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New arrivals Easter break-part 2

On the Tuesday of the first week, with last night's events still fresh in Powell's mind she awoke early and went to make a hot chocolate. Looking out of the window next to the small cooker she saw a car pull up below. She was intrigued to see that it was driven by a female, very much an oddity in those days. The woman got out of the car and went to the boot and pulled out a small overnight bag, then from seemingly nowhere, Thomas - her tormentor from the previous evening - appeared and made to carry the woman's bag for her. Powell could feel her face flushing at the sight of the younger male, remembering all to well how it was only some nine hours ago that she was bare bottomed across his lap getting the first real spanking of her life. Her fingers shook as she poured out the hot water into her cup, one eye still on the chatting couple below, who was she? His mother perhaps, but she looked to young for that. A teacher, though they seemed too friendly and she too glamorous for that to be the case in such a fuddy-duddy place as this. She watched as they both entered the building directly below.
Powell's curiosity was soon satisfied, as they were having breakfast the woman breezed into the the dining hall. Dressed in a long woolen mustard coloured trench coat, looking the double of Audrey Hepburn in the film Charade.
"Good morning ladies," The mysterious dark haired woman said. "I'm Julia Carpenter, the head of history's wife, and also the school matron. I'm known universally here as just Matron, so to save confusion just address me as such, well at least to my face anyway."
She said this with a beaming confidence that immediately put all the girls at their ease, at last a friendly and more to the point female face.
Putting people at ease was something the thirty two year old matron was good at, her major role in the school was being a sort of mother figure to the younger boys, away from home for the first time, she was the smiling face that they could turn to. To the older boys, she was their big sister always there with a kind word and an arm around their shoulder should they need it. To some she was an object of adolescent crushes, their heads turned by her stunning looks and ready smile. She knew of course how she was perceived by the boys, and carried out all the respective roles to a "T", she saw herself at times as Greer Garson in Goodbye Mr Chips a stabilising influence on the boys stay at Deerfoot. Though first and foremost, she was always a school employee, though lacking in any real medical knowledge apart from basic first aid and commonsense. She was still an important part of the school hierarchy, and all that that entailed. When it came to the good name of the school, and the discipline that was sometimes required for that good name to continue, she was no less strict than any other of the masters. Of course her sympathetic demeanour and rueful smile acted as the proverbial "spoonful of sugar", but the medicine was still just as bitter when the situation warranted it.
To the new girls she had decided the big sister role would be the best avenue to take.
"I will be taking you for a few lessons in decorum over the coming weeks, but I'm sure you are all more interested in the fact that I'm going into town at lunch time and will be making up a shopping list if there is anything that any of you need." Matron said, her eyes twinkling as she took in all eight faces staring up at her from the long dining table.
There then followed a barrage of request from the girls, causing Matron to put her index finger to her lips to shush the girls down.
"One at a time please dears, one at a time!"
The girls calmed down from their initial excitement, then Watts broke the silence.
"What about a bottle of gin Matron?"
"Oh dear, mothers ruin, I don't think so. Anyway it will spoil your wonderful complexion." Matron answered, her face still beaming she continued. "Though the greengrocer does have some wonderful stone bottles of ginger beer, I could get a couple of those for you!"
This caused all the girls including Watts to laugh at the reference to Blyton's Famous Five and the old Greyfriar's Tales, it was not lost on either Matron or the girls that Deerfoot at times felt like it was in a time warp of days gone by.
"Er... em Matron," It was Watts again, struggling at seeing this woman as a matron. "what about ciggies?"
"Good point, Watts isn't it... I've tried to memorise you all from your entry folders but some of the photos are rather grainy?"
Watt's nodded amazed that she had gone to such trouble.
"Good nothing worse than getting someones name wrong is there? Yes I will get ciggies for those who smoke, and on the same subject, I expect you all realise that no male member of staff or pupil for that matter is allowed into your dormitory uninvited. So you have quite a safe little haven for illicit smoking, I on the other hand can call in at anytime and don't expect to catch any rule breaking taking place!"
This statement knocked the smiles off a few faces.
"Though I can safely say that I will not be in the dormitory before eight-thirty in the morning, at lunch times or after eight o'clock on a night time, read that information in anyway that you choose." Matron then gave the girls a large wink. "So I'll leave you to finish your breakfasts and will see you all later to collect your lists and your money."
Matron was good to her word, she collected the notes and did the shopping, she even lent the girls a couple of records to play on the nighttime's, she had indeed become the girl's big sister. By the Friday morning all the girls had gotten used to the routine of boarding school life, even if they were still the only pupils in the rambling school as the boys weren't due back for another ten days. The girls had all taken to this new lifestyle to different degrees, Watts and Powell were the most content in their new environment, for oh such different reasons.
For Powell, it was the rigid routines of the place that she liked. Having a structured day already planned out for her from breakfast time to bedtime, so unlike her chaotic home life. This was in fact the type of education that she had always longed for, she knew it was only going to be taster, and nothing more but she meant to make the very most of every minute there.
Watts' contentment on the other hand was more carnal. She was continuing to see Thomas, little illicit meetings by the cricket pavilion each night, of course he was raw and inexperienced. Their unions were not long symphonies, though he was of that age where many encores were quickly achieved. She enjoyed moulding the eighteen year old into a caring lover, and the fact it broke so many of the rules appealed and excited her all the more.
So on the Friday morning as the other girls went down to breakfast, Powell stayed in the dorm to have her favourite winter breakfast, hot chocolate and biscuits. Powell was one of those annoying people with a very high metabolism, she could eat or drink any kind of high calorific junk and it never showed on her. So after having one cup of chocolate and half a packet of biscuits she saw that she still had time for another drink and a cigarette before classes started at nine fifteen. Sitting on her bed, the radio playing in the background, she brushed her hair with one hand, cigarette in the other daydreaming in her contentment, when she heard a voice booming behind her.
"Powell what on earth do you think you are doing?"
She jumped up almost kicking over her cup of chocolate as she heard Matron's voice. Ashen faced she tried to hide the cigarette by cupping her hand around behind her back. It was a futile gesture.
Matron shook her head sadly as she watched the twenty two year old woman in front of her squirm with guilt. She shook her head again, knowing that she had no choice in what she had to now do.
"I thought I had made it clear to you all that there were certain times that I wouldn't come in here, I thought if anyone needed to smoke outside of those times they would at least have the decency to got to the bathroom. Not allow me to catching them blatantly red handed breaking clearly set rules."
Exasperated by the position that Powell had now put her in Matron sat down on the bed to the right of Powell's. As she sat down Powell could not help but notice Matron's pale blue skirt ride up her thighs, she saw the clear line of pale flesh above her stocking tops, the effect that this sight had upon Powell was both confusing and exciting in equal measures. Powell felt both saddened and shamed by the fact that she had so upset Matron with her rule breaking. Unlike the other night with Thomas, this morning she felt the need to be punished, punished soundly by this beautiful woman in front of her. She longed to go across those thin thighs, her skirt lifted and her bottom bared, for a just and salutary punishment.
"I'm sorry, Powell but you know what this means don't you?" Matron asked, Powell nodded in silence. "Right then let's get this over with as sharp as we can." Matron patted at her lap by way of an invitation to Powell.
Powell's mouth felt as dry as a sandstorm as she lifted up the hem of her black skirt, then her fingers went to waistband of her full cut white knickers, she had tugged them down no lower than the midpoint of her thighs when Matron shouted out.
"Good grief girl what on earth are you doing?"
"I... I thought you were going to er... spank me, Miss." Powell stuttered out, her skirt still pulled up, the triangle of her soft dark brown pubic hair on show.
"Yes I am, but why in heaven do you think I'm going to spank you bare bottomed?"
"Because that's what happened on Monday night... when Thomas caught Watts and me smoking by the tennis courts." The befuddled Powell replied.
Matron was thunderstruck, the very sort of thing that she, and some of the other members of staff had feared could happen, seemingly had already happened, the scandal could ruin the school.
"Are you telling me that Thomas lifted your skirt, then pulled down your knickers to spank you?"
"Well yes, Matron... well no not really he... well...." Powell struggled for the right words.
Matron could see the confusion on the young woman's face, she knew that she needed to know exactly what had gone on with Powell, Watts and Thomas. So she resorted to a tried and tested method of jogging memories. If it worked with eighteen year old six form boys, why not a twenty two year old young woman.
"Put your clothing right, then get across my lap." She ordered Powell, who was more than happy to obey.
Matron then moved Powell slightly upon her lap, her hand feeling her soft buttocks as she jockeyed her into place. Powell gasped as Matron then brought her right hand down firmly across her upturned right buttock. Matron couldn't help but notice the different sensation that her hand felt as it landed. It was the difference between that of a football, to that of feeling an over filled hot water bottle. She was so used to administering punishment to tight taut male bottoms, that the feel of a females - not to mention an adult fully formed female - seemed alien to her.
"I want to know exactly, what was said and what happened. The only person allowed to punish on the bare is the headmaster Dr.Bonham, and then he only does that in extreme circumstances." Matron followed this up with a harsh flurry of slaps, that to Powell seemed to cover all her bottom, and the tops of her thighs in a matter of only a few seconds. Powell realised now that she was in for a pain filled few minutes.
Despite having the clothing to protect her, somehow this slight woman only a few years her senior was already hurting her more than Thomas had on her first night at the school.
Matron's strategy had worked, she had indeed jogged Powell's memory, and now knew the full story. It would seem that Thomas had got caught up in a little game being played out by Watts, and Powell was just an unfortunate bystander who unwittingly dragged in. Matron was furious. Furious at Watts, who she now looked upon as femme fatale. Furious at Thomas, for being so keen to play an adult version of "Schools".
Also furious at Powell for being so naive as to let her self get dragged into their sex play. Unfortunately for Powell, she was the only one of them in the room that Matron could let out her anger upon.
Matron went at Powell's bottom in a way that she had never spanked anyone before, driven on by anger she ignored all of Powell's squirming and squealing. At one point Powell brought back her right hand in a bid to protect her poor bottom, Matron merely grabbed it with her left and brought it up tight against the back of Powell's shoulder, and continued her relentless barrage with her right hand. Even as Powell started to cry she continued to spank her, she continued till Powell's squirming stopped, and she lay across her lap still and sobbing.
Matron then helped the tearful girl to her feet, and said. "You will say not one word about what happened on Monday night, to anyone. Do you understand?"
"Yes... yes... Miss I understand." Powell said between sobs, and she understood all to clearly. She understood that she had been duped.
Deep down in the cellar, John Palmer the school caretaker, stood with his ear tight against a glass tumbler in the boiler room, the tumbler held against a dry air vent. Over the years he had heard many an interesting conversation via the school's old heating system. Never had he heard anything like this though, never anything so exciting as he stood there his eyes tightly closed trying to visualise the scenes being acted out two floors above him. He could feel the throbbing in his trousers as he listened, but most of all he knew that knowledge was power, but how to use this knowledge, that was the problem.

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