Saturday, 5 March 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 5

Millicent, and Veronica both had a fitful nights sleep after the days events.

Veronica awoke early, the streams of light pouring through the gaps in her room's heavy drapes waking her after what only seemed to her like an hour or so's sleep. She felt so foolish, her hands locked in the thick lambskin mittens.

"Don't worry my dear, they are just purity-mitts." The nurse had told her, as she tied the gloves on to her hands after her rather surprisingly pleasant dinner with Mr. Carter.

It was just one more ignominy to add to the list since she came to this rather strange, but luxurious house. Lying in her bed and staring at the ceiling, she tried to work out what her situation was all about. Money sprang to mind at first, her stepmother was trying to rob her of her inheritance. That though was too simple, why not just have her assigned to a normal asylum? If money was the only matter at stake, why place her in somewhere so seemingly expensive? She just could not work it out. Other things also sprang to her mind as she lay there. The previous night at dinner, Mr. Carter had proven himself to be very good, if not somewhat risque company. His opening words were.

"Hello, now finally we have chance to talk. I'm Jonathan Carter and you are Miss Bowman, but I would love to know your first name, as normally I know a girls full name before seeing them naked!"

For all Veronica blushed at his talk, she found the remark to be very humorous considering the situation that they were both in. So she spilled out everything to him over their rack of lamb, accompanied by a very fine French red wine. Jonathan proved to be very attentive listener, as Veronica tried to explain that she was not mad but had been placed in here by her stepmother for purely financial gain on her stepmother's part.

"Ah, the evil stepmother! Such things so many fairytales are made of." Jonathan said, smiling at Veronica. "So was she always horrible towards you, driving your father away, packing you off to boarding school and the such like?"

At this question Veronica found herself stuck for words. For as she thought about it, Millicent wasn't really the traditional evil stepmother, she had always seemed to be trying to make an effort for an amicable relationship between the two of them. As she thought more, she realised that it was her,herself that was the constant fly in the ointment, the one that was always trying to cause familial unrest before her father died. As she and Jonathan continued their conversation, for the umpteenth time that day she could feel her eyes edging with tears, this time though they were tears of guilt.

Jonathan noticed this change in Veronica, and turned the conversation away from Veronica's relationship with her step mother, to that of his story. Unlike Veronica, Jonathan accepted the fact that he was guilty as charged, he had been caught red-handed as it were by his aunt. He was staying with his aunt while waiting to go back to Cambridge, to continue his law studies. His parents were away abroad, but he was highly confident of his release upon their return in two weeks time.

"My aunt Joan has never married," He told Veronica. "and to be honest I don't think she knows that much about a males needs and urges."

Veronica could feel that now all to familiar rush of blood to her face, as she herself was innocent in terms of the facts of life.

"She looked upon catching me doing something that is so natural," He continued. "as some sort of an abhorrence, and a crime against God! So once my father and mother return I shall be released from here, though going by today, as much as the food and the company is excellent, I think it may be a long, pain filled two weeks."

Those words were still ringing in Veronica's memory, when one of the nurses came in with her clothing. It was a plain simple outfit, a long black skirt, a white blouse and a light blue cardigan. Veronica noticed that there was no stays or underwear, only a pair of white socks and black leather slippers, so it was obvious that she wasn't going to be getting outside of the house much. The nurse undid the lambs wool mitts, and then helped Veronica prepare for what the day was to bring. As she breakfasted in the dining room, she saw there were another ten girls dressed as her, all roughly the same age or maybe a little older than herself. She wondered if they all too wore a similar leather belt to hers? Then she turned as the door opened and in walked Jonathan Carter, in a similar mode of dress, except for black trousers instead of a skirt, and a white shirt rather than a blouse. He too was wearing the same light blue cardigan as all the other inmates. He smiled in recognition at Veronica and took the seat opposite her, oddly she felt both strange and reassured in his company.

"Not the most flattering of outfits," He said jokingly, as he looked about the room. "but at least we are all in the same boat!"

They then finished their meal in silence, realising that being the newcomers they had all the eyes in the room upon them.

Nurse Corrigan then came over and said. "Miss Bowman we will be starting your course of treatment now, Mr. Carter we will be starting yours this afternoon. So if you could follow me please, Miss, remember to just follow all instructions! It will be a little easier for you that way."

The nurses comments did not fill Veronica with optimism, and the sight of the leather swaying strap on her belt as she walked ahead of Veronica filled her with dread. As they walked through the labyrinthine passageways, Veronica could feel the fear of the unknown rising within her. They finally reached a room bearing the nameplate, 'Treatment Room 1'.

The nurse knocked, and then opened the door, holding it for Veronica to enter first. Was this out of politeness, or to make sure that she didn't try to run for it? Upon entering the room she saw Dr. Dewbury, and a youngish lady dressed in a white coverall cut at an almost obscene height, another inch and her knees would have been on show. The next thing Veronica noticed was what looked like a dentist's chair, but with extra attachments, and ominously strapping on the chair arms.

"Ah good morning, Miss Bowman, this is my assistant Miss Brompton," said the beaming Doctor, motioning towards the smiling young girl. "Nurse Corrigan, could you help Miss Bowman with her clothing, then we can pop her up on the chair?" As the nurse started undoing the buttons on Veronica's skirt, the doctor continued talking. "Miss Bowman this course of treatment is to bring your onanism under control, by replacing the transient sensations of pleasure that you seek, with that of a sensation of pain. In the long term you will relate these actions with a painful, rather than a pleasurable experience and so will desist with your filthy fiddling."

Veronica knew by now that any protestation of her innocence was a waste of breath, but she still shook as the nurse went to loosen her chastity belt, her only remaining covering of her modesty. Once she was naked from the waist down, the nurse helped her up on to the chair, securing Veronica's arms to the arms of the chair, the Irish nurse whispered.

"It might help to just keep your eyes closed, and try and think of something else."

Next the nurse tied Veronica's legs at the calf's and the seat was tilted back, Veronica noticed an elaborate set of pulleys on the ceiling above her. She then felt further straps being belted to her ankles, then to her horror she felt her legs being opened, so her lower torso was a wide V shape. She felt the first tears of shame run down her cheek. Then looking up Veronica saw that Miss Brompton was now standing inside that V, the young girl seemed to have a smirk on her face as she caught Veronica's eye. Then Veronica felt the girls fingers at her sex.

"Yes doctor you were correct," the assistant said. "she is rather large in the nub, and quick to react. Should I continue and give her a pelvic massage Doctor?"

"Yes, Miss Brompton, but not to conclusion remember!" The Doctor said, though Veronica did not know what they were referring to.

Then she felt the assistants fingers working at her most private of parts, at this Veronica started sobbing, it was bad enough being half naked in front of the doctor, and the nurse. Now though to have a girl the same age as herself, or maybe even a little younger working her fingers in such an obscene and lewd manner was just too much for Veronica to take. As she lay there sobbing at her predicament, a strange but almost wonderful feeling started within her, it was as if the assistant's fingers were setting off waves of pleasure in her lower body. It was as if she had thrown a stone in a pond, and the ripples were growing as they headed for the shore. Then the waves seemed to be rippling not just through her pelvis, but across her whole body, as she squirmed on the chair. Her breathing quickened, and she could feel her nipples rub against the cloth of her blouse as they became erect and more sensitive, despite the wonderful feeling she felt scared of this new sensation, she could hear the blood pumping in her ears and was worried that she was having some sort of fit, then she heard a disembodied voice cry out. "God, please help me!" Then she realised it was her voice.

"Miss Brompton?" She heard Doctor Dewbury say.

"Yes she is nearly at the final point I think," The assistant replied, stopping her ministrations. "should I wait, then fetch her along again?"

"No once shall be fine for the first session." Veronica could hear the doctor say.

Then she felt tension on her ankles, and realised that her legs were being hoisted up, opening her eyes she saw the assistant standing to her left turning a pulley wheel. She still wore the same smirk, with her back to the doctor and looking a Veronica, she lifted her right hand to her face running her fingers under her nose. Veronica closed her eyes in shame as she felt her legs being lifted to an obtuse angle, so her ankles were now above her head, and Veronica was all to aware of the new and even cruder display that she must be affording the doctor.

Then she felt the first slap, as the doctor brought his hand across her bottom, the shock caught her breath. Then the slaps rained down, much harder than the spanking from nurse Corrigan, and the position she was in meant that the doctor had more scope. No part of her bottom seemed safe, his fingers sought out the inner cleft between her plump cheeks, and her inner thighs, all easily accessible to his punishing hand. She gritted her teeth, trying not to call out at his onslaught, her eyes tight shut, as she could hear the blows ringing in the room. Then as the heat built in her poor bottom, it seemed to emanate outwards, warming the area so cruelly probed by Miss Brompton. Veronica could feel those strange but wonderful ripples build in her pelvis and thighs again, but this time much quicker than previously, the feeling intensified and everything around her seemed to fade away into dark silence, she held her breath as the ecstasy overwhelmed her, she was certain that she was going to pass out, then her toes curled and she gasped out through the pain of the spanking, and the joy of her first orgasm.
"Mmmm oh my! That was not supposed to happen." Doctor Dewbury said in a sudden state of confusion.

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