Friday, 8 April 2011

Growing old disgracefully!

Tom looked down at the crumpled heap on his sofa, shaking his head slowly. "Black coffee called for," he said to no one in particular, as he stepped over the pool of vomit on his way to the kitchen. By the time he had made the two cups of coffee and returned to the room, the crumpled heap was awake.

"Good morning, Angela!" Tom said very loudly, and overly cheerfully.

"Is it? Doesn't seem that way from where I'm sitting." Came the reply from the now not so crumpled heap that was his forty six year old sister in law.

Pointing at the half empty bottle of tequila on the coffee table. "You have a night cap after I went to bed?"

"God don't ask," moaned Angela, "once I have a certain amount to drink, I just don't seem to no when to stop!"

"I noticed last night, you weren't exactly the most angelic of Angela's were you?"

"Please, Tom, I can hardly remember anything!" Angela replied, as she slowly sat her self upright realising that she was still in last nights clothes. "I take it I crashed out?"

Tom started to laugh. "It looks that way, I went to bed when you started reminiscing about our long lost youthful days! Mind you, you kept Julie up till almost two o'clock, that was naughty knowing that she had work this morning!"

"Sorry, but really having to work on a Saturday.. I mean.. you know?"

"What, it spoils your wild Friday night?"

Angela didn't answer, she just slowly sipped at the strong black liquid, wondering if she could hold it down. It had been years since she had had a night out on the town with her little sister. Once Angela had got married, her and her husband had moved down south to York, since their divorce she had stayed there, only coming back up to her hometown on the odd occasion. This was one of those occasions, a long weekend that she had meant to enjoy to the full, starting with last nights pub crawl. "I want to go to all the pubs that have changed their names since the last time we were out!" She had said to Julie. "We can have a lager and a shot in each one, plus the two new bars!" That had been her plan, Julie though just had a half of lager in the bars that they went into, leaving the shots to Angela. They never made it out of Front Street, the cold bracing air adding to the effects of alcohol drank too quickly saw the two sisters back home by ten thirty. By eleven fifteen, Tom had had enough of Angela's drunken ramblings and went to bed, which when she discovered his tequila. A discovery that Angela now wished had been left uncovered as her head throbbed out a remorseless dirge.

"After you've had your coffee I'll make you a nice anti hangover fry-up," Tom said still laughing at Angela's state. "and you can clean up that mess that you've left."

"What... what mess?"

Without saying anything Tom pointed at the pool of vomit on the wood flooring.

"Oh, Tom, I'm so sorry!" Angela said obviously disgusted with herself. "Sometimes you know I just can't control myself, I'm really so sorry."

Tom looked at his panda eyed sister in law, and decided to have a little fun at her expense, just a laugh to fill in the morning nothing more just a bit of fun. "Yeah think back to when you were living at home," Tom said, "what would your dad have done if you had came drunk, and then threw up all over the place?"

Angela laughed, knowing what Tom was talking about, after all it was no big secret, in fact not that unusual for many in those days. "Over the arm of the couch, slipper across me arse!" Angela replied with her and Julie's stock answer to questions of this kind.

"When did you last get it?"

This question though threw Angela a little, for all she was the elder sister, Julie married and left home three years before she did. So as a married woman didn't fall under their fathers strict discipline for as long as Angela did. "I was twenty three." Angela finally said, feeling herself blushing at sharing this information. "Dad always said you are never to old for a tanning as long as you are living in my house."

This answer was like manna to Tom's ears, now he had a real chance to wind up his sister in law. "Twenty three years old and it was still jeans down over the arm of the sofa?"

Angela sighed heavily, she could do without this today. "Not quite," she replied wearily. "I don't know if you remember me getting into bother for coming home late one night and putting the grill on to do some bacon, then going to bed and forgetting about it?"

Tom nodded as he did sort of recall an incident with the fire alarm.

"The fire alarm went off as the burnt bacon started to smoke. I just slept through it, but I got an awakening the next morning alright! When I woke up dad was standing over my bed, slipper in hand, the smell of burning reminded straight away of what I had done."

Now giggling as he recalled being told of the girl's punishment rituals, Tom said, "so it was the duvet over the bottom of the wooden bed rail?"

Angela sighed again. "Yes, the duvet to make us nice and comfy so we could always concentrate on our bottoms, you know all this off by heart!"

"Yeah I know, but twenty three!" Tom said now almost in convulsions of laughter.

"I told you age made no difference to dad." Angela said, now blushing like mad.

"So it was nightie up, there and then?"


"Bare bum at twenty three?" Tom said, assuming that Angela didn't wear knickers under her nightie, she said nothing to contradict that assumption.

"His house, his rules, his slipper. Can we just let this drop now, Tom?" Angela said almost pleadingly.

"Not yet." Tom said, then quickly left the room rushing upstairs.

Angela sipped at her coffee wondering what her brother-in-law was up to. She had always had a soft spot for Tom, and since her divorce both Julie and Tom had been very supportive, all this made her feel even more guilty about her antics last night. She didn't like to think about what her dad would have said about her state last night. "Angela, you are growing old disgracefully!" She imagined her late father saying. She allowed herself a little smile, as she remembered her dad, strict as he was she always knew that he loved his two daughters dearly. Yes she would have been in deep do-do this morning if he was around.

Then Tom entered the room triumphantly, clutching two carrier bags, handing her one he said. "Recognise this, I bet you do?"

Angela swallowed deeply as she saw the oh too familiar brown leather slipper. "Er... how do you.." Then she remembered, both her husband and Tom were given a little joke wedding present from her father.

Beaming down at her Tom Said. "There is something missing though isn't there?"


"Well it's empty isn't it? Too light, what does it need?" Tom asked her.

Angela's eyes rolled skywards. "Socks," she said, "Dad always stuffed it full of old socks, to give it extra weight."

Tom then threw the other carrier bag down onto the sofa. "Well get stuffing, Angela, we can get this over with then I'll make breakfast."

Angela looked into the bag, already half suspecting it's contents, sure enough if it was full of sports socks. Right, this joke has gone far enough she thought to herself. "You can't expect to be giving me a slippering?"

"Why not?" Tom asked, his brow furrowed. "You just said you're never to old, and his house his rules. This is my house and my rules, so get putting them socks in that slipper."

To Angela this was all just a bad hazy morning, you know when hangovers give the whole day a sort of feeling, that you aren't actually living the day out but merely spectating from the sidelines. To her own surprise though she found herself meekly obeying, and rolling up the socks and stuffing them deep into the size eleven slipper. How many times had she felt this across her bottom, it all seemed like a different lifetime now, for a start is was last century. No Tom couldn't be serious, he was only testing her, seeing how far she would go with the joke, after all she was a middle aged woman now. Once the slipper was well stocked, weighty enough for it's not intended purpose, she silently handed it back to Tom.

"Thank you, Angela," Tom said, amazed at how easy this was going. "now if you could just bend yourself over the arm of the sofa and lift your dress we can begin."

Slowly Angela stood up, and in the same out of body daze bent herself over the arm, lifting the hem of her thin flowery dress high up over her hips.

Tom moved into position behind her, looking down he could see Angela's pale green knickers beneath her flesh coloured tights. "How many did you used to get, six wasn't it?"

"Yes, Tom, you know we did." Angela replied tersely, still not really believing the situation she was in.

"Well I think with the passing of years, we should up the ante, and make it a nice hard eight. A hard eight, does that sound OK to you?"

Angela didn't reply, only snorted at his weak innuendo.

"First though, Angela, I think we should clear the decks a little." Tom said, as his fingers went under the cloth of Angela's upturned dress searching out the waistband of her tights. "Stalagmites and stalactites, you know how I used to remember them in geography lessons? It's easy, tights always come down." Tom said chuckling to himself as pulled Angela's tights down to just below her knees.

Angela could feel her face burning as Tom disrobed her, she knew only to well though in a few moments it was going to be a different kind of heat she would be feeling.

"Now at your age, I don't think there is any real need for these either." Tom said, his fingers now at the waist band of Angela's thin underwear.

"Tom please!" Angela shouted, more in hope than expectation. The hope was dashed as she felt the thin knickers join the same downward course as her tights before them.

"You ready now?" Tom asked, but before she could reply, she felt the first harsh impact across the centre of her bottom, taking her breath away. "Cos here comes your second one!" Sure enough it did, this one though aimed at her left cheek, and laid on hard.

Angela realised that this wasn't just going to be Tom messing about, this was going to be a real old fashioned punishment! To her surprise the third whack landed on the same cheek, causing her to shout out in pain. This was so embarrassing, not so much being bent over the sofa and being stripped by her brother-in-law, that part she found a bit sexy in a kinky, hungover way. No it wasn't that that was making her embarrassed, it was the worry that at forty six she wasn't able to take a punishment that as a teen she just looked upon as a bit of an annoyance. Or did she, or was that just the way that she and Julie preferred to remember it. Then the fourth one landed, this time square across her bottom like the first.

"Been a long time, hasn't it, Angela?" Tom enquired.

"Yes!" Angela replied through gritted teeth. "It's been a long time."

"Halfway now," Tom said as he laid the fifth stroke onto her virgin right cheek. "sorry I lied, we are over the halfway mark. Only three more to go," Then the sixth landed as Tom was still speaking. "sorry two!"

Angela could feel a tear crawling slowly down her cheek, but oddly enough she felt that little bit more alive than she did only three minutes earlier, "Some hangover cure this." She said, as she studied the diagonal pattern of the sofa.

"Yeah I bet this beats bloody mary's and raw eggs," Tom said. "though from here I can see a pretty raw bottom. Real prime tenderised rump!"

"Aww, Tom, you say such the loveliest things," Angela said sarcastically. "as you beat a lady black and blue!"

"Only ladies that try and take over my house, only ladies that throw up all over my living room. How ladylike is that anyway?"

Angela didn't reply, she knew in an odd twisted way that Tom was right. Also she found the situation oddly sexy, like a scene out of one of the books that she had taken to reading lately.

"As a treat." Tom said. "for the last two, I'll let you pick where they are going to land. Left," Angela felt Tom's hand caressing her left bottom cheek, "or right," she then felt his hand upon her right cheek, "or perhaps middle?" Now she felt his fingers run down the cleft of her bottom, then drop that bit little lower. "Tut-tut, getting damp down there sis-in-law! So where is it going to be?"

Angela closed her eyes in shame, she had been caught out now by Tom in every respect, her little secret now not so secret. For months, no years she had fantasised about a situation like this, and here she was lost for words. "Middle!" She almost sobbed out, in less than fifteen seconds later she was sobbing as both whacks landed hard across her naked bottom. As she lay there over the arm of the sofa sobbing, crying more about her secret kink being uncovered than over the pain, she felt Toms' finger again running down the cleft of her bottom, this time though it didn't stop with a mere touch at the damp folds of her sex. This time the finger probed deeply.

"Been a long time hasn't it, Angela?" Tom asked the same question again this time in a different context.

"Yes, too long!" Angela gasped.

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