Friday, 18 March 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 6

If Veronica was having a strange day, Millicent her step-mother was having an equally strange one. Like Veronica, Millicent had also had a troubled night's sleep. Though Millicent's troubles had come from the reverse of the same coin. Millicent had found the previous days events strangely exciting, to the point that she had woken up deep in the night, to find herself engaged in somnambulant masturbation. Millicent was shamed by the fact that she was engaging in the very thing that she had accused her step-daughter of, also she was shamed to find herself doing something that she thought she had given up in her teens. She couldn't work out why the idea of corporal punishment affected her so, of course she knew that some people, her late husband for one, found the punishment of others exciting. Now all she could do was think of Belmont, and his new harsher regime that he was enforcing on the household staff at her bequest. Of course she couldn't expect Belmont to suddenly have all the staff filing into her study for summary canings or spankings. Much as that idea appealed to her this morning! No she would have to wait and see how things developed, also she was in two minds now at the plot that she had set in motion that consigned her step-daughter to the asylum. No matter how luxurious Veronica's new home was, she knew that it was still a house of mental patients, and that also troubled Millicent. If only there had been some other way to have rectified the unfairness of her late husbands will.

Millicent's mind was still in whirl when Violet one of the newer maids, knocked and came into her room with her early morning tea.

"Good morning, Ma'am," she said a little nervously.

"Good morning, Violet isn't it?" Millicent enquired, looking the well turned out girl up and down. Seventeen, eighteen years old? Millicent wondered, certainly not much more. Quite small and pretty, a little chit of girl, she thought to herself, then wondered if Belmont had had cause to punish her yet. Had cause to bare her buttocks in the kitchen, while all the other staff walked by, the idea of it causing those stirrings that she had felt yesterday and last night.

"Y... yes, Ma'am," the girl replied.

Millicent could see the young thing was uncomfortable talking to the lady of the house. Upon seeing this nervousness, Millicent decided to play upon it. "So how are you finding things with us then Violet?"

"It's... well very good thank you, Ma'am," the girl mumbled, obviously just wanting to be out of the room and back downstairs.

"Mr Belmont's not strict with you is he? I hear that he can be." Millicent asked, smiling as she saw Violet blush at the butlers name.

"Er.. I'm sure I wouldn't know, Ma'am... he seems to be a very fine man, and I've heard that there are much worse... I mean more strict then him." The flustered girl managed to struggle out. "Will there be anything more Ma'am?"

Millicent knew it was wrong really, but she was enjoying her teasing of the young maid, just a little fun to start the day with. No more than that. "Yes please, Violet, could you be so good as to tidy up my dressing table a little for me, it seems to have been neglected these last few days."

"Er yes, Ma'am, sorry, Ma'am." The girl apologised, even though this was her first time in Millicent's chamber.

Millicent sipped at her tea as she studied the young maid, and idly wondered how long her auburn hair was once released from the tight bun that she had it tied back in. Violet was becoming increasingly nervous at her employer's studying gaze, then she prayed for the ground to open up underneath her, as her sleeve caught a bottle sending it crashing to the ground.

As the smell of the bottle's contents perfumed the room, Millicent's eyes widened "manna from heaven" she thought to herself. "Good grief you clumsy thing what happened there?" Millicent loudly enquired.

Violet picked up the now empty bottle, to show her mistress.

"My God girl, of all the bottles to spill! Eau de Cologne Imperiale, this scent has only just come out in France!"

Violet was close to tears at her mistresses scolding. "I.. I'm so sorry, Ma'am.. it was an accident.. I.."

"Be quiet girl," Millicent said putting down her cup, "help me get dressed, then I want to see you and Belmont in my study in half an hours time, tell cook I will be breakfasting late this morning."

Thirty minutes later on the dot there was a knock upon the study door, and in walked the shame faced Violet, followed by Belmont the butler.

"Good morning, Madam, I believe you wanted to see us both." The butler greeted Millicent.

"Do you have any inclination why, Belmont?"

"Yes, I'm led to understand that Violet had an accident this morning in your bed chamber," the butler replied matter of factly, "resulting in the spilling of some perfume. I have spoken to Violet about the matter. She is truly sorry, and wishes to pay for a new bottle from her wages."

"Well I'm afraid that is impossible, as it is the new fragrance from the house of Guerlain in France, and very difficult to come by in England," Millicent said, in frustration as the butlers reply was not the one she was looking for.

"If I may be so bold to suggest, Ma'am, I have a cousin in the foreign service who I'm sure would be able to procure a bottle for you, I believe he's currently based in France." Belmont said almost casually.

Millicent could feel her temper rising, it was as if the butler was trying to deliberately foil her plans. "Thank you, Belmont for your kind offer," Millicent said through almost gritted teeth. "I have to admit my initial reaction was to give the girl a damn good spanking there and then this morning! I decided though to speak to you first, to see if you had had cause to take her to task for any similar things, or her behaviour since she has joined us?"

"No, Madam, I have always found the girl to be pleasant and hardworking, no problem at all actually." The butler continued talking as if Violet wasn't even in the room.

"No problem at all? Until today you mean?" Asked Millicent.

"Yes, Madam until today." The butler conceded.

"Well then what do you suggest, as deductions from her wages are really out of the question in this case?" asked Millicent, becoming a little less enamoured by her butler by the minute.

Sensing the change in Millicent's tone Belmont gave up his little teasing play with his employer. "Perhaps, Madam your initial idea was the best, maybe she would benefit from a good firm spanking," the butler finally replied, then added. "From yourself."

Millicent swallowed hard at Belmont's answer, she had only intended to be a spectator, now the idea of spanking the girl herself had been endorsed by her butler she could feel her heart beating faster. "Yes... well that decides it then, I will give her a spanking here and now and that will be the matter done with!" Millicent looked over at Violet who was now almost already on the verge of tears. "Belmont I will require you to stay in here for the girls punishment."

"As you wish, Madam." Belmont replied, the idea of watching a punishment more than appealed to him, it would be a change from his normal viewpoint, and Violet was quite a pretty little thing after all.

Millicent rose from her chair behind the desk and moved to one of the chairs in front of the desk, turning it around to face the doorway. "Violet could you please remove your skirt?" Millicent asked the now terrified maid.

"Please, Ma'am, not with Mr Belmont here! Could you not spank me over my skirts for the sake of decency? I don't wish for him to see my under things, Ma'am." Violet pleaded.

"See your under things? Good grief girl all spankings in this house are done on the bare skin," Millicent replied in a mocking tone, "he will be seeing more than your under things. Now remove that skirt now if you please!"

Realising further protests would do no other good, than perhaps put her job in danger, Violet unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing in only her white blouse and long pink pantaloon style drawers, she did not know what to do next and looked from Millicent to Belmont for further instruction. Belmont broke the deafening silence.

"Your drawers off as well please, Violet, then place yourself over Mrs. Bowman's lap," Belmont encouraged the bewildered girl on. "as quick as you can please."

In her befuddled state, and with shaking fingers Violet struggled with the double bow knot of her drawstring, not managing to loosen it properly.

"Belmont, could you help the damsel in her distress?" Millicent said with more than a little impatience in her voice.

Belmont hunkered down in front of Violet, pushing her fingers away from the now entangled knot. Quickly he managed to loosen the elusive tether, grabbing at the waist band he then lowered the girls underwear to her ankles for her to step out of them, his face only inches away from her lush black pubic thatch. Violets hands quickly fell to try to cover her modesty.

Like the condemned going to the gallows, she slowly walked to Millicent's side. Then from the corner of his eye something caught Belmont's attention, Belmont went to Millicent's desk and retrieved the item, a tortoiseshell backed hairbrush.

"Perhaps, Madam I could make a suggestion," he said, with the brush now in his hand. "you may find that your delicate hand gives out before Violet has been suitably chastised. Perhaps when you reach that point of your hand giving you discomfort, you may find the application of this quite effective."

"Capital idea, Belmont, thank you!" Millicent replied as Violet slowly lowered herself over Millicent's skirts.

Once Violet was in position, Belmont placed the brush on the floor directly under Violet's face as a reminder of what was to come. No sooner had Belmont returned to behind Violet, than Millicent began her punishment. Belmont was rather surprised at how chubby Violet's bottom cheeks were, for some reason he had envisaged them firmer and higher. Mark my words, he had envisaged them, almost from the day the nineteen year old had joined the house some two weeks ago. He had in truth had her high on his list for a bared bottom since Millicent had told him yesterday to be firmer with the staff. This though as he watched Millicent's delicate feminine hand crashing across Violets proffered bottom, was in many ways more erotic than to be spanking her himself. For one part the view was so much better at this angle, for as her legs thrashed about in involuntary protest at Millicent's hand, she was giving him quick fleeting views of her feminine fleshy purse. Belmont was also amazed that Millicent, for such a young slender thing herself, was indeed handing out a damn good spanking and tears could not be far off going by the redness of Violet's derriere.

"Hand me the brush please, Violet!" Millicent said after about two minutes of spanking. Millicent was reluctant to change to the brush, as she loved the feel of her hand against the soft flesh of Violet's bottom, but as her butler had said, her hand was now starting to hurt with this unfamiliar activity.

"Please, Ma'am no more, please I implore you!" Violet wailed out, though through years of subservience to her betters, she still obeyed and scooped the brush up from in front of her, with difficulty now with only one hand on the floor to stabilise herself she managed to pass the brush back to her mistress.

"I think ten more with this should suffice, Violet," Millicent said as if she was doing her maid some great favour, "five on each chubby cheek."

Belmont was engrossed, as he watched Millicent crisply deliver the final ten blows, by the fifth Violet was sobbing and pleading for mercy, Belmont was more than a little impressed by his employer's first foray into discipline.

Once the ten brush stokes had been delivered, Millicent helped Violet to her feet, now the rubbing of her bottom took precedent over any feelings of shame over her nakedness.

"Thank you, Violet, you took that well," Millicent told her tearful maid, "now get dressed and run along and tell cook I'm ready for my kippers now." Then looking directly at Belmont she added. " I seemed to have worked up quite an appetite!"

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