Sunday, 3 July 2011

Missed Assembly!

Missed Assembly

Standing listening at the door,
Grimacing I hear that sound once more,
The whistling-whack of the falling cane,
Then poor Julie's cry of pain,
My lip is quivering, my knees start to shake,
Wondering how many we'll have to take.

I picture the room behind that door,
As I hear the cane fall once more,
Poor Julie waiting bent over the chair,
Her skirt is raised her bottom bare,
Four red lines upon her pale bum,
Wondering how many more's to come.

So what had we done to deserve this fate?
Missed assembly again fifteen minutes late,
Two times this week would mean detention,
Unless we avoid the heads attention,
Sneak into school and go straight to class,
No one would know that we missed mass.

So there it was our cunning plan,
Round the back of the building we ran,
All we had to do was hide out in the gym,
No teacher would know, or suspect a thing,
Laughing and joking we made our way,
So clever were we, on this sunny spring day.

Climbing over the boundary wall,
When we heard the prefect's call,
"You two are caught, don't try to run,
today for you, will not be fun,
the heads not in for he is ill,
so of you two go, to Mrs. Hill!"

Our faces lost colour at this information,
Mrs. Hill was consistent in her castigation,
She only believed in one panacea,
For all rule breaks committed here,
The cane was her choice for every sin,
Vigorously applied to bare skin.

Led down to the room by our ex-friend Jane,
Who on becoming a prefect, has just been a pain,
Reporting anyone for detention or lines,
Upon our fate she happily opines,
"With six-formers you know she is always severe,
So the price for you two will be very dear."

So happy in her chatting as we make our way there,
Smiling broadly with a jovial air,
She tells us something that we did not know,
Her eyes a' twinkling, her face aglow,
"As I caught you, your punishments I'll witness,
Both of you bent over, bare and knickerless!"

My eyes start to water, as I hear this statement,
Knowing that she would see our abasement,
Her watching as we get every whack,
Her smiling at the land of each smack,
Then she will tell our friends what she has seen,
No detail spared, every embarrassing scene.

We reach the office, she goes inside,
Oh how I wish there was somewhere to hide!
Then the door re-opens, and Jane is smiling,
The times now here for our hiding!
"Julie first!", she say's with a smile,
"You wait here, we could be a while."

So this brings us back to the start,
Me standing listening with a pounding heart,
By now we have reached to number seven,
I'm in hell, while Jane is in heaven,
Then another, that makes eight,
All of this, for just being late!

The door opens, a teary Julie appears,
Behind her Jane stands and leers,
"Your turn now, come on make haste,
We really have no time to waste."
I enter the office, I see the chair,
I see Mrs. Hill standing there.

The yellow cane in her hand,
I'm shaking waiting for her command,
"Come on girl you know the score,
You've been in here plenty times before!"
I lift my skirt then bend and wait,
Oh God I wished we hadn't been late!

The End.