronnie had been more flattered by Richard's more personal attention than any job offers. So they fell into a bit of a dating routine, going out together on weekend nights and usually a Wednesday night also. Though they didn't actively try to keep it secret, by the same token they did not advertise the fact either.
At first Ronnie thought that perhaps that Richard looked upon her as a potential "easy lay", after the first three or four dates it became obvious to her that this was not the case. Richard had been the perfect gentleman on the first date, taking her to dinner then a single chaste kiss at the end of the night!
By the fourth date they progressed to necking in his car, necking not heavy petting that seems to be a phrase nowadays that covers a multitude of sins. Their necking consisted of kissing and cuddling, nothing more, though Ronnie could feel as she held Richard against her that he was physically ready for much more!
Richard made it quite clear in a round about way, that he still - despite his divorce three years ago - believed in the sanctity of marriage, and that sex was to him was part of that of that holy institution.

Ronnie for her part looked upon this as an admiral attitude, and now wished that she had stuck by her guns and not given herself so casually and had waited till her wedding night, but that was in her past and there was nothing she could do about now.
She often wondered was Richard hinting that if she stayed in the States that marriage could be on the cards for them. Of course there was the age difference, it was hard to work out how old Richard was. Facially he looked quite old, his greying hair adding to that look, but his eyes seemed so young and sparkly, and his body toned through all his gym time. He had to be at least sixteen years Ronnie's senior though, perhaps even twenty, it was just something that never really came up in conversation. Richard never mentioned his age, and Ronnie thought it rather rude to ask!

Then things changed again, a ball started rolling when Richard suggested to Ronnie that rather than going out on the Wednesday night one week, they should go out on the Thursday. One of the nightclubs on Sixth Avenue were having an acoustic Blues night/local wines promotion, that he was sure that she would enjoy.
Enjoy it she did, whether it was the amount of Texan wine that she had consumed, or just the very late night that made her sleep in the following morning she was not really sure. Though her throbbing head did give her a little clue.
Either way she was late to her first lecture by seven minutes and collected her first tardy!
Needless to say she sped around campus the rest of the day, for all that she was looking forward to seeing Richard again, she certainly did not want it to be a Friday afternoon appointment!

The following week went without any more dramas, they went out on the Wednesday night for dinner after Ronnie had wrapped up her assignment for Mrs. Latham on Richard's computer then saving it to a USB memory stick to print off the following morning. The night followed their now well worn pattern, dinner followed by a little necking in Richard's Lexus before departing for their separate beds.

The following morning Ronnie ran about like a headless chicken, she couldn't find her USB stick anywhere, she knew that she had slipped it into her jacket pocket before they had left Richard's house the previous evening. slowly it dawned upon her that it must have fallen out of her pocket whilst they were having a kiss and a cuddle in Richard's car!
She ran across campus to Richard's office, catching him just as he was coming into the building, in a state of panic she explained why she needed his car keys. She found the USB stick lying on the floor in the passenger foot well, rushed back with Richard's keys then galloped across campus to the lecture hall, all to no avail, she was twenty minutes late by Mrs. Latham's reckoning.

So Ronnie collected a tardy, "at least last weeks have run out now" she thought to herself as she sighed in resignation at her tutor's castigation.
"of course you also get another tardy," Mrs. Latham added, with to Ronnie's mind a rather smug smile upon her face.

"Er....what for?"

"Your course work was late also, so that is two tardies!"

"The reason I was late was to go back and get my course work!" not so much a lie Ronnie reasoned with herself, more a slight bending of the truth.

"Well for all I know, you could have been using the extra twenty minutes to finish off your work," the irate tutor said then added, "after a late night out perhaps?"

"Did she know?" Ronnie thought to herself, or was this just her normal picky sarcasm? Either way it was not worth arguing the toss, it wouldn't look very good her getting involved in an argument with the very woman who's post she had been offered. So Ronnie accepted the second tardy, though non to gracefully.

Ronnie knew now that she would have to now tread carefully for the rest of the day, and all day tomorrow as well to avoid the condemning third tardy.
Later that evening back in her room watching video clips on her laptop she was interrupted by a sharp knock upon her door. When Ronnie opened the door she was met by the diminutive figure of Lucy Logan holding a clipboard.

"Sheesh girl, you must really like the old Texan with the lexan." she said as she handed Ronnie a pink slip.

"No there has been a mistake Ma'am, this can't be for me!"

"Fraid so chick, three tardies and an appointment in the room of doom!"

"I haven't got three's only two...two this morning." Ronnie said, her voice now filled with doubt.

"Sorry girlie, I don't know how it works for you Brits but over here a week has seven days," Lucy said as she handed Ronnie the dreaded paddling order.

"I thought that it worked....."

"Seven days in a week, you missed out by one day," Lucy said to remind Ronnie of how a calender works, "you know the routine."

After Lucy left her, Ronnie stared at the pink slip in her hands, she was right of course all three tardies had fallen within seven days.
Still though it didn't mean that she would get paddled, Richard could always intervene on her behalf, after all it was in his power to do so. He could if he wished, allow his personal feelings to intervene upon his professional ones, if he did though what would that say about him?

The next morning as Ronnie got dressed she wasn't thinking of the day at college, she was thinking of her afternoon appointment. She remembered that her for her first visit she couldn't recall what underwear she was wearing before she bent across his desk. This time she took great care in her choice, a pair of white Sloggi maxi briefs with a nice lace edging around the waistband. No tights, or ankle socks, a pair of light tan hold up stockings would provide a perfect frame as she lifted her skirt, though of course it would never come to that.
Would it?

It was odd really, for all that the day seemed to drag, it also seemed that in no time at all she was heading towards Richard's office. At least this time she already had her pink slip, so there was no need to stop off at the secretary's office, all she had to do was walk past trying not to acknowledge their knowing smiles.
As she walked down the short narrow corridor she noticed that there were already two girls sitting there, shoes already off and tucked beneath their chairs. Ronnie joined them in silence, sitting down and then bending forward an unloosening her shoes and also tucking her's under her seat.
As they sat there waiting another three girls arrived, all in the same silence they followed Ronnie in the removal of shoes ceremony.

"Evardashians!" Ronnie thought to herself, automatically looking upon the other five girls as rivals to her for Richard's attention.

Richard's door then opened, his tall broad figure filling the whole doorway, then his eyes locked with Ronnie's a look of confusion crossed his face, but then he seemed to catch himself and spoke.

"They say that the first shall be last," his voice still a bit uncertain. "so I think we we have you three girls in first shall we?"

Richard pointed at the three newcomers, who rose as one and followed him into his room.
Ronnie waited and listened, her eyes closed as she imagined the proceedings on the other side of the door.
She thought of one of the girls leaning forward over his desk, lifting up her skirt revealing her panties all for his delication.
She thought of him leaning over, his hands going to her waistband and then pulling down her panties baring her bottom and her feminine charms to his gaze as he did so.
She was jealous of the girl, which ever one of the three that it was, not jealous of the pain that she was about to recieve, but jealous of that intimate touch, that intimate touch that she had been waiting for over the last few weeks.


The noise of the paddle landing, and the shriek of the girls cry in of pain made Ronnie open her eyes. Now it was time to count off the pops, it would be a minimum of nine, three for each girl unless some had drummed up extra pops for mutiple pink slips.
As she listened and counted, it became obvious to Ronnie that the girls in the secretary's office would be able to hear clear each and every paddling that took place in Richards office. She felt her cheeks redden at the idea of these young fresh out of school teens listening to her, a twenty four year old woman having her bottom smacked!
Her mind then wandered further, she thought of how ironic it was to be offered a job as a tutor here one week, then be sent for a smacked bum the next week. As she tried to sort out in her mind if that was actually irony, or a paradox, she could feel an unwanted smile cross her face.
As she tried not to smile, the whole ridiculouseness of her situation struck her causing her to burst out giggling. She looked at her fellow two condemned in waiting and saw the look of disgust upon their faces. She wanted to try and expalin that she wasn't laughing at the paddlings taken place in the the office, but she knew she couldn't break the rule of silence. So she made do by just mouthing.

"it's just I'm very nervous!" both girls merely sneered at her.

A couple of minutes after the twelth pop echoed down the corridor, the door to the office opend and the first three girls emerged. Two very red faced, one of whom had made use of Richard's complimentary paper tissues. The third girl though, a thick set Latina, had a look of sweet serenity upon her face the afterglow of a spiritual or orgasmic experience.

"Well ladies, I think it's time to see your rap sheets now." Richard said, as Ronnie and her two fellow offenders rose to their feet.

Richard slowly read the three pinks slips as the girls stood in front of his desk.
"Miss Monroe," he finaly spoke, "two tardies in one class, how come?"

"Mrs. Latham decreed that as I was late so was my assingment?" Ronnie replied with an amount palable of doubt in her voice.

" odd way to look at things," Richard said, "I suppose she is right though isn't she?"

"Strictly speaking yes." Ronnie said through gritted teeth.

"Well shall we begin...." as soon as those words left Richard's mouth, Ronnie stepped forward cutting him short.

"I was the last out of us three," she said matter of factly, "so I must be first!"

Before Richard could either agree or interject Ronnie had lain herself over his desk and pulled up the hem of her pale blue skirt.
As his fingers went to the waistband of her knickers she knew then that he was indeed going to paddle her. No using of his powers or influence to pardon her!
As he lowered her knickers, Ronnie parted her legs that little bit wider knowing that she would be affording him a view so far unseen by him.

Then she waited for that first pop, would he go easy on her, that was still well within his power after all no one would ever know for sure.
She then felt the slap of the lexan paddle upon her rear, quickly followed by that now all to familiar build up of searing heat!

The second pop followed, it was plain now to Ronnie that she was not going to experience any favouritism from her suitor. It would have been so easy for him as well, he didn't even have to just go easy on her and make it obvious, he could have dealt with all three of them in a similiar manner, and no one would then ever have suspected.

The third pop landed central across her naked bottom, now the room was being viewed by Ronnie through misty eyes as she tried in vain to hold back her tears.
As she rose up from the desk, she turned to face Richard, raising her skirt high as she pulled up her white briefs, making sure that he got a good long view of her trimmed pubic triangle before she covered herself.

Standing back in line, watching him chastise the other girls, she wondered about what had just taken place.
It would have been oh so easy for him to have excused her.
So easy for him to have paddled her lightly.
So easy for a man in his position to have used his rank to his own advantage.
So easy for any man, apart from for a man like him, a man of honour.

Ronnie had now made up her mind, she was going to stay in Austin, for better or for worse!


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