Monday, 18 April 2011

Dressed for punishment -part 2

As Amy sat at her desk in nervous expectation, re-keying data and awaiting Tom's call, Tom sat at his desk in total bewilderment, what to do now? He had never even expected the young clerk to even come in to work this morning, less so to come in wearing the ridiculous clothes that he had provided for her. There were odd little things in her behaviour that had also caught him unawares. The way she now called him Sir all the time, the way that she put her hands on her head so compliantly and unquestioning. It was almost as if she too was living out her own fantasy. Or was Tom reading too much into the situation, was it all just so much wishful thinking upon his part? He was now on the horns of a dilemma, what was the girl expecting to happen next, and how far to take things with her? To pass up on this opportunity to spank Amy, and to just let her off with her pointless keying would be one option, an option that Tom knew to be the most sensible one to take from the legal point of view, but it still struck Tom that Amy was in fact expecting, perhaps even craving corporal punishment of some sort. If indeed she was expecting a spanking, was she expecting it to be over her leggings, or with her leggings down or even removed for that matter?

The road to an industrial tribunal for sexual harassment seemed to be already well trod upon, so would he by suggesting a bare bottom punishment make matters that much worse?

Tom looked at his watch then realised that he had spent almost two hours thinking over his predicament. It was no good, it was now time to take the bull by the horns. He strode purposefully from his office to the outer office and said to Amy, "Would you like a coffee or tea?"

"Er, tea please, sir, a little milk no sugar." Replied Amy, taken by surprise by Tom's question. She was expecting something much more ominous.

"Do you want to pop out for a smoke, Amy?" Tom asked, feeling foolish at his impotence, for he had got this far and then fallen at the last hurdle.

"Er... no..., Sir I'd rather not today." Amy said, blushing and indicating with a wave her current dress and forcing out a smile. "I'd much rather not."

"Well you could sneak off to the ladies, there are no smoke sensors in there, I promise I won't tell if you don't." Tom said in a conspiratorial tone. "It will be like being at school again!"

To a certain extent it was to Amy like being at school again, as she drew deeply on her cigarette. This was being at the school of her hidden fantasies, the school where bad behaviour was treated with a very sore bare bottom. The school where, well for today anyway, Tom was the headmaster, the headmaster that was keeping in wait for her well earned, well yearned for punishment. She took her last draw upon her cigarette and threw it into the toilet. "I wonder how long he will keep me waiting?" She said to herself as she flushed the bowl.

Back in his office Tom had now decided upon his course of action, at eleven o'clock he would call her in here, he looked again at the clock on his desk, forty five minutes to go. At eleven fifteen Tom picked up his phone and rang Amy's extension. "Miss Mathews, can you pop in now please?"

"Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" Was the reply he heard in his receiver.

Amy knocked on Tom's door before entering. Politeness? Or another bit of fantasy play? Neither party really new for sure.

"Before we go any further, I was wondering what you took severe chastisement to be, Miss Mathews?" Tom asked the small brunette in front of his desk.

"Well..." Spankings! Canes! Paddles and leather tawses Amy thought to herself but replied. "I don't really know, Sir, I suppose whatever you feel fit. After all I did make a huge mistake." Amy said her eyes now looking down at the diamond pattern blue carpet.

"Well anything less than..." Tom said, then cleared his throat with a nervous cough. "a really harsh spanking would be letting you off lightly, don't you agree?"

"Yes, sir." Amy replied glumly, still avoiding any eye contact with her soon to be chastiser.

"Also, I wonder do you think that you deserve the benefit of having your bottom covered?" Tom asked, biting the bullet of possible future litigation.

"No, Sir I don't deserve any protection against your hand." Amy whispered almost inaudibly.

"I'm sorry what was that, Amy?" Tom asked not really believing his ears.

"I.. said that I don.. don't deserve any protection from your hand, Sir." Amy repeated, her voice almost breaking.

"Come around here please." Tom said, pointing to the side of his chair.

Slowly, very slowly, Amy made her way to Tom's side her knees feeling like jelly. Tom swivelled his chair around to face her.

"Your foot please, Amy," Tom said to the shaking girl. "either one first."

"Wha.. what?" Amy asked, total confusion on her face.

"Well I can't take off your leggings while you are still wearing your trainers. can I now?"

Amy lifted first her left, then her right foot up onto Tom's lap, knowing all too well that soon she would be going half naked across that same trousered thigh. Tom made short work of removing her trainers, quickly undoing the single bow knots and pulling the shoes clear of her small pop sock clad feet. Amy stood, her arms and hands flapping nervously by her side as she stared up at the tiled ceiling, not really knowing what to do with her hands, waiting for what she knew would be coming next. She felt Tom's hands reach round, one hand on each bottom cheek, he then pulled her towards him.

"Sorry sir!" Amy said as she stumbled slightly.

Then she felt his fingers go to the elasticated waistband of her leggings, she gasped then held her breath.

With his eyes level with Amy's tummy, Tom started to slowly pull the sheen tights down over her hips. Tom swallowed hard as the dark triangle of Amy's pubic bush came into view. He continued lowering her tights till they reached her ankles, unbidden she lifted first her right foot, then the left, so that Tom could pull the garment clear of her legs. There she was now standing in front of him, naked from the waist down, apart from her short white pop socks, feeling exposed and foolish. Then Tom moved to pull her over his knee, his chair moving under him as he reached out to her waist.

"This is no good, Amy," he said. "this chair is not really stable. Pop out to the reception desk and get me one of the wooden chairs."

Amy quickly padded out of the room, with Tom watching the fluid movement of her pale cheeks, each step causing a gentle ripple in her light pink flesh.

Reaching the reception, she darted out and grabbed a chair, rushing back before anyone could see her state of undress through the outer glass door. When she got back to Tom's office, he was standing in front of his desk, she held the chair out in front of her glad of the shielding effect of it's backrest. No matter how briefly it was going to be hiding her already seen pussy. Without having to be told, Amy placed the chair down by Tom's side, her hands dropping to replace the the job that was being done by the backrest. Tom sat, then pointed in silence at his lap. Amy, without any argument draped herself over his lap, steadying herself with her hands on the floor in front of her and waited. She didn't have to wait long, but it seemed like a lifetime, Tom's right hand came down upon her right cheek with a resounding slap. The noise of impact to her ears seemed to echo throughout the room, then it was followed by another, this time to her left cheek. Then Tom built up a steady alternating rhythm, moving his hand from one cheek to the other. Though each slap caught Amy's breath, it wasn't that bad, it was bearable almost pleasant in a way. Often she had thought about self spanking just to see how it felt, twice she had tried, but could never get the force just right. Each time, she found herself pulling out of the required force to make it feel like a real punishment, but like Goldilocks she found Tom's hand to be "just right".

Well anyway she did at first, until Tom started to build up speed, and stopped alternating cheeks. Instead now the spanks were raining down in flurries, little salvos upon one cheek at a time. Amy found herself now squirming on Tom's lap as the heat built up in her bottom, causing Tom more than a little discomfort as the constant movement of Amy's naked lower body across his groin was having the obvious effect upon him. So much so, that Tom felt that he could be in danger of premature orgasm, with the combined effects of her movement, and the feel of her soft springy bottom on his palm. To alleviate this danger, Tom changed his and Amy's position, with a little bit of wrestling he managed to hook his right leg over the back of Amy's legs, locking her into a more steady position scissored between his left thigh, and his right hamstring. In this more steady position, he felt that he could increase again the rapidity of his spanking, ignoring Amy's squeaks and screams. Ignoring the office door opening. Not noticing the figure of his sister Joan until he heard her voice above the sound of his busy palm, and Amy's fruitless pleading.

"What the hell is happening in here," Joan shouted. "how long has this been going on for?"

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