Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spare The Rod?

It all began about eight months ago, after years of being too scared to enter 'spanking' into my search engine I plucked up the courage, typed it in, and after a bit of searching found a site called Dailymotion, it was full of weird and wonderful clips with just about everything you could imagine, but most importantly it had hundreds of spanking clips! It was like a dream come true, a multitude of videos to satisfy my inner spanko, I decided to join because it was free, and also because I had an insatiable appetite for spanking, but then something else happened, something amazing, I made a friend called Tomas! At first it was all very casual and basic, we just exchanged views about our ideas on the finer art of spanking and what we liked and disliked, but then as the weeks and months passed we became closer and began talking more openly about stuff. We began playing with the idea of meeting up to fulfil each others fantasy, but nerves and personal obstacles kept getting in the way. Then, just as we'd decided to give up on the idea Tomas was sent on a business trip and it turned out he'd be staying in a hotel only a few miles away from where I live!

After a shy conversation on the telephone we set a date for the following Thursday at the hotel where Tomas would be staying, he'd be there for ten days so we'd have plenty of opportunity to meet again within that time if we wanted to. We agreed just to meet, no expectations or desires, just a chance to meet face to face after all these months of chatting online, we didn't even know what each other looked like so it could turn out to be quite a shock! To say I was nervous would have been an understatement, if truth be told I was bricking it, but at the same time I was terribly excited about meeting him too as we'd become such close friends.

On Thursday afternoon I set of for the Renaissance Hotel, we'd agreed to meet in the bar and I was looking for a man wearing a red carnation in his lapel. "Cheesy but easy to spot!" had been his words. I was wearing a short brown suede skirt, cream top and my brown leather jacket, smart but not too dressy I hoped, I wandered into the lavish foyer, then headed over towards the bar. Luckily for me there was only one man standing at the bar, but I'd have recognised him anyway, not only was he just the way he'd described, but sure enough,there in his lapel was a beautiful red carnation.

"Hello, Tom." I said as I rushed forward and gave him a hug, he kissed me on the cheek.

"Hello, Lori!"

We stood there for a few minutes just gazing at each other, then I started to giggle as I realised the staff were giving us funny looks. "Maybe we should sit down?"

"Yes, good idea." He nodded. "I think the lounge would be more comfy. Would you like a coffee?"

"Yes please, I'd love one."

We settled down onto one of the plush leather sofas and talked for a while about stuff in general, then suddenly Tomas turned to me and asked. "So when do I get to spank your bottom then?"

As soon as he'd said it I could feel my face burning. "I um... well I.." I was lost for words and gazed around shyly hoping no one was eavesdropping on our little chat.

Tomas grinned. "You're cute when you blush."

I giggled like a fourteen year old. "It's your fault, you kind of.. took me off guard!"

"Well you know it's what we both want, and we've discussed it in such detail hundreds of times over, so how about making it reality?"

I chewed my lower lip for what seemed like ages, then I turned to face him. "Okay!" I nodded. "You can.. you know!" I couldn't even bring myself to say the word.

"Spank you?" Tomas offered.


He stood up and held his hands out to me. "Come on then."

I frowned up at him. "What... now?"

"No time like the present." He smiled then sat down again and tenderly held my hands. "Listen, I promise you'll enjoy it, we both will, and I won't do anything you don't want me to. All you have to do is say the word and I'll stop. Speaking of which,we should decide on a safe word, you know, something catchy that can't be mistaken for anything else."

I thought for a while. "How about my user name?"


"Yeah, it's not likely to come up in conversation, so if I yell Smartypants you'll know to stop."

Tomas nodded. "Good idea, okay then." He stood up again and pulled me to my feet. "Let's go see if your bottom's as cute as I think it is!"

After getting into the lift we made our way up to the fifth floor, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation and my heart was racing. When the lift doors opened Tomas gestured for me to get out first, it may sound strange but all of a sudden I was very aware of my bottom, it was as though it had suddenly trebled in size and I couldn't help smoothing my skirt down over it as we made our way along the corridor.

"Here we are then." He said as we stopped outside room 507.

I swallowed hard, wondering if I was about to do the most stupid thing in my life, Tomas sensed my trepidation and placed his hand on my shoulder and I felt a tingle down my spine.

"Trust me," he said gently, "it'll be fine."

I smiled and nodded at him." I know." And somehow I did know, although the fear of being spanked remained strong, I somehow knew I would be completely safe with Tomas and that we'd both enjoy the experience.

Tomas unlocked the door and I could immediately see he was staying in a luxury suite, it was lavish and beautifully decorated. I couldn't help giving a "Wow!" as I walked in and took in my plush surroundings. After helping me off with my jacket Tomas took my hand and slowly led me over to a chaise longue in the corner, as we approached it my heart began to thump in my chest and I pulled back from him. "I'm sorry but... well I don't think I can do this."

"It's okay." he said reassuringly. "Just sit next to me for a while."

We both sat down on the chaise longue but Tomas made sure I was on his right, he was still holding my hand as he looked deep into my eyes.

"Just think about how many times you've wanted to be spanked." He said softly."We've talked about it for months now and every day you've told me it's something you've longed for."

"I know, but it's always just been a fantasy, what if I don't like it?"

"At least you'll know." He smiled."What if you do like it, if you don't try it you'll never know and you could end up missing out on something amazing just because you're too afraid to try."

I knew he was right, I took a deep breath and nodded at him. "Okay, let's do it!"

My heart was still racing as Tomas smiled at me. "Right then, young lady, let's get you over my knee!"

He placed his right arm around my back and gently eased me across his lap, at first my upper body was supported by the chaise longue and my feet were on the floor, but Tomas soon manoeuvred me so my hands were also on the floor and I was completely draped across his lap. I didn't put up any resistance, but just lay there as he got me into position and patted my bottom, it felt so strange to be staring at the carpet, but his lap was strangely comfortable.

"You okay there?" He asked me gently.

"Yeah.. I think so." I replied with a shaky voice. I felt nervous, but at the same time exhilarated and excited.

"I'm going to start by spanking you over your skirt." He told me, he must have felt me tense up. "It's okay, just relax, if you tense up it'll hurt more and I want you to enjoy it!"

I let out a little giggle. "Okay, I'll try."

"Good girl!"

He ran his hand gently down over my bottom and the backs of my thighs, then I felt a firm slap on my right cheek. It didn't hurt but made me jump and was quickly followed by a slap on the left cheek.

"There, that's not so bad is it?" He asked as he caressed my bottom.

"No." I turned my head to face him. "It's actually quite nice!"

He smiled down at me. "See, I told you it would be." With that he smacked both cheeks again and I resumed staring at the carpet, after another dozen smacks Tomas stopped. "You still okay, Lori?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah I'm fine thanks."

"Okay good. Ready for the next stage?"

"I... I think so."

Tomas then did something that had a very strange and profound effect on me, he pulled up my skirt, suddenly I felt a rush of blood surge into my labia and my clitoris seemed to explode into life, I let out a low moan and Tomas gently caressed my bottom through the thin fabric of my panties.

"Oh very cute." he said with a chuckle. "Anyone would think you wore these just for me!"

As it happened I had worn my cutest pair of white lace panties, they had a trim of pink satin ribbon and were sheer enough not to leave anything to the imagination. But right now all I could think about was the overwhelming desire to touch myself!

Time for a proper spanking!" Tomas said with a hint of triumph in his voice.

I swallowed hard and shifted over his lap, I felt vulnerable laying there with my skirt up, but the sexual arousal was amazing and I longed for it to increase, my prayers were soon answered as Tomas began to give me the first proper spanking of my entire life. He alternated between cheeks then concentrated the smacks in the centre of my bottom where cheeks meet thighs, within moments my bottom was stinging and I was squealing and squirming across his knee. I reached back with my right hand in a vain attempt to protect myself but he simply gripped my wrist and continued, I knew I could use my safe word at any moment, but even though the spanking hurt it was igniting new fires deep within my groin that I didn't want to extinguish.

He moved his legs and I was suddenly aware that my clitoris was pressing against his thigh, I couldn't help moving my hips so that I could rub myself against him and within moments I was lost in a hedonistic world of my own, just as I was reaching orgasm I became aware that he wasn't spanking me any more, instead he was gently rubbing my bottom and talking softly to me.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I asked in a dream like state.

"I was just making sure you were enjoying yourself."

"God yes." I breathed. "Very much, thank you."

"Oh it's my pleasure!" He said sincerely as he released my wrist, then he took me by surprise and eased my panties down to my knees before I even had a chance to protest. I let out a cry of shock and began to squirm and struggle to get up, but he held me fast. "Remember how many times you said you wanted to know what a proper spanking felt like?"

"Yes... but I-"

"Well now you're finding out just how gratifying it is!" he interrupted. He leant close and whispered in my ear. "Just trust me."

I felt myself relax across his lap as he caressed and rubbed my bottom, it felt so erotic and sensual that I sighed with pleasure, then all of a sudden he began to spank me again. I was shocked at how much protection the sheer fabric of my panties had given me, unless he was just smacking me harder. The sting was now so much sharper than before and elicited more squeals and squirms from me, but at the same time my nakedness and vulnerability had reignited the fire in my clitoris and I could feel my labia swelling, I could also feel myself getting wet between my legs and longed to rub my sex. Tomas seemed to read my mind and he quickly adjusted my position so his right leg was pressing hard against my clitoris, I began to grind against him hard and deep and soon the sting in my bottom was forgotten and replaced with the most wonderful feelings of sexual pleasure. I started moving in rhythm to the spanks, then I closed my eyes and was lost in my own little world again. I could feel an orgasm building deep within me, then Tomas began to concentrate the spanks as close to my sex as he could and seconds later my body was rocked with the most amazing orgasm I'd ever felt in my life.


Tomas immediately stopped spanking me and I lay there gasping and shuddering across his lap, wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and for a moment it felt like it would never end. He ran his fingers through my hair and gently caressed my bottom and thighs while the world around me came back into focus, then he slowly and carefully lifted me up and sat me on his lap and held me close.

"I told you you'd enjoy it."

I laughed softly, "That's an understatement, it was wonderful." I said quietly. "Totally amazing. I.. I never dreamed it could feel as good as that."

"I'm really pleased." He said and kissed me on the cheek. "Fancy returning the favour?"

I felt awkward and swallowed hard, I was suddenly all too aware that my panties were mid thigh, plus I had no idea what he had in mind and I felt my nerves beginning to take hold again. "It.. well it depends on what you want me to do. I mean I'm-"

"It's okay." He said smiling. "I just want you to, well to fulfil one of my fantasies now. If it's okay with you of course?"

I gave him a wry smile."Okay, well... what do you want me to do?"

He smiled broadly and patted my bottom. "Up you get!"

I stood up and pulled my panties up as he crossed the room to the wardrobe, he reached into the back and removed something, then turned to face me and my jaw dropped in shock. "That's... that's a cane!"

"Yep!" he grinned as he walked over to me.

I shook my head. "No, oh no, no you're not using that on me!" I started to head for the door and he grabbed my arm.

"Lori, wait! Please. I don't want to use it on you!"

I turned to look at him and shook my head again. "What do you mean, Tom? I don't understand."

He spoke softly and said. "I want you to use it on me!"

First I stared at Tomas, then the cane, then Tomas again. "I've never done anything like that, Tom, I really don't think I could."

"Please, Lori, just try, for me? It's always been a thing of mine, being punished by a pretty but dominant woman."

I smiled at him, he seemed so child like all of a sudden that I just couldn't refuse. "Okay." I smiled and nodded. "I'll have a go, just for you."

"Thank you!" He kissed my forehead, then held out the cane for me to take.

I reluctantly took the cruel looking implement from him, it felt surprisingly light and benign, but I knew from watching clips on the Internet that it could be vicious when used as intended. Could I use it as intended? What if I couldn't do it? More importantly what if I could do it and it went wrong? "I have no idea how to use it!"

Tomas led me over to the the large bed and picked up a pillow ."Have a practice hitting this." He said and lay it on the edge of the bed.

I felt foolish at first but I tapped the cane against the pillow a few times and found it quite easy.

"It needs to be much harder than that." He said as he took the cane from me, he whacked it down hard across the pillow making me jump and leaving a deep groove in it. "More like that." He handed it back to me. "You try it."

"Oh God I don't think I could hit you as hard as that."

"Just hit the pillow first." I took a deep breath, then gripped the cane tightly and brought it down a little harder. "Better." He nodded."Now harder." I did as instructed and kept going until I felt more confident and was hitting the pillow really hard and leaving a groove. "That's great!" He smiled. "Now it's up to you to take charge."

I frowned at him and he waggled his eyebrows at me, suddenly the penny dropped and I knew what he wanted me to do. I got another pillow and placed one on top of the other at the foot of the bed, then I put on my sternest voice. "Right, young man, get those trousers and pants down and bend over!"

Tomas' face lit up as I said those words, then he took a deep breath and looked more serious. He was visibly shaking as he unbuttoned his trousers and slid the zip down, then he hesitated before lowering them to the floor, I could already see he was getting aroused by the bulge in his pants, but then the sight of my bare bottom had probably added to that. Tomas swallowed hard and gave me an almost pleading look, but I played the game and raised one eyebrow to show what was expected of him, he then gripped the waistband of his white pants and quickly lowered them. My eyes widened as his rampant cock sprung out and stood erect, within seconds a bead of glistening pre cum was visible and it was all I could do to tear my gaze away from it. Harry stood there looking like a naughty schoolboy, I gestured towards the pillows.

"Bend over." I said firmly, despite trying to sound fierce and stern there was an air of pity in my voice so I quickly followed with. "Now!"

"Yes, Miss." He said submissively, he immediately obeyed and bent himself across the end of the bed so his stomach was on the pillows and his bottom was presented high in the air, then he settled his upper body and wriggled to get comfortable.

It was quite a sight that now lay before me, Tomas, laid across the foot of the bed with his trousers and pants around his ankles, he had a gorgeous bottom which was so sexy I wanted to squeeze it like mad, but I knew what he wanted was anything but gentle attention.

I bit my lower lip as my gaze flicked between his bottom and the cane. "Are you sure about this?" I asked sympathetically.

"Yes miss." He replied. "I'm sure."

"Right, okay then." I took a firm grip on the cane and tapped it gently against his bottom a few times, just to get the aim right, then after taking a deep calming breath I drew the cane back and brought it down hard against Tomas' bare cheeks... THWACK!!!!! I was amazed at my own ability, the cane left a white line across his skin which almost immediately turned crimson and there was a visible welt. I was of course expecting a scream of pain, but instead he gripped the duvet with clenched fists and sucked in a deep breath through gritted teeth. I grimaced. "Are you okay." He turned his head to face me and smiled broadly, but his answer baffled me.

"Oh yes, thank you, Lori. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever felt in my life!"

I stared at the crimson line across Tomas' buttocks in amazement, it must have hurt like hell so it was hard to believe he actually enjoyed the feeling. "Are you... are you sure you want me to carry on?"

"Oh yes." He replied enthusiastically. "Definitely!"

"Um... okay. Well, how many should I do?"

"As many as you like."

"I'd have liked to do none at all." I muttered.


"Oh, I was just thinking that um... six is traditional. You know, six of the best." I managed a laugh even though I was trembling with nerves.

"Hmm, if you say so, Miss."

His voice was muffled by the duvet now, but his body language showed how content and ready he was. I took up position again and after a slight hesitation brought the cane down across his bottom for the second time, just above the first stroke, there was a slight murmur from my victim, but it sounded more of pleasure than pain. I watched wide eyed as the second crimson line appeared across Tomas' pale skin, then I lined up the cane and gave him stroke number three, it thwacked down just below the first and soon there were three perfectly spaced, parallel crimson lines before me. Even though I didn't like inflicting pain and injury on someone I felt proud of my efforts and accuracy, but unfortunately my skills were short lived as I brought stroke number four down across the tops of Tomas' thighs. Tomas yelped and shot upright, clutching at his burning thighs.

"Oh God, oh I'm so sorry!" I dropped the cane on the floor and covered my face with my hands. "I should never have tried this."

Tomas sucked in air through his teeth. "No... no it's fine, honestly, it just took me off guard that's all!"

He turned to face me and despite myself I couldn't help looking down, his cock was positively throbbing now and looked fit to explode.

"I'm okay, really." He smiled. "Please, don't let it put you off, you're really good at it."

"Am I?" I wasn't convinced.

He put his hands on my shoulders. "Yes, you are. Just... you know, try to aim it higher next time, like you did the first three!"

I nodded reluctantly. "Okay , but if it goes wrong again I quit."

He laughed softly. "If it goes wrong again I'll make sure you quit, and I'll also make sure you can't sit down for a week!"

I felt myself blush. "Look who's talking!" I grinned.

Tomas touched his bottom again and winced. "That's very true, but by my reckoning I still have two to go."

With that he took up position at the foot of the bed again and I readied myself for stroke number five. My heart was in my mouth as I brought the cane down, but mercifully it landed alongside the first three on the fleshiest part of Tomas' bottom and I suddenly felt full of confidence again.

"Shall we call that stroke number four as I messed up the last one?"

He smiled back at me."If you insist, Miss!"

I smiled back at him, then turned my attention to finishing the job. The next stroke was aimed to cross the previous four lines and it was spot on, it elicited a long groan from Tomas and he squirmed wonderfully for a few moments, I then gave him a mirrored stripe so that his bottom had five horizontal crimson lines (one a bit too low of course) and two diagonal stripes in the shape of a cross across his buttocks, it was quite a sight!

Tomas lay there squirming and moaning as I admired my handiwork, but as I leaned closer I could see the tip of his cock oozing love juice onto the duvet. By now I was feeling extremely aroused myself and the sight and smell of his pre-cum was making me even hornier, I gently caressed his cheeks, then slid my hand down between his thighs until it was just brushing against his cock.

"Ahhhhhh!" His back arched at my touch and he parted his legs to make it easier for me, so I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to work it gently up and down, at the same time my other hand slipped inside my panties and I began to firmly massage my throbbing love bud.

I dropped to my knees and slowly but surely brought us both off, it was a wonderful feeling to be pleasing both of us at the same time, and as we came the air was filled with the sound of two happy people moaning through their awesome orgasms. I was sitting on the floor smiling broadly as Tomas levered himself up and sat tentatively on the edge of the bed, his pleasure was evident all down the duvet and I chuckled as I pointed at it.

"The poor maid's gonna wonder what the hell it is." He grinned. "Think I should wipe it off?"

"Somehow I think she'd figure it out." I laughed. "Best to get rid of it."

"Later." Tomas said as he pulled me up off the floor. "I still have some unfinished business to attend to."

"Oh, what's that." I asked feeling puzzled.

Tomas reached around and unzipped my skirt, then eased it to the floor with no resistance from me. "Well, there's the little matter of you whacking my thighs with that cane."

I stared down into his eyes. "Yeah but I apologised for that, and I made the others good."

"True, you did, but I still don't think it should go unpunished." He took hold of my panties and I felt a shiver run through my groin as he lowered them to meet my skirt. "I think a sound spanking's in order, young lady."

I tingled all over as he said the words and could feel my face burning. "But... you already gave me one." I muttered shyly.

He screwed up his mouth. "Well.. no, actually I gave you a nice gentle spanking compared to what your about to get!"

With that he pulled me across his lap and began to spank me hard and fast, it must have been two or three smacks per second and within moments I was squealing and squirming across his knee, my bottom was on fire and I struggled to break free or at least protect my burning cheeks, but Tomas pinned me fast and held my hands well out of the way as he continued to rain spanks down onto me.

Just as I thought I could take no more the spanking abruptly stopped and I lay limp and breathless across his lap, Tomas pulled me upright, then sat me on his knee and held me close for a while as he smoothed my hair and caressed my burning cheeks. As I clung to him and listened to his soothing words I was suddenly aware of a feeling between my legs, a need that was desperate to be satisfied, just then he scooped me up in his arms and lay me gently on the bed. As our lips met our tongues entwined and we kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, I felt him ease my legs apart, then I groaned softly as I felt his cock slip inside me.

He moved his head away from mine and stared deep into my eyes as he moved inside me with long firm thrusts, I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair as he massaged my clitoris and brought me to a wonderful climax, then I felt the warm rush deep inside me as he came.

An hour later we were laying naked under the duvet, we'd made love three times and were both smiling smugly as we snuggled together.

"Glad you came?" Tomas asked me.

I couldn't help laughing. "Which time?"

He laughed and said. "Oh very funny, I mean the first time, when you arrived here?"

"Yes, I'm very glad." I looked into his eyes. "I must admit, I was really nervous about meeting you, and I never dreamed it would turn out to be like this though, I mean as good as this."

"No, me neither. I didn't even know if I'd actually get to see your lovely bottom."

"I guess I wasn't sure about that either, but I kind of hoped you'd spank me."

"That's why you wore those cute panties!" He offered.

"Uh huh." I nodded. "I never thought I'd end up caning you though!"

"Ahh!" He ran his fingers through my hair. "Yeah I'm sorry to have dropped that bombshell on you, but I didn't think you'd turn up if you knew what I had in mind."

I sighed deeply. "I guess it would have put me off yeah, but as it is I quite enjoyed it, in a funny, sadistic sort of way."

We both giggled and Tomas patted my bottom

."So... are we going to do this again?"

"Which bit?" I asked innocently.

"Uh, all of it of course!"

I gave him a pensive look. "Hmmm, well I dunno, I'll have to think about it!" He gave my bottom a firm slap. "Okay, okay. Of course we're going to do it again." I smiled.

"Good girl." He grinned. "I knew I could persuade you. Same tomorrow then?"

I burst into laughter. "Blimey you're keen."

"Keen to get you over my knee and into my bed." He replied, looking pleased with himself.

"Shame you're only here for a week though." I sad sadly. "I don't think you'll want me caning you again too soon, and by the time you're up for it you'll be off home again. Then it could be ages before we get together."

"Hmmm, didn't I mention?"

"Mention what?"

"My boss, he's asked me to take over as manager here in Maidenhead"

I didn't have a mirror handy, but I'm sure the expression on my face must have been priceless!!

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