Thursday, 1 September 2011

New arrivals Easter break-part 4

After the spanking of Collins, Powell thought that she would be alienated from the other girls, but to her surprise she couldn't have been more wrong. If anything she seemed to be more well liked by her peers, she was certainly more respected by them. Apart from a couple of sniping comments from Watts, all the girls were very pleasant with her, at least to her face. This was an odd situation for Powell, for when she was at school she was never one of the "popular" girls, she always found herself labelled as a swot and had few friends that she felt truly comfortable with.
Powell's new found popularity increased multi-fold the following week when school proper started. The boys returning to the school made no great difference to the girls. The boys classes were of a completely different nature to those of the girls, so the only time there was any interaction between the sexes was at meal times as there was only one dining room, then interaction was still at a bare minimum, as the boys had been well warned beforehand that any ideas of romance should be struck from their minds. Not that many of the boys seriously thought that these older girls, well young women really, would have any truck with them anyway. One or two of the sixth formers fancied their chances, but those hopes were soon dashed, when the reality of the lack of social contact available became clear, coupled with firm warnings about being "overly friendly" with their female guests. However there were two exceptions to this sexual gulf, Powell and Watts. Powell, because of her role as an acting prefect had full access to the Prefects Common Room. Watts, because even though school term had resumed her dalliance with Thomas the head boy continued. So with Powell spending so much time in the company of the other prefects, the dynamic of the group changed somewhat. Whereas before Watts had been very much the self styled group leader, Powell was now the official leader of the eight young women. Also with her socialising with the rich young prefects, it meant she had access to the extensive record library in the common room. So with Powell bringing such musical treats to the dorm as, the Beatles Revolver, Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home and The Rolling Stones Out Of Our Heads, her popularity soared. With Watts sneaking off constantly with her "young love", her popularity waned through a certain level of jealousy felt by the other six bored girls, not that they particularly fancied the arrogant young man, just that Watts was having fun that was unavailable to them.
All of this suited Powell's secret agenda, it was just a case for her to bide her time to wreak revenge for that first night at the school. At first the other prefects were rather wary of Powell, being all too aware that a wrong word could get them into trouble for being "overly friendly". Unlike Thomas, they had decided that they weren't going to skate on thin ice this close to their exams coming around. By the Wednesday though, a couple had accepted Powell into their midst, still wary of what they talked about they did open up to her a little.
These fledgling friendships gave Powell a lot of the information that she was looking for. Firstly she gently quizzed the boys about the school's odd discipline regime, and how prefects seem to hold so much sway over the other pupils. It would appear that Dr. Bonham, the headmaster, held the belief that wherever possible, the pupils themselves should be responsible by way of peer pressure for the smooth running of the school. In cases of repetitive infractions, the school masters would become involved, and only in cases of extreme circumstances should the head himself be involved. Powell was curious where Matron came into this scheme of things, it would appear that the prefects preferred not to involve Matron at the moment. Matron and her husband, the head of history, were having some sort of family trouble that was keeping him away from the school, so the prefects had decided to take her out of the equation, as to not trouble her and heap further pressure on to her. Powell wondered if that was what was behind Matron's idea to make her a prefect?
By way of reinforcing the head's reluctance to be involved directly in the school discipline, he brought about the ruling that the prefect who reported a pupil to him would themselves have to be present for the miscreant's punishment. This snippet of information made Powell's heart leap.
"Surely this would encourage those of a sadistic nature to report pupils more often?" She asked, feeling the redness rush to her cheeks.
"Suppose it could do." Replied Dufort, looking rather nonplussed under his long feminine blond fringe. "The masters are always careful to weed out any rotten apples before appointing the prefects for the year, so it's never been a problem."
"Have you ever... you know, taken someone to the head's office?" Powell asked, getting dry mouthed at the prospect.
"God no!" Dufort replied shocked at even the thought of it. "I've been in his office once, that was more than enough for me."
Powell could tell by his tone of voice, that that conversation was now over as far as he was concerned, so she pursued it no further, and went on to have a little small talk about his upcoming exams. Also she overheard some interesting chat reference Thomas and Watts, the boys must have thought that they were being clever, by speaking in a cricket based code. References to "bowl a maiden over" and "playing a sticky wicket" were not lost on her, so Powell quickly said goodbye to her fellow prefects and made off to the school library.
The library was situated on the third floor of the main building, it's windows gave an excellent view across the playing field. More to the point though, you could see the small cricket pavilion from there. The cricket field and the pavilion were out of bounds to the pupils at this time of year. The perfect spot for a lover's tryst perhaps? Picking up a random book about the Romans in Britain, she took up a seat by the window, and watched. She did not have to wait for long. First she saw Thomas, coming out to the left of the pavilion and making his way around the fields perimeter. Minutes later Watts appeared, and walked directly across the field heading back towards the girl's dorm.
"Got you!" Powell whispered under her breath. "Got you both!"
The next day, Powell skipped lunch and went straight to the library. Straight to her favoured seat, book in hand, casually flicking over unread pages as she watched across the field.
First it was Thomas who came into view, strolling along the outside of the field, not a care in the world. Then she saw Watts purposefully striding up the field from the building below.
Powell watched, making sure that they were both behind the pavilion, then she put the book back into it's rack, heart hammering away in her chest she made to go and join the school's very own star crossed lovers.
By the time Powell reached the front of the pavilion she was quite breathless, she had walked there as quickly as she could without actually breaking out into a run. She wanted to catch them "at it", and had no idea how long "it" took, so she had made her way there as quick as she could. Holding her breath she tip-toed around the back of the pavilion, the site that greeted her left her almost dumbstruck, almost.
"Watts! I don't think that was what Dr. Bonham had in mind when he appointed Thomas as head boy!" Powell shouted out to the kneeling Watts, trying hard not to laugh at her little pun.
Her voice caused a flurry of embarrassed activity. Thomas quickly thrusting his manhood back into his trousers, so Powell didn't even manage so much as a fleeting glance at the appendage that Watts seemed to find so appetising. Watts leapt to feet, almost falling over as she struggled to pull up her knickers from their resting place at her knees.
"What do you want you bloody pervy peeping bitch?!" Watts spat at Powell.
Powell ignored Watts' outburst, and said to Thomas. "I think you would agree that this is indeed an extreme rule break? So much so that I believe a trip to see Dr. Bonham is the only option open to me."
Thomas looked at the sickly grin on Powell's face, he knew there would be no persuading her so made no effort. "Fair do to her" he thought to himself, revenge is best served cold, and Powell's eyes looked to him as cold as arctic ice. "Well caught ma'am." He replied, resigned to his fate. "That's the best I can say bearing in mind where we are."
"What are you bleating on about, well caught?" Screamed Watts.
"We are on the cricket ground, and we have both just been bowled out." Thomas explained. "So pull your knickers up, shut up, and get ready for the long walk!"
The three of them headed back to the school in complete silence, Powell was impressed by the sporting way that Thomas had taken their capture. If it hadn't been for Watts' outbursts, she would have been inclined to let the two of them off, but being called a pervy bitch had merely strengthened her resolve.
Once they reached the secretary's office at the head of the passage leading to Dr. Bonham's office, Powell had reached a rather agitated state, wondering whether to just turn back.
Then she saw him, the dark haired bearded Dr. Bonham looming above her.
"Hello ladies, hello, Thomas, are you perhaps seeking me out for some reason?"
"Er... yes, Sir... I need to speak to you regarding a rather delicate situation." Powell finally answered.
"Indeed." The head sighed. "Please follow me... Powell isn't it?"
"Er yes, Sir that's right."
"Thomas, I've been half expecting some trouble from your quarter, please wait outside my office door, facing the wall of course, Miss Watts, could you be so kind as to join him, facing the opposite wall." All three of them were wondering how Dr. Bonham seemed to already understand the situation. As Thomas and Watts trudged along to the office, Dr. Bonham's voice boomed out to them."Make sharp you two, and complete silence!"
Turning to Powell, the head made ladies first gesture into the doorway of the secretary's office. Powell entered the room, unsure now at the can of worms she had just opened.
"Judith, I'm going to be busy this afternoon." The head said to his young secretary. "Am I right in thinking that I have no appointments for the rest of day?"
"As always, Sir, you are correct." The sycophantic girl replied.
"Good." The head said beaming back at her answer. "Have the rest of the day off, this is going to be a long drawn out and delicate situation. So you tootle off home, or to the shops, and I will see you bright eyed tomorrow morning."
She didn't have to be told twice, in lightning speed her coat was on and she was off, before the head could withdraw his generous offer.
"OK, Miss Powell, please confirm for me what I suspect you are here for." The head said, sitting down on his secretary's desk.
Halfway through Powell's account of today's happenings, Dr. Bonham suddenly sprang to his feet, causing Powell to reel backwards in shock.
Opening the office door, again the head's voice boomed out. "You boy!"
"Me, Sir?" Asked the terrified young boy who was wandering past the office window.
"Yes, Sir, you, Sir!" Dr. Bonham again boomed out, in a now jovial fashion. "Go and find Matron and tell her I need to see her pronto. Then tell Mr Palmer the caretaker, that the heating pipe problems are getting worse." The boy ran off on his errand, as fast as his little feet could take him. "Yes a most disagreeable situation we have found ourselves in here, Miss Powell." The head said to Powell, shaking his head. "Young mister Thomas is no real problem, a harsh caning will see him on his way. Miss Watts though, well that is a more delicate matter all together."
Now completely dry mouthed, Powell could only manage a nod.
"Perhaps she will agree to a similar punishment to that of Thomas?" The head asked, his eyes burning into Powell's, almost as if he was reading her thoughts.
"I... I... would think so, Sir. It would be better than having to be thrown of the course." Powell struggled out.
"Yes. Perhaps. We shall see soon enough shan't we?" The head asked, his gaze still locked on hers.
Then Matron arrived in an obvious fluster, eyes glaring at Powell.
"Ah! Matron, now we can begin, please follow me ladies." Dr. Bonham said, not so much an invitation but an order.
Once in the room, the head motioned for Matron and Powell to stand to the rear of the office to the right hand side of his desk, being very meticulous about the very spot that they took up. Thomas and Watts were positioned by the door to the left of his desk, again he was very particular about exactly where they stood.
"This behavior is outrageous, that goes without saying." Dr. Bonham stated, then continued. "The only thing is what to do about it. Thomas you know you have a severe thrashing coming your way."
"Yes, Sir, I know, Sir!" Thomas said, the bravado in voice cracking toward the end of the sentence.
"Miss Watts though, you prove to be more of a problem. My initial reaction is to send you home, and let you explain to your employers why you have been thrown of the course, and basically wasted their money." The head said solemnly.
Watts seemed on the verge of tears at this announcement.
"However though, I have a mind to give you the chance to stay here." The head continued. "If you are willing to take the same, or should I say slighter lesser punishment to that that Thomas is going to receive."
Watts saw the slender lifeline and grabbed at it. "Sir I am willing to take whatever punishment you have mind for me."
After a long pause, Dr.Bonham nodded. "As I said this is going to be severe. Mr Thomas please prepare yourself."
Now red faced, Thomas took off his blazer and hung it on one the coat hook on the back of the office door. To Powell's surprise and delight, he then slipped off his loafers and started to unbutton his trousers, they too were then hung on the back of the door.
Now standing only in his socks shirt and blue underpants, he turned to the head.
"You know what a severe chastisement requires." The head said softly.
Thomas then slipped his fingers into the waistband of his underpants, then they were also hung on the door.
"So that's a cock!" Powell thought to herself. "why all the fuss?" Though she was not totally naive as to sexual mechanics, this was the first male genitalia she had actually seen in the flesh. She understood that the member got hard for sex, but still though, something so small, how would it all click together as it were?
"Eight strokes, over the desk please, Mr. Thomas." The head's voice quickly waking Powell from her daydreaming.
Thomas bent across the desk, his taught and surprisingly small buttocks pointing towards the back of the office. Powell didn't even see where the head produced the cane from, so engrossed was she by Thomas's anatomy. So the sudden strike of the cane across his bottom, made Powell jump almost as much as it did Thomas. The next stroke followed in a matter of seconds, Powell was disappointed that there was no counting out of the strokes from Thomas. She so wanted to hear both his and Watts' voice breaking up as the punishment continued. The head waited longer before delivering the third stroke, thus giving Powell the chance to watch as the red lines emerged from the muscular behind in front of her.
"Not be so quick in trying to get your hands inside a young ladies knickers now will you?" The head asked, his sudden vulgarity shocking Powell.
"No, Sir I wo... aargh." Thomas cried out, as the whippy cane was delivered yet again to his naked bottom.
This time, the head delivered another two strokes in quick succession, the discomfort for Thomas audible to all in the room.
"Three more." Powell thought to herself swallowing hard, so wishing that she had some water sip on her, mouth and throat were as dry as sand.
"Three more, Thomas, brace yourself!" Said the head echoing, Powell's thoughts. Then it was over, three fastly delivered slashing strokes, each eliciting a howl from Thomas.
"Right, up you get," commanded the head, "get back to where you were by Miss Watts."
Stiffly Thomas rose from over the desk and returned to his starting point, tears streaking down his face. As he stood by Watts, trying in vain to rub the pain out of his bottom. Powell looked, and oddly it seemed to her that his penis was now somewhat longer, and more chunky than she remembered it from only two minutes earlier.
Again it was the heads voice that broke her daydreaming.
"Thomas stop that rubbing and get your hands on top of your head, you should know better. Miss Watts, I believe it is now your turn. If you could be so kind as to remove your clothing from the waist down please"
"What?" Cried out the stunned Watts
"Miss Watts, I'm certain that you heard me clearly enough. Both when I said you would receive the same punishment as Thomas, and when I requested for you to prepare yourself for your caning." The head said softly, though with a certain amount of underlying menace.
Powell noticed a lone tear run down Watts' face, as she struggled with the button and the zipper on the side of her skirt. She watched with keen interest as the skirt fell to the floor, leaving Watts standing there in stockings and white knickers with a pink rose motif. Watts then did a strange little dance, her arms flapping by her sides like a baby duck on a frozen lake.
"What on earth is the problem now girl!" Asked Dr. Bonham, agitation clear in his voice.
"Sir... should I take of my stockings and suspenders... or... do you want..." Watts managed to burble out.
"Just get your knickers off and get over that desk.Now!" The head shouted at the tearful and confused girl.
Powell managed to hold back her smile as she saw the bane of her life bend over the desk, her pale white bottom stuck out waiting for the hissing kiss of the cane. That kiss came too soon, and too harsh for Watts' liking. She leapt back to her feet, rubbing hard at her stinging bottom. The strokes that she had received from Thomas, in no way prepared her for the vicious swipe that she had just felt.
"That was the first stroke." Said Dr. Bonham. "I will count that one, but mark my words girl, jump up like that again and the stroke shall not count."
Powell looked on in amusement as Watts nodded madly, her eyes wide in fear as she rushed back into position. Then something else caught Powell's eye, Thomas's cock seemed to have almost tripled from it's original shriveled size, also it was now pointing direct to the ceiling. "So that is how it works!" Powell thought to herself, the mystery now solved for her.
To save any further histrionics from Watts, the head delivered the remaining three stroke in rapid fire one slash after the other. No sooner did her cry from one stroke subside, than her voice screeched out again.
"Right, that is it." The head said, as the sobbing Watts lifted her upper body from the the desk. "I expect no more shenanigans from either of you, or you will both receive double, and your parents, Thomas will be informed, as will your employer Miss Watts. You both understand?"
The half naked sorry looking lovers both nodded.
"Get dressed, compose yourselves and return to your lessons." Dr. Bonham said, causing the two of them to burst into a surge of activity, both desperate to regain their modesty.
"Matron, I would like you and Miss Powell to stay here, I have a matter I need to discuss with you both."