Monday, 27 February 2012

Cards In The Caravan pt1 - No Aardvarks!

There is a scene in the film Trainspotting, I can't recall it word for word, but the gist of it, as I remember is as follows. The main characters are all in a night club, and have split up into two groups, male and female, they are all talking about sex. Then one of the girls say's to one of the boys, "what are you all gossiping about?", she is met with a chorus of "football". Then when one one of the males asks the same question, he is met with a chorus of "shopping".
That little scene fulfilled two stereotypes, and one cold fact.

The fact is both males, and females talk a lot about sex, the difference is the way that they talk about it.
A group of males will talk happily about which order they would have the members of Girls Aloud in, and talk about it in a serious though not hushed tone, as if the likelihood was actually on the menu.
Females on the other hand - this may cause a wry smile on any female readers, and worried eyebrow raising on any males - tend to be more personal, and talk about their own sex life, both past and current.
So when there had been a documentary on tv recalling the history of corporal punishment in Britain, needless to say caused a conversation between my wife and her workmate Marie which I was told went some thing like this.

"Did you see that spanking program last night?" Marie asked my wife Eva.

"Yeah I caught a bit of it." My wife lied, we had of course watched it in its entirity.

"You know some people get off on all that stuff?"

"What a bit slap and tickle you mean?" My wife asked innocently.

"Mmmh, that and a bit know harsher stuff?"

"You ever fancy that like," my wife asked then added. "or would you want to be a schoolie bent over for the cane from an irate headmaster?"

According to my wife this caused a sudden rush of blood to Marie's face, then with a little shrug of her shoulders she whispered.

"It has crossed my mind, but how do I bring something like that up with Mick, he sort of is a bit know with sex and that."

"The word your looking for is vanilla." my wife informed her mate.


"Yeah like the ice cream," my wife knew now that she was going to have to expand her explantion further. "every one prefers different flavoured ice creams , but everyone likes vanilla. Sex is like that, everyone has little quirks but at the end of the day they all like good old fashioned screwing as well."

"So are you a vanilla girl?" Marie asked Eva.

"No not me. I'm a rum and raisin girl." My wife replied, and then went on to tell Marie all about our prediliction to the more painful side of the pleasure and the pain.

Needless to say I was not amused, somethings you prefer to keep if not secret, certainly you would prefer not to have as common knowledge!
My annoyance was made clear to her when I went into the kitchen and came back with large green plastic slotted spoon. As spoons go for spanking, the plastic variety are much superior to the wooden ones, as they somehow generate a burny sting to them rather than just a plain impact sting.

"Right my girl," I told Eva, "you are in for a right blistering here, and no aardvarks!"

I had better explain the aardvarks, it's our safe word. We picked aardvark because it was not likely to be a word that would be used in any pleas for mercy. Now if anyone can think of how that word would come up naturaly in any sort of spanko scenario I would love to know of it? Until that day though it will remain our safe word, but as I said this was going to be an aardvark free punishment.
Now spanking a spanko for punishment may seem like an odd idea, I assure though that once the aardvark line is crossed, it is a punishment!

"Please Tom!" my wife implored, "I was only seeing if they might be up for a bit of fun that's all."

For all that she was pleading for keeping her bottom at normal room temperature. I guess by the fact that she was also undoing her jeans as she spoke meant that in her heart of hearts she realised that she was in for it.
I took up the traditional place in the centre of our sofa as Eva jeans reached her knees, she looked at me a little insure of what to do next.

"Come on knicks down girl, " I tell her making my intentions quite clear, "you didn't ecpect to be keeping them up did you?"

She shook her head sullenly as her fingers went to the waistband of her pale blue knickers, and they soon to joined her bunched up jeans around her knees, then with a big sigh she lowered herself over my lap. Her eyes would be fixed upon the carpet - a pattern that we have both had ample opportunities to study - waiting for the first stroke in quite anticipation. So of course I let her wait.

"So you really thought it was a good idea did you?" I ask her, my palm carressing her milky soft buttocks.

"Well if they were up for may have been a bit know we could have some games and stuff...AAAH!"

She exclaimed as the first hit of the spoon landed in a suprise attack, an attack that I pressed home with much vigour alternating quickly from cheek to cheek. Of course not only her cheeks came in for my attention, the tops of her thighs were also in my target area, though I tended to hit them more lightly. I look upon the thighs - front and back - to be fair game, though not as well padded as her posterior they always elicit a strong reaction from Eva when brought into play.

The spanking was not a long one, for as I said this was not meant to be fun, it was though quite harsh her milky buttocks soon pinked under my attention. At a guess the aardvark would have appeared after about a minute of such chastisement. Of course though this was not to be a day for aardvarks - though the anteater in my pants was getting rathered stirred, I'm uncut so my penis relaxed has a rather anteatery look about him - so I would say by about the third minute I could safely garuantee that both Eva's tears, and her pleas of contrition were both genuine.
I helped Eva back to her feet, allowing her to briefly rub her bottom as I pulled her jeans and knickers down further till they were well wrapped about her ankles.

"Right, into the corner you know the rules!" I told my weeping spouse, "Hands on head, no rubbing your arse!"

As she shuffled into place, her steps hindered by her jeans and underwear, I switched on the TV to watch the local 6.30 news. What would happen if we had company, an unexpected visitor perhaps?
We had decided long ago, that should that surprise occurence take place, well it's just tough for the spankee. As of yet it has never happened, but the fear of the extra humiliation is still there at the back of the spankee's mind.
Then just before the start of Emmerdale marking the end of Eva's thirty minutes, I stood behind her and whispered.

"Well were they?"

"What? Who what." My wife asked in obvious confusion.

"Were they up for it?"

"She was!" Eva, said her voice now perking up as she looked at me and smiled.

Lost In Austin pt5

Over the next few weeks things changed greatly for Ronnie, firstly she started to give Housemother Logan a wide berth, she had no intention of falling foul of one her summary disciplinary punishments. Ronnie had heard one other belting taking place in Lucy Logan's room, and heard of two others though none of the girls, even the recipients seemed to complain about her actions. So she made every attempt to stay upon the Housemother's good side, or better still to keep contact with her to the bare minimum.

Also things had changed for Richard Everard, in all his years of teaching he had never been attracted to any of his students. Of course as a hot blooded male, there were many that he had found physically attractive, more so when they were bent bare bottomed over his desk waiting for a paddling. Nearly every occasion had fired up the expected male physical reaction, but always he had just shrugged that off as human nature, and nothing more.
Veronica Monroe though was something different.
Here was a girl, well not a girl a young mature lady, who had more than caught his eye. Her personality and self assurance was so different to his other students, perhaps it was the way she had worked herself through college with a definite goal in mind? Or maybe it was the way that she was so open, blunt even, in her opinions?
Whatever it was, it was causing Ronnie to be at the forefront of Richard's mind all the time that he was away from the college.

During this week away, Richard decided on one or two things that some of the other college faculty members may find shocking. Richard had reasoned with himself that as a guest Ronnie was not really a college student. So in her case the normal rules of teacher/student protocol may not necessarily applying respect to him perhaps taking her out to dinner, or to concerts. If anything, all he would be doing would be expanding her appreciation of what Texas and Austin had to offer!
His other plan though he knew would raise even more eyebrows, Mrs. Latham one of the Religion In Modern Literature tutors would be retiring next year. As Veronica already had a degree in English and Journalism, and would soon be finished her Divinities degree, he saw her perhaps through rose tinted glasses as being an ideal replacement for the retiring tutor.

All the college board realised that Mrs. Latham was becoming to stuck in her ways, a little too entrenched in her ideas. Certain books were just ignored by her as being irrelevant fiction, such as The Da Vinci Code and Labyrinth, despite their huge popularity and cultural impact.
Richard was going to argue, that Veronica with her relative youth would shake up the department and bring it out from the eighties and into the second millennium.
Of course all this rested upon him being able to persuade Veronica to completely change not only her chosen career path, but also the very continent in which she would live!
So upon his return to college he set about trying to woo Veronica on two levels, personal and professional.
To his surprise Ronnie was quite receptive to his advances, and even though teaching was not an option that she had ever considered she said she was flattered by the offer and would give it careful consideration.

The fact of the matter was that Ronnie had been more flattered by Richard's more personal attention than any job offers. So they fell into a bit of a dating routine, going out together on weekend nights and usually a Wednesday night also. Though they didn't actively try to keep it secret, by the same token they did not advertise the fact either.
At first Ronnie thought that perhaps that Richard looked upon her as a potential "easy lay", after the first three or four dates it became obvious to her that this was not the case. Richard had been the perfect gentleman on the first date, taking her to dinner then a single chaste kiss at the end of the night!
By the fourth date they progressed to necking in his car, necking not heavy petting that seems to be a phrase nowadays that covers a multitude of sins. Their necking consisted of kissing and cuddling, nothing more, though Ronnie could feel as she held Richard against her that he was physically ready for much more!
Richard made it quite clear in a round about way, that he still - despite his divorce three years ago - believed in the sanctity of marriage, and that sex was to him was part of that of that holy institution.

Ronnie for her part looked upon this as an admiral attitude, and now wished that she had stuck by her guns and not given herself so casually and had waited till her wedding night, but that was in her past and there was nothing she could do about now.
She often wondered was Richard hinting that if she stayed in the States that marriage could be on the cards for them. Of course there was the age difference, it was hard to work out how old Richard was. Facially he looked quite old, his greying hair adding to that look, but his eyes seemed so young and sparkly, and his body toned through all his gym time. He had to be at least sixteen years Ronnie's senior though, perhaps even twenty, it was just something that never really came up in conversation. Richard never mentioned his age, and Ronnie thought it rather rude to ask!

Then things changed again, a ball started rolling when Richard suggested to Ronnie that rather than going out on the Wednesday night one week, they should go out on the Thursday. One of the nightclubs on Sixth Avenue were having an acoustic Blues night/local wines promotion, that he was sure that she would enjoy.
Enjoy it she did, whether it was the amount of Texan wine that she had consumed, or just the very late night that made her sleep in the following morning she was not really sure. Though her throbbing head did give her a little clue.
Either way she was late to her first lecture by seven minutes and collected her first tardy!
Needless to say she sped around campus the rest of the day, for all that she was looking forward to seeing Richard again, she certainly did not want it to be a Friday afternoon appointment!

The following week went without any more dramas, they went out on the Wednesday night for dinner after Ronnie had wrapped up her assignment for Mrs. Latham on Richard's computer then saving it to a USB memory stick to print off the following morning. The night followed their now well worn pattern, dinner followed by a little necking in Richard's Lexus before departing for their separate beds.

The following morning Ronnie ran about like a headless chicken, she couldn't find her USB stick anywhere, she knew that she had slipped it into her jacket pocket before they had left Richard's house the previous evening. slowly it dawned upon her that it must have fallen out of her pocket whilst they were having a kiss and a cuddle in Richard's car!
She ran across campus to Richard's office, catching him just as he was coming into the building, in a state of panic she explained why she needed his car keys. She found the USB stick lying on the floor in the passenger foot well, rushed back with Richard's keys then galloped across campus to the lecture hall, all to no avail, she was twenty minutes late by Mrs. Latham's reckoning.

So Ronnie collected a tardy, "at least last weeks have run out now" she thought to herself as she sighed in resignation at her tutor's castigation.
"of course you also get another tardy," Mrs. Latham added, with to Ronnie's mind a rather smug smile upon her face.

"Er....what for?"

"Your course work was late also, so that is two tardies!"

"The reason I was late was to go back and get my course work!" not so much a lie Ronnie reasoned with herself, more a slight bending of the truth.

"Well for all I know, you could have been using the extra twenty minutes to finish off your work," the irate tutor said then added, "after a late night out perhaps?"

"Did she know?" Ronnie thought to herself, or was this just her normal picky sarcasm? Either way it was not worth arguing the toss, it wouldn't look very good her getting involved in an argument with the very woman who's post she had been offered. So Ronnie accepted the second tardy, though non to gracefully.

Ronnie knew now that she would have to now tread carefully for the rest of the day, and all day tomorrow as well to avoid the condemning third tardy.
Later that evening back in her room watching video clips on her laptop she was interrupted by a sharp knock upon her door. When Ronnie opened the door she was met by the diminutive figure of Lucy Logan holding a clipboard.

"Sheesh girl, you must really like the old Texan with the lexan." she said as she handed Ronnie a pink slip.

"No there has been a mistake Ma'am, this can't be for me!"

"Fraid so chick, three tardies and an appointment in the room of doom!"

"I haven't got three's only two...two this morning." Ronnie said, her voice now filled with doubt.

"Sorry girlie, I don't know how it works for you Brits but over here a week has seven days," Lucy said as she handed Ronnie the dreaded paddling order.

"I thought that it worked....."

"Seven days in a week, you missed out by one day," Lucy said to remind Ronnie of how a calender works, "you know the routine."

After Lucy left her, Ronnie stared at the pink slip in her hands, she was right of course all three tardies had fallen within seven days.
Still though it didn't mean that she would get paddled, Richard could always intervene on her behalf, after all it was in his power to do so. He could if he wished, allow his personal feelings to intervene upon his professional ones, if he did though what would that say about him?

The next morning as Ronnie got dressed she wasn't thinking of the day at college, she was thinking of her afternoon appointment. She remembered that her for her first visit she couldn't recall what underwear she was wearing before she bent across his desk. This time she took great care in her choice, a pair of white Sloggi maxi briefs with a nice lace edging around the waistband. No tights, or ankle socks, a pair of light tan hold up stockings would provide a perfect frame as she lifted her skirt, though of course it would never come to that.
Would it?

It was odd really, for all that the day seemed to drag, it also seemed that in no time at all she was heading towards Richard's office. At least this time she already had her pink slip, so there was no need to stop off at the secretary's office, all she had to do was walk past trying not to acknowledge their knowing smiles.
As she walked down the short narrow corridor she noticed that there were already two girls sitting there, shoes already off and tucked beneath their chairs. Ronnie joined them in silence, sitting down and then bending forward an unloosening her shoes and also tucking her's under her seat.
As they sat there waiting another three girls arrived, all in the same silence they followed Ronnie in the removal of shoes ceremony.

"Evardashians!" Ronnie thought to herself, automatically looking upon the other five girls as rivals to her for Richard's attention.

Richard's door then opened, his tall broad figure filling the whole doorway, then his eyes locked with Ronnie's a look of confusion crossed his face, but then he seemed to catch himself and spoke.

"They say that the first shall be last," his voice still a bit uncertain. "so I think we we have you three girls in first shall we?"

Richard pointed at the three newcomers, who rose as one and followed him into his room.
Ronnie waited and listened, her eyes closed as she imagined the proceedings on the other side of the door.
She thought of one of the girls leaning forward over his desk, lifting up her skirt revealing her panties all for his delication.
She thought of him leaning over, his hands going to her waistband and then pulling down her panties baring her bottom and her feminine charms to his gaze as he did so.
She was jealous of the girl, which ever one of the three that it was, not jealous of the pain that she was about to recieve, but jealous of that intimate touch, that intimate touch that she had been waiting for over the last few weeks.


The noise of the paddle landing, and the shriek of the girls cry in of pain made Ronnie open her eyes. Now it was time to count off the pops, it would be a minimum of nine, three for each girl unless some had drummed up extra pops for mutiple pink slips.
As she listened and counted, it became obvious to Ronnie that the girls in the secretary's office would be able to hear clear each and every paddling that took place in Richards office. She felt her cheeks redden at the idea of these young fresh out of school teens listening to her, a twenty four year old woman having her bottom smacked!
Her mind then wandered further, she thought of how ironic it was to be offered a job as a tutor here one week, then be sent for a smacked bum the next week. As she tried to sort out in her mind if that was actually irony, or a paradox, she could feel an unwanted smile cross her face.
As she tried not to smile, the whole ridiculouseness of her situation struck her causing her to burst out giggling. She looked at her fellow two condemned in waiting and saw the look of disgust upon their faces. She wanted to try and expalin that she wasn't laughing at the paddlings taken place in the the office, but she knew she couldn't break the rule of silence. So she made do by just mouthing.

"it's just I'm very nervous!" both girls merely sneered at her.

A couple of minutes after the twelth pop echoed down the corridor, the door to the office opend and the first three girls emerged. Two very red faced, one of whom had made use of Richard's complimentary paper tissues. The third girl though, a thick set Latina, had a look of sweet serenity upon her face the afterglow of a spiritual or orgasmic experience.

"Well ladies, I think it's time to see your rap sheets now." Richard said, as Ronnie and her two fellow offenders rose to their feet.

Richard slowly read the three pinks slips as the girls stood in front of his desk.
"Miss Monroe," he finaly spoke, "two tardies in one class, how come?"

"Mrs. Latham decreed that as I was late so was my assingment?" Ronnie replied with an amount palable of doubt in her voice.

" odd way to look at things," Richard said, "I suppose she is right though isn't she?"

"Strictly speaking yes." Ronnie said through gritted teeth.

"Well shall we begin...." as soon as those words left Richard's mouth, Ronnie stepped forward cutting him short.

"I was the last out of us three," she said matter of factly, "so I must be first!"

Before Richard could either agree or interject Ronnie had lain herself over his desk and pulled up the hem of her pale blue skirt.
As his fingers went to the waistband of her knickers she knew then that he was indeed going to paddle her. No using of his powers or influence to pardon her!
As he lowered her knickers, Ronnie parted her legs that little bit wider knowing that she would be affording him a view so far unseen by him.

Then she waited for that first pop, would he go easy on her, that was still well within his power after all no one would ever know for sure.
She then felt the slap of the lexan paddle upon her rear, quickly followed by that now all to familiar build up of searing heat!

The second pop followed, it was plain now to Ronnie that she was not going to experience any favouritism from her suitor. It would have been so easy for him as well, he didn't even have to just go easy on her and make it obvious, he could have dealt with all three of them in a similiar manner, and no one would then ever have suspected.

The third pop landed central across her naked bottom, now the room was being viewed by Ronnie through misty eyes as she tried in vain to hold back her tears.
As she rose up from the desk, she turned to face Richard, raising her skirt high as she pulled up her white briefs, making sure that he got a good long view of her trimmed pubic triangle before she covered herself.

Standing back in line, watching him chastise the other girls, she wondered about what had just taken place.
It would have been oh so easy for him to have excused her.
So easy for him to have paddled her lightly.
So easy for a man in his position to have used his rank to his own advantage.
So easy for any man, apart from for a man like him, a man of honour.

Ronnie had now made up her mind, she was going to stay in Austin, for better or for worse!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt4

On the Sunday morning Ronnie arose from her bed, determined that today she would go for her run. In her time here she had taken to running laps of the playing fields each day. Yesterday though she couldn't manage to because of the still lingering pain from her paddling on the previous afternoon. She was sure it was the last two pops, being brought low the way they had been that they were the main cause of her discomfort, each step was a painful reminder of her indiscretions.

Deep down she knew though, that even if she had been fit she wouldn't have gone out running.
As she had passed the last day and a half almost hiding in her room, ashamed at meeting any of the other girls or Lucy Logan the house mother, knowing that they would all know what had happened to her.
Being paddled at twenty four was bad enough, but all and sundry knowing about it made it so much worse, in some ways it felt worse than the pain!
As well as the pain and the shame, there was the mixed emotions that Ronnie had been struggling with.
Did she deserve it?
Was her life really missing self discipline, so much so that an imposed regime could really be of benefit to her?
Had Father Langlan had just such a scenario in his mind when he recommended her to the college?
Worst of all was a nagging little part of her mind that seemed to tell her that she had enjoyed it?

Not the actual punishment, that had been awful, painful and highly embarrassing! The aftermath, the afterglow even, she found solace in. She had broken the rules and she had paid for it in the most basic and salutary of ways, she had found as the pain faded her mind became more focussed on the effect it had had upon her.
Also, at another more basic level it had invaded parts of her mind that she liked to keep locked away and unacknowledged even by herself. She shuddered as she dressed for her run, as that dark part of her mind came to the fore, the part of her that housed her secret submissive nature, she shook her head in an attempt to rid those thoughts.

"You didn't come here to get kinky thrills girl!" She said to herself aloud as she fastened her laces, and picked up her stopwatch and mp3 player. After one last check of the route that she had printed off from her pc, she made her way downstairs for what should be roughly an eight mile run.

After half an hour of pounding on the road, Ronnie noticed the area around her was starting to look slightly shabby. After the clipped lawns of the campus, the overgrown yards of the bungalows and trailer homes she was now passing seemed incongruous. Twice she had caught the attention of thankfully chained up Pit Bull Terriers, Ronnie was starting to wonder upon the wisdom of this little jaunt.
She never noticed the green Lexus coming towards her, and was not aware of the u-turn that it had made until it pulled up along side her, it's horn blasting over the music in her earplugs.
She watched unsurely as the passenger side window lowered, with not a little trepidation she approached the car and looked in through the now empty window frame.
She felt her face flush in a hot rush of blood when she saw the driver.

"Miss Monroe, please hop in will you?"

"Er...Principal Everard....I'm out for a little run." Ronnie replied, as butterflies swarmed through her tummy.

"No really Miss Monroe, get in the car please, I can assure you that you don't want to get lost in Austin." the principal firmly insisted.

Ronnie had a quick look around, chewing on her lower lip, she could see the sense in the principal's request and reluctantly nodded and opened the door. Even with the air conditioning blasting, Ronnie could still feel the heat in her face as she remembered her meeting with the principal two days earlier, then him reminding her didn't help matters.

"It's lucky in many ways that I bumped into you today," he said pleasantly, "you really shouldn't be running around here on your own. Austin is a great city, but I'm afraid it does have a quite high crime rate! Also as I said on Friday I was hoping to have a little chat with you Veronica, I can call you Veronica can't I? Or do you prefer Miss Monroe?"

"Er...yeah that's fine...or call me Ronnie everyone else does."

"No, I don't like the fashion of shortening Christian names," he said turning to Ronnie with a mischievous smile on his face, "just think, Sam and Del, or Tony and Cleo just don't have the same ring to them do they?"

"Well when you put it that way......"

"As I said I hoped to chat next week, but I'm off on a trip out of town tonight for a week, so how about a coffee and a chat now?"

"Er...yes sir....that would be nice." Ronnie replied, her voice lacking conviction.

A couple of minutes later they pulled into a Sonic drive in, before she knew it they were sitting inside the coffee shop and she was reeling off her life story to the attentive principal. He some how seemed to have the knack of drawing information, not by constant questions but by lingering silences and little nods.
By the time he came back from the counter with another round of coffees she was in her life story time line of her coming out to the states. Then she reached the shock of last Friday's paddling, now though she could talk about it without blushing like a virgin bride.

"You know sir, I have a theory about the corporal punishments?" Ronnie stated in a sudden rush of caffeine induced confidence.

"Really, I love theories please tell me more." again the mischevious grin was back upon his face.

"Well! I'm convinced that if you didn't paddle the girls, there would only be about a quarter of them there on a Friday."

Principal Everard burst out laughing at Ronnie's unfortunate wording.
"Veronica, If I didn't paddle the girls there would be none there on a Friday!"

"Ah...I meant that it was personally that makes them....I'm not sure how to put out your approval and recognition."

The principal nodded.
"You may have a bit of a point, it is something that I have sort of suspected, that some may see me as a surrogate father figure whilst they are here."

"So if you already think that, why continue....I mean it's not right...young women paddled for being late to class!"

"First of all it is their choice," the principal said patiently, "it take three tardies in one week to earn a paddling. That is being late for three lectures, or handing in three assignments late. All the student has to do to avoid a paddling, is if she knows that she is going to be late for a lecture or seminar is to just not go at all, and then play catch up on the work."


"It's about how a student's behaviour impacts upon others, if a student is late it disrupts the lecture, people traipsing in whenever they like to. Much better for the students who are on time for the latecomer to just go down to the library or the study hall. You are not penalised for missing lectures, as the only person you are hindering is yourself." Ronnie nodded as she tried to work out the college's strange logic, "Take yourself and Johanna, Mother Logan was quite happily turning a blind eye to your smoking and drinking in the privacy of your own room, it was when the music started blaring that she felt the need to take action!"

Now Ronnie felt that she at least partly understood the working of the punishment system, still didn't agree with it, but understood it.

"Work being handed in late though?" she asked.

"Why should one student have the advantage other the others of having an extended time to do her allotted work? Also it is disrespectful to the tutors, not having work in on time, most grading is done in the tutors private time, why should a tutor have to grade work on two nights instead of one?"

Ronnie nodded, as she could see where he was coming from, it was only the method that she disagreed with.

"Anyway Veronica, as much as I have enjoyed our little, and I have enjoyed it. I think it is time to get you safely back to campus!"

Ronnie looked at her stopwatch, they had been in the coffee shop for over an hour, not the ten minutes or so that it had felt like. Once back in her room she thought over the principal's words, it was all about mutual respect.
The following morning, Ronnie found out in no uncertain terms that Lucy Logan held those same views, and was more than happy to enforce them herself, proving once and for all that she was not the soft touch that Ronnie had first thought.

In almost all situations where people are sharing kitchen and storage facilities conflicts can and usually do occur, for the most part the conflicts centre around who own what in the fridges. The campus houseblocks were not immune from such arguments.
Ronnie got up and dressed at six thirty am as was he normal habit, as she headed of to the kitchen to make her breakfast she heard raised voices.

"I've had it with this, that was the last of my milk!" one voice called.

"Chill out I'll buy some at lunchtime it's no big deal!" the other replied as Ronnie entered the room.

"No big deal? What am I supposed to do now?" an annoyed girl, that Ronnie thought was called Helen, asked the much taller gangly blonde that Ronnie knew as Hunter.

"Yadda-yadda-yadda, Jeeze do really have to be such a tight assed dickwad all the time!" replied Hunter rather noisily, "Can't take at least one frigging day off?"

Ronnie then felt someone firmly push her to one side, forcing herself through the doorway in front of her, that person was Lucy Logan.

"I could hear you both all the way down the hall, people are trying to sleep you know," the annoyed house mother hissed in a half whisper to the two pajama clad girls, "and I can tell you that I heard every word!"

Ronnie could see the colour drain from Hunter's angular face, she looked as if she was about to speak when Lucy Logan cut in again.

"You I will discuss this with later," she said pointing at Helen, "Hunter though I shall deal with here and now. Bad luck for you Hunter, Principal Everard is away this week, so it will be who will be dealing with your thieving, and shouting of obscenities and of course your blasphemy!"

"Please Ma'am....could we do this later?" Hunter pleaded, almost in tears.

Lucy Logan moved forward and grabbed the taller girls left arm and span her around, delivering four or five surprisingly hard smacks to her pajama covered bottom as she pushed into a corner of the large kitchen.

"Veronica could you do me a little favour please," Lucy asked, as she stood at the sink running the hot tap into a a small saucepan. "go to my room, on the back of the door there is a leather belt hanging there. If you bring me that, and also the bar of soap off my hand basin please?"

Ronnie didn't have to be told twice, she found herself strangely excited at the thought of Hunter recieving some sort of summary punishment from the House mother. She almost ran down the corridor in her enthusiasm and curious expectation, her objections to corporal punishment had, temporarily at least, seemed to have deserted her!
The belt she could understand, the significance of the soap though?
Needless to say all the commotion had brought a few more of the girls out from there respective rooms, who all then wandered down towards the kitchen area, Ronnie knew now that whatever Lucy had in store for Hunter, there would be getting quite a large audience for

"OK girls," Lucy said to the now nine or so interested observers, "Hunter here has been caught, yet again, pilfering other students belongings from the refrigerators. This time though she has compounded the incident by indulging in a raucous argument with Helen, Helen I will be dealing with later, but Hunter as a way of an example to others I will deal with now. Thank you Veronica." she said as Ronnie handed Lucy her requested items, "I will not have thieving, fighting, or blasphemy in my houseblock, so let this be a warning to you all"

Lucy then placed the soap into the half filled saucepan, then took one the high stools from the breakfast bar by the window, and placed it in the centre of the room. Doubling up the thick leather belt in her hands she then said.

"Hunter over here.....over here now!"

The poor girl slowly made her way to the chair, her eyes focussed upon the tiled floor beneath her.

"Please...." she again moaned, more in self pity than in any real hope of a postponement of her punishment.

"Never mind please, get those pj bottoms down!" Lucy ordered, her voice emphatic and pitiless.

Slowly the girl loosened the drawstring around her waist, both prolonging and simultaneously delaying her upcoming ordeal. As she lowered her trouser bottoms, Ronnie could see that Hunter was naked beneath them, the large black triangle of her bush came into view. Ronnie heard a couple of the girls snigger, so now it was common confirmed knoweldge that Hunter was not a natural blonde.
The girls hands wavered in front of her pubic region in a belated attempt to cover her modesty, but already she knew that the cat was out of the bag so to speak, in oh so many ways.

"Over the stool Hunter," Lucy said calmly, but lacking the principals quite tenderness in her voice, "I'm going to give you a belting to remember, then I'm going to address that potty mouth of yours!"

The soap suddenly now made sense to Ronnie, but surely she couldn't be really planning what had sprung to Ronnie's mind?
Lucy then stood back the doubled up belt in her right hand, no sooner had Hunter got in place, her bare bottom high upon the stool's seat and her legs parted widely giving all in the room a clear view of both her anus and labia, than the belt lashed across her thin boyish bottom.
Unlike the principals slow and measured paddling, Lucy brought down an onslaught of rapid harsh belt strokes. From the very first to the last, each stroke caused audible discomfort to Hunter. Ronnie tried in vain to count the strokes, if only just to see how many Lucy was allotting to the poor wretch. After a minute or so it became clear to Ronnie that Lucy had no set tariff in her head, she was going to continue beating the girl until she fell in total submission. It became equally clear that Hunter was trying to save face with her peers and was determined not break underneath Lucy's belt!
Ronnie looked Lucy's stony face and knew that there was only going to one victor in this battle of wills, and that it would not be Hunter. Sure enough after what must have been three minutes or so, but seemed so much longer to Ronnie and no doubt even longer to Hunter, Hunter finally broke. Her squeaks of pain were replaced by sobbing and cries for mercy as Lucy brought the ordeal to an end.
Throwing the belt to the floor Lucy then helped Hunter back up off the stool, the poor girl had given up on any attempts at modesty. She stood facing the others in the room, her hands rubbing at her bottom, whilst she hopped from one foot to the other, desperately trying to massage and dance the pain out of her buttocks.

"Now we will see to that potty mouth of yours shall we?" the sobbing Hunter shook her head hoping to change Lucy's mind.

Lucy picked up the saucepan, plunged her hand into it's warm water and started to lather up the soap. Wide eyed Hunter stared at the soap her head still shaking, her voice though still incapable of forming real words between her sobs.

"Open wide," was the quite order from Lucy, "it's nicely lathered for you now."

To Ronnie's surprise, Hunter nodded and did as she was told.
Lucy popped the bar of soap deep into Hunter's mouth, then said.

"Hands on top of your head, and back into the corner so all the girls can see your bare bottom as an example of how I deal with thieves!"

Hunter shuffled back into place, her pj bottoms around her ankles forcing her to make little baby like toddling steps.
Hunter was made to stay there whilst all the other girls had their breakfasts. Ronnie for all that she did not agree with corporal punishment had found the whole scenario both entertaining and worryingly exciting. Even to the point that when she made her toast and honey, she took up a seat that would give her an unhindered view of Hunter as she stood in the corner. Surreptitiously she kept glancing at Hunter, checking her out as the bruising on her bottom changed colour, till her buttocks reminded Ronnie of a Starbucks blueberry cheesecake a mass of yellow and purply blue whirls.
Hunter was still there naked from the waist down, soap still locked in her jaws as Ronnie left for her first seminar of the week, she left with a distinct spring in her step.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt3

Ronnie wondered if this was really the time to speak up?
After all if Johanna had not, as she suspected, set them both up for this paddling she certainly seemed resigned to her punishment! She never made any attempt to try and plead for a reduction upon their allotted five pops of the paddle. Ronnie was also pretty sure that Johanna was indeed, or was once, one of Everardashians that she had seemed so keen to ridicule last night in Ronnie's room.

"If she wants a red arse, let her get on with it!" Ronnie thought to herself as Johanna moved to replace Lousie, over the desk.

"I must admit I'm surprised to see you in here again Johanna," the principal said as Johanna lifted her skirt before bending across his desk, "more so for such odd offences. You have both been taking advantage of Mother Logan's good nature, I know she operates quite a liberal house but even she has her limits on behaviour. Did it not cross your mind to point that out to your study buddy?"

"I'm sorry sir," Johanna said in an almost inaudible whisper, "Ronnie said it would be OK, I did try to warn her sir."

The principal nodded, though he looked less than convinced as he approached the now prone girl across his desk. As before there was no complaint as he pulled down Johanna's small yellow panties. All of a sudden a thought ran through Ronnie's head as she tried to remember what underwear she was wearing, not that it mattered of course as she had no intention of going over his desk in the first place. Still though she struggled to remember as she looked at her "friend's" now naked and surprisingly chubby bottom.
This time though instead of watching the effect of the paddle on naked skin, she wanted to concentrate upon the paddler.
She wanted to work out why so many of the girls were so infatuated by him. Sure enough he was handsome in an old fashioned sort of way, tall broad shouldered, his short light brown hair greying around the temples giving him a look of distinguished maturity. Also when he spoke there was a gentle assuring tone to his deep voice, even in these circumstances of having to inflict pain!
She stared at his face as he brought the paddle back before landing it upon Johanna's right buttock.
There was no sign of anger as he did so, no sign of any sort of sadistic lust. To Ronnie's mind he looked dispassionate, he could just as easy have been filling his car with gas, rather than spanking a naked young - and most likely virginal - girls bottom!

Ronnie realised, as the principal delivered the second stroke this time to Johanna's right cheek, all he was doing was enforcing the college's rules in an even handed manner, and working within pre set tariffs set down in those rules.
Still though it didn't make it any more right, that in this day and age young women could be treat in such a debasing manner!

The third stroke that was then laid upon the middle of Johanna's behind caused a sudden call out of pain by the recipient. Ronnie could now see just how methodical the principal was in his issuing of the allotted strokes. The first two, as before were aimed at specific areas of the girls proffered bottom's, the third as earlier was laid across the centre, re-catching the already red and pre-pained parts of the bottom.
Unlike Louise, Johanna seemed to resist the temptation of over indulging in a lascivious display of bottom swaying and stamping. Ronnie could appreciate the sense in such a display if indeed Johanna was right about the other girls intentions. What better way to flirt with someone, than to bend yourself over in front of them, allow them to denude you while you present yourself to them?
No amount of of cheeky double innuendos could ever possibly trump such a physical statement as that!

"What now though." Ronnie wondered to herself, Johanna still had another two pops to go unlike her two predecessors. For the most part her bottom, or at least the main sit upon part, was now a bright and painful looking red, where can he go from here?

Almost in answering Ronnie's unspoken question, principal Everard changed sides, two short steps and he was now to Johanna's right hand side. To further answer Ronnie's unspoken query, he the unleashed another measured stroke upon Johanna's proffered bottom. This time an almost upward stroke focused upon her left flank, catching both an untreated area of flesh and overlapping onto her already red full cheek.
Now Johanna was in tears, unlike Louise her's were real tears.
Inevitably, the final stroke was a carbon copy but laid upon her right cheek.
Johanna was sobbing openly, all self restraint now long gone!

As Johanna stood upright, she turned her tear streaked face towards Ronnie and shook her head ruefully, Ronnie could see that if Johanna had tried to arrange this she now regretted it. Ronnie watched as Johanna struggled painfully pulling her panties back up over her punished behind.
Ronnie knew it was now time for her to say her piece and leave.
She struggled to find the correct words, she didn't want the other girls to think that she was chicken!
Also she didn't know what the ramifications to herself would be when she refused her allotted corporal punishment.
Sent home in disgrace, an embarrassment to Father Langlan whose trust and faith she would be breaking?
"immerse yourself in the culture","the discipline will do you good", those were more or less his words, but surely he had never meant anything even vaguely like this though?

"Miss Monroe," the principal said breaking the silence in the room, the silence apart from Johanna's gentle sobbing that is, "could you be so good as to remove your shoes please?"

" shoes?"

"Yes please, you heels are a little high, and we wouldn't want you twisting you ankle and hurting yourself on them." the principal said in his soft calm almost hypnotic voice.

The irony of the situation seemed to be lost on everyone in the room apart from Ronnie, the fact that he was worried about her being hurt whilst holding a polycarbonate sheet that's whole design and reason for being was to cause pain seemed not to raise a single eyebrow!
The acceptance of this made Ronnie seem unsure in her own confidence in her so far unvoiced standpoint.
Perhaps after all they were right? Maybe her actions did indeed deserve a swift and severe punishment?

In an odd, almost surreal way she bent down and unstrapped her shoes taking each off and placing them to her rear, it still didn't mean that she was going along with this ridiculous scenario, did it?

"If you could be so kind as to lift your skirt, then put your arms upon the desk, you will find that if you leave your forearms as a resting point and then grip the far edge of the desk that it will be more comfortable for you," Principal Everard said as if he was advising of the best seat in a theatre, "then place your feet just slightly further than shoulder's width apart it will make you a little more stable."

Still in some sort of daydream Ronnie did as instructed, so far there had been no real break where she could diplomatically voice her opinion and disgust at the whole procedure.

The next thing Ronnie felt, was Principal Everard's hands going up under the fabric of her skirt, high up her back and beneath her blouse, reaching and searching for the waistband of her tights, she wished now that she had only worn ankle socks like her three predecessors, then she gulped as she felt his fingers find the elusive line between fabric and skin. His movement was deft, though not hurried, as he denuded Ronnie of both her tights and knickers in one movement. Principal Everard was only the second person in Ronnie's life to strip her in such a manner, and was the first to do it for reasons of chastisement!

Now there was no real point in complaint, here she was stripped from the waist down bent over his desk, the time for rebellion had long gone!
Now was the time for a stiff upper lip, and a casual shrug of the shoulders after it was all finished, but having just witnessed Johanna'a paddling Ronnie's eyes were already misting up.

"Miss Monroe could you arch your back a little for me please?" the principal said trying to gently coax Ronnie through her up and coming ordeal.

Ronnie did as asked, and no sooner than she elevated her bottom for him than she felt the first taste of lexan against her bare skin. It caught her by surprise in many ways.
Yes it hurt, though not as bad as she thought it would, it more or less just caught her breath and stung a little!
But then!
Then she felt the heat spread out, the blade of the paddle was only maybe three to three and a half inches wide, after about fifteen seconds though her whole right buttock felt as if it was ablaze!
She knew what was to come next, but knowing about something and dealing with it are two different things, as the second stroke landed on her left buttock, in a form of contrition she felt the first real tear run down her cheek then dripped off from her face onto the polished veneer of the desk.

She knew the worst was yet to come, the third overlapping stroke would catch in part both cheeks, she gritted her teeth in anticipation.

"Aaagh!" she called out at the paddles measured kiss.

"Your doing fine Miss Monroe," the principal said, his voice a soft whisper. "only two more and it will all be over and forgotten."

"Forgotten?" Ronnie thought to her herself, "how could this ever be forgotten?"

The fourth strike of the paddle, as it landed upon the lower under section of her toned left buttock caused Ronnie to almost rise up.

"Aaagh yer twat yer!" Ronnie called out, then quickly apologised for her outburst. "I'm sorry sir!"

"Well as this your first, and I hope only Friday afternoon visit to my office I will ignore your use of profanity," the principal said, matter of factly and not in anger. "though any repetition will incur you another pop."

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir!" Ronnie said not believing that here she was, a twenty four year old woman bent over bare bottomed and apologising to the man who was methodically blistering her arse with a paddle. surely she was going to wake up soon?

The final stroke reminded her that this was no fevered dream or fantasy!

This was reality, and the reality hurt, the reality had now reduced her - like Johanna before her - into a crying sobbing wretch.

"Right Miss Monroe, we are finished here now," Principal Everard informed her in his still soft tone. "if you would like to rearrange your clothing?"

Ronnie rose slowly, the final two pops making each movement of her legs a pain filled sensation. As she stood facing the principal, rubbing vigorously at her still bare bottom, he said to all four of the girls.
"You are all free to leave now, and I hope all four of you have a very pleasent weekend."

As Ronnie pulled up first her knickers in a rush to cover her modesty, the other girls chorused.
"Thank you sir!" and made to leave the room.

Ronnie was now panicking that she was going to be left in the office alone with Principal Everard, quickly she dragged up her tights and picked up her shoes in a hope to catch up with the others. Still tear streaked and clutching her shoes like a safety blanket, she muttered.
"Thank you sir, and I hope you have a pleasent weekend to sir." then Ronnie rushed red faced out of the office.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt2

Ronnie Monroe had decided to herself that for all of the college's many rules, most were only honoured more in the breach than in the observance. For all that no one wore trousers or jeans on campus during the week, once Saturday came around at least a third of the girls who resided in the three house blocks on campus could be seen wandering about dressed in the forbidden male attire. Also for sports, some of the girls wore the most revealing of spandex clothing leaving nothing at all to the imagination, perhaps in some sort of silent rebellion Ronnie wondered.
No one blatantly broke the smoking rule by smoking in the public areas, but it was also quite plain that many of girls did smoke in the privacy of their rooms in their three storey house blocks, and in other known but ignored area around campus.

The house block that Ronnie had been allocated to was run by Miss Lucy Logan, who at the age of twenty six only two years Ronnie's senior, Ronnie felt rather foolish calling Mother or Ma'am. That was though Miss Logan's title as she was block's housemother. She was plain looking jolly girl, about five foot five with mousy hair, who at Ronnie's first impression was just looking for an easygoing quiet life in charge of the girls.
The blocks themselves were not some sort of sorority houses, they were just plain and simple housing for the students. Each student had a small self contained bedroom/study area, and their own shower and bathroom facilities. Cooking and eating was in the community area, one area for each floor, so she shared her's with eighteen other girls, all of whom were at least three years her junior.

So in this atmosphere of friendly shared living, Ronnie saw no real harm in stretching another of the campuses' many and baffling rules. She had invited Johanna around to her room for a shared bottle or two of red wine. Ronnie had noticed the odd look that Johanna had given her at such an invitation.

"You sure about this?" Johanna had asked Ronnie, "You know alcohol is well frowned on here?"

"Nah, it will be no probs, Mother Logan is cool?" Ronnie replied, smiling confidently.

"OK, it's your ass."

Johanna arrived at seven o'clock, as she lived off campus staying with her brother and her sister in law who both lived and worked in Austin. No sooner had Johanna sat down with her glass in hand, than Ronnie started to regale her with what she had heard at the lunchtime seminar. Johanna listened patiently a slight knowing smile upon her face then said.
"So you are lunching with the Everardashians now?"

"The what?"

"It's my pet name for the girls that hang on the Principal's every word." Johanna said now grinning broadly as she handed Ronnie a cigarette. "There are a number of girls here that are like Everard's not so little fan club.Deep down I think they would like to be his groupies, but of course that would never happen. So they make do with trying to get close to him, you know the sort of thing, saying what they think he would like to hear that kinda thing. That's why they would have all clapped at the end of Sarah's story, to keep in with the big guy."

"So you are saying she made it all up?"

"No! No way, it will most likely be true enough, just most people would try and keep it quiet rather than blab it all to an audience."

"It just all seems so wrong to me," Ronnie said shaking her head in disbelief, "she is young woman being stripped by her mother then beaten by her father!"

"OK hold it! So you are saying spanking is wrong, because if you are you will be in a minority around here, it's all spare the rod etc., and domestic discipline is pretty much condoned by the staff and students." Johanna said, and Ronnie could feel the annoyance in her voice, "Let's face it she may be twenty, but she is still living off her parents, nor working or contributing to the family income. Still living at home, and behaving like a spoilt little brat, so why should age come into it?"

"It's just not decent, that's why!"

"So you think discipline should be by age, and not behaviour? Once your kids hit.....I dunno...fifteen say... they should just be able to run around unchecked?"

Ronnie sighed, not wanting to argue with her friend she decided that maybe a change of subject would be a good idea, but then thought again and said.
"So are you still spanked at home?"

"Nope!" Johanna said now laughing, "I'm not spanked at home. Oh! I love this song!" Johanna exclaimed then leant over and turned up Ronnie's CD player.

"I know it's a great album isn't it?" The words had no sooner left Ronnie's mouth than her door burst open and Lucy Logan entered.

"Come on girls turn it down a bit people are trying to study you know." Lucy Logan said, then noticed the wine bottles on the bedside cabinet. Picking them both up she said. "This is not allowed, you both know that, especially you Johanna!"

Ronnie watched as the colour drained from Johanna's face.
"I'm sorry Ma'am....we just thought it would be know to unwind?"

Lucy glared at Johanna.
"And smoking as well! You are both pink slipped, at least with it being Friday tomorrow you won't have long to wait. Four fifteen, at Principal Everard's office, I'll tell his secretary to expect you both and she'll have your slips for you! Johanna I think it is time you left now."
Lucy then left the two girls, taking the wine bottles with her.

Now Ronnie was feeling all at sea, the red wine hitting her causing her face to burn up, the reference to pink slips confusing her further. She watched nonplussed as Johanna rushed to put on her coat and pick up her things to leave.

"Johanna," Ronnie said trying to glean some sense out of what had just happened, "what is she on about, pink slips?"

"It means we are going to get a paddywhacking!" Johanna said before rushing out the door.

Ronnie was tempted to go out and ask Lucy what was going on, but she was certain that it was just a wind up from Johanna, and to go and ask her housemother would just be making herself look foolish.
Rather than going out into the community area she decided to study a little. The mixture of the wine, and a niggling uncertainty about what would be happening tomorrow afternoon made all her attempts at studying a waste of time. So she settled for an early though restless night.

All day on the Friday, the nagging doubt at the the back of her mind kept pushing itself to the front of he conscience. Johanna could not have meant what she said it just defied all logic. Grown women just do not get paddled at university! She needed to speak to Johanna, but Friday was the only day where non of their lectures coincided with each others.

Lessons end at four o'clock came around very quickly, and Ronnie found herself walking down to the Principals office, still arguing with herself in her own head when she reached the secretary's office to the front of the principal's room.

"Hello, I'm Veronica Monroe, I have an appointment to see Principal Everard at four fifteen."

"Yip, your the Brit girl aren't you?" the secretary said her eyes twinkling and smiling rather smugly, "take one of the the seats in front of his door."
She then handed Ronnie a little pink folded note, and added.
"No talking till you are called in! Unless you want to be making things worse for yourself Hun?"

Ronnie walked down the thin corridor by the side of the secretary's office leading to the principal's room. A row of about nine seats ran up the right hand side of the wall, she noticed that one seat was already taken, by a black girl wearing what looked to be some sort of African traditional dress. She wore a long thick white cotton dress, and a kind of white cotton hat that covered all her hair apart from a little shock of black curls popping out at her brow.
The girl looked straight ahead, not even turning to acknowledge Ronnie's approach even when she sat down by her side, the girl continued staring at the opposite wall in deep concentration, obviously lost in her own thoughts.

Then Ronnie heard the distinctive clip-clap of female heels on the tiled floor, she turned to a girl that she recognised from yesterday's afternoon seminar, the one who had stood up and given her opinion on what the twenty third psalm meant to her. She didn't check in at the secretary's office, then Ronnie noticed that she already had a little pink folded note in her hand.
The girl looked at Ronnie, and give her a little smile and a shrug of her shoulders as she took the next seat to her. Ronnie was tempted to speak but held her tongue, as the girl leant forward and undid her shoes, took them off and pushed the beneath her seat.
Just as Ronnie was about to ask her what she was doing that for, Ronnie noticed that Johanna was now at the secretary's office at the head of the corridor.

"Hey Johanna it's been a while for you hasn't it?" Ronnie heard the secretary say. "Usual drill nothing much has changed."

Johanna nodded glumly as she collected her pink slip, seeing that it looked like Ronnie was about to speak she raised her index finger to her lips in the international "shush" sign. Johanna also sat down and also took of her shoes and pushed them beneath her seat. This made Ronnie wonder if the principal had some rules about shoes in his office that the secretary had not informed her off? Without making it to obvious Ronnie leant forward to look at her neighbour's feet, she was wearing flat sandals, so that ruled out her new carpet theory.
Sighing in confusion she leant back in her seat, and waited.

Ronnie and her three compatriots did not have long to wait, upon hearing the principal's door open all four girls turned to see Principal's Everard's sixfoot three broad frame filling the doorway. As he stood there in his customary white shirt and tie, Ronnie realised that this was the first time she had seen him not wearing his suit jacket, she also took noted his Popeye like forearms evidence of his use of the college weights room.

"Only four today," he said smiling pleasantly, "might as well see you all together, it works out quicker in the long run."

Stepping back he held the door open for the girls to enter his office. After the four of them filed into his office, he closed the door behind them.

"All familiar faces I see here, apart from one, and Johanna this must be your first Friday visit this year?"

Ronnie glanced across at her friend, who did not reply but only nodded red-faced to his question.

"OK girls let's have your rap sheets," the principal said as he collected the four little pink notes, quickly unfolding and reading each one, "ah
Miss Monroe, our visitor from across the pond! I was hoping to chat with you next week, just to see how you were settling in, I wasn't expecting our meeting to be brought forward in such a way!"

Ronnie could now feel her face reddening to, as she realised that now all eyes in the room were focussed upon her.

"Two here for repeated tardies, and two for smoking and drinking in the blockhouses. Well as the tardies are only one offence as such we can deal with them first," the principal said as he went to his desk and retrieved a small clear plastic paddle from his drawer, the smoking and drinking are two offences so obviously carry a double penalty. Don't worry though Miss Monroe, I opperate a frequent flier discount here, one offence three pops, anything above that goes to two pops. So you and Johanna will be receiving five pops."

Ronnie was dumbstruck, she just stood opened mouthed as she stared at the paddle in his hand.

"This can't be real!" she thought to herself. They were going to be paddled, young adults treat like kids, every part of her wanted to scream out in protest. Instead though she just stared at the paddle in the principal's hand, she had seen many paddles in the shops in Austin. She had assumed they were just talk pieces to hang on the wall, most were made of wood, many had jokey writing on them, such as "OUCH!" or "Heat For The Can". The one the principal held though seemed more business like, more clinical in it's manufacture.

"Abena, would you like to be first?" the principal asked, and the still silent black girl stepped forward.

Ronnie watched in a strangely detached way, as the girl moved to the principal's desk lifting the hem of her dress as she walked. She lifted her clothing well clear of her hips, revealing her large magnificently rounded buttocks encased in a pair of pale blue full cut knickers. Ronnie swallowed hard as she noticed the contrast of colouring that her choice of underwear had made with the surrounding skin as the girl bent across the desk.

What happened next dragged Ronnie out of her semi dream like state and back into the office, Principal Everard moved behind Abena and peeled down her underwear till her panties reached her knees.
Ronnie opened her mouth about to protest at such an invasion upon the girl's modesty, when she noticed there had been no complaint, or even expression of shock from either Abena or the other two girls she decided to hold her tongue. At least for now anyway.
The principal then took up his position to the left of Abena, then without any preamble or warning brought the paddle across her naked backside.
The impact caused Abena to grunt out an almost silent "Oomph"

The next "pop" as the principal called it made Abena slightly more vocal, Ronnie could not help but stare at the girls nakedness in a mixture of shock and fascination. She watched the effect that the pops were having up her skin, both had left first and odd paleness followed by then by a purplish bruising.

"Last one Abena!" the principal said finally breaking his silence, the final stroke arrived after a much longer time lag than between the other two previous strokes. This final stroke elicited a cry of pain from the girl!
Ronnie rightly guessed that the principal had been waiting for the pain of the first two strokes to really seep in, before unleashing his final part of her punishment.
"Sadistic bastard!" Ronnie thought to herself.

"OK back in line Abena," he told the girl, "try to get to your classes on time from now on!"

"Yes sir," she said as she turned to face the principal, in so doing exposing her full luxuriant pubic bush to him as she struggled to pull her panties back over her now very sore butt. "I will sir, thank you."

"I do hope so Abena, this is becoming a bit of a habit," the principal said then indicating with his paddle, "Louise you are next please."

The girl from earlier today, moved towards the desk took of her glasses and carefully put them on the desk. Like Abena she also lifted her skirt before bending forward. As before the principal lowered her panties, seemingly not to anyone's surprise, apart from for Ronnie who still felt that she was in some dream, about to awoken at any moment.
This time though Ronnie watched more carefully, each detail registering with her.

She watched as the principal placed the first pop onto Louise's right buttock, she stared still open mouthed at the reaction that this stroke had upon her. Unlike Abena, Louise shouted out immediately, her feet trammelled on the floor as she tried to stamp out the pain.
Ronnie watched as Louise's pale pink right buttock turned crimson red.
The next stroke cause even lewder bottom wriggling from the ever louder girl. As Ronnie watched Lousie clenching and relaxing her bottom cheeks, she wondered if Louise had a lower pain thresh hold to Abena, or if it was all just for effect as she remembered Johanna's words - Deep down I think they would like to be his groupies, but of course that would never happen. So they make do with trying to get close to him, - then Ronnie remembered something else that Johanna had said when she had asked her is she was spanked - Nope! I'm not spanked at home - doubts were now appearing in Ronnie's mind, had Johanna been qualifying her statement by saying "not at Home".

Had Johanna deliberately engineered this situation, by turning up the cd player forcing Lucy's hand as she found them both rule breaking?

Louise's last call of pain as the paddle made contact for the third time broke Ronnie's mental wanderings. Ronnie watched as Louise like Abena before her, turned and made no attempt to hide her frontal nudity as she pulled her underwear back into place. Ronnie also noticed the total lack of tears for all her shouting and crying.

"Just showboating!" Ronnie thought to herself, as Louise moved back to her place in the line.

"Johanna," the principal said, "your turn now I think."

Perhaps, it was maybe now time for Ronnie to make her objections felt?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Lost In Austin pt1

From even a very early age Veronica "Ronnie" Monroe was pretty much set in the way that she felt her carreer path would go. Much to her friend's confusion at secondary school, she had only chosen subjects that would help her along that path, her final goal was to work within the church.
She had no intention to become a nun, or even to work in the missions. She didn't think her faith was strong enough for those options, her plan was to work within the public relations of the church, perhaps even in the Vatican itself.
To that end, she studied hard in school, then upon leaving school she went to university studying journalism. Once her degree was obtained, most people in her situation would have then looked for a job. Most people though are not as single minded as Ronnie, for her that degree only marked the halfway line in her mindset.
So instead of looking for a full time job where she could put her qualifications to good use, she chose to take Italian night classes, and to enrol on another degree course, this time theology and the divinities.

Father Langlan, her tutor and college mentor, was however worried about his young protege. Not that her classes were sliding at all, bearing in mind her work commitments she was doing excellent on the academic front, as she had for the previous two and a half years. It was Ronnie's personal life that was becoming a cause of concern for the old priest.
To finance herself through college the twenty four year old had had to take several part time jobs, bar and shop work for the most part. Now however she was working in a well known night club in the city centre. For a night club to be well known to the sixty two year old priest, meant that it had to be well known for all the wrong reasons!
Then as if a message from above, a letter arrived to Father Langlan, more an invitation than a letter, once he read it he knew straight away what course of action to take, hence the pressence of Ronnie in his office.

"Veronica, I have had a letter from a prestigious christian college for girls in Texas," he said to the pretty little dark haired girl sitting in front of his desk. "It's an invitation to send a student from here across to the states for a three months. As soon as I read the letter I though of you, and I would like to know if you would like me to put your name forward?"

"Er, well father I don't know, how will this effect my studies much will it cost?"

"It would not effect your studies, if anything it may improve them, you would have more time for your college work with no night time job. As for the cost, the cost plus a living allowance is being given by the college, as a kind of bursary I suppose. To be honest I'm not sure how these large colleges over there work out their finances, but it is all in the information pack should you choose to take up the offer."

"Why me father?" Ronnie asked, somewhat wary of this strange but exciting opportunity.

"I won't beat about the bush," the priest said, then continued. "I'm a lttle worried about your private life, I know you need to work to finance your studies, it's just the choice of work that you have chosen. Perhaps not the grounding for someone who has ambitions to work in the Eternal City?"

Ronnie had never felt so small in all her life, she looked down at the top of the priests desk trying to avoid eye contact with him.

"I know, it's not ideal...." Ronnie said close to tears. "but it pays well for a very few hours work....and I didn't think...."

"Didn't think anyone would know you were working in a lap dancing club?" the priest asked directly.

"Yeah....I'm not one of the dancers you know....I work behind the bar...and the costumes are no different to being on a beach."

The old priest then struggled to get the mental image of Ronnie serving drinks in a bikini out of his mind as he tried to get the conversation back on track.
"Well if you take them up on this opportunity, you may find that it offers more stucture, and discipline to your life. Also it gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a foreign culture."

Ronnie gave a little chuckle, then said.
"Hardly really a foreign Texas! The same language, and let's face it we are innundated with USA based tv programs."

"Well tv programs aren't the same of living out the lifestyle, also the USA is a very spiritual place, at least in some places, more so than the UK." the priest said rising from his chair and heading over to the kettle in the corner of his office."Should I make a cuppa while you look at the invitation, and the college handbook?"

Ronnie didn't answer, but nodded her assent. Father Langlan returned, placing the tea on the desk, as he took up his seat he watched Ronnie's face intently.
He noticed each change, each little eyebrow raise, each frown and each smile.

"So what do you think Ronnie, should I put you forward, I don't want to rush you but time is of the esscence?"

"I'm really not sure if this is for me Father." Ronnie replied, her face a mixture of disappointment and confusion, Father Langlan smiled and nodded for her to continue. "It's all the rules. They have a dress code, skirts only on campus...knee length at that? Loose sounds like the set of Happy Days, or Laverne and Shirley all that's missing is the poodle prints!"

Father Langlan laughed out loud, and shook his head.
"The college is not Christian Fundamentalist, per se, but some of the staff and students are. The dress code reflects that, the bible teaches that the sexes should not wear each others clothing, so the dress code is in keeping with that tenent."

Ronnie nodded, then said.
"Discipline within line with the county and state education services?"

Again the priest laughed.
"Would you expect it to be out of line with the county and state rules?"

This time it was Ronnies turn to laugh at her own silliness, it was becoming obvious that she was looking a gift horse in the mouth.

The next three weeks had been a whirl of activity, from Ronnie agreeing to take up the kind offer to arriving in Austin Texas had only taken ten days!
All paperwork, and visa problems had just seemed to melt away.
The first few days at the college had her head buzzing. Even with the help of Johanna, the girl who had been assigned to her as "study buddy" and general guide, Ronnie still found the college to be an intimidating environment. The college was ran at breakneck speed, no sooner did a bell ring than the girls had their books packed away and were rushing of to the next lecture or seminar. The whole bell ringing thing reminded Ronnie more of school than university, and such rushing about!

"Ronnie you really don't want to be getting any tardies!" Johanna had warned her in very serious tones, so Ronnie just tried to get herself used to the frantic movements around the campus.

Lunchtimes, however provided Ronnie with a better chance to take in the general atmosphere of the place, as Father Langlan had said,

"immerse yourself in a foreign culture."

To that end, she had taken to attending the charismatic and popular Principal Everard's early afternoon discussions on The Bible In A Modern World.
Each day he picked some part from The Book, and left it open for the students to interpret how it is still pertinent today. On the thursday he had chosen the twenty third psalm, and asked for any ideas, a short haired girl in glasses rose up with her hand in the air.
Principal Everard nodded for her to speak.

"I see it all the time as a reflection of a christian family. The staff is the love of the family, pulling any wandering sheep back into the fold. The rod is the discipline, sometimes needed to keep harmony and respect within the family boundaries." she said quickly, almost as if rehearsed, then sat back down in her seat.

Principal Everard nodded thoughtfully before speaking.
"Thank you Lousie, not an unheard of analogy," he said, looking around the room catching each girl in the eye. "perhaps someone could give us an example of this in action?"

The room fell silent, Ronnie could see some of the girls fidget in embarrassment, whilst others looked down upon the bare wooden flooring. Then a voice broke the silence.

"Please sir! I could share my recent experience." all heads turned to look at the tall willowy black haired girl.

"That would be wonderfull Sarah, please continue." the principal said, his voice now soft and encouraging.

"Well a few weeks ago, I took my mom's car without permission. She was out and my friend and I wanted to go into town for a quick bit of shopping. I figured well no one will know so no harm will be done...." Ronnie watched as the girls face reddened, and her voice started quivering slightly, as if she now regreted standing up. "well anyway, to cut a long story short it all went wrong. Mom's car is a stick shift, I spent that much time worrying about the right gear and stuff....I sort of didn't take enough care over the actual driving...I hit a corner to hard and went off the road. We weren't hurt but I had busted the cars suspension, then along came a car from the Sheriffs Office. I knew then that I was in deep know like we had kinda stolen the car!.
Mom and dad are both well known in the community, my dad is a lawyer, and mum is realtor. So as a favour to my dad, the Sheriff had the car towed home as we were taken to his office...."

Ronnie could see the young woman was now on the verge of tears, when the principal spoke.

"Please Sarah, will do you good to share this with us all." he said in the same soft tone.

"Well the Sheriff rang my mom for her to come and collect the two of us. When she got us out into dads station wagon that she had been using that day...she was fuming....I don't think I've ever seen her in such a mood.

- You know what's coming to you when you get home don't you? - she asked me.

- Please mom, not with Tammy staying with us! - I pleaded.

- You should have thought of that before you stole and wrecked my car. - she told me then said.

- Tammy should think herself lucky that she is not getting the same, for her part in this. When we get in I want you straight in the corner, jeans and underwear down till your father gets home then he can deal with you, with an oldfashioned belting!-"

At this Ronnie started in shock, was this girl serious? She looked to be about twenty or so, she had to be at least nineteen to be at the college. She had said this only happened a few weeks ago!

With tears now running down her eyes, Sarah continued.
"I pleaded with mom for her to put off my punishment till Tammy went home....she couldn't be budged though. I tried then to get her to change her mind about it being bare...I begged to at least be allowed to keep my underpants on. Again she would have none of it.

- If ever you have deserved a bare bottom belting it has been today, so that is what you will get. Before you ask. It will be dad giving you it! It will be in the lounge, and Tammy will see you get it so she can see what your joint stupidity has earned you! - I knew then that any further arguing was just going to make it worse for me."

"So how did you feel then Sarah?" Principal Everard asked almost in a whisper.

"Ashamed of myself for causing my parents so much distress. Ashamed that I was going to be seen by my father in my nakedness. Ashamed that my friend would be witnessing my punishment. When we got home, I just did as my mom had told me. You see deep down I knew she was right. I did deserve what was coming my way.
Of course that didn't make it any easier for me as I made my way to my old punishment corner. I hadn't had to stand there for...well I'm not sure how long...a couple of years maybe.
As I pulled down my jeans and underpants, It felt really weird, Tammy had seen me naked plenty of times at the changing rooms in the gym, and also when we have been sharing my room. This somehow felt so humbling. Then mom tied my T-shirt in a knot, lifting it high up my tummy and my back.
Then I heard dad come through the front door, and I just thought, well this is it!

- Sarah! - dad said as he came into the room, I turned to face him, my hands still on top of my head.....I knew that he could know...everything.
- I thought these days were long gone now, hand me your belt - my hands were shaking as I pulled my belt out of the loops on my jeans, It felt so odd handing it to him, knowing that in a few moments that I would be feeling it again, but in such a different way....I just broke down in tears.

-Thank you Sarah, now over the back of the sofa, you should still remember the position. - I rushed to get my self over the back of our leather sofa...if for nothing else, just to hide my frontal nudity. The leather was so cold on the bareness of my naked belly, but that sensation didn't last dad lashed the belt across my bare behind.
I gritted my teeth not wanting to cry out in front off Tammy....of course I couldn't keep that up for long. Soon I was just hollering the house down...the belt wasn't just catching my legs were getting a good lashing as well.
Then after what seemed like an age, I heard dad's voice through all my sobbing and sniffling.

- Right Sarah, make yourself decent. Go up to your room. Get in your PJ's and get to bed. - I can tell you I didn't have to be told twice."

"So how did you feel about being belted and put to bed early like a little child?" Principal Everard asked.

"It's odd." Sarah said, "I felt kinda good about myself, I'd done wrong...but I took my licks. I knew that my parents had punished me not just from anger, but from love."

Ronnie was shocked as everyone else in the room, including Principal Everard, started to clap as Sarah sat back into her seat.
"What the hell was all that about?" Ronnie thought to herself.
She decided then to invite Johanna back to her room tonight for a couple of glasses of wine, perhaps she could explain it all to her.
A young woman recieving such a punishment, and the seeming acquiescence of all the other girls in the room to it?
Also the archaic language, which girls these days say behind or underpants? Instead of butt or panties?