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Time for a break!

Hi spanking fans, I'll be taking a much needed break for about 10 days so sadly there'll be no new stories uploaded until I get back, it seems poor old Tomas still can't get the hang of posting them, bless him, (I'm in trouble now LOL) but he will be able to reply to your comments :)  In the meantime enjoy our blog and I'll be posting lots of new stories when I get back!

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'Torchwood',a parallel universe fantasy!

Torched buns in the Torchwood hub!

The Torchwood Hub was quiet, almost too quiet, but that was the way Jack liked it, this way he could catch up on paperwork, review current investigations and generally think about the events of the day. It was six fifteen and most of the team had already gone home, it had been a fairly easy day with general clear up operations and only one Weevil chase, so Jack had told his team to have an early night. The only one left was Toshiko, she'd found some unidentified hardware earlier in the day and was keen to dissect and analyse it before Leaving. Jack always like to keep an eye on what his team were doing, especially when unknown artefacts were involved, there was the obvious safety issue of course, but also the possibility they might decide to try the artefact out without using Torchwood protocols. Since Toshiko acquired the alien pendant that allowed her to read peoples minds Jack had kept a close eye on her in particular, and his actions were soon to be proved necessary. Jack was sitting in his office mulling through some files when a movement on the nearby monitor caught his eye, it was showing a shot of the armoury and the movement turned out to be Toshiko, Jack watched intently as she cautiously peered around her and placed something on one of the shelves, he realised straight away what it was and quickly made his way out of the office. Toshiko called 'goodnight' and was swiftly making her way towards the main exit when Jacks voice called out to her.

"Toshiko, my office now!"

She turned to face him, he stood with his hands on his hips and his expression left her under no illusion that he was not a happy man. She took a deep breath and made her way up the steps and along into his office.

"Take a seat." Jack said, Toshiko did as instructed and Jack perched on the edge of his desk, he looked down at her and folded his arms. "How long have you been working here now?"

"Um.. about three years?"

"Uh huh, and what is my main rule about alien artefacts?"

She looked down at her hands. "They're not to be taken off the base without your express permission."

"That's right," nodded Jack, "so what part of that don't you understand?"

Toshiko shrugged. "I don't know what you mean."

Jack pointed to the monitor. "I just saw you in the armoury, and I know what you were putting back."

"Oh.. well I just thought that I.." her voice trailed off.

"That I wouldn't notice?" Offered Jack.


"well guess what!"

"I know, you noticed."

"Right again. Having cctv set up in the Hub is pretty useful, not only does it help us stay safe, but it also means I can keep an eye on you guys, especially when you're up to no good!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't think it would be that big a deal."

"Toshiko, you took an alien device which allows you to see through solid objects like walls and floors, do you have any idea how dangerous that would be if it got into the wrong hands?"

Toshiko nodded. "I know but I was really careful."

"Oh, like you were with that alien pendant?"

There was only one response she could think of. "I'm sorry."

"Oh you will be."

She stared up at him."What do you mean?"

Jack dropped his gaze. "You remember what I wanted to do to you after the incident with that pendant?"

Toshiko thought for a moment and a shiver ran through her body as she remembered Jacks exact words."You.. you said you wanted to beat me."

"Well we'd better get going then." Jack stood up and gestured for her to leave.

"But.. I didn't think you meant that, I thought you were only kidding?"

"Well you were wrong."

"But you can't, you're not allowed to do that sort of thing, it's in the rules remember?"

Jack raised his eyebrows. "You broke a rule, didn't you?"

Toshiko suddenly realised she'd lost that argument. "Well then I won't let you."

"Okay, I'll just contact UNIT and tell them what you did." He turned and picked up his phone.

"But you know what they'll do if you tell them!"

"Yeah, they'll want me to fire you and give you a dose of level one Retcon."

"I don't want that, you know I don't." She looked at him, her dark eyes pleading.

"I'd better handle this my way then?"

Toshiko reluctantly nodded, not really believing Jack was actually going to go through with it, after all he couldn't, could he? Jack pulled her to her feet and lead her slowly out of his office.

They walked the labyrinth of passageways and corridors down to the vaults, and seemed to go deeper into the base than ever before. Toshiko never liked it down there at the best of times, it was damp, cold and musky, and always felt creepy, but now she had a new reason to dislike it, she felt like she was going to the gallows. Jack however seemed totally calm, as though this was something he did all the time, taking his staff down to the vaults for a good dose of corporal punishment.

They finally stopped outside one of many doors that Toshiko had never been through, Jack unlocked it and ushered her inside. It was dark and she struggled to see what was in there, then Jack flicked a switch and a single, bare light bulb flickered into life over head. It cast a dull, but sufficient enough light to illuminate what appeared to Toshiko to be a torture chamber. She let out an audible gasp. "Oh my God!"

"Impressive isn't it." Jack beamed proudly.

It was a large room, about ten metres square and Toshiko gazed in shock at all the chains, leather restraints and strange looking contraptions, she hardly knew what to say. "I... I don't understand, why is all this here?"

"Well, back in the days before truth drugs and brain probes we needed ways to get information and truth from our prisoners, so we brought them in here." Jack walked over to the far wall and began pointing to some of the objects. "Thumb screws, skin clamps, leather restraints, all these things were effective in getting people to talk, in fact most prisoners spilled the beans as soon as they looked at this stuff."

"I'm not surprised." Toshiko swallowed hard. "And you used to use these on people?"

"Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, but by the time I joined we were beginning to use drugs and other methods, more like we do today."

She watched as Jack moved a chair onto the middle of the room, her pulse was racing with anticipation.

"When I joined Torchwood there were two women working here, for a while I reported to them and they took charge of things, but their methods were real extreme, they used to just kill aliens back in those days, they had no remorse." Jack walked over to Toshiko and took her hand. "I like to think I have a milder approach, for example when a female was brought in for questioning I wouldn't allow her to be tortured in the same way as males, I used my own method." With that Jack led Toshiko over to the chair, he sat down and before she had time to react he pulled her down across his lap.

Toshiko struggled against him, she could feel his strong arms pinning her down and realised he was totally serious. She was totally embarrassed and humiliated, and felt like a little girl again being spanked by her father.

He held her firmly and gazed down at the shapely young woman, as well as a beige sweater she was wearing brown trouser with an elasticated waist which he knew would prove convenient later. "Of course back then women wore long skirts or dresses with layers of petticoat underneath, so it wasn't as easy to get to the bottom of things!" With that he gave Toshiko's bottom a sharp slap across both cheeks. She let out a yelp, more from shock than pain, and held her breath wondering what would happen next, she didn't have to wait long as another firm slap landed on her proffered bottom.


Jack smiled, pleased he was making an impact her. "It never used to take long for those ladies to start talking once I started spanking them."

He slapped her hard again and she writhed against him, but she was no match for the big American, compared to him Toshiko was tiny and had no chance of escape. She'd already regretted taking the device, but now she was regretting not wearing thick trousers!

"Okay, Jack I get it, now please can I go?" she asked pitifully.

"Go? Already? I haven't even started yet!" With that he landed of volley of firm smacks across Toshikos' bottom that had her squealing and squirming, she kicked out with her legs and reached back with her right hand, only to have it pinned to her back. "Oh no you don't, Missy, you're getting punished, just like I warned you when I recruited you."

As Jack continued to spank her Toshiko's mind wondered back to when she'd first met him, UNIT had arrested her for for trading alien technology in exchange for her mothers life, it had been daring and dangerous and when she was caught she expected to spend the rest of her life imprisoned. Toshiko had been locked in a bare cell in a top secret location, and Jack was her only way out, he knew her technological genius would prove invaluable and signed her up to work at Torchwood three, but she clearly remembered his warning, if you break the rules you will be punished, although at the time this was not what she thought he had in mind!

She kicked and squealed as her spanking continued, her bottom was burning now and as tears welled in her eyes the grubby concrete floor became a blur.

Jack slowed down the slaps, then stopped and began gently rubbing Toshikos' stinging cheeks. "Are you learning your lesson?" he asked her.

"Yes." she gasped. "I've learnt my lesson."

"You mean you're learning it," he told her. "I haven't finished yet."

"But... but I promise I won't do it again."

"Well I wanna make sure you don't ,you see I have a feeling you will do it again unless I give you a good incentive not to." With that he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her trousers and began to ease them down.

"No!" Toshiko yelled and struggled madly. "No, Jack you can't do that!"

"Oh I think I can." he replied mildly as her trousers were pushed down her thighs. He adjusted her panties, pulling the fabric tight across her small cheeks. The panties were fairly sheer and he could see the cleft of her bottom through the this material. "Very cute!" he grinned.

All Toshiko could do was lie there, shame faced and humiliated. She gazed tearfully around the room, wishing this whole thing could be over as soon as possible.

Jack lowered his left knee and raised his right so her bottom was presented even higher, then began to spank her again, this time in a more methodical manner. He alternated from cheek to cheek and covered her entire bottom as well as the tops of her thighs with firm slaps. Toshiko squealed and kicked out, muttering protestations and promising never to break the rules again, but Jack simply continued the chastisement.

He stopped again and Toshiko felt relieved, sure he would let her up now, but to her horror she felt his fingers at the waist of her panties. "Oh God no, Jack. Please!" This was more than she could cope with.

"You broke the rules remember, you let me down and you're gonna to pay the price this time. Oh and if you disobey me again you'll get more of the same, so I suggest you think twice in future" He swiftly peeled her panties down over her bottom, revealing her soft, dark skin, now tinted crimson. Once they were well out of the way he gently caressed her cheeks. "I'm disappointed in you Toshiko, I expected better from you."

Toshiko sniffed and nodded her head, "I'm sorry, Jack." Tears began to fall both from the shame at having her bottom bared, and from knowing she'd let Jack down. At that point she decided he was right and she deserved to be soundly spanked, and she was. Jack was relentless, he covered every inch until her bottom and the tops of her thighs were a deep red and burning to the touch. her cheeks bounced under his strong hand, he wasn't cruel on her, just firm enough to teach her a lesson. She couldn't help writhing and crying out, but when he felt her body go limp across his lap he immediately stopped and began comforting her.

"Okay, you've learnt your lesson now." he told her softly. "Up you get."

She began to cry, so Jack gently pulled her panties and trousers up and eased her off his knee, he then turned her around and sat her on his lap, holding her close to him while she sobbed.

"I'm sorry I let you down," she said eventually.

"I know, but you're forgiven now."

"Am I?"

"Sure. You've been punished so now we're even, until the next time." He gave a chuckle.

"Oh there won't be a next time. Believe me I've learnt my lesson, the hard way."

"And now you know I mean business."

"Yeah, I do." She looked up at him. And I promise I won't be taking anything without your permission again."

Jack grinned at her. "I kind of hope you're just telling me that."


"Cos I actually enjoyed spanking your bare butt!"

Toshiko couldn't help laughing. "Well I didn't enjoy it."

"You weren't supposed to!"

"No, no of course not, that would defeat the object wouldn't it."

"Just a bit."

Toshiko thought for a moment."You um.. you're not going to tell anyone are you?"

"That you broke the rules?"

"No, that you, you know."

"No, I'm not going to tell anyone about all this." He raised his eyebrows. "If I do they might get jealous."

"Who of, you or me?"


The following morning Toshiko arrived at the Hub early, she was surprised to find Owen already there, rattling around in the autopsy room. "How come you're here so early?" she asked him.

"Blame Jack, he got me out on a case at six this morning, some bloody dead alien that needed examining."

Jack appeared in the doorway of his office."Quit griping, Owen."

Owen glared at him. "Uh, when you drag me out at that time in the mornin' I'm entitled to gripe." He turned to Toshiko. "You know he can be a right pain in the arse sometimes!"

Jack gave her a wicked grin and her face flushed, if only Owen knew, she thought to herself.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 6

If Veronica was having a strange day, Millicent her step-mother was having an equally strange one. Like Veronica, Millicent had also had a troubled night's sleep. Though Millicent's troubles had come from the reverse of the same coin. Millicent had found the previous days events strangely exciting, to the point that she had woken up deep in the night, to find herself engaged in somnambulant masturbation. Millicent was shamed by the fact that she was engaging in the very thing that she had accused her step-daughter of, also she was shamed to find herself doing something that she thought she had given up in her teens. She couldn't work out why the idea of corporal punishment affected her so, of course she knew that some people, her late husband for one, found the punishment of others exciting. Now all she could do was think of Belmont, and his new harsher regime that he was enforcing on the household staff at her bequest. Of course she couldn't expect Belmont to suddenly have all the staff filing into her study for summary canings or spankings. Much as that idea appealed to her this morning! No she would have to wait and see how things developed, also she was in two minds now at the plot that she had set in motion that consigned her step-daughter to the asylum. No matter how luxurious Veronica's new home was, she knew that it was still a house of mental patients, and that also troubled Millicent. If only there had been some other way to have rectified the unfairness of her late husbands will.

Millicent's mind was still in whirl when Violet one of the newer maids, knocked and came into her room with her early morning tea.

"Good morning, Ma'am," she said a little nervously.

"Good morning, Violet isn't it?" Millicent enquired, looking the well turned out girl up and down. Seventeen, eighteen years old? Millicent wondered, certainly not much more. Quite small and pretty, a little chit of girl, she thought to herself, then wondered if Belmont had had cause to punish her yet. Had cause to bare her buttocks in the kitchen, while all the other staff walked by, the idea of it causing those stirrings that she had felt yesterday and last night.

"Y... yes, Ma'am," the girl replied.

Millicent could see the young thing was uncomfortable talking to the lady of the house. Upon seeing this nervousness, Millicent decided to play upon it. "So how are you finding things with us then Violet?"

"It's... well very good thank you, Ma'am," the girl mumbled, obviously just wanting to be out of the room and back downstairs.

"Mr Belmont's not strict with you is he? I hear that he can be." Millicent asked, smiling as she saw Violet blush at the butlers name.

"Er.. I'm sure I wouldn't know, Ma'am... he seems to be a very fine man, and I've heard that there are much worse... I mean more strict then him." The flustered girl managed to struggle out. "Will there be anything more Ma'am?"

Millicent knew it was wrong really, but she was enjoying her teasing of the young maid, just a little fun to start the day with. No more than that. "Yes please, Violet, could you be so good as to tidy up my dressing table a little for me, it seems to have been neglected these last few days."

"Er yes, Ma'am, sorry, Ma'am." The girl apologised, even though this was her first time in Millicent's chamber.

Millicent sipped at her tea as she studied the young maid, and idly wondered how long her auburn hair was once released from the tight bun that she had it tied back in. Violet was becoming increasingly nervous at her employer's studying gaze, then she prayed for the ground to open up underneath her, as her sleeve caught a bottle sending it crashing to the ground.

As the smell of the bottle's contents perfumed the room, Millicent's eyes widened "manna from heaven" she thought to herself. "Good grief you clumsy thing what happened there?" Millicent loudly enquired.

Violet picked up the now empty bottle, to show her mistress.

"My God girl, of all the bottles to spill! Eau de Cologne Imperiale, this scent has only just come out in France!"

Violet was close to tears at her mistresses scolding. "I.. I'm so sorry, Ma'am.. it was an accident.. I.."

"Be quiet girl," Millicent said putting down her cup, "help me get dressed, then I want to see you and Belmont in my study in half an hours time, tell cook I will be breakfasting late this morning."

Thirty minutes later on the dot there was a knock upon the study door, and in walked the shame faced Violet, followed by Belmont the butler.

"Good morning, Madam, I believe you wanted to see us both." The butler greeted Millicent.

"Do you have any inclination why, Belmont?"

"Yes, I'm led to understand that Violet had an accident this morning in your bed chamber," the butler replied matter of factly, "resulting in the spilling of some perfume. I have spoken to Violet about the matter. She is truly sorry, and wishes to pay for a new bottle from her wages."

"Well I'm afraid that is impossible, as it is the new fragrance from the house of Guerlain in France, and very difficult to come by in England," Millicent said, in frustration as the butlers reply was not the one she was looking for.

"If I may be so bold to suggest, Ma'am, I have a cousin in the foreign service who I'm sure would be able to procure a bottle for you, I believe he's currently based in France." Belmont said almost casually.

Millicent could feel her temper rising, it was as if the butler was trying to deliberately foil her plans. "Thank you, Belmont for your kind offer," Millicent said through almost gritted teeth. "I have to admit my initial reaction was to give the girl a damn good spanking there and then this morning! I decided though to speak to you first, to see if you had had cause to take her to task for any similar things, or her behaviour since she has joined us?"

"No, Madam, I have always found the girl to be pleasant and hardworking, no problem at all actually." The butler continued talking as if Violet wasn't even in the room.

"No problem at all? Until today you mean?" Asked Millicent.

"Yes, Madam until today." The butler conceded.

"Well then what do you suggest, as deductions from her wages are really out of the question in this case?" asked Millicent, becoming a little less enamoured by her butler by the minute.

Sensing the change in Millicent's tone Belmont gave up his little teasing play with his employer. "Perhaps, Madam your initial idea was the best, maybe she would benefit from a good firm spanking," the butler finally replied, then added. "From yourself."

Millicent swallowed hard at Belmont's answer, she had only intended to be a spectator, now the idea of spanking the girl herself had been endorsed by her butler she could feel her heart beating faster. "Yes... well that decides it then, I will give her a spanking here and now and that will be the matter done with!" Millicent looked over at Violet who was now almost already on the verge of tears. "Belmont I will require you to stay in here for the girls punishment."

"As you wish, Madam." Belmont replied, the idea of watching a punishment more than appealed to him, it would be a change from his normal viewpoint, and Violet was quite a pretty little thing after all.

Millicent rose from her chair behind the desk and moved to one of the chairs in front of the desk, turning it around to face the doorway. "Violet could you please remove your skirt?" Millicent asked the now terrified maid.

"Please, Ma'am, not with Mr Belmont here! Could you not spank me over my skirts for the sake of decency? I don't wish for him to see my under things, Ma'am." Violet pleaded.

"See your under things? Good grief girl all spankings in this house are done on the bare skin," Millicent replied in a mocking tone, "he will be seeing more than your under things. Now remove that skirt now if you please!"

Realising further protests would do no other good, than perhaps put her job in danger, Violet unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing in only her white blouse and long pink pantaloon style drawers, she did not know what to do next and looked from Millicent to Belmont for further instruction. Belmont broke the deafening silence.

"Your drawers off as well please, Violet, then place yourself over Mrs. Bowman's lap," Belmont encouraged the bewildered girl on. "as quick as you can please."

In her befuddled state, and with shaking fingers Violet struggled with the double bow knot of her drawstring, not managing to loosen it properly.

"Belmont, could you help the damsel in her distress?" Millicent said with more than a little impatience in her voice.

Belmont hunkered down in front of Violet, pushing her fingers away from the now entangled knot. Quickly he managed to loosen the elusive tether, grabbing at the waist band he then lowered the girls underwear to her ankles for her to step out of them, his face only inches away from her lush black pubic thatch. Violets hands quickly fell to try to cover her modesty.

Like the condemned going to the gallows, she slowly walked to Millicent's side. Then from the corner of his eye something caught Belmont's attention, Belmont went to Millicent's desk and retrieved the item, a tortoiseshell backed hairbrush.

"Perhaps, Madam I could make a suggestion," he said, with the brush now in his hand. "you may find that your delicate hand gives out before Violet has been suitably chastised. Perhaps when you reach that point of your hand giving you discomfort, you may find the application of this quite effective."

"Capital idea, Belmont, thank you!" Millicent replied as Violet slowly lowered herself over Millicent's skirts.

Once Violet was in position, Belmont placed the brush on the floor directly under Violet's face as a reminder of what was to come. No sooner had Belmont returned to behind Violet, than Millicent began her punishment. Belmont was rather surprised at how chubby Violet's bottom cheeks were, for some reason he had envisaged them firmer and higher. Mark my words, he had envisaged them, almost from the day the nineteen year old had joined the house some two weeks ago. He had in truth had her high on his list for a bared bottom since Millicent had told him yesterday to be firmer with the staff. This though as he watched Millicent's delicate feminine hand crashing across Violets proffered bottom, was in many ways more erotic than to be spanking her himself. For one part the view was so much better at this angle, for as her legs thrashed about in involuntary protest at Millicent's hand, she was giving him quick fleeting views of her feminine fleshy purse. Belmont was also amazed that Millicent, for such a young slender thing herself, was indeed handing out a damn good spanking and tears could not be far off going by the redness of Violet's derriere.

"Hand me the brush please, Violet!" Millicent said after about two minutes of spanking. Millicent was reluctant to change to the brush, as she loved the feel of her hand against the soft flesh of Violet's bottom, but as her butler had said, her hand was now starting to hurt with this unfamiliar activity.

"Please, Ma'am no more, please I implore you!" Violet wailed out, though through years of subservience to her betters, she still obeyed and scooped the brush up from in front of her, with difficulty now with only one hand on the floor to stabilise herself she managed to pass the brush back to her mistress.

"I think ten more with this should suffice, Violet," Millicent said as if she was doing her maid some great favour, "five on each chubby cheek."

Belmont was engrossed, as he watched Millicent crisply deliver the final ten blows, by the fifth Violet was sobbing and pleading for mercy, Belmont was more than a little impressed by his employer's first foray into discipline.

Once the ten brush stokes had been delivered, Millicent helped Violet to her feet, now the rubbing of her bottom took precedent over any feelings of shame over her nakedness.

"Thank you, Violet, you took that well," Millicent told her tearful maid, "now get dressed and run along and tell cook I'm ready for my kippers now." Then looking directly at Belmont she added. " I seemed to have worked up quite an appetite!"

Monday, 14 March 2011

Amelias' victorian adventure, part 7-On The Train Home, Adventure Over

Amelia sat deep in thought, as the carriage rocked her back and forth on the train heading from London to Didcot. Her great European adventure now over, cut short by Emma's aunt Georgina. So here she was heading back to her fathers house, thinking what she could tell him, knowing only too well that there was so many things that had happened in the previous few months that she could never ever let him know about. The time at Lady Wallingford's country house, and the strict regime of punishment and sexual deviancy enforced by Harrison her butler. Nor could she tell him about her unnatural relationship with Emma, or the incidents involving Emma's aunt. As she thought it out there was more to keep from him, than to share with him! She knew though she had to somehow explain why she was home from abroad so early, and the truth was not an option.

The truth was that Georgina had decided after the incidents in Venice, that her niece would have to return home, as she in Georgina's eyes was not mature enough to carry on with their journeying. She made this opinion very clear the morning after the debacle of the the previous night, as she woke the two girls who were badly hungover.

"Right you two, get up and get dressed. I want to see you both in the drawing room!" She ordered.

Bleary eyed both girls got dressed in silence, Amelia Could see that Emma was still upset by last nights events, finally she broke the silence.

"I don't know how you could do that," Emma said accusingly to Amelia. "and you a preachers daughter!"

Amelia was lost for words, for once Emma was right, for Amelia couldn't understand how things had developed the way they had with the two gondoliers. The irony of Emma's disgust was not lost upon Amelia, for all Emma's disgust at what she had seen, she took their own sapphic relationship as being no more than a deep friendship.

For all she could see Emma's double standards, it did not make Amelia feel any better about the situation, for in her heart she knew that the things that she and Emma did together were just as wrong. They both also knew, that after last night, Georgina could not rightly claim any moral high ground, but of course they both knew better than to point that out. So they did as she told them, and they both slunk into the drawing room.

As they entered the room, Georgina was standing looking out of the window down onto the Grand Canal. "Please both of you be seated," She said without turning to face them. "this won't take long."

They both sat, side by side on the leather sofa, hands on their laps like two repentant schoolgirls being called before the headmistress.

"I have decided," Georgina continued. "that it is time to draw this follysome journey of yours to a close."

"But!" Emma said, only to be cut short as her young aunt spun around flaring at her.

"Did I ask you to speak?" Georgina demanded, Emma sat in silence and merely shook her head. "I thought not, Amelia I would recommend that you leave for home straight away, Emma will accompany me to the Rhineland. I will sort out all the relevant travel documents, I would advise you to avoid my sister. For no doubt, she will somehow blame you instead of the dolt, as far as she is concerned her daughter can do no wrong. I on the other hand, believe that the sooner we marry her off to some chinless wonder the better!"

Amelia felt sorry for her friend who was now squirming in embarrassment at her aunt's berating.

"Humph! Married, then that gives an excuse for such disgusting behaviour." Emma mumbled, but louder than she meant to.

"What! Don't you dare try and lecture me about my behaviour!" Screamed the now enraged Georgina. " The day I have to answer to a stupid little half witted virgin is still long off, and if you have any ideas about repeating what you saw, and this goes for both of you! You had better think long and hard about it, and for any ideas you may have about your mother protecting you, the days that I've taken any notice of my deluded sister are long gone!"

At this final outburst, Emma ran out of the room in tears leaving Amelia sitting alone on the sofa.

"Are you not going to console your friend?" Georgina asked.

"No not this time." Amelia answered flatly. "Though, to an extent she does have a point, I don't mean you I'm referring to myself."

Georgina looked closely at the expression of sadness on Amelia's face, she could see that tears were not far off for her niece's companion. "Go on, Amelia." Georgina said softly.

"Well... well it's just that...." Amelia said struggling for the right words, staring down at the rug below her. "well I would love to take you up on that job offer that you gave me. It's just that I can't trust myself, it has been plain to see that I lack somewhat in my judgement."

"How so? All the problems have been caused by Emma's stupidity, not yours." Georgina said trying to console the now tearful girl on the sofa.

"That's it though, I could have reined her back, but for some reason I chose not to. The job you mentioned would involve much travelling, I think I may be better off staying in the safety of my fathers vicarage, under his guiding hands until that time that I marry, if of course I ever do." Amelia struggled out between sobs.

"You silly little lamb," Georgina said, as she sat next to Amelia upon the sofa putting her arm around her shoulder. "you think yourself a bad person?"

Amelia nodded.

"You think of yourself as not being able to be trusted out in the big bad world alone?"

Again Amelia nodded in silence.

"Perhaps if I acted as not just your employer, but as a de facto guardian that could make you feel more happy about taken the job?"

Amelia looked up from the rug a bewildered look in her teary eyes.

"I would take it upon myself, to take you to task over anything that I feel is inappropriate, in both terms of your employment and your private life."

Amelia nodded slowly, as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

"I would be responsible for your moral welfare, be warned though I won't shy from physically chastising you when I feel that the situation warrants it. Under these conditions do you think you could reconsider the position that I offered you?

For the first time that morning Amelia smiled. "Yes, Georgina! I would gladly take the job under those strictures," Amelia said, her face and eyes both now aglow. "for the sake of my conscience though... I... I..."

"You feel that punishment is in order from last night don't you?" Georgina interrupted Amelia's stumbling.

Again Amelia nodded slowly.

"No time like the present then, if you could get up and remove your skirt and underskirts!"

"Now?" Amelia said startled by Georgina's instruction. "What if Emma were to come back?"

"She would see your bare bottom being punished, and not for the first time." Georgina replied, a little impatience creeping into her voice. "So hurry up and get on with it, I have a busy day ahead of me!"

Reluctantly Amelia arose from the sofa, her shaking fingers at the buttons of her brown dress. Georgina moved to the centre of the sofa, and placed a cushion onto her waiting lap.

"A good hard spanking should be enough to expunge the guilt of last night, do you think that will suffice Amelia?"

Her question was met with expected silence, as Amelia folded her skirt, putting it on a side table, then her underskirts were also removed and folded, till she was standing in only her blouse, drawers and slippers.

"Over you go then, you can keep your drawers on, I can just unbutton the back."

Amelia got in position over Georgina's lap, knowing that the cushion was putting her bottom up at a very high angle, and should Emma come into the room all her charms would be on full view. Bearing in mind the relationship of their "friendship", that shouldn't really worry her, but somehow it did.

"Of course you know, that it won't just be spankings that could be coming your way in the future." Georgina said as she set about opening the back of Amelia's drawers. "Canings may be called for at times, or maybe one of those slippers that you are wearing could be put to good use."

Amelia closed her eyes as she felt the flap of her drawers being pulled open, knowing her bottom was now bared, knowing the pain was about to start.

"Or perhaps I could buy a martinet, that seemed to work very well." Georgina felt Amelia shudder at the reminder of their time in Cadiz. "For now though a harsh spanking should be enough, I warn you though it will be harsh!"

It took Amelia no time at all to realise that Georgina was serious in her words. From the very first smack Amelia was squirming in a mixture of pain and embarrassment. She knew though that she could not complain, as she had all but asked for this punishment, hadn't she? She bit down hard on her lower lip trying not to call out, trying not to alert Emma as to what was happening in the drawing room. Though deep down she knew, that the noise of Georgina's punishing hand meeting with the soft flesh of her bottom, would be ringing out throughout the Venetian palace. She held on from not crying out, until Georgina changed her target area, and the tops and inner parts of her thighs came in for the same treatment that her bottom had just had. Her drawers in some part offered limited protection to her thighs, but still Georgina's fingers stung even those parts that were still thinly covered.

Soon enough Amelia was sobbing aloud, and pleading for her new "guardian" to stop, but Georgina had other ideas. Georgina knew that this must be an exemplary spanking, one to show Amelia that she really meant business, anything less and Amelia would not feel fully cleansed.

Finally it ended, and Georgina helped the poor girl to her feet. "Right, Amelia," Georgina said to the sobbing shaking girl in front of her. "I want you to go and stand in that corner by the fireplace, so that if Emma does come in here, it can act as warning of what she can expect on our journey home. I'm going out now to sort out travel documents, and I expect you not to move till I get back. Do you understand?"

"Ye... yes..., Georgina I understand." Amelia replied. She did not move from the spot till Georgina got back. Not even when Emma came in and asked her what had happened. She just stood there, stock still, silent, waiting for her guardian's return.

That brings her back to where she was now, as the train neared Didcot, still not knowing what she could tell her father.

Her adventure was over, but her life was now about to begin.


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 5

Millicent, and Veronica both had a fitful nights sleep after the days events.

Veronica awoke early, the streams of light pouring through the gaps in her room's heavy drapes waking her after what only seemed to her like an hour or so's sleep. She felt so foolish, her hands locked in the thick lambskin mittens.

"Don't worry my dear, they are just purity-mitts." The nurse had told her, as she tied the gloves on to her hands after her rather surprisingly pleasant dinner with Mr. Carter.

It was just one more ignominy to add to the list since she came to this rather strange, but luxurious house. Lying in her bed and staring at the ceiling, she tried to work out what her situation was all about. Money sprang to mind at first, her stepmother was trying to rob her of her inheritance. That though was too simple, why not just have her assigned to a normal asylum? If money was the only matter at stake, why place her in somewhere so seemingly expensive? She just could not work it out. Other things also sprang to her mind as she lay there. The previous night at dinner, Mr. Carter had proven himself to be very good, if not somewhat risque company. His opening words were.

"Hello, now finally we have chance to talk. I'm Jonathan Carter and you are Miss Bowman, but I would love to know your first name, as normally I know a girls full name before seeing them naked!"

For all Veronica blushed at his talk, she found the remark to be very humorous considering the situation that they were both in. So she spilled out everything to him over their rack of lamb, accompanied by a very fine French red wine. Jonathan proved to be very attentive listener, as Veronica tried to explain that she was not mad but had been placed in here by her stepmother for purely financial gain on her stepmother's part.

"Ah, the evil stepmother! Such things so many fairytales are made of." Jonathan said, smiling at Veronica. "So was she always horrible towards you, driving your father away, packing you off to boarding school and the such like?"

At this question Veronica found herself stuck for words. For as she thought about it, Millicent wasn't really the traditional evil stepmother, she had always seemed to be trying to make an effort for an amicable relationship between the two of them. As she thought more, she realised that it was her,herself that was the constant fly in the ointment, the one that was always trying to cause familial unrest before her father died. As she and Jonathan continued their conversation, for the umpteenth time that day she could feel her eyes edging with tears, this time though they were tears of guilt.

Jonathan noticed this change in Veronica, and turned the conversation away from Veronica's relationship with her step mother, to that of his story. Unlike Veronica, Jonathan accepted the fact that he was guilty as charged, he had been caught red-handed as it were by his aunt. He was staying with his aunt while waiting to go back to Cambridge, to continue his law studies. His parents were away abroad, but he was highly confident of his release upon their return in two weeks time.

"My aunt Joan has never married," He told Veronica. "and to be honest I don't think she knows that much about a males needs and urges."

Veronica could feel that now all to familiar rush of blood to her face, as she herself was innocent in terms of the facts of life.

"She looked upon catching me doing something that is so natural," He continued. "as some sort of an abhorrence, and a crime against God! So once my father and mother return I shall be released from here, though going by today, as much as the food and the company is excellent, I think it may be a long, pain filled two weeks."

Those words were still ringing in Veronica's memory, when one of the nurses came in with her clothing. It was a plain simple outfit, a long black skirt, a white blouse and a light blue cardigan. Veronica noticed that there was no stays or underwear, only a pair of white socks and black leather slippers, so it was obvious that she wasn't going to be getting outside of the house much. The nurse undid the lambs wool mitts, and then helped Veronica prepare for what the day was to bring. As she breakfasted in the dining room, she saw there were another ten girls dressed as her, all roughly the same age or maybe a little older than herself. She wondered if they all too wore a similar leather belt to hers? Then she turned as the door opened and in walked Jonathan Carter, in a similar mode of dress, except for black trousers instead of a skirt, and a white shirt rather than a blouse. He too was wearing the same light blue cardigan as all the other inmates. He smiled in recognition at Veronica and took the seat opposite her, oddly she felt both strange and reassured in his company.

"Not the most flattering of outfits," He said jokingly, as he looked about the room. "but at least we are all in the same boat!"

They then finished their meal in silence, realising that being the newcomers they had all the eyes in the room upon them.

Nurse Corrigan then came over and said. "Miss Bowman we will be starting your course of treatment now, Mr. Carter we will be starting yours this afternoon. So if you could follow me please, Miss, remember to just follow all instructions! It will be a little easier for you that way."

The nurses comments did not fill Veronica with optimism, and the sight of the leather swaying strap on her belt as she walked ahead of Veronica filled her with dread. As they walked through the labyrinthine passageways, Veronica could feel the fear of the unknown rising within her. They finally reached a room bearing the nameplate, 'Treatment Room 1'.

The nurse knocked, and then opened the door, holding it for Veronica to enter first. Was this out of politeness, or to make sure that she didn't try to run for it? Upon entering the room she saw Dr. Dewbury, and a youngish lady dressed in a white coverall cut at an almost obscene height, another inch and her knees would have been on show. The next thing Veronica noticed was what looked like a dentist's chair, but with extra attachments, and ominously strapping on the chair arms.

"Ah good morning, Miss Bowman, this is my assistant Miss Brompton," said the beaming Doctor, motioning towards the smiling young girl. "Nurse Corrigan, could you help Miss Bowman with her clothing, then we can pop her up on the chair?" As the nurse started undoing the buttons on Veronica's skirt, the doctor continued talking. "Miss Bowman this course of treatment is to bring your onanism under control, by replacing the transient sensations of pleasure that you seek, with that of a sensation of pain. In the long term you will relate these actions with a painful, rather than a pleasurable experience and so will desist with your filthy fiddling."

Veronica knew by now that any protestation of her innocence was a waste of breath, but she still shook as the nurse went to loosen her chastity belt, her only remaining covering of her modesty. Once she was naked from the waist down, the nurse helped her up on to the chair, securing Veronica's arms to the arms of the chair, the Irish nurse whispered.

"It might help to just keep your eyes closed, and try and think of something else."

Next the nurse tied Veronica's legs at the calf's and the seat was tilted back, Veronica noticed an elaborate set of pulleys on the ceiling above her. She then felt further straps being belted to her ankles, then to her horror she felt her legs being opened, so her lower torso was a wide V shape. She felt the first tears of shame run down her cheek. Then looking up Veronica saw that Miss Brompton was now standing inside that V, the young girl seemed to have a smirk on her face as she caught Veronica's eye. Then Veronica felt the girls fingers at her sex.

"Yes doctor you were correct," the assistant said. "she is rather large in the nub, and quick to react. Should I continue and give her a pelvic massage Doctor?"

"Yes, Miss Brompton, but not to conclusion remember!" The Doctor said, though Veronica did not know what they were referring to.

Then she felt the assistants fingers working at her most private of parts, at this Veronica started sobbing, it was bad enough being half naked in front of the doctor, and the nurse. Now though to have a girl the same age as herself, or maybe even a little younger working her fingers in such an obscene and lewd manner was just too much for Veronica to take. As she lay there sobbing at her predicament, a strange but almost wonderful feeling started within her, it was as if the assistant's fingers were setting off waves of pleasure in her lower body. It was as if she had thrown a stone in a pond, and the ripples were growing as they headed for the shore. Then the waves seemed to be rippling not just through her pelvis, but across her whole body, as she squirmed on the chair. Her breathing quickened, and she could feel her nipples rub against the cloth of her blouse as they became erect and more sensitive, despite the wonderful feeling she felt scared of this new sensation, she could hear the blood pumping in her ears and was worried that she was having some sort of fit, then she heard a disembodied voice cry out. "God, please help me!" Then she realised it was her voice.

"Miss Brompton?" She heard Doctor Dewbury say.

"Yes she is nearly at the final point I think," The assistant replied, stopping her ministrations. "should I wait, then fetch her along again?"

"No once shall be fine for the first session." Veronica could hear the doctor say.

Then she felt tension on her ankles, and realised that her legs were being hoisted up, opening her eyes she saw the assistant standing to her left turning a pulley wheel. She still wore the same smirk, with her back to the doctor and looking a Veronica, she lifted her right hand to her face running her fingers under her nose. Veronica closed her eyes in shame as she felt her legs being lifted to an obtuse angle, so her ankles were now above her head, and Veronica was all to aware of the new and even cruder display that she must be affording the doctor.

Then she felt the first slap, as the doctor brought his hand across her bottom, the shock caught her breath. Then the slaps rained down, much harder than the spanking from nurse Corrigan, and the position she was in meant that the doctor had more scope. No part of her bottom seemed safe, his fingers sought out the inner cleft between her plump cheeks, and her inner thighs, all easily accessible to his punishing hand. She gritted her teeth, trying not to call out at his onslaught, her eyes tight shut, as she could hear the blows ringing in the room. Then as the heat built in her poor bottom, it seemed to emanate outwards, warming the area so cruelly probed by Miss Brompton. Veronica could feel those strange but wonderful ripples build in her pelvis and thighs again, but this time much quicker than previously, the feeling intensified and everything around her seemed to fade away into dark silence, she held her breath as the ecstasy overwhelmed her, she was certain that she was going to pass out, then her toes curled and she gasped out through the pain of the spanking, and the joy of her first orgasm.
"Mmmm oh my! That was not supposed to happen." Doctor Dewbury said in a sudden state of confusion.

The Outpost, A New Awakening.

This is really Abigail's story, as she told it to me. I'm writing it as best as I can from memory, I apologise in advance for any minor details that I may get wrong. As I said I'm writing this from memory, not from notes or from tapes, just what I recall her telling me that afternoon in the hotel on the banks of the Tyne. Some of the things she told me I found a little confusing, I'm not that familiar with the scouting movement in England, let alone that of the U.S.A.. So I hope you will bear with me on certain details that I may get incorrect, it is not that I wish to deceive.

Abigail had left high school and was waiting to go to college, when she was given the chance to go on a venturing course. There were really few things further from her mind than a venturing course. She never even wanted to join the GSUSA in the first place, but she was cajoled into it by her mother. Not that her mother was strict with her, in many ways Abigail would have preferred a strict mom to complain and bitch about, but no that was not Mrs. Williams style. She preferred to just moan and whine on at Abigail, till like sea erosion she eventually got her way.

"Scouting would be a good extra-curricular activity, it will look good on your college applications." Because as she always liked to remind Abigail. "you can't just rely on exam results, not with your grades you can't!"

Abigail knew that her mom meant well, all she wanted was for her to have the breaks that she hadn't had. So Mrs. Williams had tried to map out a path for her daughter, but being the lone parent in a one parent family it was not all plain sailing, as she reminded her daughter at every given opportunity. Abigail started to think at a very early age that it was no surprise that her dad ran off the way he did, putting up with her mom would try the patience of even the most holy of saints. Never mind that of a "drunken fornicator", as her mom would fondly call her father. With him moving from New Mexico to Maine, meant that Abigail rarely saw her father, so she lacked the influence of having a significant male figure in her life. This manifested itself in a strange way, she had crushes on nearly all her male tutors at high school, not that unusual in itself you would think. Most girls have a little crush here and there, but Abigail's were more intense, and not really sexual in nature. She was - though she didn't realise it at the time - searching for a surrogate father figure. While most of her school friends lusted after the younger staff members, Abigail gravitated to what at best could be called the more mature. Anyone less than forty just didn't do it for her.

Do what for her though? That was another puzzle, as she never saw herself wrapped in some tutors arms, never mind his bed. She saw herself perhaps going on a fishing trip, or around museums, then sharing french fries in McDonalds. She knew by what she had heard the other girls saying, that these were not "normal" teen fantasies, so she kept quiet about them. As for her other fantasies, well they were just too strange to ever voice to another living soul. Weren't they? So it was decided that before college it was off to Alaska for her on a venturing course, to study the migratory patterns of the Bald Eagle. Whoopee! If nothing else though it would give her a chance to indulge in her real passion, painting and drawing. So that is how she found herself at Fairbanks airport, with two holdalls and her drawing case, waiting for her transport to the bleak outdoors to arrive. When it did arrive she was in for a shock, well two actually. The first one was that they would be staying in a cabin up in the White Mountains, and not in a large hostel as she had expected. The second was that there would be only three of them at the scout station, herself, another girl and the driver. The driver was Mr. Longley, no first name forthcoming from him, just Mr. Longley.

Mr Longley was a senior scoutmaster in the Eagle Scouts, it was actually an Eagle Scout station that they would be staying in, and he wasn't that happy at having two nineteen year old girl scouts living in, even if it was for only for a couple of weeks. The drive took an hour and a half, through some of the most spectacular forests she had ever seen, for his part Mr. Longley was pleasant enough. He explained that rather than waiting for the other girl to arrive, he would take Abigail out to the cabin first then return to the airport later to pick up Susanna. When they reached the "outpost" it wasn't what Abigail had expected, though in reality she didn't know what to expect. Seated in the forest by the side of a river sat a small log cabin, her new home for the next fortnight. Getting out of the car she looked around and saw it was an artist's paradise, the surroundings, the river, the light they were all perfect!

"Maybe this won't be so bad?" She thought to herself.

After Mr. Longley made some coffee, he showed her to the room that Abigail and Susanna would be sharing. Like the rest of the cabin the room was very basic. The furniture consisted of two bunk beds, a small writing desk and chair and a red sofa that had seen better days. For storage there was two old fashioned style trunks, the floor was bare polished boarding with a sheepskin rug by the side of the bed. Abigail claimed the top bunk by placing her bags on it, then as Mr. Longley went back to the airport Abigail went outside to explore her new surroundings, and the little stream by the side of the cabin. The sound of a car approaching told her that her venturing partner was here. As she got back to the cabin, Mr. Longley and Susanna were just getting out of the car. Mr. Longley looked at Abigail and shook his head, raising his eyes skyward, in an odd fashion that confused Abigail till Susanna spoke.

"Hi! You must be Abby? Mr. Longford tells me you paint and stuff. Wow! That must be like great, being all talented and stuff?" Susanna spurted out, her china white teeth on full view with her well practiced false smile.

"My name is Longley, not Longford." Mr. Longley wearily corrected the new arrival.

"Duh! I'm so hopeless with names, but I'll remember now for sure! God isn't it like so cold here, who'd think this was the same country as California, mind you it gets cold in California sometimes, well up in the mountains anyway, I'm not from the mountains, I'm from the San Fernando Valley, do you like LA, God it's like the best place ever!" Susanna replied in her machine gun voice.

Abigail could only imagine what the journey from the airport must have been like for poor Mr. Longley, the look he had just gave her was now totally explained. As they made their way to the cabin, Susanna managed to talk non stop, about seemingly nothing, to try and preserve Mr. Longley's sanity Abigail said.

"Susanna I'll show you to our room, and help you settle in."

As they entered their room, Abigail could see that Susanna was less than impressed by her new surroundings.

"Whoah, bunk beds! Er I don't know about you but I just so totally can't do bunk beds!" Susanna almost shouted in indignation. "I like can't have the bottom one, because I'm really claustrophobic and the top one I'd like never get to sleep cause I'd be awake worrying about rolling out onto the floor. Ahhh! What's that? Some like dead animal for a carpet that's just too grody!"

Abigail then watched as Susanna stormed out of the room to confront Mr. Longley. If Abigail made an unlikely and reluctant scout, Susanna was off the planet. Abigail recognised her type, she was one of the "popular" girls, high up the high school food chain, not like Abigail who tended to be more of one of the "nerdy" girls. How Susanna ended up here became clear as she eavesdropped the heated conversation taking place in the adjoining living room. When all came to all Susanna was never the intended recipient of this chance in the wilderness. The girl who was supposed to have come had taken bad last week with her appendix, rather than let the place go the school offered the opportunity up to any of the other scouts. Susanna never one to let a free "holiday" go by, put her name forward, and with a lot of wrangling by her parents she was duly sent to Fairbanks. After a half hour or so of Susanna's nonsensical whining, Mr. Longley agreed to let her have his room for the night, and tomorrow morning he would go to the main scout's hostel in town and get a camp bed for her to use in their bedroom. For tonight he would sleep on the floor in the living room with a sleeping bag, it was a compromise that Abigail could see he was not best pleased about. The evening meal was pleasant enough, but the atmosphere in the room was at best frosty. Abigail was glad when it was late enough for her to retire to bed, sleep though did not come easy. In those days Abigail never slept that well in strange surroundings, it was a case of dozing then waking with a start all night. After about her third sudden awakening she had an enormous thirst, the log fire fuelled radiators had completely dried her mouth, and she knew further sleep would be impossible without a drink of water first.

As quiet as possible, she climbed down from her bunk, and padded towards her door. She knew that to get to the kitchen, she would first have to go through the communal living area where Mr. Longley was sleeping. As quiet as a mouse she sneaked through her door, and tiptoed to the kitchen door. The roaring log fire lit up the room, and as she looked towards it, there was Mr. Longley. He lay with his back towards her, his front facing the fire, the warmth from the fire must have gotten to as his sleeping bag was unzipped. So there he lay naked and asleep. Much as Abigail wanted not to, she stood there staring at him. For someone of his age his body was still quite trim, and powerful looking, wide shoulders and back tapering down to a firm looking naked bottom. The longer she stared at him the drier her mouth became, then what would happen if he awoke? She would be caught peeking, what would he say, what would he do? The delicious options that sprang to her mind brought back all her long hidden high school fantasies. She snapped herself back into the real world and quickly got her water, then returned to her bed. Sleep was still hard for her, but for very much different reasons now.

The next morning breakfast was another frosty affair, Abigail was silent racked with guilt at her nocturnal peeking. Susanna was still brooding that she was even here at all. Mr. Longley looked like he would be a lot happier in a female free zone. Then over the radio - their only form of "entertainment" in the cabin - came a severe weather warning for the area.

"Well I'll have to leave now before the weather closes in," Mr. Longley informed the two girls. "outside there is a lean-to with a load of logs that need chopping. I was going to do it this morning but I can't now, so you two will have to do it while I'm away or we'll have no fire!" With that Mr. Longley left for town, the two girls looked at each other, Abigail was the first to speak.

"I want to go and do a little sketching, so if you do half the chopping I'll do the rest when I get back?"

"Yeah whatever!" Replied the sleepy Susanna.

Abigail then got herself wrapped up, and grabbing her sketching pad headed upstream only to glad to get out of the cabin. She wandered along the little forest trail, looking for a good vantage point to try and catch on paper some of her magnificent surroundings. Time flew by as she walked upstream, finally finding a point that suited her she sat down and started drawing. She was concentrating so much on the little river, she didn't notice the sky turning to a light pink. She did however notice the first little flakes fall on her sketchpad. "Time to head back I think!" She said aloud to herself, as she packed up her pencils. Then the odd little flake, turned to large flakes almost the size of her fingernails, and now they weren't odd ones, they were falling like confetti at a wedding. The snow was now falling at a terrifying rate, in almost only a matter of minutes it seemed that inches had hit the ground. Abigail was now in a state of panic, she was lost, the track had now gone completely under the blanket of white crystalline snow. She struggled through the trees trying to find the riverbank, eventually she regained her bearings as the night was starting to close in, she could see the lights of the cabin just up ahead, looking at her watch she saw that she had been away for six hours. Then just as she reached the doorway she heard the sound of Mr. Longley's car returning. Tired and hungry she almost fell through the doorway, to see a sleeping Susanna on an armchair in front of the fire.

"Suzi! Suzi!" Abigail shouted to the sleeping scout, and saw her start to awake. "Did you chop any logs?"

"Er no, like you wander off expecting me to do everything? I'm left here all alone while you go off drawing, I don't think so!"

Next the door opens again and Mr. Longley stumbles in with Susanna's camp bed, his face like stone. "I've just seen the lean-to and there are no logs cut," he stormed. "what the hell do you two think we are going to use for heat tonight?"

"We will just have to turn up the radiators when the fire goes out, like why all the drama it's not like it is the end of the world or anything!"

Both Abigail and Mr. Longley looked at each other open mouthed at Susanna's reply.

"What?" Asked Susanna as she looked at their stunned faces.

"The radiators run off a back boiler," Mr. Longley replied very slowly through gritted teeth. "the boiler is heated by the fire, the fire goes out, the radiators go cold."

The reality of the situation could now be seen on Susanna's face. Abigail stared at the floor in shame, as she knew only to well that this was just as much her fault as Susanna's.

"Right!" Said Mr. Longley. "I'll go and cut the logs in this blizzard. Otherwise there is a good chance we might freeze to death, then tomorrow morning I'm radioing in to say that the two of you are being removed from this project as soon as the weather lifts. I'm also going to recommend that you both are thrown out of your respective scouting groups."

As Mr. Longley left, the two girls stood in silence contemplating what he had just said. While it may be great to have a venturing course on your resume, it was certainly terrible to have expulsion from the scouting movement on it when applying to the best colleges. Abigail had an idea, it was a mad one, but it was all she could think of. She explained her plan to an unusually silent Susanna, reluctantly she agreed to Abigail's mad suggestion.

"Do you really think he will go for it? He looks like totally fuming." Susanna almost whispered.

Without replying, Abigail put her coat back on and went outside in the lashing snow. After what seemed like an age to Susanna, but was actually no more than a quarter of an hour, Abigail returned covered in snow and shivering. She simply nodded to the waiting Susanna, and said.

"We have to get changed into our PJ's, and wait in here by the fire. He wants to deal with us both before supper."

Almost an hour later Mr. Longley returned, to find the two girls standing in front of the fire, hands on the tops of their heads.

"Right you both agree to this?" He asked the two penitent girls.

They both nodded silently.

"I will deal with you in order of stupidity, so you first Susanna."

Susanna gulped but said nothing as Mr. Longley dragged a chair over from the table, sitting on it, he then beckoned her to his side with his finger. Reluctantly, she slowly walked the four or so steps towards him. Wordlessly he grabbed the waistband of her PJ bottoms and pulled them to her knees. Abigail could feel her mouth drying up like last night, when she had spied upon Mr. Longley sleeping on the floor. She felt her knees turn to jelly as she watched Mr. Longley haul Susanna over his lap, her naked bottom now pointing directly at her.

She stared unblinking, as the first slaps started to fall onto Susanna's golden tanned naked behind. Susanna called out in protest as the spanking gained pace, and her tanned cheeks started to change colour. Abigail watched entranced as Susanna struggled on Mr. Longley's lap, her legs flailing allowing Abigail fleeting glimpses of her sex.

Susanna's calls were music to Abigail's ears, for she knew only to well that soon it would be her across Mr. Longley's lap, it would be her squirming under his punishing calloused hands, it would be her finally living out her teen fantasy of submission.

Soon enough her turn came as Mr. Longley helped the now tearful Susanna to her feet, and told her to get back in front of the fire hands back on the top of her head, PJ bottoms now at her ankles, her dark lush pubic triangle on display. Abigail knew, that soon she to would be standing there by the fire, humiliated and exposed. First though there was the spanking.

Like Susanna before her, Mr. Longley silently pulled down her PJ bottoms and hauled her over his lap. She could feel the hardness of his cock pushing at her belly as she stared at the dusty floorboards. Then it started. She winced as his hand came into contact with her naked bottom, the first few slaps taking her breath away. Then again like Susanna, Abigail too started to squirm on his lap, she knew that now it would be Susanna being treated to views of her sex as her body went into automatic defence mode, and tried to avoid Mr. Longley's punitive hand. Her writhing only earned her spanks across the backs and the inside of her thighs. Then as before with Susanna, he parted slightly the cheeks of her bottom to allow his spanking fingers to tan the inside of her cleft and to actually hit her now exposed anus. This extra humiliation and pain finally brought forward her real tears. Tears of joy at a fantasy finally fulfilled. Through the fog of tears and pain she had never felt so alive. So happy!

The bonnie,bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond!

The snow was coming down hard,making it difficult to drive, Libby lent forward over the steering wheel of her Jeep, desperately peering out into her bleak surroundings and glad to be in a four by four. "Why the heck did I ever agree to this?" she muttered to herself. It had been her friend Rebecca's idea, "Get away for a long weekend," she'd told her in her broad Scottish accent, "try to de-stress and unwind, stay at my cottage near Loch Lomond, free of charge, just take your food and drink etc and chill out." Chill out? She'd be freezing her behind off at this rate!

But Libby admitted she needed a break,since handling a particularly difficult case at work she'd been feeling tired and run down, so the weekend away would do her good.

Thirty five year old Elizabeth Anne Burrows, Libby to her friends, was a doctor, she worked in paediatrics in Glasgow Royal Infirmary and as such had to deal with some emotional situations, but this latest one had been the first time she'd considered giving up medicine. She'd been assigned to a seven year old girl called Emily with chronic asthma, the child had seemed to be improving slowly, then suddenly, one evening, she had a bad attack and died. Everyone on the ward was mortified, but Libby had built up a close relationship with Emily and her family so it hit her hard, more worryingly it had left her feeling guilty which is why her head of department had insisted she take some leave.

On her drive to Loch Lomond she kept mulling over what had happened, the feelings of guilt flooded to the surface again just as her sat-nav politely issued new directions, she shook her head and tried to focus. "Where the heck is this place?" she sighed. It was only about fourteen miles from where she lived to Loch Lomond, but the cottage was way over on the far side, in the highlands.

When she'd left home, Glasgow itself was relatively snow free, but as she'd passed through Dumbarton the scenery became distinctly white, the road gritters had done their job marvellously so driving had been easy, until she'd reached the Balloch turnoff, there the gritters seemed to have run out of grit and she'd cranked on the four wheel drive to get her the rest of the way. Now she felt like she was in the middle of nowhere, civilisation seemed to be far behind her. Although it was no longer falling heavily, all she could see was snow covered trees and stone walls, even the sheep appeared to have made a run for it.

After fighting her way to the end of a very long and rough road frustration almost got the better of her and she was about to turn back, then the sat-nav calmly announced, "You have arrived at your destination!" "You must be joking!" retorted Libby, then she spotted it, just through the trees up ahead was a small cottage, as she drove a little nearer it reminded her of a Christmas card, idyllic looking with snow on the roof and smoke coming out of the chimney, there was a warm glow of light beaming from the little lattice windows, and the trees around it seemed to be hugging it tightly. She couldn't help smiling, then a thought occurred to her, Rebecca had said nothing about anyone else being there this weekend!

Libby parked the car a few hundred metres away from the cottage as she wasn't quite sure where the road ended, and she didn't want to end up parking in a flower bed. She got out of the car and looked around, there were no signs of another vehicle so maybe Rebecca had started a fire and left the lights on for her. She decided to leave her luggage until she'd made sure the cottage was secure, so she grabbed her handbag and made her way through the deep snow to the front door. The snow crunched under her feet and birds sang in the fir trees, then she heard flowing water and looked over to see a stream running right alongside the cottage, it all looked so pretty and serene. When she reached the front door she took out the key but was surprised to find the door unlocked. She was worried for a moment, thinking there might be a burglar inside, but then concluded it was unlikely a burglar would have stopped to light a fire and then put the lights on inside. Despite this she cautiously pushed the door open and peered around it, but she saw no one. She pushed the door shut and began to look around the room, it was large but cosy and warm thanks to the welcoming log fire that crackled and sparked in the stone hearth. It was a through room with a spacious kitchen at the back, and a wooden staircase sweeping down into the room on the right. The walls were a mixture of stone and wood panelling, and the low ceiling had several broad beams along it's length. She knew it wasn't as old as it looked, but it had all the feel of a quaint old cottage. As she stood admiring her surroundings a noise made her jump, it came from upstairs, someone was definitely up there.

"Hello?" she called.

There was no answer, but moments later she heard footsteps on the stairs, she instinctively grabbed the nearest thing to her, which happened to be a long handled umbrella, and gripped it tightly in readiness, her heart was pounding in her chest as she watched a figure wander down the stairs, first a pair of black walking boots came into view, then black jeans, and eventually a light grey ribbed jumper, just as Libby was preparing to swing the umbrella the figure spun around and smiled.

"Hi, you must be Libby!" he said with a soft American accent.

Libby stood open mouthed, stunned not only that he knew her name, but also that he was so devilishly handsome. He was tall and slim with black hair that was short but spiked up in the front, and he had the most gorgeous blue grey-eyes she'd ever seen.

"Um, I hope you weren't planning to hit me with that?" he pointed at the brandished umbrella.

"Uhh.. no.. well yes, I mean, I didn't know there was anyone else here." she put the weapon back in it's stand and fidgeted awkwardly.

He looked apologetic, "Oh, well I'm sorry that I scared you."

Libby swallowed hard. "That's OK."

"Didn't Becks tell you I was gonna be here?" the man moved closer.

"No," Libby shook her head, "I thought I had the place to myself for a few days."

"I see, well I hope you're not too disappointed, only she offered it to me a while back and this is the first chance I've had to take her up on the offer." he reached out a hand. "I'm Jack, Jack Mathews."

Libby shook his hand. "I'm.. oh you already know my name." she smiled softly. "Nice to meet you, Jack."

He looked her up and down, she was slim and pretty with long fair hair and piercing blue eyes, her dark blue jeans hugged her figure, and her short leather jacked accentuated the curve of her waist, all in all a very pleasant sight. "The pleasure is all mine."

Libby blushed at that comment, but then sighed and couldn't hide her disappointment."I suppose I'd better go then."

Jack frowned. "But you only just got here."

"Yeah but, well you were here first so I-"

"Hey there is room enough for two y'know."

Libby was taken aback by that remark, "But.. well we don't know each other and, I'd, I'd feel like I was intruding."

"Nonsense, like I said there's plenty of room and to be honest I'd enjoy the company."

She thought for a moment, not sure of what to do."

"I tell you what," Jack smiled and gently touched Libby's arm, "Why don't we have a coffee while you think it over?"

Libby returned his smile and nodded. "Okay thanks, I could do with a hot drink after the journey I've just had."

While the coffee was percolating Jack gave Libby a guided tour of the cottage, it didn't take long and the coffee was soon made, so they both sat at the kitchen table enjoying a hot drink and some chocolate digestives. They talked for ages about their pasts and what had brought them to where they are now. Jack told Libby all about growing up Joliet, Illinois, with his parents and two sisters, then coming over to Scotland to work as a land surveyor working for the Scottish forestry commission. Libby in turn told Jack all about growing up in Kingswinford, Birmingham with her mum and dad and older brother, and getting her degrees in medicine before moving to Glasgow to work as a doctor. They talked about hobbies, food, movies, and favourite places to visit, and before long they both felt like they'd known each other for years. They finally got around to discussing how they'd both met Rebecca, and Libby was surprised to discover Jack had got to know her via the Internet a few years back, they'd become good friends and when Jack moved over to Scotland to work they'd met up, but there had never been any romantic interests between them.

While they chatted it began to snow again, lightly at first, then heavier and heavier.

"Wow, that's some snow storm out there." Jack remarked with a frown.

"Hmm, good thing I got here when I did."

"So, are you gonna stay?" he asked hopefully.

"Yeah, I don't see why not," smiled Libby as she went to get her jacket. "I'll just go and get my things from the car."

"Uh, you can't go out in this!"

"It's only snow, I'll be fine."

"It isn't only snow, it's practically a blizzard out there. There was a weather warning earlier saying it was gonna last a couple hours."

Libby frowned and gazed out of the window.

"Where's your car?" asked Jack

"It's down the lane there." She pointed. "I didn't want to park too close to the cottage just in case I ran out of road."

Jack peered out into the snow storm. "Well you can't even see it at the moment, just wait 'til this eases up and I'll help you with your stuff."

"Thanks but I can manage," She pulled on her boots. "Besides it'll only take a few minutes, then I can get myself settled and relax the rest of the day."

He dropped his gaze."Now listen, Missy, if you go out in this weather I'll put you over my knee!"

Libby was speechless, a huge tingle surged deep inside her, her eyes widened and her breathing suddenly quickened. "You.. wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?" Jack stepped towards her. "Wanna bet?"

She grinned at him. "Well maybe you would, and I appreciate your concern, but look, I'm a professional woman, I have degrees and qualifications, I make important decisions every day so if I decide to go out in the snow I do it!"

Jack shrugged and gestured towards the door, then watched Libby go out into the storm. He was concerned for her welfare of course and wanted to stop her, but he decided to let her have her own way and find out for herself just how bad it was out there. He'd met women like her before and knew the only way was to let them make mistakes, and learn from them.

Libby pulled up the collar on her jacket as soon as she got outside, but she immediately regretted leaving the cottage, it had turned much colder and the heavy snow was swirling wildly around her, making it difficult to see where she was going. But she couldn't give up now, she'd feel completely stupid after being so determined and sure of herself. She battled on and finally made it to her car. Libby opened the boot and heaved her suitcase out, she looked at the two large bags of groceries, but quickly decided it was best to make two journeys and come back for them later, so she locked the car and started making her way back. Unbeknown to Libby, Jack was watching her the whole time, making sure she was okay, he was sure she'd soon need his help, and he was right. Libby was abut half way between the car and the cottage when a strong gust of wind blew the snow right into her face, it stung her eyes so much that for a moment she was blinded, disorientation and fear overwhelmed her, and it was at that point she tripped over something beneath the snow and fell flat on her face. She cursed her own clumsiness and quickly began struggling to get up, as she got to her knees she looked up to see Jack reaching a hand out to her, she took it gratefully and he effortlessly pulled her to her feet, he then took the suitcase from her, offered her his arm, and helped her back to the cottage. They went inside accompanied by a liberal amount of snow, so Jack quickly closed the door behind them and locked it. He shrugged off his long, waxed coat and hung it on the coat stand, then turned to look at Libby.

"Please don't say I told you so." Libby muttered ruefully.

"I don't need to," he replied as he helped her off with her jacket, it was thick with snow, as was the rest of her.

She shook the snow from her head and stood looking totally bedraggled and sorry for herself, she was shivering violently now and was beginning to feel sick.

"You should think yourself really lucky though," Jack added mildly. "you could have hit your head when you fell, there could have been rocks or anything hidden under that snow."

All Libby could do was nod, and try to hold back the tears

"Come on, let's get you warmed up." said Jack as he wrapped a blanket around her. He gently led her upstairs, ran her a hot bath, then fetched her suitcase up to her room.

After enjoying a long soak Libby put on fresh underwear, jeans, and a thick jumper, then she pulled on a pair of fluffy slippers and headed downstairs with her wet things to dry them in front of the fire. Jack saw her coming and quickly placed a kitchen chair in front of the fire, he pushed up his sleeves and took her wet clothes, but instead of draping them over the back of the chair as Libby had expected, he put them on the draining board. She frowned at him, wondering what he was doing, he then walked over to her, took her firmly by the left arm, and led her over to the chair, in one swift movement he sat down and pulled her across his lap.

"What are you doing?" she squealed."

He held her firmly. "I told you what I'd do if you went out in that weather."

She struggled against him. "I thought you were joking!"

"Well then you need to understand I never say anything I don't mean." He hauled her further over his lap until her pert bottom was raised high in the air, then he gripped her right wrist to make sure there would be no intervention. "I talked about getting you warmed up, well I'm going to make sure your backside gets nice and toasty!"

She struggled again but he had her pinned, she wasn't going anywhere. "You can't do this to me!" she yelled.

"Oh I think I can," he replied casually as he began smacking her bottom. He started as he meant to go on, with firm fast slaps alternating from cheek to cheek, even through jeans he knew he'd get the message across, she would be taught a lesson.

Libby squealed and squirmed. "Let me go!"


"But.. I.. I'm not a little girl!"

"So why did you behave like one?" he asked, not even breaking rhythm.

"I.." she couldn't think of a good reason for her behaviour, he was right, she had been childish as well as foolish, and now she was being totally humiliated as a result of it. She continued struggling, but deep down knew she deserved what she was getting, but it still stung like the devil and her squeals of protest were testimony to that.

Jack continued to spank Libby hard and fast until he felt her start to relent, she eventually stopped kicking and squealing and her struggles were reduced to a squirm. He was suddenly aware of her sobbing and knew it was time to stop, he pulled her up off his lap and stood her upright. Libby couldn't look at him, she buried her face in her hands and cried. Jack stood up and wrapped his arms tightly around her, she fought him briefly, then gave in and sunk against him, allowing him to comfort her.

After a few minutes Jack sat Libby down on the sofa, she squirmed in her seat, trying to get comfortable, then sat to one side and folded her legs to take the pressure off her stinging behind. Jack poured two glasses of Vodka, dropped several ice cubes in each, and handed one to Libby, she sipped it slowly, still avoiding eye contact.

Jack settled himself down next to her and took a large swig of his drink, then he turned his head to stare right at her. "So, are you gonna be pissed at me for the rest of the weekend?"

Libby couldn't help laughing softly, she wanted to be angry with him, to lash out, read him the riot act, but instead she said, "No, I'm not pissed at you, I'm just embarrassed that's all, you know, because you..." her voice trailed off.

"Because I spanked your backside?"

"Yeah." She swirled the ice cubes around in her glass.

"Well, you deserved it!"

"I know. I still can't believe you did it though."

Jack raised his eye brows. "And I still can't believe you went outside in the middle of a blizzard!"

Suddenly guilt and emotion washed over her. "Wasn't one of the best decisions I've made lately was it."

"Not exactly, but no real harm was done."

"Not this time anyway." She managed to blurt out, right before bursting into tears.

"Hey, what's up?" Jack took her glass and placed it on the coffee table with his own, he then put his arm around Libby and pulled her close. She shook her head. "Uh, don't be shaking your head at me, Missy, now tell me what's wrong?"

Libby finally composed herself enough to tell Jack about the young girl who'd died, it took a while, but eventually she revealed her guilt at feeling responsible for the Emilys' death. Jack got a handful of tissues and Libby dried her tears and blew her nose, then Jack got her to take a few sips of her drink. He then sat facing her and took her hands in his. "Now you listen to me, that little girls death was not your fault, if it had you'd know about it and would probably been fired by now, but the authorities were more than happy with how you handled that case."

"Yeah I know but, well, I still feel I could have done better, you know, if I'd done something different then-"

"Hey, you did the best you could," Jack interrupted, "and it'll do you no good thinking you should have done anything differently."

Libby nodded. "Yeah, you're right, it's just been.." she suddenly frowned up at him. "How did you know the authorities were happy with everything?"

Jack shrugged. "I just guessed they must have been."

"No, no you seemed sure of it, as if someone had told you."

He sighed deeply. "Bit of giveaway huh?"

"Just a bit. So who told you?"

"Who do you think?"

"Rebecca!" Libby shook her head. "I might have known."

Jack smiled. "She was only looking out for you."

"I know but, well you might have told me before."

He shrugged. "Well I thought I'd leave it up to you to tell me all about it, if you wanted to."

Libby smiled at him and her eyes sparkled. "You're really sweet, you know that?"

"What, even though I slapped your butt?"

"Yes, even after all that, I still think you're sweet."

"Why thank you." Jack put on a look of smugness and let out a chuckle.

"But why did Rebecca tell you about what happened? I mean it isn't as though she knew we'd ever meet."

Jack raised his eyebrows again and smiled at her.

"Oh she didn't."

"Yes she did!"

"She arranged for us to be here at the same time?"

"Yep, she even drove me here!"

Libby nodded. "Oh, so that's why I didn't see a car when I arrived."

"That's right, she wanted to make sure I got here before you."

"I don't understand, why would she set me up like that?"

Jack lent forward and stared into her eyes. "Because she cares about you, and she thought me being here would help you deal with things, plus she knew I'd look after you."

Libby nodded. "Yeah that makes sense, she's such a lovely person, and she was right about you looking after me." She laughed softly. "Bet she never dreamed you end up, you know, spanking my bottom though."

Jack grinned devilishly. "Actually, she insisted on it!"

Not for the first time that day, Libby was speechless!