Saturday, 18 June 2011

What about bananas?

Geraldine lay face down on her bed in the halls of residence, her pajama bottoms at her knees. Her left hand fingers traced at the still throbbing welts on her bottom, whilst her right hand fingers, worked busily underneath her as she recalled this evenings earlier events. She cringed slightly as she remembered her tormentors parting words.
"Well, Vic, if you are a good girl we won't have to repeat this, but if you are naughty again.....well you will know what to expect next time. Do you think there will be a next time?"
For all Geraldine hated that nickname, for all her bottom felt like it was on fire, for all her tears were still wet upon her face. Geraldine nodded enthusiastically.
We are going to have to go back in time a little now, to see how Geraldine ended up in her current position, lying face down on her bed bringing herself to her third orgasm of the night. The ball was more or less set in motion four years earlier, in nineteen eighty nine Geraldine was a first year sixth form student studying science. She also liked to look upon herself as a self-styled classroom joker, nothing really pleased Geraldine more than to leave a trail of chaos in her wake. The news that they were going to have a guest speaker at the school, and that the speaker was going to be the scientist and best selling author June Redding was just too much of a temptation for Geraldine to decline.
Her aim, upon hearing that the young rising star of theoretical physics was going to be visiting her school, was to throw the lecture into pandemonium. How to do that though? She had three weeks to work out her strategy.
After a great deal of consideration she came up with a scheme, it relied on June Redding being totally immersed in physics and only having a cursory knowledge of the other sciences, or more to the point it relied on her not having an in depth knowledge of fruit cultivation.
Geraldine allowed herself a little smile as she wrote out her notes, the notes that she hoped she would bring down the over achieving scientist with.
The lecture was pretty standard fare to start with, June Redding spoke of the Big Bang, and how we were living in an ever expanding universe consisting of a seemingly infinite number of stars and planets.
Geraldine's hand went up about fifteen minutes into the talk, the speaker seemed annoyed as the question and answer section was supposed to follow the main talk.
June Redding knew though that she couldn't just ignore the waving hand of the dark haired girl in the third row. "Er.. yes I wasn't expecting questions this early on, but that's what I'm here for. So what is your query?"
"I was wondering Miss, do you believe in the theory of evolution?" Geraldine asked, trying to make her query sound as innocent as possible.
June almost burst out laughing at the silliness of this question. "Of course I do, I'm a scientist." She replied patronisingly.
Geraldine nodded thoughtfully, then said. "What about bananas?"
"Wha... what! What are talking about girl?" June asked confused, was she asking if she believed in bananas, or was the poor girl a little bit slow.
"Bananas, well they are a fruit," Geraldine said slowly and deliberately. "they have no seeds though, so serve no real purpose to the tree. Surely that is proof positive of a generous and benign higher being?" Before June could gather her thoughts Geraldine then said. "Then there is the moon as well!"
"Made of green cheese I suppose?" June said sarcastically, causing a ripple of laughter through her audience.
"No of course not that would be silly." Geraldine said, a broad grin crossing her face. "I was referring to the scientific fact, that the moon is receding from the earth at a rate of one and a half inches per year, so to fit in with your evolutional timescale if you backdated this recession, would the moon not be so close as to cause to strong a tidal pattern for life to flourish?"
Before June could collect her thoughts, Geraldine continued. "Then there is the fossils, if I killed a goat and left it on my lawn I wouldn't get a fossil would I, It takes some cataclysmic event to make a fossil doesn't it miss?"
June nodded in her confusion at such strange questioning.
"Like Noah's flood perhaps?" Geraldine asked, her face now sporting a serene half smile.
June then noticed four other hands rise, under each hand was a questioning now doubtful face, Geraldine sat back down, her work now done. June had now totally lost the talk, as she fell under a barrage of biblical related questions.
Geraldine sat back in her seat, pleased with the mayhem she had now created.

In many ways that was Geraldine's finest moment, but it also turned out to very much her swansong. The following term, when the serious work leading up to the exams started, she found herself marginalised, her peers now sighed heavily or at times even shouted her down as she tried to disrupt lessons with her constant bewildering interjections. Not that that bothered her greatly, she was always very much a loner, travelling to the beat of her own drum and anyway next year she would be in University with a whole new audience to regale with her witty observations. Or at least so she thought!
University she found was even more full of cliques than her old school, she never really tried to hard to make friends, fresher week was not her sort of thing at all. So for her first year she spent most of it studying hard and just hanging out around the halls of residence. One thing she did take up with much gusto though was the typical student diet. Cheese toasties, Stella, Pot Noddles, Stella, and of course kebabs washed down with Stella. This unhealthy diet combined with lack of exercise, had an unwelcome effect upon her figure. At only just scraping five foot, and not really being a girl for exercise her weight ballooned. Though she decided that once she left uni. she could soon get rid of the new weight with a proper diet. Once her studies were finished she reasoned with herself, she would go on a health kick. So in the interim she decided to blend in with the surroundings, like nearly every other campus in England then, hers had a large Goth contingent. Though she didn't really care that much for the music, the clothes were ideal. Black baggie t-shirts, and black combat pants covered a multitude of sins. So over a space of only a couple of weeks, Geraldine morphed into a Goth Girl, and all seemed well. All was well for her in many respects, her studies were going well, so well that she decided in her final year that she would stay on and do a doctorate, exam results pending of course.
Then in the February everything went so wrong, not with one large event, but lots of little things that just seemed to gain in size like a snowball rolling down a hill, gaining size and picking up momentum on it's path.
Thursday the tenth of November was the start, a new sitcom was airing featuring Dawn French, French and Saunders were almost compulsory viewing for the female and for that matter most of the male student body.
The TV room in the hall's of residence was well packed for show, as Geraldine watched the show she noticed a few heads turning and quite a lot of giggling, giggling at the whispered comments rather than at the show. Then it clicked with her, the main character's name was Geraldine and dressed as she was in her now familiar black garb all that was missing, was the Vicars dog-collar for her to be the double of the Geraldine on the screen. The same shiny black straight hair, the same dark blue eyes, though Geraldine's nose was stubbier than Dawn's the resemblance had been there all the time, only never noticed till that night. As the credits for the end of the show came up, a female voice shouted over to her. "Nice show, Vic!" The rest of the room joined in the laughter as Geraldine's face reddened, that's the trouble with nicknames you can't pick them, they are allotted to you by others. Of course the name stuck, even to the point that some of her tutors too started calling her Vic.
The next part of Geraldine's sudden slide was self inflicted in a way. Her tutor for theoretical physics left suddenly and to her dismay was replaced by none other than Miss June Redding the semi-celebrity scientist.
It crossed Geraldine's mind that June Redding would remember her and hold a grudge from her visit to Geraldine's old school. However it seemed to Geraldine that Miss Redding either didn't remember her, or didn't recognise her. Neither of these assumptions were right. June Redding had not forgot the humiliation of that day by a long chalk, also she did find Geraldine familiar in some way, but she put it down to all Girl Goths looking pretty much alike. Geraldine could have got through the rest of the term unnoticed by her erstwhile sparring partner, had it not been for The Velvet Underground. One day whilst trolling around High Bridge Street, Geraldine noticed a t-shirt in a shop window that she just had to buy. She wasn't that keen on the Velvet Underground, but the album cover by Andy Warhol featuring a large banana was just to good a joke to let go. Of course it would be a private joke that no one else would get, but it would amuse her and after all that was all that really mattered. Wearing it to one of June Redding's lecture's though was to turn out to be huge mistake. Sitting there at the front of the room, the huge yellow phallic symbol emblazoned across her amble chest caused June Redding to finally recognise and remember Geraldine. The largest mistake, the one that really led to her downfall, was the decision to lose some weight and hopefully her Vicar Of Dibley nickname. Being of a scientific mind, she decided a Hi-Lo carb diet would work best for her but finding exercise an anathema, she decided to supplement her diet on the low carb days. It was this supplementation that was going to lead her straight into Miss June Redding's hands. Lead her there, signed, sealed and delivered. The last lecture of the week for Geraldine was with June Redding, as always for June's lectures Geraldine made sure that she was conspicuous and sitting at the front, she relished the fact that Miss Redding hadn't recognised - or at least so she thought - and she loved tempting fate by being right at the front of the class. Today though was somehow different, all the way through the talk, June kept giving Geraldine knowing looks. These looks were making Geraldine feel decidedly uneasy, deep in her heart she knew that the penny had dropped with Miss June Redding. She also knew that all she had to do was keep her nose clean and there was nothing that Miss June Redding could do, apart from make things slightly awkward her, but still though she didn't like those glances.
June had already decided to have a word with Geraldine, of course she couldn't make too big a deal about it, she merely wanted to mark her card that she did indeed recognise her, and would have her eye on her.
"Geraldine!" June said as she brought the lecture to it's close. "Can you stay back please, I would like a quick word with you?"
After the rest of class filed out, Geraldine rose from her seat and made her way to the front of the class.
"Yes, June, how can I help you?"
This annoyed June even more, she was old school and didn't like the permanent use of christian names by the students. Just before she was about to speak, Geraldine threw her trench coat over her shoulder. Then Geraldine heard it. She heard the sound of her career going down the drain. She heard the sound of metal on wood. Her heart seemed to leap into her mouth and time slowed down, as she watched the gold coloured cigar tube bounce across the floor to land at Miss June Redding's feet.
Noticing the sudden change on Geraldine's face, June quickly scooped up the tube from the floor. "Taking up smoking cigars are we?" She asked, as she undid the top of the tube, half knowing what the contents would be.
Geraldine wanted to answer, but she couldn't, no matter how hard she breathed in she just couldn't seem to get enough oxygen into her lungs. She wanted to tell June Redding that it was only to help her lose weight, she wanted to say that she had only just bought it and hadn't even used any of it yet, but all she could do was gasp for air.
June tapped the tube onto her desk and out fell three money bags, each one taped up, each one containing of white crystalline powder. "If this is what I think it is, I should really be phoning the police now." June said, recognising only to well the amphetamine sulphate in the bags. Looking at Geraldine though she also saw the chance for such sweet revenge. "I'm not going to though, I don't think someones future should be put in jeopardy over a stupid mistake."
Geraldine sighed loudly, finally catching her breath, before she could speak out though June continued.
"A punishment is in order though," June said as she quickly scribbled something down on her notepad. "If you accept my punishment, the matter will be forgotten, though the speed will be confiscated. If you are willing to accept my punishment be at this address tonight at seven prompt. I warn you now though it will be an old fashioned punishment, and you will be sleeping on your belly tonight!"
With that June left the class, leaving a dazed and confused Geraldine standing and staring at the paper in her hand.
Seven o'clock could not come quick enough for June, once she got to her flat she started rummaging through all her cases and drawers till she found what she was looking for. It was a gift from a lecture tour of the USA, an odd curio given to her by a university sorority, tonight though it would be serving it's original purpose.
At five to seven her doorbell rang, there on her doorstep stood a very sad looking Geraldine. "I have decided to take your punishment Miss." She said, now showing June the traditional respect of teacher and pupil.
June showed Geraldine into her living room, a lone straight backed wooden chair already in place in the room's centre. "Geraldine, do you know what a paddle is?" June asked, Geraldine shook her head. Then June handed her the dark wooden implement, so she could feel the weight of what was soon to be crashing across her bottom. "You will receive ten strokes, or as how our American cousins would say pops," She watched with hidden glee as she saw the colour drain from Geraldine's face at the prospect. "as is the tradition I believe in the sorority where this came from, the pops will be on the bare skin."
Geraldine was dumbfounded, she could only manage a slight nod at this final revelation.
"To help acclimatise you to your coming beating, I propose to warm up the area in question with a good hand spanking." June said taking up her position on the chair and pulling Geraldine over by her hand to left of her. "So if you could just drop your pants for me we can begin."
Still in a state of surreal disbelief, Geraldine struggled with the buttons on her black cargo pants, till they finally fell to the floor.
June watched the embarrassment on her face as Geraldine stood there in a pair of large but functional pale blue knickers. June reached out, her fingers went to the waistband of Geraldine's knickers.
"Well this won't be the first time these have been peeled down since you came here eh?"
Her voice cracking into hoarse whisper Geraldine replied. "It is the first time, it's the first time ever Miss."
Shocked by this revelation, June pushed Geraldine firmly on her lower back forcing her across her lap, as she did so Geraldine's t-shirt rose up displaying her over ample naked posterior.
"Oh dear," June said. " I've given myself a task and a half here haven't I, all this bottom to warm!"
Geraldine choked back a tear at June's remark, then June's hand came down for the first time, the sudden impact catching Geraldine by surprise. June soon found a rhythm, briskly drumming out a beat on Geraldine's bottom alternating from one bouncing blancmange cheek to the other. To her surprise, even though it hurt, Geraldine found it was almost a pleasurable pain, as the heat mounted up in her bottom.
Then June decided to start up a conversation with her prostrate student. "So no time for boys then."
"No Miss!" Geraldine Called out through gritted teeth.
"Not even at school?"
"No Miss!" Geraldine gasped out.
"What not even stinky fingers at the Christmas disco?"
"No Miss! Not even a kiss, I'm a good girl!" June's questioning causing her more embarrassment and pain then the spanking now.
"Maybe you prefer girls?" This question was met by total silence. June brought her hand down in a hard flurry across the tops of Geraldine's thighs. "I asked you a question girl! I said maybe you prefer girls?"
"I don't know Miss, maybe!" Geraldine howled out at the surprise of the attack on her legs.
Unseen to her, June smiled at this answer. Things just get better she thought to herself, as she stopped her manual onslaught and helped Geraldine to her feet.
"Right, let's get this over with shall we?" June said rising to her feet. "Bend over, hands on the seat of the chair and we can introduce you to the paddle."
Geraldine obeyed, half dreading what was to come but also wanting it so she could get out of June's house. She quickly got into position her now red bottom sticking out, presenting herself for the final stage of her punishment. The first pop was unbelievable, it seemed to burn into her already hot skin,as the heat started to spread outwards the second arrived making her gasp loudly in pain. Holding her position for what seemed like an age, Geraldine felt the first tear running from her eye. Unbeknown to her, behind her June was fiddling with her long summer dress, lifting it high up he waist so she could quickly remove her own, now damp knickers. Letting the dress fall back down, she also brought the paddle back across Geraldine's bottom, with even more venom than the previous two. Geraldine howled in pain, but somehow managed to hold her place.
"I have an idea," June said. "we can find out now if you prefer girls. Instead of the rest of the paddling, you can please me with your tongue, and if your good I will return the favour. How about that then?"
Silence. No reply at all. Another pop falls onto Geraldine's bottom.
"Aaaaah, Miss I don't know what I have to do!" Geraldine wailed.
"Oh that's easy for a girl to work out," June said. "just do what you would like to have done to you. Like I said if you are good...."
Geraldine turned and dropped down to her knees in front of June, she could feel her bottom throbbing against her calves as she lifted the hem of June's dress. Lifting it high above her hips, Geraldine tentatively kissed June just above her pubic hairline, then her tongue moved lower to the fleshy groove, and yes, she was good!

The End!

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