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Amelias' victorian adventure, part 7-On The Train Home, Adventure Over

Amelia sat deep in thought, as the carriage rocked her back and forth on the train heading from London to Didcot. Her great European adventure now over, cut short by Emma's aunt Georgina. So here she was heading back to her fathers house, thinking what she could tell him, knowing only too well that there was so many things that had happened in the previous few months that she could never ever let him know about. The time at Lady Wallingford's country house, and the strict regime of punishment and sexual deviancy enforced by Harrison her butler. Nor could she tell him about her unnatural relationship with Emma, or the incidents involving Emma's aunt. As she thought it out there was more to keep from him, than to share with him! She knew though she had to somehow explain why she was home from abroad so early, and the truth was not an option.

The truth was that Georgina had decided after the incidents in Venice, that her niece would have to return home, as she in Georgina's eyes was not mature enough to carry on with their journeying. She made this opinion very clear the morning after the debacle of the the previous night, as she woke the two girls who were badly hungover.

"Right you two, get up and get dressed. I want to see you both in the drawing room!" She ordered.

Bleary eyed both girls got dressed in silence, Amelia Could see that Emma was still upset by last nights events, finally she broke the silence.

"I don't know how you could do that," Emma said accusingly to Amelia. "and you a preachers daughter!"

Amelia was lost for words, for once Emma was right, for Amelia couldn't understand how things had developed the way they had with the two gondoliers. The irony of Emma's disgust was not lost upon Amelia, for all Emma's disgust at what she had seen, she took their own sapphic relationship as being no more than a deep friendship.

For all she could see Emma's double standards, it did not make Amelia feel any better about the situation, for in her heart she knew that the things that she and Emma did together were just as wrong. They both also knew, that after last night, Georgina could not rightly claim any moral high ground, but of course they both knew better than to point that out. So they did as she told them, and they both slunk into the drawing room.

As they entered the room, Georgina was standing looking out of the window down onto the Grand Canal. "Please both of you be seated," She said without turning to face them. "this won't take long."

They both sat, side by side on the leather sofa, hands on their laps like two repentant schoolgirls being called before the headmistress.

"I have decided," Georgina continued. "that it is time to draw this follysome journey of yours to a close."

"But!" Emma said, only to be cut short as her young aunt spun around flaring at her.

"Did I ask you to speak?" Georgina demanded, Emma sat in silence and merely shook her head. "I thought not, Amelia I would recommend that you leave for home straight away, Emma will accompany me to the Rhineland. I will sort out all the relevant travel documents, I would advise you to avoid my sister. For no doubt, she will somehow blame you instead of the dolt, as far as she is concerned her daughter can do no wrong. I on the other hand, believe that the sooner we marry her off to some chinless wonder the better!"

Amelia felt sorry for her friend who was now squirming in embarrassment at her aunt's berating.

"Humph! Married, then that gives an excuse for such disgusting behaviour." Emma mumbled, but louder than she meant to.

"What! Don't you dare try and lecture me about my behaviour!" Screamed the now enraged Georgina. " The day I have to answer to a stupid little half witted virgin is still long off, and if you have any ideas about repeating what you saw, and this goes for both of you! You had better think long and hard about it, and for any ideas you may have about your mother protecting you, the days that I've taken any notice of my deluded sister are long gone!"

At this final outburst, Emma ran out of the room in tears leaving Amelia sitting alone on the sofa.

"Are you not going to console your friend?" Georgina asked.

"No not this time." Amelia answered flatly. "Though, to an extent she does have a point, I don't mean you I'm referring to myself."

Georgina looked closely at the expression of sadness on Amelia's face, she could see that tears were not far off for her niece's companion. "Go on, Amelia." Georgina said softly.

"Well... well it's just that...." Amelia said struggling for the right words, staring down at the rug below her. "well I would love to take you up on that job offer that you gave me. It's just that I can't trust myself, it has been plain to see that I lack somewhat in my judgement."

"How so? All the problems have been caused by Emma's stupidity, not yours." Georgina said trying to console the now tearful girl on the sofa.

"That's it though, I could have reined her back, but for some reason I chose not to. The job you mentioned would involve much travelling, I think I may be better off staying in the safety of my fathers vicarage, under his guiding hands until that time that I marry, if of course I ever do." Amelia struggled out between sobs.

"You silly little lamb," Georgina said, as she sat next to Amelia upon the sofa putting her arm around her shoulder. "you think yourself a bad person?"

Amelia nodded.

"You think of yourself as not being able to be trusted out in the big bad world alone?"

Again Amelia nodded in silence.

"Perhaps if I acted as not just your employer, but as a de facto guardian that could make you feel more happy about taken the job?"

Amelia looked up from the rug a bewildered look in her teary eyes.

"I would take it upon myself, to take you to task over anything that I feel is inappropriate, in both terms of your employment and your private life."

Amelia nodded slowly, as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

"I would be responsible for your moral welfare, be warned though I won't shy from physically chastising you when I feel that the situation warrants it. Under these conditions do you think you could reconsider the position that I offered you?

For the first time that morning Amelia smiled. "Yes, Georgina! I would gladly take the job under those strictures," Amelia said, her face and eyes both now aglow. "for the sake of my conscience though... I... I..."

"You feel that punishment is in order from last night don't you?" Georgina interrupted Amelia's stumbling.

Again Amelia nodded slowly.

"No time like the present then, if you could get up and remove your skirt and underskirts!"

"Now?" Amelia said startled by Georgina's instruction. "What if Emma were to come back?"

"She would see your bare bottom being punished, and not for the first time." Georgina replied, a little impatience creeping into her voice. "So hurry up and get on with it, I have a busy day ahead of me!"

Reluctantly Amelia arose from the sofa, her shaking fingers at the buttons of her brown dress. Georgina moved to the centre of the sofa, and placed a cushion onto her waiting lap.

"A good hard spanking should be enough to expunge the guilt of last night, do you think that will suffice Amelia?"

Her question was met with expected silence, as Amelia folded her skirt, putting it on a side table, then her underskirts were also removed and folded, till she was standing in only her blouse, drawers and slippers.

"Over you go then, you can keep your drawers on, I can just unbutton the back."

Amelia got in position over Georgina's lap, knowing that the cushion was putting her bottom up at a very high angle, and should Emma come into the room all her charms would be on full view. Bearing in mind the relationship of their "friendship", that shouldn't really worry her, but somehow it did.

"Of course you know, that it won't just be spankings that could be coming your way in the future." Georgina said as she set about opening the back of Amelia's drawers. "Canings may be called for at times, or maybe one of those slippers that you are wearing could be put to good use."

Amelia closed her eyes as she felt the flap of her drawers being pulled open, knowing her bottom was now bared, knowing the pain was about to start.

"Or perhaps I could buy a martinet, that seemed to work very well." Georgina felt Amelia shudder at the reminder of their time in Cadiz. "For now though a harsh spanking should be enough, I warn you though it will be harsh!"

It took Amelia no time at all to realise that Georgina was serious in her words. From the very first smack Amelia was squirming in a mixture of pain and embarrassment. She knew though that she could not complain, as she had all but asked for this punishment, hadn't she? She bit down hard on her lower lip trying not to call out, trying not to alert Emma as to what was happening in the drawing room. Though deep down she knew, that the noise of Georgina's punishing hand meeting with the soft flesh of her bottom, would be ringing out throughout the Venetian palace. She held on from not crying out, until Georgina changed her target area, and the tops and inner parts of her thighs came in for the same treatment that her bottom had just had. Her drawers in some part offered limited protection to her thighs, but still Georgina's fingers stung even those parts that were still thinly covered.

Soon enough Amelia was sobbing aloud, and pleading for her new "guardian" to stop, but Georgina had other ideas. Georgina knew that this must be an exemplary spanking, one to show Amelia that she really meant business, anything less and Amelia would not feel fully cleansed.

Finally it ended, and Georgina helped the poor girl to her feet. "Right, Amelia," Georgina said to the sobbing shaking girl in front of her. "I want you to go and stand in that corner by the fireplace, so that if Emma does come in here, it can act as warning of what she can expect on our journey home. I'm going out now to sort out travel documents, and I expect you not to move till I get back. Do you understand?"

"Ye... yes..., Georgina I understand." Amelia replied. She did not move from the spot till Georgina got back. Not even when Emma came in and asked her what had happened. She just stood there, stock still, silent, waiting for her guardian's return.

That brings her back to where she was now, as the train neared Didcot, still not knowing what she could tell her father.

Her adventure was over, but her life was now about to begin.


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