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Consigned to Bedlam,part 9

Veronica lay on her bed reading Jane Eyre,with each turn of the page she was reminded of her recent visit to the treatment room. Her fingers felt like large painful sausages after her hand strapping, she tried to lose herself in her book, but the constant throbbing in her fingers prevented this. s she read of the madwoman in the attic, she wondered how long her grip on sanity could hold out in this strange establishment. Then she heard the noise of a carriage on the pebble drive outside. Curiosity getting the better of her she put down her book and went to the window. "Another poor wretch." She whispered to herself as she watched the carriage's progress towards the building. Oddly the driver seemed familiar to her but she just couldn't pin point him. The carriage stopped, and the driver climbed down and opened the door to help out a lady. The lady was her step-mother! Then she realised that the driver was Belmont the butler, but now he was shaven headed and looking every bit of a carnival wrestler. She also noticed that Belmont's helping hand seemed to linger that little bit too long on Millicent's hand. That little bit too familiar and intimate! Then to her shock, after Millicent had been helped down to the ground, out from the carriage emerged another figure, that of Jonathan Carter. Seeing Jonathan together with her step-mother made Veronica's heart leap into her mouth. What on earth could this mean? Feeling quite faint, Veronica flumped back onto her bed staring at the ceiling in mixture of confusion and excitement.

There had really been little to decide upon for Millicent, after she had heard Jonathan's description of Dr. Dewbury's clinic. The only problem was the will, would she once released stick to the bargain that Jonathan had offered? As always she found Belmont to be her saviour, he had a plan that would allow Veronica's release but also keep Millicent in control of the family assets. She had decided to go and see Dr. Dewbury the following morning, but Belmont said.

"Why put off what you can do today? I'll tell cook to make a meal for Mr. Carter's driver and the three of us can go there now. We shall have this all sorted in time for dinner tonight."

She smiled and nodded at her secret lover.

Jonathan Carter of course was more than happy to lend out his parent's carriage, to him all time saved was a premium.

Millicent couldn't help but have a little smile, as Jonathan gingerly sat himself down on the leather bench seat next to her. Her recent caning of him still making all leg movements for him a pain filled experience.

"Are you quite comfortable now young man?" She asked, not even trying to suppress her smile.

"Yes Ma'am." He answered good heartily, happy at the way today's events had finally turned out, it was all up to Millicent now he had played out his part in Veronica's release.

Upon arrival at Dr. Dewbury's Belmont helped Millicent down from the carriage, then marched off purposefully to the main building, and rapped hard upon the front door.

By the time the maid came to answer the door, both Jonathan and Millicent had caught up with Belmont. The maid, having first recognised Jonathan, was initially taken aback, but before she could say anything she was almost lifted to one side by Belmont striding into the main hallway, Belmont recognised nurse Corrigan standing by the reception desk.

"Good afternoon, nurse Corrigan," He almost bellowed, his voice echoing around the reception area and the stairwell. "I trust you remember Mrs. Bowman?"

"Yes I do indeed," She answered, amazed at such an intrusion. "I did not know you had an appointment to see Dr. Dewbury today ma'am."

"I haven't," Millicent said matter of factly, "but before I see that odious little creature, I would like to have a little chat with you. Could you spare me a little time, perhaps a stroll around the grounds?"

Nurse Corrigan nodded, though somewhat uneasy at Mrs. Bowman's strange manner.

"I have a little proposition that I would like to discuss with you." Millicent said, then hooked arms with the older nurse and walked her out into the clinic's grounds.

Jonathan and Belmont followed, but only as far as the steps to the main entrance where Belmont gently tapped Jonathan's shoulder and said.

"We will wait here, Sir, I'm sure they won't be too long."

Jonathan looked at the poker faced butler, as always Belmont's face was a blank page giving nothing away, so all Jonathan could do was, watch, wait and wonder. After to what had seemed like an age to Jonathan, the two ladies returned arms still linked, still both deep in conversation.

When they reached the steps, Nurse Corrigan gave Jonathan a big smile and Millicent said. "Belmont, I think it is time that we should bring Veronica home."

"Of course, Ma'am, will you be needing my assistance?"Belmont answered in his well practiced deadpan manner.

Millicent looked at the nurse who slowly nodded. "Yes, Belmont I believe it would be better to have you by my side. Dr. Dewbury may prove to be a little awkward, and you always seem to remove people's awkward edge, just by being there."

"Very good, Ma'am." Belmont replied, a trace of a smile on his lips.

For Millicent the conversation with nurse Corrigan had been both very informative, and very profitable. Nurse Corrigan had confirmed all the things that young Mr. Carter had told her, also though nurse Corrigan had told her a few things that Mr. Carter wasn't aware of. Dr. Dewbury's assistant was actually his niece from his wife's side of the family, and until Marion Brompton had come to the clinic, Dr. Dewbury had run the institution on a fairly normal basis. Since Marion's arrival however, the level of corporal punishment, both as a punishment for transgressions and more recently as a form of therapy had greatly increased. It would seem that the hapless doctor was in thrall of his niece, and would go along with all her suggestions no matter how bizarre, and her favourite theme was that of curing the inmates of all onanistic tendencies. Millicent could see in Marion echoes of herself, though Millicent reasoned all the punishments she inflicted or had Belmont inflict were just. Whereas in this establishment they were only for the doctor and his niece's own personal sexual gratification. There was no way that she could allow Veronica to stay here another moment, she also knew that the doctor could prove to be bit of a problem with the realisation of the lost revenue that he was about to incur.

The three of them followed nurse Corrigan to the treatment room, the nurse opened the door without knocking and they all entered the room. Millicent was shocked by the sight that greeted them. Dr. Dewbury and nurse Moore were both leaning against the wall by the window, engrossed in watching his niece strapping the naked bottom and thighs of a lady in her forties. The poor lady was locked in the dentist chair, her legs hoisted high in the air and held in a debasing "V" shape. Her open vagina completely displayed to all in sundry.

Belmont took immediate action, striding forward and picking up a blanket to try and cover the poor woman's modesty. All hell broke loose, the woman in the chair started screaming in her shame, Dr.Dewbury's face took on the complexion of a ghost and his niece ran back to get behind the chair.

Nurse Moore, shouted out. "What's happening here... who are you... what's going on?"

"Ah! So you must be the fat jolly one are you?" Millicent enquired of the nurse.

Normally nurse Moore would take a remark like that from no one, but there was something about this small young lady that made her hold her tongue. Something in the way she held herself, her self assurance made nurse Moore more than a little uneasy. "Yes... well I suppose I am known for my... er jolliness.. er ma'am."

"Could you please make this lady decent, and return her to her room." Millicent ordered. "Then bring my daughter in here, that would be Veronica Bowman, we have things to discuss with the good doctor."

Nurse Moore went to pick up the chastity belt off the desk top.

"Not that ridiculous contraption you foolish woman!" Millicent shouted at the befuddled nurse. "Just make her as decent as you can." Then Millicent turned her attention to Dr. Dewbury, as the nurse followed out her orders. "Before we go any further doctor, I would like to re-introduce you to Mr. Belmont. So just in case you have any ideas of ringing for your porters to eject us, I should warn you if only for their safety, that Mr. Belmont is indeed as cantankerous and as dangerous as he looks."

"I am sure madam that there will be no call for any unpleasantness." Dr. Dewbury replied, his voice shaking under Belmont's glaring stare.

Nurse Moore quickly scuttled out of the room with her charge now untied and dressed, Millicent's voice ringing in her ears.

"Hurry back with my daughter!"

"May I suggest that I go and get Veronica?" Nurse Corrigan asked. "I think our sudden appearance has rather thrown nurse Moore"

"Yes, a capital idea, thank you." Millicent replied, her voice suddenly softening as she nodded to nurse Corrigan.

"So... Mrs. Bowman have you come to see how Veronica is doing?" Dr. Dewbury asked knowing only too well that this was not the reason for her unannounced visit, the presence of Jonathan Carter had already spelt that out to him.

"No I have come to take her home, we will be leaving in about a quarter of an hour or so." Millicent said, then looking at Marion added. "After I have sorted out a little unfinished business, with you overly eager assistant here."

"Firstly madam... ahem.. you cannot just leave with Veronica, as you know she has been certified and placed, placed by your good self, into my care. Without a signed document from myself or another doctor, it would be impossible for you to take her home. She is though making great strides in her... er.. recovery."

Millicent had expected words to this effect coming from the doctor, even if his tone lacked any real conviction, he was after all only trying to secure his livelihood.

"She will receive the best of medical care at home Dr. Dewbury," Millicent said, then added her coup-de-grace. "your very own head nurse has kindly taken me up on an offer, to come and work for me in the care of my daughter, and also in the health of my factory workers. I had been considering introducing a health program in my various businesses, I have been advised that it would prove to be cost effective." Millicent said glancing at Belmont, and allowing herself a little smile towards her lover. "So I see no legal hindrance to us leaving with Veronica today, do you Mr. Carter?"

"No Ma'am, none at all." The young law student enthused, impressed by the way his future mother in law had not only secured Veronica's release, but had also protected herself from him and Veronica going back upon their agreement reference the late Mr. Bowman's will.

The door opened again and in walked nurse Corrigan and a pale confused looking Veronica. "Ah good!" Millicent said upon seeing her daughter and her newest employee. "We are nearly finished here."

"Mrs. Bowman, this is all very unconventional!" Dr. Dewbury protested.

"I, as you will find, am an unconventional woman. Nurse Coriggan could you please remind me of the welcoming dose of the strap that greets each new patient here." Millicent said, her eyes locked on Marion Brompton.

"Four strokes, ma'am." The Irish nurse reminded her.

"In this case four strokes seem hardly enough," Millicent said, her face clouded with concern as she tried to think of a figure, then she announced. "six strokes each, that makes a nice even dozen."

"What makes an even dozen?" Dr. Dewbury asked, lost off by the conversation's turnings.

"By way of reparation to my daughter and Mr. Carter, Miss Brompton shall receive six strokes of the strap across her bottom from both Mr. Carter and Veronica." Millicent said to Dr. Dewbury, though all the time looking at the now terrified Marion. "After receiving a good belting herself, she may in the future not be quite so cavalier in the usage of corporal punishment!"

"No, Madam, that is a step too far, I cannot allow it!" Dr. Dewbury replied indignantly, his niece now cowering behind him.

"Oh dear," Millicent said, her voice full of pantomime regret. "I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. Mr. Carter, as my legal adviser what would you say the chances of a successful prosecution would be, if you and Veronica sued the good doctor for assault upon yourselves whilst in his care?"

"Er..." Jonathan tried to collect his thoughts, shocked not only by the question, but also by his sudden appointment as legal adviser, he answered honestly though. "I'm sorry Mrs. Bowman, but a case in these circumstances would be doomed to failure."

Millicent nodded, then smiled. "The case though would be in a public court, and I would think the salacious details of the treatments here would attract a lot of press interest. Would I be right in my thinking Mr. Carter?"

Jonathan failed to suppress his grin as he answered. "Yes, as always you would be right in your thinking Mrs. Bowman, such a case would invoke a great deal of interest."

Now beaten already, Dr. Dewbury made on last ditch attempt to save his niece. "Your reputation, Mrs. Bowman would be in tatters if such a case came to court, you too would come out of it all badly!"

"Oh dear doctor as I told you before, I am not a conventional woman and the opinions of polite society has little impact upon me," Millicent told the doctor, her face the picture of disconcern, "All I care about is the price of commodities, and the good will of my staff who look upon me as a benevolent - if at times a somewhat strict - employer. You on the other hand, rely on word of mouth and your good name. I wonder also what your dear wife would make of all the details of your treatments here, or for that matter her sister, Marion's mother?"

The doctor now knew he was fighting a lost cause, she could be bluffing but it wasn't worth the risk to his private life or his business to call her hand. He turned to Marion and nodded to her. She to knew there was no choice in the matter, a scandal like this would ruin her chances of marriage, who would want to marry someone that had been embroiled in such a scandal.

"Good it is all settled then!" Millicent exclaimed with a clap of her hands. "Mr. Carter could you please help Miss Brompton get prepared, as you will be familiar with the odd workings of that chair."

Marion gulped, she had hoped for just a quick strapping perhaps over the desk or across the knee, not locked in her own contraption, her virginal charms on lewd display.

Jonathan didn't need to be told twice, he first went to a drawer in the desk and got four brooch pins then beckoned Marion to his side. With no real choice in the matter Marion complied, then closed her eyes in shame as he lifted her thin white skirt high up above her hips, and then pinned it into place into her blouse. Next he loosened the silk bow drawstring of her cream drawers, Marion was close to tears as she felt the cold air on her most intimate and secret parts. Jonathan tapped at her feet indicating for her to step clear of her underwear, then he helped her up onto the chair and after locking her arms in place, he then set about getting her legs in the required, overly revealing "V" position.

Millicent then handed him nurse Corrigan's strap and said to him. "Six strokes, please make sure they are good ones!"

For all of his earlier protestations on behalf of his niece, Dr. Dewbury did not miss the chance to take up an advantageous viewpoint for her correction. A chance to see her often dreamt about charms on display could not be missed, the centre point of his non too avuncular fantasies.

Jonathan did not let Millicent down, soon the room was full of the sound of Marion Brompton's rueful screams, as somewhat to Millicent's surprise the thin young gentleman managed to put a good deal of venom into each stroke.

Veronica for her part felt almost on the edge of swooning as she watched the proceedings. First there was the shock of seeing the three of them arrive at the clinic, then being brought down to the treatment room for the second time today had filled her with dread. Then upon entering the room she was thrown into more confusion. She was going home today, Jonathan was now Millicent's legal advisor - even though he was not yet qualified - and before leaving she was going to be given the chance to wreak revenge on the loathsome Miss Brompton, it was all nearly too much for her to take in. Then before she knew it, it was her turn with the strap as Jonathan handed it to her whispering.

"Don't worry, everything is all sorted, we will soon be out of here and on the way home."

"Not that soon." She thought to herself as she stepped forward. The strap in still aching fingers felt so strange, so surprisingly heavy, but she had a plan in her head. Standing to the left of Miss Brompton's splayed legs she brought the strap across her bottom. Marion sighed in relief at the relative weakness of the stroke compared to the previous six she had just received. Unperturbed by the less then spectacular reaction of her victim, Veronica moved to the right hand side of her trapped victim. She seemed to study Marion's right hip closely before bringing down her next stroke, again this only elicited a deep sigh.

Millicent was of a mind to take over for the other strokes and made a move to step forward, then noticed Belmont shake his head at her, she checked her move, thinking to herself he was right, this was Veronica's choice.

Veronica again repeated the same strange ritual, of alternating from side to side, each time checking Marion's hips for some reason. The fifth stroke made Veronica's odd ritual crystal clear to all in the room. Veronica had known that she could not belt Miss Brompton with the strength that Jonathan had. She would have to rely upon aim to get the maximum effect, the first four strokes were merely to get the feel of the belt in her hand, and to understand it's arc. The fifth stroke, she aimed not so much at Miss Brompton's bottom, but at her upper thigh. She also laid it on short so it caught only the left thigh, the strap bent in on it's self. The tip, the fastest moving part of the instrument curled in cutting at Miss Brompton's labia. Marion screamed in a mixture of shock and pain, no sooner had the echo of that scream in the tiled room died down, than it was replaced by another as Veronica changed sides, and with equal accuracy brought the strap down for a final time. Veronica dropped the strap onto the floor, and said. "Please mother, can we go home now?"

Millicent smiled, for the first time ever Veronica had called her mother without a hint of sarcasm or hatred in her voice.


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Dressed for punishment -part 3

Neither Amy or Tom, where aware that Tom's sister Joan was going to "pop in" to the office, to see how they were getting on with the new server. Joan was impressed that young Amy had volunteered to help her hapless brother out and had given up her day off to do so. The least she could do was pop in on her way home to see how they were faring.

So still mud splattered and wearing her jodhpurs, riding boots and old sweatshirt. She had called into Gregg's and bought some sausage rolls as a treat for her workers on her way back home from the stables. As she unlocked and entered the reception, she was greeted by odd sounds seemingly coming from Tom's office. Very odd sounds. Though not as odd as the sight that greeted her as she opened Tom's door. There facing her was Amy's pinked bare bottom, and her elder brother spanking away at it. "What the hell is happening in here," Joan shouted. "how long has this been going on for?"

If there was one thing guaranteed to ruin Tom's ardour. It was the sound of his little sister's voice catching him living out one of his sexual fantasies. If there was one voice that Amy didn't want to hear at this moment, - apart from perhaps that of her parents - was the sound of Joan Mowbray entering the room. Reactions were almost immediate, Amy burst into tears, Tom struggled to unlock their legs and help Amy to her feet, all the while floundering to make a cohesive sentence to answer his sister.

"It's not... well... we aren't... you see... er!" Tom struggled out.

"Don't dare say it's not how it looks!" Joan almost screamed. "It's one thing you diddling the staff, but another thing using our offices for your kinky sex games!"

Amy was at a loss at what to do or say, standing facing the two warring siblings, her hands locked over her pubis, tears streaming down her face. How could something that was going so well, turn so bad? She wondered. Desperate for Joan not to think that she was gaining any sort of sexual satisfaction from Tom's treatment Amy interrupted the oncoming fight.

"Miss, miss please miss!" She pleaded to get Joan's attention, wondering to herself why she called Joan miss, as she never has on any other occasion.

"Yes!" Joan said curtly, glaring at the almost naked clerk.

"He is right," Amy said, her eyes now downcast to the floor. "it's not a sex game. It was a punishment."

"Oh this just gets better by the minute." Joan said, now turning her glare back to her brother. "Who do you think you are, lord of the manor spanking one of the maids for not dusting properly? Or have you watched Secretary one too many times?"

"Let's just leave it at that," Tom said trying to calm his sister down. "it has all been sorted. Amy preferred this course of action to other.. er.. possible repercussions."

Still convinced that she had caught the two of them in a sex game, Joan was not so willing to let it lie. For unknown to Tom, Joan was all too aware of Tom's Spanking predilections.

When Tom and Joan were both still living at their parent's home, and Tom was at work during Joan's college holidays, Joan would always rummage through her brothers room. During one such rummage she found his stash of old spanking magazines, Janus, Februs and Uniform Girls, these all made fascinating reading to Joan. A fascination, that the dawn of the internet allowed her to furtively continue to this day, that's all it was to Joan though, a mild curiosity. Amy was the real surprise to Joan, obviously she was more than just curious. Unless of course they were telling the truth, and it was indeed a real punishment? "So pray tell what heinous crime did young Amy commit, forget to fill your stapler," Joan said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "or left her coat over the back of her chair instead of in the cloakroom, maybe break some uniform code that I'm unaware of. Do please tell Tom I'm dying to know?"

Amy, seeing the way that Joan had looked at her, and the silly t-shirt she was wearing when talking of uniform code, realised that as far as Joan was concerned she had walked in on a foreplay session. Desperate to dispel that notion, and without thinking Amy interrupted. "Miss it was the new server! I broke it... it was me that spilled the pop on it!"

Tom noticed the look on his sister's face change, she went from that of rage, to that of almost joy, her eyes lacked their previous venom and not seemed to shine in excitement.

"That can't be right, Amy," Joan said. "you couldn't have spilt pop on the server. All food and drink is expressly forbidden in the coms room. Aren't they?"

"Well I only meant to be in there for a few seconds, then the printer..." Amy's voice trailed off, as she realised that all she was doing was digging a deeper hole for herself.

Joan looked at Amy, wondering how all this was going to pan out, wondering if she could at last quench her curiosity. Joan had never seen herself as one of the girls in the magazine being spanked - not her thing at all - but one of the strict ladies dishing out a punishment? That would be a different story.

Tom interrupted Joan's daydream. "As you can see, Joan, the matter has been dealt with already!"

"Oh you think so?" Joan replied and then continued. "I'm not so sure. The little play spanking that you were giving her, may indeed have satisfied you but for something as serious as this, a couple of taps on her bare botty is hardly enough. In my opinion anyway, though that seems to count for little around here these days." Then after a few moments of deep thought, Joan said, "Amy, hands on your head please!"

Like one of the models in Tom's old magazines, Amy complied, though with somewhat shaking fingers. Standing now hands on her head eyes tightly closed, her short t-shirt lifted high up above her oval innie bellybutton Amy was again fully aware of her exposed nakedness.

Joan looked the poor girl up and down, her eyes coming to rest upon the thick thatch of pubic hair, reminiscent of the grainy black and white photos in some of Tom's older mags.

"Amy, a trim every now and again might be an idea you know," Joan said, enjoying the power she had over the young clerk. "for one so young you don't seem to be that fashion conscious."

Amy sniffed back a tear at this latest humiliation.

"Right turn around please." Joan ordered, and Amy obeyed.

Then Amy started as she felt Joan's right hand first gently brush, and then knead each fleshy cheek.

"Hardly even warm!" Joan noted. "No this is not punishment enough for the trouble that she has caused!"

Tom felt the need to speak up, to tell the truth, to save Amy any further pain and embarrassment. He stood in silence though. He reasoned the truth would only cause him to lose face, and probably not appease his sister anyway. Also, deep down he wanted to know what his sister had in mind for Amy.

"As luck would have it, I have just the thing in my car to up the ante a little." Joan said, then added. "I will make this a real punishment, then the slate will be wiped clean. OK, Amy?"

Tom held his breath waiting for their young employee's answer.

Amy knew she had gone this far, to turn back now would be foolish. "Yes Miss." She mumbled.

"Good!" Joan said, giving Amy's bottom a little slap. "I shall be right back. Amy you can wait as you are. In silence. Tom, do something useful and clear the floor, move that chair and push your desk back." With that Joan left the room.

Amy stood hands on top of her head facing the wall, again wondering what the day was to bring her now.

The spanking from Tom, though not harsh had stung and warmed her bottom, for that matter not just her bottom. In truth she had found it in a way enjoyable, almost like the pain and pleasure mixture of a love bite, but Joan arriving on the scene was a different thing all together. The humiliation of being spoken to by another female in such a way, was so different to the almost jokey sexual innuendo that she had received from Tom. Her biting words, and the slap that she had given to Amy's bottom, had affected her far deeper than she could understand and now what was to follow?

Tom for his part, as he too in silence followed his little sisters instructions, also wondered what Joan had in mind that needed the floor space to be cleared in such a way. He felt the urge to say something to Amy, either by way of an apology or words of encouragement, but he kept his silence, his eyes locked on Amy's pink full bottom.

They did not have long to wait for Joan's return from the subterranean car park.

"Right, Amy we might as well get this over with shall we?" Joan said as she returned to the room.

Amy gasped, eyes agog as she saw the black riding crop in Joan's hand.

"Twelve strokes with this, Amy, then you can return to your desk." Joan said in an almost sing-song manner, the smile on her face was as if she had just offered Amy an ice cream on a hot summers day. "Or you can just get dressed and go home. The choice is yours." She then added ominously.

"Joan you can't be serious!" Tom interrupted.

"Shush, Tom!" Joan said to her brother, but with her eyes still locked with Amy's "This is between Amy and I, it was my direct instruction that she chose to ignore with such disastrous results. Normally I would have just sacked her, but she decided she wanted to go down this path. So that's her choice to make now, the crop, or home."

What choice was it really, this morning when she came into work she didn't know what Tom had in mind for her anyway, so how was this such a great departure from some of the images that her mind had conjured up, both in her sleep and on her journey here? That crop though, it did look vicious, but really the choice had been made when she set foot outside her door this morning. "Yes Miss, I would prefer to take your punishment please." Amy replied, shocking herself even at the subordinate nature of her voice and words.

"Good that's settled then." Joan smiled, nodding at the wiseness of the young girls decision. "Amy you look fairly fit and flexible?"

"Er... yes Miss, I jog a little and do Pilates." Amy replied bewildered at the question.

"Good." Joan said, her face now beaming and her eyes almost shining in excitement. "If you could go to the centre of the room, stand feet well apart."

Amy obeyed although somewhat hesitatingly.

"No dear not like that, feet further apart wider than your shoulders. That's it perfect! Now bend over and grab your ankles please."

Amy closed her eyes tight in shame, she knew only to well the display she would be giving in that position. She was well familiar with the view it would offer, not from personal experience of course, but from the videos and the pictures she had seen. So often she would watch some girl being bent like that, and fantasised that it could be herself, now was the dark reality of it. In position, she opened her eyes looking back through her splayed legs she could see Tom standing at the back of the room. She knew only to well that standing there he would have a perfect unhindered view of her open glistening damp sex.

Joan glanced at Tom and gave him a conspiratorial smile, that look caught Tom by surprise, never had he even suspected that he and his kid sister shared these tastes. "Six strokes in this position to start with." Joan said, then brought the crop across Amy's proffered behind, the small leather tag at the end of the crop arriving with more of a "splat" than a "crack".

Joan had no wish to really hurt Amy, it was more the symbolism of her power over her that she wished to convey. Though having said that it still stung enough for Amy to know of it, and also to leave it's telltale oblong red mark. By the fourth stroke, Amy was shaking trying to hold a position that is awkward to keep at the best of times, never mind when someone is whipping your bare bottom. "Your doing very well, Amy! Isn't she, Tom?" Joan said, noticing the girls shaking frame. "Only two more to go." Joan brought the next two stokes down, in quick succession realising that Amy would not be able to keep her balance for that much longer. "Right dear back up please, that's the first six done with." Amy stood back upright, her hands automatically going to her rear to try and rub away the sting. "No, no, no! Hands back on top of your head, plenty of time to rub later." Joan chided the young girl. "Let's have little look." Joan added pushing Amy's rubbing fingers away. Joan slowly traced her fingers around each of the six little red oblong blocks. Amy breathed deeply at her touch, wincing as her fingers made contact with the punished area.

Amy tasted the bitter salty taste of a lone tear on her lips, this was all that she had imagined it would be, sweet sweet humiliation.

The two siblings in the room, were also caught up in the electric charge that seemed to be hanging in the air.

"Over the desk now please dear, grab the far end with your fingers and push your bottom right out. The next six I'm going to give you a little quicker, so it will soon all be over, but they will also be a little harder. OK?"

"Yes Miss!" Amy gasped.

True to her word, each stroke was quicker and harder. Each stroke causing Amy to cry out in pain, til the last caused her to cry out in relief. Then it was all over, Amy slumped across the desk, gasping to catch her breath, it hadn't been six strokes but ten. By the time she had applied the sixth stroke Joan sensed Amy was so close to orgasm that she continued, adding another four at a slower but firmer rate until she saw the tell tale emulsion oozing from Amy's pussy. Tom and Joan watched and waited for Amy to pull herself together and rise from the desk. Elated and shamed, she turned red faced towards her bosses.

"Thank you Miss." she whispered.

"No problem, Amy," Joan said. "be aware though, that now you are liable for corporal punishment now for any further indiscretions that either myself or Tom discover."

"Yes Miss!" Amy nodded enthusiastically.

"Now I believe you still have quite a bit of keying to do?" Joan said smiling pleasantly

"Yes Miss." Amy said going to pick up her leggings.

"Oh! No need for them, Amy," Joan said taking the black tights from Amy's hands. "it's so warm in here you don't really need them till you go home, and I imagine you have quite a hot bot now anyway?"

Biting on her lower lip Amy nodded and left the office to go back to her desk, the two siblings watching her depart both pairs of eyes locked on her swaying pink bottom cheeks.

Pink bottom cheeks chequered with dark red oblong blocks. Both minds wondering what excuse they could dream up for a further day of Amy being dressed for punishment.
The End

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Short break!

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Consigned to Bedlam,part 8

Jonathan Carter was on the edge of his seat, literally on the edge of seat. Sitting in the centre of his parent's growler one hand either side of him, his fingers nervously drumming on the leather seat. Jonathan wished that the journey was longer, as the carriage swung into the drive of Millicent Bowman's country house. To his shame, he half hoped that Mrs. Bowman was at her London residence so this meeting would not have to take place. What seemed so clear and logical only half an hour ago, now seemed silly and stupid. Stepping out from the carriages interior he asked his driver to wait, telling him to catch himself forty winks as he could be some time.Gathering his nerve he walked up to the large imposing door and rang the bell.

The door was replaced by a wall. A wall in the shape of Belmont, Mrs. Bowman's large shaven headed butler.

"Yes sir, how can I help you?" Asked the butler.

"I'm here to see Mrs. Bowman, my name is Jonathan Carter and I wish to discuss some things reference her daughter Veronica." Jonathan said in his best authorative voice.

"I shall see if she is in to you sir."

"Tell her I won't leave here without seeing her." Jonathan said, though without real conviction.

Belmont looked the young girlish boy up and down. "Really sir," he said, a half smile crossing his face. "is that right sir?"

"Er...Yes... Yes my good man it is right." Jonathan said, unnerved by the butlers steady gaze and intimidating manner.

As the butler wandered off, Jonathan again doubted the wiseness of this visit, to get her to agree to his offer seemed like a forlorn hope the more he thought about it. Then he saw the butler returning.

"Sir could you follow me please, Mrs. Bowman shall see you in her study." The gruff looking butler announced, and Jonathan duly followed him.

Upon entering the study Jonathan was shocked. He already knew from what Veronica had told him, that Mrs. Bowman was young, but he hadn't been prepared for just how young, or how pretty.

"Please take a seat young man." Millicent said smiling at Jonathan. "I hear you wish to talk of my daughter, I'm sorry to say she is not here at the moment. She is... lets just say, away for a while."

"I know madam, I know because I have just come from the same place." Jonathan said, trying his hardest to keep the quiver from his voice, then noticing that the butler had not left the room he added. "What I have to say is for your ears only madam!" Jonathan knew that he now had Millicent Bowman's full attention, he also noticed that she flicked her eyes almost questionably towards the butler lurking behind him.

"I believe that there is no need for Belmont to leave, he has my full confidence in his discretion," Millicent replied much to Jonathan's surprise, then added. "also the rather confrontational way that you addressed him earlier, has him worried for my safety."

Jonathan picked up on the sarcasm in her voice, as she intended him to, and to his annoyance he could feel his face burning up under her mischievous smile. This was not going as he had planned. He had hoped that today would be good practice for when he qualified as a lawyer, good practice at putting a case to a judge and jury. Already she had him cowed and embarrassed with only two sentences and a smile. "I have come here with a proposition for you, Mrs. Bowman," Jonathan said, his heart pounding in his ears. "I would like the hand of your daughter in marriage, with your permission of course."

Now it was Millicent that was thrown and confused, this was not at all what she was expecting. Though in truth she didn't really know what to expect from this pale frail looking boy, but asking of Veronica's hand was a real shock, to the point that she found herself dumbstruck.

"I know that you would wish for me to continue my studies, before we actually wed, so we both already know that this will be a long engagement." Jonathan said, sensing that to a certain degree he had if not turned the tables, he had certainly shook them.

"You seem like a sensitive and sensible young man," Millicent replied. "but you already know that my daughter is currently in an asylum for the mentally disturbed. So any thoughts of marriage, are for the moment at least out of the question."

"Yes madam, we both also that you had her placed in there for reasons of your own, and can just as easily have her released." Jonathan his voice lifting slightly towards the end of the sentence, causing Millicent's eyebrows to arch in annoyance.

"For you information young man, it was Dr. Dewbury that diagnosed my daughters sickness and all I am doing is following his recommendations for here treatment!"

Jonathan could see that he was coming very close to breaking Millicent's temper, rather than swaying her towards his thinking, he had to back track. Back track very quickly. "Mrs. Bowman, I apologise. I'm sure that you don't fully know the type of so called treatment, that Dr. Dewbury employs at your expense." These words seemed to have appeased Millicent to some extent, Jonathan continued. "Also you won't be aware of the deep regret that Veronica feels towards you. The deep regret that she has that, instead of welcoming you to the family the way a dutiful step daughter should have, she shunned you and tried to turn her late father against you, instead of ceding to your advances of love and friendship. Also she recognises that her father's will had been amended by him, when he was in a state of should we say mental instability. She wishes to legally reverse the terms of the will, giving you the three quarters of the estate instead of herself." Jonathan noticed that again Millicent seemed to be giving her butler a quizzical look, nothing blatant only a fleeting arching of the eyebrows.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Carter, you seemed to have had a wasted journey. It is not as simple as may think to have someone realised once they have been placed in such an establishment. Also...."

"Perhaps if I tell you more of how Dr. Dewbury's clinic is run it may perhaps change your mind." Jonathan said cutting Millicent short, then he continued to tell Millicent sparing her no details of how exactly the place was run by the staff. Then finally summing up by saying. "So you see madam, Dr.Dewbury and his assistant are seemingly using the clinic to gratify their own sexual urges. You also know even better than I, that Veronica, due to her home schooling and sheltered upbringing is somewhat lacking in social skills. I would think that now with me gone she will be feeling marginalised and alone. I know that that was never your intention."

Millicent sat back in her chair stunned. Stunned, by this young mans bluntness and lack of tact, in describing the events that had befallen both Veronica and himself. Stunned, by the fact that she had tacitly agreed to Dr.Dewbury's bizarre treatment of her daughter. Stunned, by the fact that this young man could profess to reading her mind in matters concerning her step-daughter. "Still, Mr. Carter, if I was to - and I'm not saying that I would - decide to remove Veronica from the clinic. I'm still not at all sure of you as a suitable suitor for my daughter!"

"Mrs. Bowman, you should look upon our union as you gaining a son rather then losing a daughter." Jonathan said beaming, feeling that he had again in part won her over.

"Yes, but what kind of son in law would I be gaining?" Millicent said, shaking her head. "A one who comes to my house, and threatens my staff. Not the best of beginnings young man, is it?"

"You will find me to be your most dutiful servant madam." Jonathan said, giving Millicent a slight bow with his head.

A slight, almost mischievous smile appeared on Millicent's face, as she again looked past Jonathan in the direction of her butler. "Perhaps we should put your fanciful words to the test, and gauge how serious you are in your intentions to my daughter?"

Jonathan nodded, though not at all sure to what he was agreeing to.

"You say you will be my most dutiful servant," Millicent continued, her arms now upon her desk, her upper body leaning towards Jonathan, her eyes in full contact with his. "for your information, Mr. Carter, this house is ruled by the rod. My servants, even the most dutiful are liable to fall under it. As a test, as a proof of good will are you willing to fall under it to I wonder?"

Jonathan swallowed hard, realising now to what Millicent was alluding to. He nodded.

"Belmont, fetch me a cane!" Millicent ordered her ever present butler.

Jonathan and Millicent both sat in silence waiting for Belmont's return, both locked in their own thoughts. Jonathan reflecting upon what a strange couple of weeks this has turned out to be. Millicent thinking of Veronica's plight and her young suitor sitting opposite and what to do about the two of them.

The door opened and Jonathan could hear Belmont's heavy footfall behind him, he watched as Millicent rose from her chair and strode out from behind her desk, then he heard Belmont's voice.

"As you required ma'am." Belmont said, handing Millicent the thin yellow whippy looking cane.

Millicent cut a practice stroke through the air, causing Jonathan to wince and start up in his seat. "I take it you were thrashed at school young man, so the time at Dr. Dewbury's would not have been such a shock to you?"

"Yes madam, but only by the masters, never by a lady, leastways not until I was put into the clinic." Jonathan replied, his mind going back to the erotically charged treatment room, and Dr. Dewbury's enthusiastic young assistant.

"Belmont, what figure do you suggest, six of the best perhaps?" Millicent asked her over obliging butler.

"No ma'am I would think a strapping young man like this could take eight without much problem!" Belmont replied, not even trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

"Then eight it shall be," Millicent said almost gleefully, again cutting another airstroke with the cane. "Mr.Carter if you could prepare yourself please. I think across my desk will be more than adequate. Oh and by the way, all punishments in my house are carried out on the bare skin."

Jonathan looked at Millicent, but he saw a different person to the young pretty woman that he saw when he first came into the study. He was now looking at a very self assured lady, one not to be trifled or bargained with.

"So, Mr.Carter, is my dutiful servant going to fall at the very first hurdle I wonder?"

"No, I am not." Jonathan replied, his fingers going to his belt and then unbuttoning his flies. He quickly lowered his trousers and underwear then went to bend across the desk.

"No!" Millicent stopped him. "Not quite yet. As we are now in this position, it would be remiss of me not to check exactly what my daughter is letting herself in for. Please turn around so I can have a proper look at you."

Jonathan obeyed, his hands falling down to cover his now well erect penis.

"Hands upon the top of your head please sir!" Millicent ordered the red faced youth. As Jonathan obeyed, Millicent's eyes opened wide in sheer shock. "Belmont, I do believe that this young gentleman has intentions upon me, going by the state of him?" Millicent said, her cane tapping at Jonathan's full blown manhood.

"Ah! Ma'am that is not always the case." Belmont said breaking his silence. "I have on occasion noticed, that whilst chastising a stable boy or a young footman, a similar rampantness to occur. It is something that they have no real control of."

"Oh indeed! How strange, and almost flattering." Millicent said almost grinning at her butler. "I don't have a great deal of experience in such matters, but this young man seems to be very well endowed. I am wondering now if sweet Veronica could bear being impaled on such a formidable weapon as this?"

"Perhaps ma'am," Belmont said sighing loudly. "it is his skinny legs that give the impression of a larger than normal endowment?"

"Mmm... perhaps you are right." Millicent said lacking conviction in her words. "Back to the matter in hand, if you could please bend over, and push your nether regions out for me young sir, we can begin."

Jonathan was glad of this instruction, anything to get their prying eyes of his genitals.

"Belmont, as this is a young man, rather than one of the maids should I lay the cane in harder do you think?"

"No ma'am, I have always found that a male posterior lacks some of the padding that a female carries." Belmont said, then added sarcastically. "Also this particularly skinny posterior offers almost no padding at all.

Millicent nodded in a agreement, then without warning brought the first cut across Jonathan's unprotected behind. The slash of the cane caught him by surprise, his head arched back in shock but to Millicent's disappointment he did not call out. In fact he did not call out until the sixth stroke fell, and that stroke Millicent aimed at the join between the bottom and the rear of his thighs. From her own experience at boarding school she knew that to be killer stroke. Each time he sat down, or stood up over the next two days he would have a sharp reminder of his time over her desk. The last two strokes followed in rapid succession, not really allowing Jonathan the time to re-adjust to the feeling in his upper thighs, each cut causing a shout of pain.

Millicent was quite pleased with her handiwork as she told Jonathan. "Re-adjust your clothing and wait out in the hallway, I have things that I wish to discuss with Belmont." Then almost echoing Jonathan's earlier statement. "These word are for his ears only!" Millicent showed the hobbling Jonathan to the door, then closed it behind as he left, then she felt Belmont's right hand sharply hit her bottom. Most of the force of the blow was dissipated by her dress and multi layers of petticoats, still though it caught her by surprise. "What on earth do you think you are doing my man?" She asked her butler.

"Sorry ma'am, I just thought that you were so enamoured by that young man's cocker, you wouldn't notice me smacking your arse!"

The butler replied.

Millicent laughed heartily and replied. "Well you have to admit it was rather large, skinny legs or not!"

"Millie, what are you going to do about Veronica?" The butler said, now all pretence of deference gone from his voice. "We can't have her rotting and going mad in that place!"