Tuesday, 1 February 2011

One For The Ladies!

I have told you before! You are neither to big nor to old, for a good, firm spanking.
As I take you by your hand and lead you across the room to my chair, I hear you squeak out in protest. I then sit down, and slowly, very slowly, lift the hem of your charcoal grey skirt as you stand in front of me. First the naked flesh above your hold ups comes into view, then inch by inch, your blue lacy knickers emerge. I tuck the hem into the waistband of your skirt, then ease you over my lap, your nose now pointing down at the carpeted floor. With my right hand I start to spank, (gently almost?) your knicker covered cheeks. I pick up pace a tad, and as the slaps become more ringing, your squirming increases as you try to get more comfortable across my thighs. I ignore, (well for the most part!) your movements on my lap, your crotch pressing hard to mine. As I look down, I see there is now a distinct pinkness under the pale blue lacy covering. As sweet as that covering is, it must be removed. Mustn't it? My fingers go to the waistband of your knickers, you squeak out in a token protest as I start to pull them over your pink cheeks. I now realise that I have forgotten something, no safe word agreed! Never mind. I'll just wing it. Your spanking now recommences, with much more vigour from my part. You now squirm not for comfort but to avoid... or perhaps, to meet my down coming hand? Who knows which it is? Only you. After a couple of minutes of my ringing slaps, and your equally ringing protestations, (I really should have asked you about a safe word, shouldn't I ?) I stop for a moment. Have you really had enough to do the trick? I can hardly ask you, can I?
You will only cry out, YES! Won't you? My hand rests on your now hot, and red cheeks. You know when you touch sunburn, and you can feel the heat emanating from the skin? That is your bottom at this moment.
But has it done the trick? I trail the middle finger of my right hand down your right cheek, down to the place where your hamstrings meet your bottom. Then a little lower, almost to your knee, I then change course. My fingers trail on a now upward journey on the inside of your thighs, till it reaches your warm sex. My finger forces through feminine fleshy folds.
But has it done the trick?

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