Wednesday, 23 March 2011

'Torchwood',a parallel universe fantasy!

Torched buns in the Torchwood hub!

The Torchwood Hub was quiet, almost too quiet, but that was the way Jack liked it, this way he could catch up on paperwork, review current investigations and generally think about the events of the day. It was six fifteen and most of the team had already gone home, it had been a fairly easy day with general clear up operations and only one Weevil chase, so Jack had told his team to have an early night. The only one left was Toshiko, she'd found some unidentified hardware earlier in the day and was keen to dissect and analyse it before Leaving. Jack always like to keep an eye on what his team were doing, especially when unknown artefacts were involved, there was the obvious safety issue of course, but also the possibility they might decide to try the artefact out without using Torchwood protocols. Since Toshiko acquired the alien pendant that allowed her to read peoples minds Jack had kept a close eye on her in particular, and his actions were soon to be proved necessary. Jack was sitting in his office mulling through some files when a movement on the nearby monitor caught his eye, it was showing a shot of the armoury and the movement turned out to be Toshiko, Jack watched intently as she cautiously peered around her and placed something on one of the shelves, he realised straight away what it was and quickly made his way out of the office. Toshiko called 'goodnight' and was swiftly making her way towards the main exit when Jacks voice called out to her.

"Toshiko, my office now!"

She turned to face him, he stood with his hands on his hips and his expression left her under no illusion that he was not a happy man. She took a deep breath and made her way up the steps and along into his office.

"Take a seat." Jack said, Toshiko did as instructed and Jack perched on the edge of his desk, he looked down at her and folded his arms. "How long have you been working here now?"

"Um.. about three years?"

"Uh huh, and what is my main rule about alien artefacts?"

She looked down at her hands. "They're not to be taken off the base without your express permission."

"That's right," nodded Jack, "so what part of that don't you understand?"

Toshiko shrugged. "I don't know what you mean."

Jack pointed to the monitor. "I just saw you in the armoury, and I know what you were putting back."

"Oh.. well I just thought that I.." her voice trailed off.

"That I wouldn't notice?" Offered Jack.


"well guess what!"

"I know, you noticed."

"Right again. Having cctv set up in the Hub is pretty useful, not only does it help us stay safe, but it also means I can keep an eye on you guys, especially when you're up to no good!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't think it would be that big a deal."

"Toshiko, you took an alien device which allows you to see through solid objects like walls and floors, do you have any idea how dangerous that would be if it got into the wrong hands?"

Toshiko nodded. "I know but I was really careful."

"Oh, like you were with that alien pendant?"

There was only one response she could think of. "I'm sorry."

"Oh you will be."

She stared up at him."What do you mean?"

Jack dropped his gaze. "You remember what I wanted to do to you after the incident with that pendant?"

Toshiko thought for a moment and a shiver ran through her body as she remembered Jacks exact words."You.. you said you wanted to beat me."

"Well we'd better get going then." Jack stood up and gestured for her to leave.

"But.. I didn't think you meant that, I thought you were only kidding?"

"Well you were wrong."

"But you can't, you're not allowed to do that sort of thing, it's in the rules remember?"

Jack raised his eyebrows. "You broke a rule, didn't you?"

Toshiko suddenly realised she'd lost that argument. "Well then I won't let you."

"Okay, I'll just contact UNIT and tell them what you did." He turned and picked up his phone.

"But you know what they'll do if you tell them!"

"Yeah, they'll want me to fire you and give you a dose of level one Retcon."

"I don't want that, you know I don't." She looked at him, her dark eyes pleading.

"I'd better handle this my way then?"

Toshiko reluctantly nodded, not really believing Jack was actually going to go through with it, after all he couldn't, could he? Jack pulled her to her feet and lead her slowly out of his office.

They walked the labyrinth of passageways and corridors down to the vaults, and seemed to go deeper into the base than ever before. Toshiko never liked it down there at the best of times, it was damp, cold and musky, and always felt creepy, but now she had a new reason to dislike it, she felt like she was going to the gallows. Jack however seemed totally calm, as though this was something he did all the time, taking his staff down to the vaults for a good dose of corporal punishment.

They finally stopped outside one of many doors that Toshiko had never been through, Jack unlocked it and ushered her inside. It was dark and she struggled to see what was in there, then Jack flicked a switch and a single, bare light bulb flickered into life over head. It cast a dull, but sufficient enough light to illuminate what appeared to Toshiko to be a torture chamber. She let out an audible gasp. "Oh my God!"

"Impressive isn't it." Jack beamed proudly.

It was a large room, about ten metres square and Toshiko gazed in shock at all the chains, leather restraints and strange looking contraptions, she hardly knew what to say. "I... I don't understand, why is all this here?"

"Well, back in the days before truth drugs and brain probes we needed ways to get information and truth from our prisoners, so we brought them in here." Jack walked over to the far wall and began pointing to some of the objects. "Thumb screws, skin clamps, leather restraints, all these things were effective in getting people to talk, in fact most prisoners spilled the beans as soon as they looked at this stuff."

"I'm not surprised." Toshiko swallowed hard. "And you used to use these on people?"

"Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, but by the time I joined we were beginning to use drugs and other methods, more like we do today."

She watched as Jack moved a chair onto the middle of the room, her pulse was racing with anticipation.

"When I joined Torchwood there were two women working here, for a while I reported to them and they took charge of things, but their methods were real extreme, they used to just kill aliens back in those days, they had no remorse." Jack walked over to Toshiko and took her hand. "I like to think I have a milder approach, for example when a female was brought in for questioning I wouldn't allow her to be tortured in the same way as males, I used my own method." With that Jack led Toshiko over to the chair, he sat down and before she had time to react he pulled her down across his lap.

Toshiko struggled against him, she could feel his strong arms pinning her down and realised he was totally serious. She was totally embarrassed and humiliated, and felt like a little girl again being spanked by her father.

He held her firmly and gazed down at the shapely young woman, as well as a beige sweater she was wearing brown trouser with an elasticated waist which he knew would prove convenient later. "Of course back then women wore long skirts or dresses with layers of petticoat underneath, so it wasn't as easy to get to the bottom of things!" With that he gave Toshiko's bottom a sharp slap across both cheeks. She let out a yelp, more from shock than pain, and held her breath wondering what would happen next, she didn't have to wait long as another firm slap landed on her proffered bottom.


Jack smiled, pleased he was making an impact her. "It never used to take long for those ladies to start talking once I started spanking them."

He slapped her hard again and she writhed against him, but she was no match for the big American, compared to him Toshiko was tiny and had no chance of escape. She'd already regretted taking the device, but now she was regretting not wearing thick trousers!

"Okay, Jack I get it, now please can I go?" she asked pitifully.

"Go? Already? I haven't even started yet!" With that he landed of volley of firm smacks across Toshikos' bottom that had her squealing and squirming, she kicked out with her legs and reached back with her right hand, only to have it pinned to her back. "Oh no you don't, Missy, you're getting punished, just like I warned you when I recruited you."

As Jack continued to spank her Toshiko's mind wondered back to when she'd first met him, UNIT had arrested her for for trading alien technology in exchange for her mothers life, it had been daring and dangerous and when she was caught she expected to spend the rest of her life imprisoned. Toshiko had been locked in a bare cell in a top secret location, and Jack was her only way out, he knew her technological genius would prove invaluable and signed her up to work at Torchwood three, but she clearly remembered his warning, if you break the rules you will be punished, although at the time this was not what she thought he had in mind!

She kicked and squealed as her spanking continued, her bottom was burning now and as tears welled in her eyes the grubby concrete floor became a blur.

Jack slowed down the slaps, then stopped and began gently rubbing Toshikos' stinging cheeks. "Are you learning your lesson?" he asked her.

"Yes." she gasped. "I've learnt my lesson."

"You mean you're learning it," he told her. "I haven't finished yet."

"But... but I promise I won't do it again."

"Well I wanna make sure you don't ,you see I have a feeling you will do it again unless I give you a good incentive not to." With that he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her trousers and began to ease them down.

"No!" Toshiko yelled and struggled madly. "No, Jack you can't do that!"

"Oh I think I can." he replied mildly as her trousers were pushed down her thighs. He adjusted her panties, pulling the fabric tight across her small cheeks. The panties were fairly sheer and he could see the cleft of her bottom through the this material. "Very cute!" he grinned.

All Toshiko could do was lie there, shame faced and humiliated. She gazed tearfully around the room, wishing this whole thing could be over as soon as possible.

Jack lowered his left knee and raised his right so her bottom was presented even higher, then began to spank her again, this time in a more methodical manner. He alternated from cheek to cheek and covered her entire bottom as well as the tops of her thighs with firm slaps. Toshiko squealed and kicked out, muttering protestations and promising never to break the rules again, but Jack simply continued the chastisement.

He stopped again and Toshiko felt relieved, sure he would let her up now, but to her horror she felt his fingers at the waist of her panties. "Oh God no, Jack. Please!" This was more than she could cope with.

"You broke the rules remember, you let me down and you're gonna to pay the price this time. Oh and if you disobey me again you'll get more of the same, so I suggest you think twice in future" He swiftly peeled her panties down over her bottom, revealing her soft, dark skin, now tinted crimson. Once they were well out of the way he gently caressed her cheeks. "I'm disappointed in you Toshiko, I expected better from you."

Toshiko sniffed and nodded her head, "I'm sorry, Jack." Tears began to fall both from the shame at having her bottom bared, and from knowing she'd let Jack down. At that point she decided he was right and she deserved to be soundly spanked, and she was. Jack was relentless, he covered every inch until her bottom and the tops of her thighs were a deep red and burning to the touch. her cheeks bounced under his strong hand, he wasn't cruel on her, just firm enough to teach her a lesson. She couldn't help writhing and crying out, but when he felt her body go limp across his lap he immediately stopped and began comforting her.

"Okay, you've learnt your lesson now." he told her softly. "Up you get."

She began to cry, so Jack gently pulled her panties and trousers up and eased her off his knee, he then turned her around and sat her on his lap, holding her close to him while she sobbed.

"I'm sorry I let you down," she said eventually.

"I know, but you're forgiven now."

"Am I?"

"Sure. You've been punished so now we're even, until the next time." He gave a chuckle.

"Oh there won't be a next time. Believe me I've learnt my lesson, the hard way."

"And now you know I mean business."

"Yeah, I do." She looked up at him. And I promise I won't be taking anything without your permission again."

Jack grinned at her. "I kind of hope you're just telling me that."


"Cos I actually enjoyed spanking your bare butt!"

Toshiko couldn't help laughing. "Well I didn't enjoy it."

"You weren't supposed to!"

"No, no of course not, that would defeat the object wouldn't it."

"Just a bit."

Toshiko thought for a moment."You um.. you're not going to tell anyone are you?"

"That you broke the rules?"

"No, that you, you know."

"No, I'm not going to tell anyone about all this." He raised his eyebrows. "If I do they might get jealous."

"Who of, you or me?"


The following morning Toshiko arrived at the Hub early, she was surprised to find Owen already there, rattling around in the autopsy room. "How come you're here so early?" she asked him.

"Blame Jack, he got me out on a case at six this morning, some bloody dead alien that needed examining."

Jack appeared in the doorway of his office."Quit griping, Owen."

Owen glared at him. "Uh, when you drag me out at that time in the mornin' I'm entitled to gripe." He turned to Toshiko. "You know he can be a right pain in the arse sometimes!"

Jack gave her a wicked grin and her face flushed, if only Owen knew, she thought to herself.

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