Sunday, 3 July 2011

Letter to the editor!

I would like to share something with you and your readers, something that shows even the worlds most liberal parents can sometimes be pushed to far. This happened, not so long ago as to be off in the distant fog of the past, in fact it was only in nineteen eighty eight, OK it was the last century but the memory of it is still vivid in my mind.

So here is my little story, make of it what you will, believe or disbelieve it's up to you.
It's a few months past my eighteenth birthday, a muggy Saturday morning and two of my friends have come around, for the three of us to go off to the mall for the afternoon.

As always I like to show off a bit, showing them just how far I - unlike them, with their parents - can push my Mom without any serious comeback. What I didn't know was, that Mom was in a really foul mood and had enough of my behaviour, which I must admit was not improving with age but actually if anything getting worse, as I was now considering myself immune to her sanctions.

This Saturday's bratting proved to be the final straw that breaks the camel's back, after a short shouting match with Mom about how untidy my room was, and my total refusal to tidy it before going out, Mom skulked out towards the kitchen her tail between her legs.

Or at least so I thought.

Sitting on the sofa, grinning smugly at my two stunned pals feeling that I had won yet one more battle of the wills. Knowing that both of them were so envious of me, and the lax discipline in our household.

Before we could get up to leave though for our afternoon of idleness, the door opens and Mom walks back into the room, in her hand a large flat backed wooden clothes brush.

Both of my friends pass each other a knowing glance and try to stifle their giggles as they see the brush and the resolute look on Mom's face.

"Sorry girls," She say to my now sniggering friends. "I'm going to have to borrow Annie from you for five minutes or so!"

The two of them nod, biting at their lower lips so as not to laugh, me, I just stare at her in disbelief, she can't be serious.

"Annie get in that kitchen now!" Mom shouts at me.

Almost in a daze I try to stand, knees feeling like jelly as I struggle to my feet, I know she can't really mean it though, can she?

Can she really mean to spank me with that brush?

Not with my friends sitting in the next room, hearing every word, hearing every slap of that brush against my denim clad bottom?

No she couldn't mean it!

Though she has threatened it before, threatened it on more than one occasion, that's all it has ever been though empty threats.

Until today.

"Hurry up Annie, I haven't got all day." She scolds me.

With leaden feet I walk across the floor, avoiding looking at my so called friends, who now seem to be enjoying every moment of my predicament, I can feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment as I slowly tread towards the kitchen. Mom gives me a sharp slap with her hand across my bottom to hurry me along, adding further to my shame.

As I enter the kitchen I see that Mom has already pulled a chair out into the centre of the floor, as she takes up her seat, I notice that she has deliberately left the door open behind her, they will definitely hear everything! I sniff back a tear, and move to go across her lap.

"Don't be stupid girl, get back up and get those jeans down!" She orders.

My fingers shake as I fiddle first with the button then with the zipper.

Eventually I manage to loosen them and pull my jeans down to my knees.

"Drawers down as well, this going to be bare-ass so you can remember it!"

As my fingers go to the waistband of my thin t-cut panties, that would have offered no real protection anyway, I feel the first tear run down my cheek. As I pull down my panties to join my jeans, I taste that tear's saltiness on my lips.

I rush to drape myself over her lap, not eagerness to be punished, just trying to hide the shame of my frontal nakedness.

Then I feel it!

The first slap of the broad hard wood backing, the initial pain soon replaced by a deep burning sensation.

Before I can accustom myself to this heat, the second blow arrives, then the third. I wiggle about on her lap, trying to avoid the blows as Mom works up to a quick tempo, a tempo causing a tortuous blaze across my naked behind.

For all my best intentions of not crying out or sobbing, I'm soon begging for Mom to stop, soon writhing and kicking on her lap.

I know only to well that I'm now truly providing my friends with an entertaining diversion on what had been a boring weekend morning. I also know that all they have to do is stand up, and they will be able to see, as well as hear my unjust chastisement.

After what seems like an age, she finally stops her relentless punishment.

"Now get up, and get back into the living room." Mom says to my tearful relief. "I want you standing in the corner by the TV for ten minutes, hands on top of your head while you think about your future behaviour."

Sobbing and nodding I make to pull up my panties and jeans.

"Leave your clothing where it is, this is going to be real corner time, bare bottomed!"

I hobble back to my waiting friends, each step making my jeans and panties slip further down my calves. As I re-enter the living room, I can tell by my friends glowing faces that on Monday, this morning's events will be the talk of the whole school!

Annie, Salt Lake City.

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