Monday, 13 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt3

Ronnie wondered if this was really the time to speak up?
After all if Johanna had not, as she suspected, set them both up for this paddling she certainly seemed resigned to her punishment! She never made any attempt to try and plead for a reduction upon their allotted five pops of the paddle. Ronnie was also pretty sure that Johanna was indeed, or was once, one of Everardashians that she had seemed so keen to ridicule last night in Ronnie's room.

"If she wants a red arse, let her get on with it!" Ronnie thought to herself as Johanna moved to replace Lousie, over the desk.

"I must admit I'm surprised to see you in here again Johanna," the principal said as Johanna lifted her skirt before bending across his desk, "more so for such odd offences. You have both been taking advantage of Mother Logan's good nature, I know she operates quite a liberal house but even she has her limits on behaviour. Did it not cross your mind to point that out to your study buddy?"

"I'm sorry sir," Johanna said in an almost inaudible whisper, "Ronnie said it would be OK, I did try to warn her sir."

The principal nodded, though he looked less than convinced as he approached the now prone girl across his desk. As before there was no complaint as he pulled down Johanna's small yellow panties. All of a sudden a thought ran through Ronnie's head as she tried to remember what underwear she was wearing, not that it mattered of course as she had no intention of going over his desk in the first place. Still though she struggled to remember as she looked at her "friend's" now naked and surprisingly chubby bottom.
This time though instead of watching the effect of the paddle on naked skin, she wanted to concentrate upon the paddler.
She wanted to work out why so many of the girls were so infatuated by him. Sure enough he was handsome in an old fashioned sort of way, tall broad shouldered, his short light brown hair greying around the temples giving him a look of distinguished maturity. Also when he spoke there was a gentle assuring tone to his deep voice, even in these circumstances of having to inflict pain!
She stared at his face as he brought the paddle back before landing it upon Johanna's right buttock.
There was no sign of anger as he did so, no sign of any sort of sadistic lust. To Ronnie's mind he looked dispassionate, he could just as easy have been filling his car with gas, rather than spanking a naked young - and most likely virginal - girls bottom!

Ronnie realised, as the principal delivered the second stroke this time to Johanna's right cheek, all he was doing was enforcing the college's rules in an even handed manner, and working within pre set tariffs set down in those rules.
Still though it didn't make it any more right, that in this day and age young women could be treat in such a debasing manner!

The third stroke that was then laid upon the middle of Johanna's behind caused a sudden call out of pain by the recipient. Ronnie could now see just how methodical the principal was in his issuing of the allotted strokes. The first two, as before were aimed at specific areas of the girls proffered bottom's, the third as earlier was laid across the centre, re-catching the already red and pre-pained parts of the bottom.
Unlike Louise, Johanna seemed to resist the temptation of over indulging in a lascivious display of bottom swaying and stamping. Ronnie could appreciate the sense in such a display if indeed Johanna was right about the other girls intentions. What better way to flirt with someone, than to bend yourself over in front of them, allow them to denude you while you present yourself to them?
No amount of of cheeky double innuendos could ever possibly trump such a physical statement as that!

"What now though." Ronnie wondered to herself, Johanna still had another two pops to go unlike her two predecessors. For the most part her bottom, or at least the main sit upon part, was now a bright and painful looking red, where can he go from here?

Almost in answering Ronnie's unspoken question, principal Everard changed sides, two short steps and he was now to Johanna's right hand side. To further answer Ronnie's unspoken query, he the unleashed another measured stroke upon Johanna's proffered bottom. This time an almost upward stroke focused upon her left flank, catching both an untreated area of flesh and overlapping onto her already red full cheek.
Now Johanna was in tears, unlike Louise her's were real tears.
Inevitably, the final stroke was a carbon copy but laid upon her right cheek.
Johanna was sobbing openly, all self restraint now long gone!

As Johanna stood upright, she turned her tear streaked face towards Ronnie and shook her head ruefully, Ronnie could see that if Johanna had tried to arrange this she now regretted it. Ronnie watched as Johanna struggled painfully pulling her panties back up over her punished behind.
Ronnie knew it was now time for her to say her piece and leave.
She struggled to find the correct words, she didn't want the other girls to think that she was chicken!
Also she didn't know what the ramifications to herself would be when she refused her allotted corporal punishment.
Sent home in disgrace, an embarrassment to Father Langlan whose trust and faith she would be breaking?
"immerse yourself in the culture","the discipline will do you good", those were more or less his words, but surely he had never meant anything even vaguely like this though?

"Miss Monroe," the principal said breaking the silence in the room, the silence apart from Johanna's gentle sobbing that is, "could you be so good as to remove your shoes please?"

" shoes?"

"Yes please, you heels are a little high, and we wouldn't want you twisting you ankle and hurting yourself on them." the principal said in his soft calm almost hypnotic voice.

The irony of the situation seemed to be lost on everyone in the room apart from Ronnie, the fact that he was worried about her being hurt whilst holding a polycarbonate sheet that's whole design and reason for being was to cause pain seemed not to raise a single eyebrow!
The acceptance of this made Ronnie seem unsure in her own confidence in her so far unvoiced standpoint.
Perhaps after all they were right? Maybe her actions did indeed deserve a swift and severe punishment?

In an odd, almost surreal way she bent down and unstrapped her shoes taking each off and placing them to her rear, it still didn't mean that she was going along with this ridiculous scenario, did it?

"If you could be so kind as to lift your skirt, then put your arms upon the desk, you will find that if you leave your forearms as a resting point and then grip the far edge of the desk that it will be more comfortable for you," Principal Everard said as if he was advising of the best seat in a theatre, "then place your feet just slightly further than shoulder's width apart it will make you a little more stable."

Still in some sort of daydream Ronnie did as instructed, so far there had been no real break where she could diplomatically voice her opinion and disgust at the whole procedure.

The next thing Ronnie felt, was Principal Everard's hands going up under the fabric of her skirt, high up her back and beneath her blouse, reaching and searching for the waistband of her tights, she wished now that she had only worn ankle socks like her three predecessors, then she gulped as she felt his fingers find the elusive line between fabric and skin. His movement was deft, though not hurried, as he denuded Ronnie of both her tights and knickers in one movement. Principal Everard was only the second person in Ronnie's life to strip her in such a manner, and was the first to do it for reasons of chastisement!

Now there was no real point in complaint, here she was stripped from the waist down bent over his desk, the time for rebellion had long gone!
Now was the time for a stiff upper lip, and a casual shrug of the shoulders after it was all finished, but having just witnessed Johanna'a paddling Ronnie's eyes were already misting up.

"Miss Monroe could you arch your back a little for me please?" the principal said trying to gently coax Ronnie through her up and coming ordeal.

Ronnie did as asked, and no sooner than she elevated her bottom for him than she felt the first taste of lexan against her bare skin. It caught her by surprise in many ways.
Yes it hurt, though not as bad as she thought it would, it more or less just caught her breath and stung a little!
But then!
Then she felt the heat spread out, the blade of the paddle was only maybe three to three and a half inches wide, after about fifteen seconds though her whole right buttock felt as if it was ablaze!
She knew what was to come next, but knowing about something and dealing with it are two different things, as the second stroke landed on her left buttock, in a form of contrition she felt the first real tear run down her cheek then dripped off from her face onto the polished veneer of the desk.

She knew the worst was yet to come, the third overlapping stroke would catch in part both cheeks, she gritted her teeth in anticipation.

"Aaagh!" she called out at the paddles measured kiss.

"Your doing fine Miss Monroe," the principal said, his voice a soft whisper. "only two more and it will all be over and forgotten."

"Forgotten?" Ronnie thought to her herself, "how could this ever be forgotten?"

The fourth strike of the paddle, as it landed upon the lower under section of her toned left buttock caused Ronnie to almost rise up.

"Aaagh yer twat yer!" Ronnie called out, then quickly apologised for her outburst. "I'm sorry sir!"

"Well as this your first, and I hope only Friday afternoon visit to my office I will ignore your use of profanity," the principal said, matter of factly and not in anger. "though any repetition will incur you another pop."

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir!" Ronnie said not believing that here she was, a twenty four year old woman bent over bare bottomed and apologising to the man who was methodically blistering her arse with a paddle. surely she was going to wake up soon?

The final stroke reminded her that this was no fevered dream or fantasy!

This was reality, and the reality hurt, the reality had now reduced her - like Johanna before her - into a crying sobbing wretch.

"Right Miss Monroe, we are finished here now," Principal Everard informed her in his still soft tone. "if you would like to rearrange your clothing?"

Ronnie rose slowly, the final two pops making each movement of her legs a pain filled sensation. As she stood facing the principal, rubbing vigorously at her still bare bottom, he said to all four of the girls.
"You are all free to leave now, and I hope all four of you have a very pleasent weekend."

As Ronnie pulled up first her knickers in a rush to cover her modesty, the other girls chorused.
"Thank you sir!" and made to leave the room.

Ronnie was now panicking that she was going to be left in the office alone with Principal Everard, quickly she dragged up her tights and picked up her shoes in a hope to catch up with the others. Still tear streaked and clutching her shoes like a safety blanket, she muttered.
"Thank you sir, and I hope you have a pleasent weekend to sir." then Ronnie rushed red faced out of the office.

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