Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt2

Ronnie Monroe had decided to herself that for all of the college's many rules, most were only honoured more in the breach than in the observance. For all that no one wore trousers or jeans on campus during the week, once Saturday came around at least a third of the girls who resided in the three house blocks on campus could be seen wandering about dressed in the forbidden male attire. Also for sports, some of the girls wore the most revealing of spandex clothing leaving nothing at all to the imagination, perhaps in some sort of silent rebellion Ronnie wondered.
No one blatantly broke the smoking rule by smoking in the public areas, but it was also quite plain that many of girls did smoke in the privacy of their rooms in their three storey house blocks, and in other known but ignored area around campus.

The house block that Ronnie had been allocated to was run by Miss Lucy Logan, who at the age of twenty six only two years Ronnie's senior, Ronnie felt rather foolish calling Mother or Ma'am. That was though Miss Logan's title as she was block's housemother. She was plain looking jolly girl, about five foot five with mousy hair, who at Ronnie's first impression was just looking for an easygoing quiet life in charge of the girls.
The blocks themselves were not some sort of sorority houses, they were just plain and simple housing for the students. Each student had a small self contained bedroom/study area, and their own shower and bathroom facilities. Cooking and eating was in the community area, one area for each floor, so she shared her's with eighteen other girls, all of whom were at least three years her junior.

So in this atmosphere of friendly shared living, Ronnie saw no real harm in stretching another of the campuses' many and baffling rules. She had invited Johanna around to her room for a shared bottle or two of red wine. Ronnie had noticed the odd look that Johanna had given her at such an invitation.

"You sure about this?" Johanna had asked Ronnie, "You know alcohol is well frowned on here?"

"Nah, it will be no probs, Mother Logan is cool?" Ronnie replied, smiling confidently.

"OK, it's your ass."

Johanna arrived at seven o'clock, as she lived off campus staying with her brother and her sister in law who both lived and worked in Austin. No sooner had Johanna sat down with her glass in hand, than Ronnie started to regale her with what she had heard at the lunchtime seminar. Johanna listened patiently a slight knowing smile upon her face then said.
"So you are lunching with the Everardashians now?"

"The what?"

"It's my pet name for the girls that hang on the Principal's every word." Johanna said now grinning broadly as she handed Ronnie a cigarette. "There are a number of girls here that are like Everard's not so little fan club.Deep down I think they would like to be his groupies, but of course that would never happen. So they make do with trying to get close to him, you know the sort of thing, saying what they think he would like to hear that kinda thing. That's why they would have all clapped at the end of Sarah's story, to keep in with the big guy."

"So you are saying she made it all up?"

"No! No way, it will most likely be true enough, just most people would try and keep it quiet rather than blab it all to an audience."

"It just all seems so wrong to me," Ronnie said shaking her head in disbelief, "she is young woman being stripped by her mother then beaten by her father!"

"OK hold it! So you are saying spanking is wrong, because if you are you will be in a minority around here, it's all spare the rod etc., and domestic discipline is pretty much condoned by the staff and students." Johanna said, and Ronnie could feel the annoyance in her voice, "Let's face it she may be twenty, but she is still living off her parents, nor working or contributing to the family income. Still living at home, and behaving like a spoilt little brat, so why should age come into it?"

"It's just not decent, that's why!"

"So you think discipline should be by age, and not behaviour? Once your kids hit.....I dunno...fifteen say... they should just be able to run around unchecked?"

Ronnie sighed, not wanting to argue with her friend she decided that maybe a change of subject would be a good idea, but then thought again and said.
"So are you still spanked at home?"

"Nope!" Johanna said now laughing, "I'm not spanked at home. Oh! I love this song!" Johanna exclaimed then leant over and turned up Ronnie's CD player.

"I know it's a great album isn't it?" The words had no sooner left Ronnie's mouth than her door burst open and Lucy Logan entered.

"Come on girls turn it down a bit people are trying to study you know." Lucy Logan said, then noticed the wine bottles on the bedside cabinet. Picking them both up she said. "This is not allowed, you both know that, especially you Johanna!"

Ronnie watched as the colour drained from Johanna's face.
"I'm sorry Ma'am....we just thought it would be know to unwind?"

Lucy glared at Johanna.
"And smoking as well! You are both pink slipped, at least with it being Friday tomorrow you won't have long to wait. Four fifteen, at Principal Everard's office, I'll tell his secretary to expect you both and she'll have your slips for you! Johanna I think it is time you left now."
Lucy then left the two girls, taking the wine bottles with her.

Now Ronnie was feeling all at sea, the red wine hitting her causing her face to burn up, the reference to pink slips confusing her further. She watched nonplussed as Johanna rushed to put on her coat and pick up her things to leave.

"Johanna," Ronnie said trying to glean some sense out of what had just happened, "what is she on about, pink slips?"

"It means we are going to get a paddywhacking!" Johanna said before rushing out the door.

Ronnie was tempted to go out and ask Lucy what was going on, but she was certain that it was just a wind up from Johanna, and to go and ask her housemother would just be making herself look foolish.
Rather than going out into the community area she decided to study a little. The mixture of the wine, and a niggling uncertainty about what would be happening tomorrow afternoon made all her attempts at studying a waste of time. So she settled for an early though restless night.

All day on the Friday, the nagging doubt at the the back of her mind kept pushing itself to the front of he conscience. Johanna could not have meant what she said it just defied all logic. Grown women just do not get paddled at university! She needed to speak to Johanna, but Friday was the only day where non of their lectures coincided with each others.

Lessons end at four o'clock came around very quickly, and Ronnie found herself walking down to the Principals office, still arguing with herself in her own head when she reached the secretary's office to the front of the principal's room.

"Hello, I'm Veronica Monroe, I have an appointment to see Principal Everard at four fifteen."

"Yip, your the Brit girl aren't you?" the secretary said her eyes twinkling and smiling rather smugly, "take one of the the seats in front of his door."
She then handed Ronnie a little pink folded note, and added.
"No talking till you are called in! Unless you want to be making things worse for yourself Hun?"

Ronnie walked down the thin corridor by the side of the secretary's office leading to the principal's room. A row of about nine seats ran up the right hand side of the wall, she noticed that one seat was already taken, by a black girl wearing what looked to be some sort of African traditional dress. She wore a long thick white cotton dress, and a kind of white cotton hat that covered all her hair apart from a little shock of black curls popping out at her brow.
The girl looked straight ahead, not even turning to acknowledge Ronnie's approach even when she sat down by her side, the girl continued staring at the opposite wall in deep concentration, obviously lost in her own thoughts.

Then Ronnie heard the distinctive clip-clap of female heels on the tiled floor, she turned to a girl that she recognised from yesterday's afternoon seminar, the one who had stood up and given her opinion on what the twenty third psalm meant to her. She didn't check in at the secretary's office, then Ronnie noticed that she already had a little pink folded note in her hand.
The girl looked at Ronnie, and give her a little smile and a shrug of her shoulders as she took the next seat to her. Ronnie was tempted to speak but held her tongue, as the girl leant forward and undid her shoes, took them off and pushed the beneath her seat.
Just as Ronnie was about to ask her what she was doing that for, Ronnie noticed that Johanna was now at the secretary's office at the head of the corridor.

"Hey Johanna it's been a while for you hasn't it?" Ronnie heard the secretary say. "Usual drill nothing much has changed."

Johanna nodded glumly as she collected her pink slip, seeing that it looked like Ronnie was about to speak she raised her index finger to her lips in the international "shush" sign. Johanna also sat down and also took of her shoes and pushed them beneath her seat. This made Ronnie wonder if the principal had some rules about shoes in his office that the secretary had not informed her off? Without making it to obvious Ronnie leant forward to look at her neighbour's feet, she was wearing flat sandals, so that ruled out her new carpet theory.
Sighing in confusion she leant back in her seat, and waited.

Ronnie and her three compatriots did not have long to wait, upon hearing the principal's door open all four girls turned to see Principal's Everard's sixfoot three broad frame filling the doorway. As he stood there in his customary white shirt and tie, Ronnie realised that this was the first time she had seen him not wearing his suit jacket, she also took noted his Popeye like forearms evidence of his use of the college weights room.

"Only four today," he said smiling pleasantly, "might as well see you all together, it works out quicker in the long run."

Stepping back he held the door open for the girls to enter his office. After the four of them filed into his office, he closed the door behind them.

"All familiar faces I see here, apart from one, and Johanna this must be your first Friday visit this year?"

Ronnie glanced across at her friend, who did not reply but only nodded red-faced to his question.

"OK girls let's have your rap sheets," the principal said as he collected the four little pink notes, quickly unfolding and reading each one, "ah
Miss Monroe, our visitor from across the pond! I was hoping to chat with you next week, just to see how you were settling in, I wasn't expecting our meeting to be brought forward in such a way!"

Ronnie could now feel her face reddening to, as she realised that now all eyes in the room were focussed upon her.

"Two here for repeated tardies, and two for smoking and drinking in the blockhouses. Well as the tardies are only one offence as such we can deal with them first," the principal said as he went to his desk and retrieved a small clear plastic paddle from his drawer, the smoking and drinking are two offences so obviously carry a double penalty. Don't worry though Miss Monroe, I opperate a frequent flier discount here, one offence three pops, anything above that goes to two pops. So you and Johanna will be receiving five pops."

Ronnie was dumbstruck, she just stood opened mouthed as she stared at the paddle in his hand.

"This can't be real!" she thought to herself. They were going to be paddled, young adults treat like kids, every part of her wanted to scream out in protest. Instead though she just stared at the paddle in the principal's hand, she had seen many paddles in the shops in Austin. She had assumed they were just talk pieces to hang on the wall, most were made of wood, many had jokey writing on them, such as "OUCH!" or "Heat For The Can". The one the principal held though seemed more business like, more clinical in it's manufacture.

"Abena, would you like to be first?" the principal asked, and the still silent black girl stepped forward.

Ronnie watched in a strangely detached way, as the girl moved to the principal's desk lifting the hem of her dress as she walked. She lifted her clothing well clear of her hips, revealing her large magnificently rounded buttocks encased in a pair of pale blue full cut knickers. Ronnie swallowed hard as she noticed the contrast of colouring that her choice of underwear had made with the surrounding skin as the girl bent across the desk.

What happened next dragged Ronnie out of her semi dream like state and back into the office, Principal Everard moved behind Abena and peeled down her underwear till her panties reached her knees.
Ronnie opened her mouth about to protest at such an invasion upon the girl's modesty, when she noticed there had been no complaint, or even expression of shock from either Abena or the other two girls she decided to hold her tongue. At least for now anyway.
The principal then took up his position to the left of Abena, then without any preamble or warning brought the paddle across her naked backside.
The impact caused Abena to grunt out an almost silent "Oomph"

The next "pop" as the principal called it made Abena slightly more vocal, Ronnie could not help but stare at the girls nakedness in a mixture of shock and fascination. She watched the effect that the pops were having up her skin, both had left first and odd paleness followed by then by a purplish bruising.

"Last one Abena!" the principal said finally breaking his silence, the final stroke arrived after a much longer time lag than between the other two previous strokes. This final stroke elicited a cry of pain from the girl!
Ronnie rightly guessed that the principal had been waiting for the pain of the first two strokes to really seep in, before unleashing his final part of her punishment.
"Sadistic bastard!" Ronnie thought to herself.

"OK back in line Abena," he told the girl, "try to get to your classes on time from now on!"

"Yes sir," she said as she turned to face the principal, in so doing exposing her full luxuriant pubic bush to him as she struggled to pull her panties back over her now very sore butt. "I will sir, thank you."

"I do hope so Abena, this is becoming a bit of a habit," the principal said then indicating with his paddle, "Louise you are next please."

The girl from earlier today, moved towards the desk took of her glasses and carefully put them on the desk. Like Abena she also lifted her skirt before bending forward. As before the principal lowered her panties, seemingly not to anyone's surprise, apart from for Ronnie who still felt that she was in some dream, about to awoken at any moment.
This time though Ronnie watched more carefully, each detail registering with her.

She watched as the principal placed the first pop onto Louise's right buttock, she stared still open mouthed at the reaction that this stroke had upon her. Unlike Abena, Louise shouted out immediately, her feet trammelled on the floor as she tried to stamp out the pain.
Ronnie watched as Louise's pale pink right buttock turned crimson red.
The next stroke cause even lewder bottom wriggling from the ever louder girl. As Ronnie watched Lousie clenching and relaxing her bottom cheeks, she wondered if Louise had a lower pain thresh hold to Abena, or if it was all just for effect as she remembered Johanna's words - Deep down I think they would like to be his groupies, but of course that would never happen. So they make do with trying to get close to him, - then Ronnie remembered something else that Johanna had said when she had asked her is she was spanked - Nope! I'm not spanked at home - doubts were now appearing in Ronnie's mind, had Johanna been qualifying her statement by saying "not at Home".

Had Johanna deliberately engineered this situation, by turning up the cd player forcing Lucy's hand as she found them both rule breaking?

Louise's last call of pain as the paddle made contact for the third time broke Ronnie's mental wanderings. Ronnie watched as Louise like Abena before her, turned and made no attempt to hide her frontal nudity as she pulled her underwear back into place. Ronnie also noticed the total lack of tears for all her shouting and crying.

"Just showboating!" Ronnie thought to herself, as Louise moved back to her place in the line.

"Johanna," the principal said, "your turn now I think."

Perhaps, it was maybe now time for Ronnie to make her objections felt?

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