Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt4

On the Sunday morning Ronnie arose from her bed, determined that today she would go for her run. In her time here she had taken to running laps of the playing fields each day. Yesterday though she couldn't manage to because of the still lingering pain from her paddling on the previous afternoon. She was sure it was the last two pops, being brought low the way they had been that they were the main cause of her discomfort, each step was a painful reminder of her indiscretions.

Deep down she knew though, that even if she had been fit she wouldn't have gone out running.
As she had passed the last day and a half almost hiding in her room, ashamed at meeting any of the other girls or Lucy Logan the house mother, knowing that they would all know what had happened to her.
Being paddled at twenty four was bad enough, but all and sundry knowing about it made it so much worse, in some ways it felt worse than the pain!
As well as the pain and the shame, there was the mixed emotions that Ronnie had been struggling with.
Did she deserve it?
Was her life really missing self discipline, so much so that an imposed regime could really be of benefit to her?
Had Father Langlan had just such a scenario in his mind when he recommended her to the college?
Worst of all was a nagging little part of her mind that seemed to tell her that she had enjoyed it?

Not the actual punishment, that had been awful, painful and highly embarrassing! The aftermath, the afterglow even, she found solace in. She had broken the rules and she had paid for it in the most basic and salutary of ways, she had found as the pain faded her mind became more focussed on the effect it had had upon her.
Also, at another more basic level it had invaded parts of her mind that she liked to keep locked away and unacknowledged even by herself. She shuddered as she dressed for her run, as that dark part of her mind came to the fore, the part of her that housed her secret submissive nature, she shook her head in an attempt to rid those thoughts.

"You didn't come here to get kinky thrills girl!" She said to herself aloud as she fastened her laces, and picked up her stopwatch and mp3 player. After one last check of the route that she had printed off from her pc, she made her way downstairs for what should be roughly an eight mile run.

After half an hour of pounding on the road, Ronnie noticed the area around her was starting to look slightly shabby. After the clipped lawns of the campus, the overgrown yards of the bungalows and trailer homes she was now passing seemed incongruous. Twice she had caught the attention of thankfully chained up Pit Bull Terriers, Ronnie was starting to wonder upon the wisdom of this little jaunt.
She never noticed the green Lexus coming towards her, and was not aware of the u-turn that it had made until it pulled up along side her, it's horn blasting over the music in her earplugs.
She watched unsurely as the passenger side window lowered, with not a little trepidation she approached the car and looked in through the now empty window frame.
She felt her face flush in a hot rush of blood when she saw the driver.

"Miss Monroe, please hop in will you?"

"Er...Principal Everard....I'm out for a little run." Ronnie replied, as butterflies swarmed through her tummy.

"No really Miss Monroe, get in the car please, I can assure you that you don't want to get lost in Austin." the principal firmly insisted.

Ronnie had a quick look around, chewing on her lower lip, she could see the sense in the principal's request and reluctantly nodded and opened the door. Even with the air conditioning blasting, Ronnie could still feel the heat in her face as she remembered her meeting with the principal two days earlier, then him reminding her didn't help matters.

"It's lucky in many ways that I bumped into you today," he said pleasantly, "you really shouldn't be running around here on your own. Austin is a great city, but I'm afraid it does have a quite high crime rate! Also as I said on Friday I was hoping to have a little chat with you Veronica, I can call you Veronica can't I? Or do you prefer Miss Monroe?"

"Er...yeah that's fine...or call me Ronnie everyone else does."

"No, I don't like the fashion of shortening Christian names," he said turning to Ronnie with a mischievous smile on his face, "just think, Sam and Del, or Tony and Cleo just don't have the same ring to them do they?"

"Well when you put it that way......"

"As I said I hoped to chat next week, but I'm off on a trip out of town tonight for a week, so how about a coffee and a chat now?"

"Er...yes sir....that would be nice." Ronnie replied, her voice lacking conviction.

A couple of minutes later they pulled into a Sonic drive in, before she knew it they were sitting inside the coffee shop and she was reeling off her life story to the attentive principal. He some how seemed to have the knack of drawing information, not by constant questions but by lingering silences and little nods.
By the time he came back from the counter with another round of coffees she was in her life story time line of her coming out to the states. Then she reached the shock of last Friday's paddling, now though she could talk about it without blushing like a virgin bride.

"You know sir, I have a theory about the corporal punishments?" Ronnie stated in a sudden rush of caffeine induced confidence.

"Really, I love theories please tell me more." again the mischevious grin was back upon his face.

"Well! I'm convinced that if you didn't paddle the girls, there would only be about a quarter of them there on a Friday."

Principal Everard burst out laughing at Ronnie's unfortunate wording.
"Veronica, If I didn't paddle the girls there would be none there on a Friday!"

"Ah...I meant that it was personally that makes them....I'm not sure how to put out your approval and recognition."

The principal nodded.
"You may have a bit of a point, it is something that I have sort of suspected, that some may see me as a surrogate father figure whilst they are here."

"So if you already think that, why continue....I mean it's not right...young women paddled for being late to class!"

"First of all it is their choice," the principal said patiently, "it take three tardies in one week to earn a paddling. That is being late for three lectures, or handing in three assignments late. All the student has to do to avoid a paddling, is if she knows that she is going to be late for a lecture or seminar is to just not go at all, and then play catch up on the work."


"It's about how a student's behaviour impacts upon others, if a student is late it disrupts the lecture, people traipsing in whenever they like to. Much better for the students who are on time for the latecomer to just go down to the library or the study hall. You are not penalised for missing lectures, as the only person you are hindering is yourself." Ronnie nodded as she tried to work out the college's strange logic, "Take yourself and Johanna, Mother Logan was quite happily turning a blind eye to your smoking and drinking in the privacy of your own room, it was when the music started blaring that she felt the need to take action!"

Now Ronnie felt that she at least partly understood the working of the punishment system, still didn't agree with it, but understood it.

"Work being handed in late though?" she asked.

"Why should one student have the advantage other the others of having an extended time to do her allotted work? Also it is disrespectful to the tutors, not having work in on time, most grading is done in the tutors private time, why should a tutor have to grade work on two nights instead of one?"

Ronnie nodded, as she could see where he was coming from, it was only the method that she disagreed with.

"Anyway Veronica, as much as I have enjoyed our little, and I have enjoyed it. I think it is time to get you safely back to campus!"

Ronnie looked at her stopwatch, they had been in the coffee shop for over an hour, not the ten minutes or so that it had felt like. Once back in her room she thought over the principal's words, it was all about mutual respect.
The following morning, Ronnie found out in no uncertain terms that Lucy Logan held those same views, and was more than happy to enforce them herself, proving once and for all that she was not the soft touch that Ronnie had first thought.

In almost all situations where people are sharing kitchen and storage facilities conflicts can and usually do occur, for the most part the conflicts centre around who own what in the fridges. The campus houseblocks were not immune from such arguments.
Ronnie got up and dressed at six thirty am as was he normal habit, as she headed of to the kitchen to make her breakfast she heard raised voices.

"I've had it with this, that was the last of my milk!" one voice called.

"Chill out I'll buy some at lunchtime it's no big deal!" the other replied as Ronnie entered the room.

"No big deal? What am I supposed to do now?" an annoyed girl, that Ronnie thought was called Helen, asked the much taller gangly blonde that Ronnie knew as Hunter.

"Yadda-yadda-yadda, Jeeze do really have to be such a tight assed dickwad all the time!" replied Hunter rather noisily, "Can't take at least one frigging day off?"

Ronnie then felt someone firmly push her to one side, forcing herself through the doorway in front of her, that person was Lucy Logan.

"I could hear you both all the way down the hall, people are trying to sleep you know," the annoyed house mother hissed in a half whisper to the two pajama clad girls, "and I can tell you that I heard every word!"

Ronnie could see the colour drain from Hunter's angular face, she looked as if she was about to speak when Lucy Logan cut in again.

"You I will discuss this with later," she said pointing at Helen, "Hunter though I shall deal with here and now. Bad luck for you Hunter, Principal Everard is away this week, so it will be who will be dealing with your thieving, and shouting of obscenities and of course your blasphemy!"

"Please Ma'am....could we do this later?" Hunter pleaded, almost in tears.

Lucy Logan moved forward and grabbed the taller girls left arm and span her around, delivering four or five surprisingly hard smacks to her pajama covered bottom as she pushed into a corner of the large kitchen.

"Veronica could you do me a little favour please," Lucy asked, as she stood at the sink running the hot tap into a a small saucepan. "go to my room, on the back of the door there is a leather belt hanging there. If you bring me that, and also the bar of soap off my hand basin please?"

Ronnie didn't have to be told twice, she found herself strangely excited at the thought of Hunter recieving some sort of summary punishment from the House mother. She almost ran down the corridor in her enthusiasm and curious expectation, her objections to corporal punishment had, temporarily at least, seemed to have deserted her!
The belt she could understand, the significance of the soap though?
Needless to say all the commotion had brought a few more of the girls out from there respective rooms, who all then wandered down towards the kitchen area, Ronnie knew now that whatever Lucy had in store for Hunter, there would be getting quite a large audience for

"OK girls," Lucy said to the now nine or so interested observers, "Hunter here has been caught, yet again, pilfering other students belongings from the refrigerators. This time though she has compounded the incident by indulging in a raucous argument with Helen, Helen I will be dealing with later, but Hunter as a way of an example to others I will deal with now. Thank you Veronica." she said as Ronnie handed Lucy her requested items, "I will not have thieving, fighting, or blasphemy in my houseblock, so let this be a warning to you all"

Lucy then placed the soap into the half filled saucepan, then took one the high stools from the breakfast bar by the window, and placed it in the centre of the room. Doubling up the thick leather belt in her hands she then said.

"Hunter over here.....over here now!"

The poor girl slowly made her way to the chair, her eyes focussed upon the tiled floor beneath her.

"Please...." she again moaned, more in self pity than in any real hope of a postponement of her punishment.

"Never mind please, get those pj bottoms down!" Lucy ordered, her voice emphatic and pitiless.

Slowly the girl loosened the drawstring around her waist, both prolonging and simultaneously delaying her upcoming ordeal. As she lowered her trouser bottoms, Ronnie could see that Hunter was naked beneath them, the large black triangle of her bush came into view. Ronnie heard a couple of the girls snigger, so now it was common confirmed knoweldge that Hunter was not a natural blonde.
The girls hands wavered in front of her pubic region in a belated attempt to cover her modesty, but already she knew that the cat was out of the bag so to speak, in oh so many ways.

"Over the stool Hunter," Lucy said calmly, but lacking the principals quite tenderness in her voice, "I'm going to give you a belting to remember, then I'm going to address that potty mouth of yours!"

The soap suddenly now made sense to Ronnie, but surely she couldn't be really planning what had sprung to Ronnie's mind?
Lucy then stood back the doubled up belt in her right hand, no sooner had Hunter got in place, her bare bottom high upon the stool's seat and her legs parted widely giving all in the room a clear view of both her anus and labia, than the belt lashed across her thin boyish bottom.
Unlike the principals slow and measured paddling, Lucy brought down an onslaught of rapid harsh belt strokes. From the very first to the last, each stroke caused audible discomfort to Hunter. Ronnie tried in vain to count the strokes, if only just to see how many Lucy was allotting to the poor wretch. After a minute or so it became clear to Ronnie that Lucy had no set tariff in her head, she was going to continue beating the girl until she fell in total submission. It became equally clear that Hunter was trying to save face with her peers and was determined not break underneath Lucy's belt!
Ronnie looked Lucy's stony face and knew that there was only going to one victor in this battle of wills, and that it would not be Hunter. Sure enough after what must have been three minutes or so, but seemed so much longer to Ronnie and no doubt even longer to Hunter, Hunter finally broke. Her squeaks of pain were replaced by sobbing and cries for mercy as Lucy brought the ordeal to an end.
Throwing the belt to the floor Lucy then helped Hunter back up off the stool, the poor girl had given up on any attempts at modesty. She stood facing the others in the room, her hands rubbing at her bottom, whilst she hopped from one foot to the other, desperately trying to massage and dance the pain out of her buttocks.

"Now we will see to that potty mouth of yours shall we?" the sobbing Hunter shook her head hoping to change Lucy's mind.

Lucy picked up the saucepan, plunged her hand into it's warm water and started to lather up the soap. Wide eyed Hunter stared at the soap her head still shaking, her voice though still incapable of forming real words between her sobs.

"Open wide," was the quite order from Lucy, "it's nicely lathered for you now."

To Ronnie's surprise, Hunter nodded and did as she was told.
Lucy popped the bar of soap deep into Hunter's mouth, then said.

"Hands on top of your head, and back into the corner so all the girls can see your bare bottom as an example of how I deal with thieves!"

Hunter shuffled back into place, her pj bottoms around her ankles forcing her to make little baby like toddling steps.
Hunter was made to stay there whilst all the other girls had their breakfasts. Ronnie for all that she did not agree with corporal punishment had found the whole scenario both entertaining and worryingly exciting. Even to the point that when she made her toast and honey, she took up a seat that would give her an unhindered view of Hunter as she stood in the corner. Surreptitiously she kept glancing at Hunter, checking her out as the bruising on her bottom changed colour, till her buttocks reminded Ronnie of a Starbucks blueberry cheesecake a mass of yellow and purply blue whirls.
Hunter was still there naked from the waist down, soap still locked in her jaws as Ronnie left for her first seminar of the week, she left with a distinct spring in her step.

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