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Dressed for punishment -part 3

Neither Amy or Tom, where aware that Tom's sister Joan was going to "pop in" to the office, to see how they were getting on with the new server. Joan was impressed that young Amy had volunteered to help her hapless brother out and had given up her day off to do so. The least she could do was pop in on her way home to see how they were faring.

So still mud splattered and wearing her jodhpurs, riding boots and old sweatshirt. She had called into Gregg's and bought some sausage rolls as a treat for her workers on her way back home from the stables. As she unlocked and entered the reception, she was greeted by odd sounds seemingly coming from Tom's office. Very odd sounds. Though not as odd as the sight that greeted her as she opened Tom's door. There facing her was Amy's pinked bare bottom, and her elder brother spanking away at it. "What the hell is happening in here," Joan shouted. "how long has this been going on for?"

If there was one thing guaranteed to ruin Tom's ardour. It was the sound of his little sister's voice catching him living out one of his sexual fantasies. If there was one voice that Amy didn't want to hear at this moment, - apart from perhaps that of her parents - was the sound of Joan Mowbray entering the room. Reactions were almost immediate, Amy burst into tears, Tom struggled to unlock their legs and help Amy to her feet, all the while floundering to make a cohesive sentence to answer his sister.

"It's not... well... we aren't... you see... er!" Tom struggled out.

"Don't dare say it's not how it looks!" Joan almost screamed. "It's one thing you diddling the staff, but another thing using our offices for your kinky sex games!"

Amy was at a loss at what to do or say, standing facing the two warring siblings, her hands locked over her pubis, tears streaming down her face. How could something that was going so well, turn so bad? She wondered. Desperate for Joan not to think that she was gaining any sort of sexual satisfaction from Tom's treatment Amy interrupted the oncoming fight.

"Miss, miss please miss!" She pleaded to get Joan's attention, wondering to herself why she called Joan miss, as she never has on any other occasion.

"Yes!" Joan said curtly, glaring at the almost naked clerk.

"He is right," Amy said, her eyes now downcast to the floor. "it's not a sex game. It was a punishment."

"Oh this just gets better by the minute." Joan said, now turning her glare back to her brother. "Who do you think you are, lord of the manor spanking one of the maids for not dusting properly? Or have you watched Secretary one too many times?"

"Let's just leave it at that," Tom said trying to calm his sister down. "it has all been sorted. Amy preferred this course of action to other.. er.. possible repercussions."

Still convinced that she had caught the two of them in a sex game, Joan was not so willing to let it lie. For unknown to Tom, Joan was all too aware of Tom's Spanking predilections.

When Tom and Joan were both still living at their parent's home, and Tom was at work during Joan's college holidays, Joan would always rummage through her brothers room. During one such rummage she found his stash of old spanking magazines, Janus, Februs and Uniform Girls, these all made fascinating reading to Joan. A fascination, that the dawn of the internet allowed her to furtively continue to this day, that's all it was to Joan though, a mild curiosity. Amy was the real surprise to Joan, obviously she was more than just curious. Unless of course they were telling the truth, and it was indeed a real punishment? "So pray tell what heinous crime did young Amy commit, forget to fill your stapler," Joan said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "or left her coat over the back of her chair instead of in the cloakroom, maybe break some uniform code that I'm unaware of. Do please tell Tom I'm dying to know?"

Amy, seeing the way that Joan had looked at her, and the silly t-shirt she was wearing when talking of uniform code, realised that as far as Joan was concerned she had walked in on a foreplay session. Desperate to dispel that notion, and without thinking Amy interrupted. "Miss it was the new server! I broke it... it was me that spilled the pop on it!"

Tom noticed the look on his sister's face change, she went from that of rage, to that of almost joy, her eyes lacked their previous venom and not seemed to shine in excitement.

"That can't be right, Amy," Joan said. "you couldn't have spilt pop on the server. All food and drink is expressly forbidden in the coms room. Aren't they?"

"Well I only meant to be in there for a few seconds, then the printer..." Amy's voice trailed off, as she realised that all she was doing was digging a deeper hole for herself.

Joan looked at Amy, wondering how all this was going to pan out, wondering if she could at last quench her curiosity. Joan had never seen herself as one of the girls in the magazine being spanked - not her thing at all - but one of the strict ladies dishing out a punishment? That would be a different story.

Tom interrupted Joan's daydream. "As you can see, Joan, the matter has been dealt with already!"

"Oh you think so?" Joan replied and then continued. "I'm not so sure. The little play spanking that you were giving her, may indeed have satisfied you but for something as serious as this, a couple of taps on her bare botty is hardly enough. In my opinion anyway, though that seems to count for little around here these days." Then after a few moments of deep thought, Joan said, "Amy, hands on your head please!"

Like one of the models in Tom's old magazines, Amy complied, though with somewhat shaking fingers. Standing now hands on her head eyes tightly closed, her short t-shirt lifted high up above her oval innie bellybutton Amy was again fully aware of her exposed nakedness.

Joan looked the poor girl up and down, her eyes coming to rest upon the thick thatch of pubic hair, reminiscent of the grainy black and white photos in some of Tom's older mags.

"Amy, a trim every now and again might be an idea you know," Joan said, enjoying the power she had over the young clerk. "for one so young you don't seem to be that fashion conscious."

Amy sniffed back a tear at this latest humiliation.

"Right turn around please." Joan ordered, and Amy obeyed.

Then Amy started as she felt Joan's right hand first gently brush, and then knead each fleshy cheek.

"Hardly even warm!" Joan noted. "No this is not punishment enough for the trouble that she has caused!"

Tom felt the need to speak up, to tell the truth, to save Amy any further pain and embarrassment. He stood in silence though. He reasoned the truth would only cause him to lose face, and probably not appease his sister anyway. Also, deep down he wanted to know what his sister had in mind for Amy.

"As luck would have it, I have just the thing in my car to up the ante a little." Joan said, then added. "I will make this a real punishment, then the slate will be wiped clean. OK, Amy?"

Tom held his breath waiting for their young employee's answer.

Amy knew she had gone this far, to turn back now would be foolish. "Yes Miss." She mumbled.

"Good!" Joan said, giving Amy's bottom a little slap. "I shall be right back. Amy you can wait as you are. In silence. Tom, do something useful and clear the floor, move that chair and push your desk back." With that Joan left the room.

Amy stood hands on top of her head facing the wall, again wondering what the day was to bring her now.

The spanking from Tom, though not harsh had stung and warmed her bottom, for that matter not just her bottom. In truth she had found it in a way enjoyable, almost like the pain and pleasure mixture of a love bite, but Joan arriving on the scene was a different thing all together. The humiliation of being spoken to by another female in such a way, was so different to the almost jokey sexual innuendo that she had received from Tom. Her biting words, and the slap that she had given to Amy's bottom, had affected her far deeper than she could understand and now what was to follow?

Tom for his part, as he too in silence followed his little sisters instructions, also wondered what Joan had in mind that needed the floor space to be cleared in such a way. He felt the urge to say something to Amy, either by way of an apology or words of encouragement, but he kept his silence, his eyes locked on Amy's pink full bottom.

They did not have long to wait for Joan's return from the subterranean car park.

"Right, Amy we might as well get this over with shall we?" Joan said as she returned to the room.

Amy gasped, eyes agog as she saw the black riding crop in Joan's hand.

"Twelve strokes with this, Amy, then you can return to your desk." Joan said in an almost sing-song manner, the smile on her face was as if she had just offered Amy an ice cream on a hot summers day. "Or you can just get dressed and go home. The choice is yours." She then added ominously.

"Joan you can't be serious!" Tom interrupted.

"Shush, Tom!" Joan said to her brother, but with her eyes still locked with Amy's "This is between Amy and I, it was my direct instruction that she chose to ignore with such disastrous results. Normally I would have just sacked her, but she decided she wanted to go down this path. So that's her choice to make now, the crop, or home."

What choice was it really, this morning when she came into work she didn't know what Tom had in mind for her anyway, so how was this such a great departure from some of the images that her mind had conjured up, both in her sleep and on her journey here? That crop though, it did look vicious, but really the choice had been made when she set foot outside her door this morning. "Yes Miss, I would prefer to take your punishment please." Amy replied, shocking herself even at the subordinate nature of her voice and words.

"Good that's settled then." Joan smiled, nodding at the wiseness of the young girls decision. "Amy you look fairly fit and flexible?"

"Er... yes Miss, I jog a little and do Pilates." Amy replied bewildered at the question.

"Good." Joan said, her face now beaming and her eyes almost shining in excitement. "If you could go to the centre of the room, stand feet well apart."

Amy obeyed although somewhat hesitatingly.

"No dear not like that, feet further apart wider than your shoulders. That's it perfect! Now bend over and grab your ankles please."

Amy closed her eyes tight in shame, she knew only to well the display she would be giving in that position. She was well familiar with the view it would offer, not from personal experience of course, but from the videos and the pictures she had seen. So often she would watch some girl being bent like that, and fantasised that it could be herself, now was the dark reality of it. In position, she opened her eyes looking back through her splayed legs she could see Tom standing at the back of the room. She knew only to well that standing there he would have a perfect unhindered view of her open glistening damp sex.

Joan glanced at Tom and gave him a conspiratorial smile, that look caught Tom by surprise, never had he even suspected that he and his kid sister shared these tastes. "Six strokes in this position to start with." Joan said, then brought the crop across Amy's proffered behind, the small leather tag at the end of the crop arriving with more of a "splat" than a "crack".

Joan had no wish to really hurt Amy, it was more the symbolism of her power over her that she wished to convey. Though having said that it still stung enough for Amy to know of it, and also to leave it's telltale oblong red mark. By the fourth stroke, Amy was shaking trying to hold a position that is awkward to keep at the best of times, never mind when someone is whipping your bare bottom. "Your doing very well, Amy! Isn't she, Tom?" Joan said, noticing the girls shaking frame. "Only two more to go." Joan brought the next two stokes down, in quick succession realising that Amy would not be able to keep her balance for that much longer. "Right dear back up please, that's the first six done with." Amy stood back upright, her hands automatically going to her rear to try and rub away the sting. "No, no, no! Hands back on top of your head, plenty of time to rub later." Joan chided the young girl. "Let's have little look." Joan added pushing Amy's rubbing fingers away. Joan slowly traced her fingers around each of the six little red oblong blocks. Amy breathed deeply at her touch, wincing as her fingers made contact with the punished area.

Amy tasted the bitter salty taste of a lone tear on her lips, this was all that she had imagined it would be, sweet sweet humiliation.

The two siblings in the room, were also caught up in the electric charge that seemed to be hanging in the air.

"Over the desk now please dear, grab the far end with your fingers and push your bottom right out. The next six I'm going to give you a little quicker, so it will soon all be over, but they will also be a little harder. OK?"

"Yes Miss!" Amy gasped.

True to her word, each stroke was quicker and harder. Each stroke causing Amy to cry out in pain, til the last caused her to cry out in relief. Then it was all over, Amy slumped across the desk, gasping to catch her breath, it hadn't been six strokes but ten. By the time she had applied the sixth stroke Joan sensed Amy was so close to orgasm that she continued, adding another four at a slower but firmer rate until she saw the tell tale emulsion oozing from Amy's pussy. Tom and Joan watched and waited for Amy to pull herself together and rise from the desk. Elated and shamed, she turned red faced towards her bosses.

"Thank you Miss." she whispered.

"No problem, Amy," Joan said. "be aware though, that now you are liable for corporal punishment now for any further indiscretions that either myself or Tom discover."

"Yes Miss!" Amy nodded enthusiastically.

"Now I believe you still have quite a bit of keying to do?" Joan said smiling pleasantly

"Yes Miss." Amy said going to pick up her leggings.

"Oh! No need for them, Amy," Joan said taking the black tights from Amy's hands. "it's so warm in here you don't really need them till you go home, and I imagine you have quite a hot bot now anyway?"

Biting on her lower lip Amy nodded and left the office to go back to her desk, the two siblings watching her depart both pairs of eyes locked on her swaying pink bottom cheeks.

Pink bottom cheeks chequered with dark red oblong blocks. Both minds wondering what excuse they could dream up for a further day of Amy being dressed for punishment.
The End

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