Friday, 8 April 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 7

It was now ten days since Veronica's first "treatment" session, she had been due her second session five days after the first one, but was spared through "medical grounds", as nurse Corrigan delicately put it. Now though the day was with her, and all morning she had been dreading the call to the Treatment Room.

Veronica had never felt so alone as she did this morning, Jonathan her friend and confident had as he had predicted been released into the care of his parents. So now Veronica had no one other than the Irish nurse that she could talk to.
Nurse Corrigan was real a mystery to Veronica, she seemed to hold her job and the other staff members with a degree of disdain. It wasn't so much what she said, but the way that she said it that led Veronica to believe that the nurse Corrigan's heart was not really in this job. The other members of the nursing and for that matter the domestic staff, seemed to enjoy the powers that they held over the inmates. Nurse Corrigan though seemed more interested in just making sure that the place ran smoothly, though no one should be fooled into taking this as any sign of weakness. The strap that she wore from her belt was not there for decorational purposes, but she did use it sparingly, and did not seem to garner any enjoyment from it's usage. Unlike many of the other staff members, who seemed to relish in the role of disciplinarians, though not being punished herself Veronica had witnessed other inmates tasting the belt on their bottoms. As all summary punishments were doled out there and then, with no sensitivity for the inmates privacy, Veronica had noticed that the three other girls she had seen receiving the strap were like herself locked in chastity belts.

After Jonathan had left, nurse Corrigan had noticed how quiet and withdrawn Veronica had become, so she took it upon herself to engage Veronica in conversation whenever she could. She also introduced Veronica to the small and little used library provided for the inmates. For the first time in her life, Veronica started to read properly, to read for the pure enjoyment and escapism from her current surroundings. At the moment she was reading Jane Eyre, the book haunted her, it seemed to be seeping in allusions to corporal punishment and the poor girl was drifting from one crisis to the next. Veronica drew many parallels with herself, similarities that only two weeks ago she would have thought to be laughable. For all the reading though, Veronica could not help but notice how much she missed young Mr. Carter. She missed his ready wit, and the way he always managed to find the silver lining no matter how stormy the sky. She also missed his cheeky demeanour, and his openness about all things. After her first session that morning in the treatment room, Jonathan was in for his first session in the afternoon, that evening as they had dinner together Jonathan spoke of his treatment session.
"I imagine we both got similar treatment, well as similar as it can be under our differing circumstances." Jonathan said, a wicked grin on his face. " I was stripped from the waist down and made to sit up on a stirrup bench, once the dammed belt came off my little soldier stood straight to attention like a Coldstream Guard."
As Jonathan laughed at his little joke, Veronica could feel her face redden as it always did with Jonathan's flirtatious banter.
"Tell you what though, I don't know about how it went for you, but that miss Brompton certainly knows how to get a chap to the edge without letting him fall over! After nearly an hour she had my balls aching with all her stop starts."
Now rather than being embarrassed, Veronica was downright confused by Jonathan's ramblings.
"But when she caned me I finally managed to spend much to her disgust, and annoyance!" Jonathan said giggling to himself.
Veronica felt her heart go into her mouth at the mention of the cane. She knew the cane was sometimes used at home for the discipline of staff, and she also knew how the maids used to dread that above all other sanctions. What perturbed but also encouraged her, was the way that Jonathan seemed to have relished his treatment session, it made her odd thoughts seem that little bit more normal. "Surely it was terrible being caned?" She asked.
"Well the way I see it is, if you have to be caned it is best from a pretty woman!" Jonathan answered, and then continued. "At school it was always from the masters, so not quite the same, and of course her pre-caning was exquisite you can tell she really enjoys her job."
Remembering her own time in the treatment room with Miss Brompton, Veronica could not help but nod, then blushed yet again on the realisation of her involuntary movement of agreement. That though was all nearly a fortnight ago, and now she faced her new session with no one to confide in. Sitting waiting on nurse Corrigan's arrival, Veronica reflected on her strange dreams. She and Jonathan both at university together, did this even happen, young ladies and gentleman going to the same classes? Their teacher was Miss Brompton, which of course could only happen in a dream scape, a woman teaching at university, even more so one so young. In all her dreams Miss Brompton was a strict disciplinarian, sometimes it would be Veronica on the wrong side of her other times it would be Jonathan. All times though the punishments were meted out on the bare bottom. All times the punishment was in front of the rest of the class. A knock at her door brought her crashing back into reality, the door opened and in walked nurse Corrigan.
"Miss Bowman, it's time for your treatment." The Irish nurse said almost apologetically. "Remember, Miss it's best not to make any fuss!"
Veronica nodded, and managed a weak smile, as she stood and followed the nurse to the "Treatment Room". Upon entering, Dr. Dewbury welcomed Veronica with a cheery good morning, while Miss Brompton looked on with her usual half smile, as nurse Corrigan started to help Veronica to disrobe and unlocked her chastity belt, then helped her up onto the chair strapping her in like the last time.
"Dr. Dewbury," Miss Brompton said. "I have been giving this young ladies predicament a great deal of thought, and have decided to try another approach. This method should either confirm, or refute, the fact that she is indeed sexually excited by corporal punishment."
Veronica felt so ashamed lying back on the seat, naked from the waist down, with her legs spread in such a lewd manner as Miss Brompton and Dr. Dewbury talked over the top of her as if she was not even in the room with them. As they talked Miss Brompton's fingers trailed idly on Veronica's naked upper thigh, Veronica closed her eyes tight and tried to think herself out of the room.
"Well I think you may as well begin now," said Dr. Dewbury. "pelvic massage to begin with?"
"Yes I believe so, I think I will bring her to the edge of completion a couple of times before applying the strap."
"The strap?" Asked the doctor. "Do you think that will be necessary for your experiment?"
"Yes that is my experiment, It will be to the hands not to the young ladies posterior. That should prove one way or another if her passion lies in the receiving of corporal punishment."
"Ah yes! Very scientific, that will rule out the strap causing the engorgement of blood to her pudenda being the trigger for her feminine hysteria, very good, Miss Brompton." Said the doctor beaming at his protege, nurse Corrigan looking on merely shook her head slowly.
Now that Veronica knew what was going to be coming her way, she couldn't get it out of her mind. Even as Miss Brompton's fingers started to work at her femininity, all Veronica could think of was that strap coming down across her hand. She remembered once talking to her two cousins, who unlike Veronica were not home schooled, they had both regaled Veronica with tales of how they were punished at school. It would seem that never a day went by without some pupil being called up to the front of the class to receive either the strap or the cane across their hands. As Miss Brompton's torturous fingers continued their teasing, Veronica's mind wandered, she was back in the college class of her recent dreams. For some misdemeanour, she didn't know what, Veronica was at the front of the class. Her fellow students all smiling, knowing what fate was about to befall her, this time it was not going to be a spanking or a caning to her naked bottom, this time it would be her hands that were to receive the pain.
Veronica felt the strange waves building up in her lower body again, bringing her back to the room, she could also hear and odd sloshing noise, then realised that noise was coming from her, coming from Miss Brompton's ministrations. Veronica bit on her lower lip in shame, but also expectation of the rush about to engulf her. Then Miss Brompton's fingers stopped, leaving her hanging on the edge of the cliff of bliss, just the gentlest of touches would be all it needed to take her over that edge. That touch never came.
Three more times in the next half hour Miss Brompton took Veronica to the edge of the precipice, and each time sensing how close she was Miss Brompton stopped just short of completion. Finally Veronica, who was now in a daze of confusion and frustration was untied from the dentist's chair.
"Miss Bowman, you will now receive six strokes of the strap across your hands, to help rid your mind of the filthy thoughts, that are now no doubt in residence." Miss Brompton announced. "Three on each hand. You will lift your hand straight out in front of you, at just under shoulder height, either hand first it matters not a jot."
Veronica, just stood there, staring blankly ahead.
"Now please, Miss Bowman!" Miss Brompton demanded.
Shaking, Veronica held her left hand out palm up, hardly daring to look at her young torturer. Miss Brompton tapped the underside of Veronica's proffered hand to get it to the correct height. Then without warning, she slashed the leather strap across the fleshiest part of Veronica's delicate palm. The initial sting of leather was harsh enough, the impact catching her by surprise and making her gasp out in pain, soon though that sting was replaced by a deep burning feeling. Veronica though, to Miss Brompton's annoyance, kept her hand in place waiting for the next blow. Already in her minds eye, transported off to her imaginary classroom. In this classroom, she was the put upon heroine bravely taking the unwarranted punishment from her cruel teacher. The next cut of the strap, almost broke her fantasy as it to fell onto almost the exact same target area of the first. Still though Veronica held firm, in her mind's eye her resolve was being watched and admired by Jonathan Carter as she waited hand held firm for the third bite of the strap. The third though was much different, Miss Brompton in her determination to break Veronica deliberately targeted not Veronica's palm, but chose instead to unleash her strap onto Veronica's fingers. The burning pain across her fingers brought Veronica hurtling back into the reality of Dr. Dewbury's treatment room. In an automatic reflex to try and squash the pain Veronica thrust her hand between her thighs.
This was an even better result than the one that Miss Brompton was hoping for. Throwing the strap onto the dentist's chair, Miss Brompton then roughly grabbed Veronica's shoulder, and proceeded to give her bare bottom a sound, harsh spanking. What a sight the two young girls made! Veronica naked from the waist down almost dancing a circular jig trying to avoid Miss Bromton's stingy palm.
"I cannot believe such licentious behaviour, here in front of us all, proof that you are a compulsive onanist!" Miss Brompton chided Veronica.
"No! Please miss, I... I... was just trying... my fingers they hurt so much!" Veronica pleaded between slaps. Once that she was satisfied that she had made her point to both Veronica, and Dr. Dewbury, Miss Brompton stopped the impromptu spanking. "Right! Stand up straight girl, and put you other hand out, we are only halfway remember!" Miss Brompton demanded, all pretence of polite deference now gone from her voice.
Veronica obeyed, after all what else could she do? Waiting with her right hand held out, time seemed to alter, seemed to slow down, almost to the point that she would swear that she could see the strap clearly tracking through the air on its journey to her hand. That impact, the first one on her right hand was enough. That impact, coupled with her warm naked bottom and Miss Brompton's earlier attention to her sex was all it took, as she was finally released into an engulfing orgasm.
Wide eyed Miss Brompton looked on as Veronica reached her sexual release. "There you have it Doctor, proof positive." Miss Brompton said, with a note of triumph in her voice. "Nurse can you help Miss Bowman get dressed please? She will be finding her fingers a little uncomfortable at the moment."
Frowning, nurse Corrigan did as requested, as Miss Brompton and Dr Dewbury talked over Veronica's predicament.
"Perhaps, Doctor we should consider more radical treatment?" Miss Brompton said almost in a whisper.
"No her mother forbade that," replied the doctor."but I would like to ask her about Miss Bowman's earlier upbringing."
Trying hard to make sense of what they were talking about, only confused Veronica even more. "I really am going mad." she thought to herself, as nurse Corrigan relocked her chastity belt.

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