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The Outpost, A New Awakening.

This is really Abigail's story, as she told it to me. I'm writing it as best as I can from memory, I apologise in advance for any minor details that I may get wrong. As I said I'm writing this from memory, not from notes or from tapes, just what I recall her telling me that afternoon in the hotel on the banks of the Tyne. Some of the things she told me I found a little confusing, I'm not that familiar with the scouting movement in England, let alone that of the U.S.A.. So I hope you will bear with me on certain details that I may get incorrect, it is not that I wish to deceive.

Abigail had left high school and was waiting to go to college, when she was given the chance to go on a venturing course. There were really few things further from her mind than a venturing course. She never even wanted to join the GSUSA in the first place, but she was cajoled into it by her mother. Not that her mother was strict with her, in many ways Abigail would have preferred a strict mom to complain and bitch about, but no that was not Mrs. Williams style. She preferred to just moan and whine on at Abigail, till like sea erosion she eventually got her way.

"Scouting would be a good extra-curricular activity, it will look good on your college applications." Because as she always liked to remind Abigail. "you can't just rely on exam results, not with your grades you can't!"

Abigail knew that her mom meant well, all she wanted was for her to have the breaks that she hadn't had. So Mrs. Williams had tried to map out a path for her daughter, but being the lone parent in a one parent family it was not all plain sailing, as she reminded her daughter at every given opportunity. Abigail started to think at a very early age that it was no surprise that her dad ran off the way he did, putting up with her mom would try the patience of even the most holy of saints. Never mind that of a "drunken fornicator", as her mom would fondly call her father. With him moving from New Mexico to Maine, meant that Abigail rarely saw her father, so she lacked the influence of having a significant male figure in her life. This manifested itself in a strange way, she had crushes on nearly all her male tutors at high school, not that unusual in itself you would think. Most girls have a little crush here and there, but Abigail's were more intense, and not really sexual in nature. She was - though she didn't realise it at the time - searching for a surrogate father figure. While most of her school friends lusted after the younger staff members, Abigail gravitated to what at best could be called the more mature. Anyone less than forty just didn't do it for her.

Do what for her though? That was another puzzle, as she never saw herself wrapped in some tutors arms, never mind his bed. She saw herself perhaps going on a fishing trip, or around museums, then sharing french fries in McDonalds. She knew by what she had heard the other girls saying, that these were not "normal" teen fantasies, so she kept quiet about them. As for her other fantasies, well they were just too strange to ever voice to another living soul. Weren't they? So it was decided that before college it was off to Alaska for her on a venturing course, to study the migratory patterns of the Bald Eagle. Whoopee! If nothing else though it would give her a chance to indulge in her real passion, painting and drawing. So that is how she found herself at Fairbanks airport, with two holdalls and her drawing case, waiting for her transport to the bleak outdoors to arrive. When it did arrive she was in for a shock, well two actually. The first one was that they would be staying in a cabin up in the White Mountains, and not in a large hostel as she had expected. The second was that there would be only three of them at the scout station, herself, another girl and the driver. The driver was Mr. Longley, no first name forthcoming from him, just Mr. Longley.

Mr Longley was a senior scoutmaster in the Eagle Scouts, it was actually an Eagle Scout station that they would be staying in, and he wasn't that happy at having two nineteen year old girl scouts living in, even if it was for only for a couple of weeks. The drive took an hour and a half, through some of the most spectacular forests she had ever seen, for his part Mr. Longley was pleasant enough. He explained that rather than waiting for the other girl to arrive, he would take Abigail out to the cabin first then return to the airport later to pick up Susanna. When they reached the "outpost" it wasn't what Abigail had expected, though in reality she didn't know what to expect. Seated in the forest by the side of a river sat a small log cabin, her new home for the next fortnight. Getting out of the car she looked around and saw it was an artist's paradise, the surroundings, the river, the light they were all perfect!

"Maybe this won't be so bad?" She thought to herself.

After Mr. Longley made some coffee, he showed her to the room that Abigail and Susanna would be sharing. Like the rest of the cabin the room was very basic. The furniture consisted of two bunk beds, a small writing desk and chair and a red sofa that had seen better days. For storage there was two old fashioned style trunks, the floor was bare polished boarding with a sheepskin rug by the side of the bed. Abigail claimed the top bunk by placing her bags on it, then as Mr. Longley went back to the airport Abigail went outside to explore her new surroundings, and the little stream by the side of the cabin. The sound of a car approaching told her that her venturing partner was here. As she got back to the cabin, Mr. Longley and Susanna were just getting out of the car. Mr. Longley looked at Abigail and shook his head, raising his eyes skyward, in an odd fashion that confused Abigail till Susanna spoke.

"Hi! You must be Abby? Mr. Longford tells me you paint and stuff. Wow! That must be like great, being all talented and stuff?" Susanna spurted out, her china white teeth on full view with her well practiced false smile.

"My name is Longley, not Longford." Mr. Longley wearily corrected the new arrival.

"Duh! I'm so hopeless with names, but I'll remember now for sure! God isn't it like so cold here, who'd think this was the same country as California, mind you it gets cold in California sometimes, well up in the mountains anyway, I'm not from the mountains, I'm from the San Fernando Valley, do you like LA, God it's like the best place ever!" Susanna replied in her machine gun voice.

Abigail could only imagine what the journey from the airport must have been like for poor Mr. Longley, the look he had just gave her was now totally explained. As they made their way to the cabin, Susanna managed to talk non stop, about seemingly nothing, to try and preserve Mr. Longley's sanity Abigail said.

"Susanna I'll show you to our room, and help you settle in."

As they entered their room, Abigail could see that Susanna was less than impressed by her new surroundings.

"Whoah, bunk beds! Er I don't know about you but I just so totally can't do bunk beds!" Susanna almost shouted in indignation. "I like can't have the bottom one, because I'm really claustrophobic and the top one I'd like never get to sleep cause I'd be awake worrying about rolling out onto the floor. Ahhh! What's that? Some like dead animal for a carpet that's just too grody!"

Abigail then watched as Susanna stormed out of the room to confront Mr. Longley. If Abigail made an unlikely and reluctant scout, Susanna was off the planet. Abigail recognised her type, she was one of the "popular" girls, high up the high school food chain, not like Abigail who tended to be more of one of the "nerdy" girls. How Susanna ended up here became clear as she eavesdropped the heated conversation taking place in the adjoining living room. When all came to all Susanna was never the intended recipient of this chance in the wilderness. The girl who was supposed to have come had taken bad last week with her appendix, rather than let the place go the school offered the opportunity up to any of the other scouts. Susanna never one to let a free "holiday" go by, put her name forward, and with a lot of wrangling by her parents she was duly sent to Fairbanks. After a half hour or so of Susanna's nonsensical whining, Mr. Longley agreed to let her have his room for the night, and tomorrow morning he would go to the main scout's hostel in town and get a camp bed for her to use in their bedroom. For tonight he would sleep on the floor in the living room with a sleeping bag, it was a compromise that Abigail could see he was not best pleased about. The evening meal was pleasant enough, but the atmosphere in the room was at best frosty. Abigail was glad when it was late enough for her to retire to bed, sleep though did not come easy. In those days Abigail never slept that well in strange surroundings, it was a case of dozing then waking with a start all night. After about her third sudden awakening she had an enormous thirst, the log fire fuelled radiators had completely dried her mouth, and she knew further sleep would be impossible without a drink of water first.

As quiet as possible, she climbed down from her bunk, and padded towards her door. She knew that to get to the kitchen, she would first have to go through the communal living area where Mr. Longley was sleeping. As quiet as a mouse she sneaked through her door, and tiptoed to the kitchen door. The roaring log fire lit up the room, and as she looked towards it, there was Mr. Longley. He lay with his back towards her, his front facing the fire, the warmth from the fire must have gotten to as his sleeping bag was unzipped. So there he lay naked and asleep. Much as Abigail wanted not to, she stood there staring at him. For someone of his age his body was still quite trim, and powerful looking, wide shoulders and back tapering down to a firm looking naked bottom. The longer she stared at him the drier her mouth became, then what would happen if he awoke? She would be caught peeking, what would he say, what would he do? The delicious options that sprang to her mind brought back all her long hidden high school fantasies. She snapped herself back into the real world and quickly got her water, then returned to her bed. Sleep was still hard for her, but for very much different reasons now.

The next morning breakfast was another frosty affair, Abigail was silent racked with guilt at her nocturnal peeking. Susanna was still brooding that she was even here at all. Mr. Longley looked like he would be a lot happier in a female free zone. Then over the radio - their only form of "entertainment" in the cabin - came a severe weather warning for the area.

"Well I'll have to leave now before the weather closes in," Mr. Longley informed the two girls. "outside there is a lean-to with a load of logs that need chopping. I was going to do it this morning but I can't now, so you two will have to do it while I'm away or we'll have no fire!" With that Mr. Longley left for town, the two girls looked at each other, Abigail was the first to speak.

"I want to go and do a little sketching, so if you do half the chopping I'll do the rest when I get back?"

"Yeah whatever!" Replied the sleepy Susanna.

Abigail then got herself wrapped up, and grabbing her sketching pad headed upstream only to glad to get out of the cabin. She wandered along the little forest trail, looking for a good vantage point to try and catch on paper some of her magnificent surroundings. Time flew by as she walked upstream, finally finding a point that suited her she sat down and started drawing. She was concentrating so much on the little river, she didn't notice the sky turning to a light pink. She did however notice the first little flakes fall on her sketchpad. "Time to head back I think!" She said aloud to herself, as she packed up her pencils. Then the odd little flake, turned to large flakes almost the size of her fingernails, and now they weren't odd ones, they were falling like confetti at a wedding. The snow was now falling at a terrifying rate, in almost only a matter of minutes it seemed that inches had hit the ground. Abigail was now in a state of panic, she was lost, the track had now gone completely under the blanket of white crystalline snow. She struggled through the trees trying to find the riverbank, eventually she regained her bearings as the night was starting to close in, she could see the lights of the cabin just up ahead, looking at her watch she saw that she had been away for six hours. Then just as she reached the doorway she heard the sound of Mr. Longley's car returning. Tired and hungry she almost fell through the doorway, to see a sleeping Susanna on an armchair in front of the fire.

"Suzi! Suzi!" Abigail shouted to the sleeping scout, and saw her start to awake. "Did you chop any logs?"

"Er no, like you wander off expecting me to do everything? I'm left here all alone while you go off drawing, I don't think so!"

Next the door opens again and Mr. Longley stumbles in with Susanna's camp bed, his face like stone. "I've just seen the lean-to and there are no logs cut," he stormed. "what the hell do you two think we are going to use for heat tonight?"

"We will just have to turn up the radiators when the fire goes out, like why all the drama it's not like it is the end of the world or anything!"

Both Abigail and Mr. Longley looked at each other open mouthed at Susanna's reply.

"What?" Asked Susanna as she looked at their stunned faces.

"The radiators run off a back boiler," Mr. Longley replied very slowly through gritted teeth. "the boiler is heated by the fire, the fire goes out, the radiators go cold."

The reality of the situation could now be seen on Susanna's face. Abigail stared at the floor in shame, as she knew only to well that this was just as much her fault as Susanna's.

"Right!" Said Mr. Longley. "I'll go and cut the logs in this blizzard. Otherwise there is a good chance we might freeze to death, then tomorrow morning I'm radioing in to say that the two of you are being removed from this project as soon as the weather lifts. I'm also going to recommend that you both are thrown out of your respective scouting groups."

As Mr. Longley left, the two girls stood in silence contemplating what he had just said. While it may be great to have a venturing course on your resume, it was certainly terrible to have expulsion from the scouting movement on it when applying to the best colleges. Abigail had an idea, it was a mad one, but it was all she could think of. She explained her plan to an unusually silent Susanna, reluctantly she agreed to Abigail's mad suggestion.

"Do you really think he will go for it? He looks like totally fuming." Susanna almost whispered.

Without replying, Abigail put her coat back on and went outside in the lashing snow. After what seemed like an age to Susanna, but was actually no more than a quarter of an hour, Abigail returned covered in snow and shivering. She simply nodded to the waiting Susanna, and said.

"We have to get changed into our PJ's, and wait in here by the fire. He wants to deal with us both before supper."

Almost an hour later Mr. Longley returned, to find the two girls standing in front of the fire, hands on the tops of their heads.

"Right you both agree to this?" He asked the two penitent girls.

They both nodded silently.

"I will deal with you in order of stupidity, so you first Susanna."

Susanna gulped but said nothing as Mr. Longley dragged a chair over from the table, sitting on it, he then beckoned her to his side with his finger. Reluctantly, she slowly walked the four or so steps towards him. Wordlessly he grabbed the waistband of her PJ bottoms and pulled them to her knees. Abigail could feel her mouth drying up like last night, when she had spied upon Mr. Longley sleeping on the floor. She felt her knees turn to jelly as she watched Mr. Longley haul Susanna over his lap, her naked bottom now pointing directly at her.

She stared unblinking, as the first slaps started to fall onto Susanna's golden tanned naked behind. Susanna called out in protest as the spanking gained pace, and her tanned cheeks started to change colour. Abigail watched entranced as Susanna struggled on Mr. Longley's lap, her legs flailing allowing Abigail fleeting glimpses of her sex.

Susanna's calls were music to Abigail's ears, for she knew only to well that soon it would be her across Mr. Longley's lap, it would be her squirming under his punishing calloused hands, it would be her finally living out her teen fantasy of submission.

Soon enough her turn came as Mr. Longley helped the now tearful Susanna to her feet, and told her to get back in front of the fire hands back on the top of her head, PJ bottoms now at her ankles, her dark lush pubic triangle on display. Abigail knew, that soon she to would be standing there by the fire, humiliated and exposed. First though there was the spanking.

Like Susanna before her, Mr. Longley silently pulled down her PJ bottoms and hauled her over his lap. She could feel the hardness of his cock pushing at her belly as she stared at the dusty floorboards. Then it started. She winced as his hand came into contact with her naked bottom, the first few slaps taking her breath away. Then again like Susanna, Abigail too started to squirm on his lap, she knew that now it would be Susanna being treated to views of her sex as her body went into automatic defence mode, and tried to avoid Mr. Longley's punitive hand. Her writhing only earned her spanks across the backs and the inside of her thighs. Then as before with Susanna, he parted slightly the cheeks of her bottom to allow his spanking fingers to tan the inside of her cleft and to actually hit her now exposed anus. This extra humiliation and pain finally brought forward her real tears. Tears of joy at a fantasy finally fulfilled. Through the fog of tears and pain she had never felt so alive. So happy!

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